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  112. Music: depressed, effect, feeling, long - Mental Health
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  119. So how do you deal with people with autism/asperger thinking out loud about you?: Aspergers, miserable - Mental Health
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  130. Want To Try This? Negative Self Talk. Dr Phil.: depressed, vision - Mental Health
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  133. I'd like female friends or friends with benefits or one night stands but never anything permenant.: pressure, child - Mental Health
  134. Business Failure: depression, ambition, insurance, deal - Mental Health
  135. Mean Drunk: quit, addict, recovery, alcoholic - Mental Health
  136. Why can my husband not follow a movie or tv show?: boredom, father - Mental Health
  137. My father is thinking about ECT: depressed, psychiatrist, medication, bipolar - Mental Health
  138. In a funk: depression, paranoid, pill, medication - Mental Health
  139. Want to die but too scared to kill myself.: depressed, thyroid, psychiatric - Mental Health
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  141. Medicine for temporary, situational anxiety/depression: depressed, addicted, Ativan - Mental Health
  142. Do you think my co-worker has a disorder of sort?: symptoms, father - Mental Health
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  144. Is my sexual anhedonia from taking the SSRI Citalopram permanent?: depressed, quit - Mental Health
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  146. on obtain records from facilities shut down and long gone: system, emotional - Mental Health
  147. Just I would ask...What's your opinion of clowns?: suicide, conscious - Mental Health
  148. Help - issues with being hypersensitive/overstimulated: depression, diet, psychiatrist - Mental Health
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  151. Do people with depression feel like they have the worlds worst life?: depressed, medication - Mental Health
  152. Smoking and Drinking....: depression, diet, smoke, addicted - Mental Health
  153. Withdrawal: detox, medication, insurance, pain - Mental Health
  154. Not sure if this is seriously depression or something .My best friend of 10 years cut all contact with me abruptly: depressed, quit - Mental Health
  155. How normal is it to commit suicide over somebody?: depression, pain, emotional - Mental Health
  156. Options to treat depression for someone with low-income and no insurance?: depressed, thyroid - Mental Health
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  158. I think I am showering too much!: harmful, sleep, therapy - Mental Health
  159. Perscription Drug Problem in USA - How Bad Do You Think It Is ?: addict, pill - Mental Health
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  161. Flying Anxiety: pill, medication, sleeping pills, Ambien - Mental Health
  162. ASMR - heard of this?: voices, sleep, trigger, pain - Mental Health
  163. Lexapro . . . what is your experience and dosage?: depression, antidepressants, Celexa - Mental Health
  164. Brain injury, barely repressed rage, plus 200 rounds of ammo -: pill, system - Mental Health
  165. Is it bad for me not to have friends?: depressed, insurance - Mental Health
  166. I need help but unsure of which way to turn(this might be long): addict, psychiatric - Mental Health
  167. is an alien/feel old: medication, feeling, problems, child - Mental Health
  168. Someone reccomended I post just wanted to tell how I feel: depressed, trigger - Mental Health
  169. How do I manage stress?: diet, voices, sleep, supplements - Mental Health
  170. Looking to get off anxiety meds (paxil) b/c I feel better, but is it just the meds?: depression, quit - Mental Health
  171. Having Trouble Getting Out of Depressive State: depressed, sleep, pregnant - Mental Health
  172. Fear of Intimacy: selfishness, pain, therapy, emotional - Mental Health
  173. Expert on MSNBC says that 20 million Americans are addicted to Drugs or Alcohol. I think it's a lot higher. Agree?: thyroid, alcoholism - Mental Health
  174. Life not worth living: depression, spouse, pain, anxiety - Mental Health
  175. This bipolar diagnosis is really hindering me...can I get it reversed?: depressed, psychiatrist - Mental Health
  176. Setting Boundaries With Family Members: Psychological and Emotional Abuse: selfishness, bipolar, pain - Mental Health
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  179. Putting on a fake smile, but dying inside?: depressed, psychiatrist, medication - Mental Health
  180. I Am Adam Lanza's Mother a Writer/Mother with a Mentally Ill Son: quit, schizophrenic - Mental Health
  181. Mother preferring a son to a daughter...: pain, emotional, obsession - Mental Health
  182. Not Trying Anymore: depression, diet, vision, medication - Mental Health
  183. i need more than just online friends! : i feel so alone!: depressed, addicted - Mental Health
  184. Is staring out of a window for long periods of time a symptom of autism?: counteract, MRI - Mental Health
  185. Are people destined for tragedy?: depressed, Alzheimers, sleep, insurance - Mental Health
  186. psychiatry is a crock: depressed, psychiatrist, pill, antidepressants - Mental Health
  187. Worried about my parents and uncle.: system, therapy, emotional, anxiety - Mental Health
  188. Im giving up on my alcoholic husband: spouse, alcoholism, recovery - Mental Health
  189. I keep wasting my life don't know what to do: depression, thyroid - Mental Health
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  191. Self Committment Questions: depressed, quit, psychiatric, medication - Mental Health
  192. How to stop comparing yourself to others?: thoughts, feeling, child - Mental Health
  193. Quality and availability in mental health: schizophrenia, psychiatrist, pill, vision
  194. People who are not typical, stand up! (Meaning not married, with a home at 30+): quit, spouse - Mental Health
  195. Is there a dramatic difference between a psycologist and a school counsellor?: psychological, therapy - Mental Health
  196. Healthier foods!!!: take, body - Mental Health
  197. Does work in a group home setting..? - Mental Health
  198. Bipolar Vlogger Community Documentary: taking, eat - Mental Health
  199. Nearly Free Of Caffeine!: sleep, pain, feeling, exercise - Mental Health
  200. Does have problems leaving the past? - Mental Health