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  56. delete - Dental Health
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  71. Heart beats fast and light-headness occurs when roof of mouth is touched.: teeth, gums - Dental Health
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  112. Mercury: dentist, fillings - Dental Health
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  116. open concept dental offices?: dentist, infected, side, cost - Dental Health
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  120. large mandibular tori: teeth, painful, molar, dentist - Dental Health
  121. CERCE digital crowns: vs, teeth, pulling, dentist - Dental Health
  122. For amazing oral care, try dragon's blood!: teeth, mouthwash, infected - Dental Health
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  125. Teeth Whitening: gums, dentist, bridge, danger - Dental Health
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  131. Oil Pulling: A 3000 year dental care technique: teeth, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  132. Don't take vitamin C before a dental appt!: teeth, gums, pain - Dental Health
  133. Waterpik: teeth, hurt, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  134. Tooth is Sensitive to Hot and Cold: teeth, gums, hurts - Dental Health
  135. How come the upper class always wear braces?: teeth, gums, dentist - Dental Health
  136. Chronic Gum Pain/Discomfort Following Frenectomy/Gum Graft: teeth, gums, hurts - Dental Health
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  138. Sinus Lift Surgery: teeth, pulled, implants, hurt - Dental Health
  139. Does your Dentist tell you what he/she is doing during a long appointment?: teeth, gums - Dental Health
  140. Cracked tooth, dental visit a must?: teeth, hurt, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  141. Do you have to have general anesthesia to remove wisdom teeth?: pulled, pain - Dental Health
  142. Finding a dentist who'll remove a crown: teeth, gums, implants - Dental Health
  143. Flouride Free Toothpaste: teeth, dentist, cost, peroxide - Dental Health
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  145. Is tipping hygienists expected?: teeth, dentist - Dental Health
  146. s Dental Insurance: teeth, implants, dentist, side - Dental Health
  147. How Do I get a DDS to Refund My $2,000: teeth, hurt, pain - Dental Health
  148. New Dentures making me sick.: dentist, problems, mouth, denture - Dental Health
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  150. New porcelain crown doesn't reach my gums: teeth, implant, dentist - Dental Health
  151. Who owns the patient's 1st generation x-rays?: teeth, gums, painful - Dental Health
  152. Deep Cleanings???: teeth, gums, dentist, side - Dental Health
  153. Quoted cost for a deep cleaning...: teeth, gums, dentist, mouth - Dental Health
  154. Removing Mercury Fillings / Dental Insurance: dentist, side, cost, removal - Dental Health
  155. Bit the Inside of my Cheek?: teeth, mouth, blood, biting - Dental Health
  156. Why would an orthodontist do extractions AFTER putting braces on?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  157. Tijuana or Juarez Dentists: side, procedure - Dental Health
  158. What are the consequences of not being able to pay dental bills on time?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  159. Extreme Pain From Bad Tooth, Only Ice Stops It, Have Appointment Tomorrow: vs, teeth - Dental Health
  160. jump to extraction?: vs, teeth, pulling, hurt - Dental Health
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  163. People who dont wash their mouth after eating: teeth, side, cover - Dental Health
  164. Root canal or extraction?: teeth, implants, molars, dentist - Dental Health
  165. Extreme Pain, Opinions: teeth, pulled, dentist, side - Dental Health
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  168. Scraping and Planing: vs, teeth, hurts, dentist - Dental Health
  169. What is it like after a root canal: teeth, pain, molars - Dental Health
  170. Sonicare vs Oral B's Electric Tootbrushes: tooth, gums, effect, broken - Dental Health
  171. 2 crowns driving me crazy: teeth, pulling, hurts, painful - Dental Health
  172. Sinus perforation, after upper molar removal.: teeth, pulled, implant, pain - Dental Health
  173. Should I floss before or after brushing, and why?: teeth, gums, mouthwash - Dental Health
  174. A good mouthguard for reasonable price: teeth, dentist, problems, mouth - Dental Health
  175. How many cavities do you have filled at a time?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  176. Is it to get a teeth cleaning without xray's?: dentist, cavity - Dental Health
  177. Receding gum cures online, will try...: teeth, pulling, gums, dentist - Dental Health
  178. Whats it like to eat with 2 missing molars on the same side?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
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  180. Young with Dental Issues: teeth, gums, mouthwash, implants - Dental Health
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  182. What is the Dental Caries ?: teeth, mouthwash, cavity, procedure - Dental Health
  183. Dental Spacers for children. Need or Wait?: teeth, pulled, dentist - Dental Health
  184. Women who have worn Braces: Do You Wear Your Retainer at Night?: teeth, PPO - Dental Health
  185. Out of country dental work: teeth, implants, painful, dentist - Dental Health
  186. Dental Technician Chatter: teeth, dentist, problems, mouth - Dental Health
  187. Don't Know What To Do, Crown or Pull? :(: vs, teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  188. Do you ever get a second opinion on dental care?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  189. Why do my new dental fillings still hurt to chew on 3 weeks later?: teeth, hurts - Dental Health
  190. Rota-dent, How to open & replace the Battery. ): tooth, repair, cover - Dental Health
  191. Root Canal: teeth, mouthwash, hurt, dentist - Dental Health
  192. Padding: tooth, dentist, abscess, extract - Dental Health
  193. Preventing Bad Breath: teeth, gums, dentist, treatment - Dental Health
  194. How my root canal nearly killed me!: molar, infection, repair - Dental Health
  195. Thanks to my Chiropractor, I had a great dentist appointment today!: teeth, hurt - Dental Health
  196. Can tell me how implant supported dentures work?: teeth - Dental Health
  197. Sensitive tooth: painful, molar, ache - Dental Health
  198. what new methods are under development to prevent and treat tooth decay? - Dental Health
  199. Temporary dental bridge: teeth, permanent - Dental Health
  200. New Electric dental 'braces' - Dental Health