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  12. Bone graft or pull the tooth?: teeth, pulled, gumline, implant - Dental Health
  13. Water pic solution: teeth, mouthwash, bacteria, peroxide - Dental Health
  14. Dental Routine: teeth, gumline, mouthwash, molars - Dental Health
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  26. Incredible Dental Site for the Layman - Dental Health
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  31. dentist visit: teeth, side, cavity, XRays - Dental Health
  32. Is it safe to use Crest 3D Whitening Toothpaste for everyday use?: teeth, gums - Dental Health
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  36. Negligence?: tooth, pulled, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  37. Should I get more braces or go ahead with dental implant without braces?: teeth, implants - Dental Health
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  55. Back tooth---how much do I need it? (Not a wisdom tooth): teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  56. idea what's up with my tooth: teeth, gums, hurts - Dental Health
  57. Which one is it, really: gargle or gurgle? - Dental Health
  58. idea what the issue is?: teeth, mouthwash, hurt, throbbing pain - Dental Health
  59. Crown with filling came off root canaled tooth: dentist, side, mouth - Dental Health
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  65. tried oil pulling?: teeth, gums, pain, molar - Dental Health
  66. Tooth 10% loose: pain, dentist, side - Dental Health
  67. Lasting Pain after a double root canal: teeth, gums, hurt - Dental Health
  68. continue to bleed 72 hours after tooth extraction? If yes, how did you get it to stop?: wisdom tooth, gums - Dental Health
  69. cracked tooth and dentist doesn't take insurance: teeth, gums, implants - Dental Health
  70. grind/clench teeth at night?: dentist, cost, broken - Dental Health
  71. Poligrip = no grip. Best alternative?: implants, dentist, side, extraction - Dental Health
  72. Wax up model prior to crowns-going rate?: teeth, implants, dentist - Dental Health
  73. New Dentist: teeth, pain, molars, infected - Dental Health
  74. 2 implant over denture studies: teeth, implants, dentist, side - Dental Health
  75. Traveling internationally for dentistry: cost, treatment, price, afford - Dental Health
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  77. good way to scope out a new dentist in advance?: teeth, side - Dental Health
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  81. Tooth extraction pain: pulled, implant, crown, extract - Dental Health
  82. What is this white dot inside my mouth: dentist, ache, sore - Dental Health
  83. When do they choose the crowns: teeth, permanent, temporary - Dental Health
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  87. having wisdom teeth pulled: molars, dentist, side, anesthesia - Dental Health
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  89. Wisdom tooth extraction: teeth, implant, molars, infected - Dental Health
  90. Had fillings put in last Monday and pain started last night: teeth, hurt - Dental Health
  91. Advice on Wisdom Teeth situation: vs, pain, molars, dentist - Dental Health
  92. Dental resorption?: tooth, XRays - Dental Health
  93. Straightening curved teeth: dentist, mouth, extract, treatment - Dental Health
  94. Crown or root canal options from Dentist ?: tooth, pain, cavity - Dental Health
  95. Back of teeth top retainer broke, teeth rapidly shifted apart: cost, permanent - Dental Health
  96. Average price for new retainer?: dentist, cost, permanent, mouth - Dental Health
  97. Dental implant going wrong and lots of pain: teeth, pulled, dentist - Dental Health
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  99. Wisdom Teeth Removal - Chin Numbness: dentist, side, anesthesia, permanent - Dental Health
  100. Can in network dentist charge out of network fee?: teeth, anesthesia, X Rays - Dental Health
  101. wisdom teeth pulled: pain, infected, side, problems - Dental Health
  102. Is dental bone grafting necessary after tooth extraction?: implant, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  103. Cracked root under crown. What to do? Implant or Bridge...: teeth, pain - Dental Health
  104. Help me as i am facing the jaw pain: dentist, side, treatment - Dental Health
  105. For Who Had a Long Time Away from the Dentist/Needed Extensive Work, How Long Did Take to Fix Your Teeth?: pulled, implant - Dental Health
  106. Why you might want to think twice about getting your wisdom teeth removed: effects, anesthesia - Dental Health
  107. Bad breath from mouth and nose: teeth, mouthwash, dentist, sinus - Dental Health
  108. What are the alternative method for who can't get all on 4 dental implants?: teeth, denture - Dental Health
  109. need help filling: teeth, throbbing pain, molar, dentist - Dental Health
  110. Perm crown sensitive to heat: tooth, molar, dentist, abscess - Dental Health
  111. Teeth whitening before crowns: dentist, root canal, treatment, white - Dental Health
  112. What causes tori and how does removal affect ongoing?: teeth, dentist, treatment - Dental Health
  113. Double Dental/Orthodontia coverage-- how does this work?: cost, orthodontist - Dental Health
  114. worried about a tooth: dentist, crown, blood - Dental Health
  115. Pain Management and Anesthesia: teeth, implant, dentist, infection - Dental Health
  116. Tooth broken...what to do?: dentist, bleed - Dental Health
  117. No wisdom teeth...: dentist, side, removal, problems - Dental Health
  118. Lanap gum treatment: teeth, pain, molar, dentist - Dental Health
  119. What about gold crowns for molars?: teeth, implant, molar, dentist - Dental Health
  120. Crowns colors: tooth, dentist, permanent, white - Dental Health
  121. 5 Hidden Dangers in Toothpaste: teeth - Dental Health
  122. Has used a Groupon deal for invisalign?: teeth, cost, mouth - Dental Health
  123. How Did/Would You Choose A Dentist?: teeth, side, problems - Dental Health
  124. Do Top Cosmetic Dentists generally accept Dental Savings Plans?: teeth, molars, effect - Dental Health
  125. Root Canal - How Many Visits? - HELP: tooth, implant, hurt - Dental Health
  126. New dentist and ..: tooth, gums, hurt, pain - Dental Health
  127. getting molar extraction tomorrow!: teeth, pulled, hurt, dentist - Dental Health
  128. I have a dental emergency but no insurance: teeth, implant, pain - Dental Health
  129. How many actually floss their teeth?: gums, implants, painful - Dental Health
  130. Dental Bonding good or bad?: teeth, dentist, side, broken - Dental Health
  131. Lower bridge and no implants: teeth, gums, dentist, side - Dental Health
  132. Regular dental cleaning - does it really help extend the life of your teeth?: gums, dentist - Dental Health
  133. help with dental bill: teeth, dentist, treatment, filling - Dental Health
  134. Marketing Analysis Shows Dentist Would Be Wealthy IF They Knew Business: teeth, implants - Dental Health
  135. Root canals cause cancer ?: effects, ache, danger - Dental Health
  136. So, Will They Find That Water-Pik Is Ineffective Too?: teeth, gums, crowns - Dental Health
  137. Looks like a hole in the bottom of my gum. ( with pics): teeth, gums - Dental Health
  138. I got a second opinion and was surprised: teeth, pulling, gums - Dental Health
  139. How should I deal with the dentist's bill: teeth, infected, sinus - Dental Health
  140. Do I really need a root canal? Or can I just extract it?: vs, teeth - Dental Health
  141. Dental plans vs dental insurance: teeth, gums, dentist, side - Dental Health
  142. Bleeding gums but excellent oral health: teeth, dentist, side, cavity - Dental Health
  143. Ever had a dentist who told you needed thousands in work and a second opinion was completely different?: teeth, gums - Dental Health
  144. Cosmetic/Small Black Spot on Front of Tooth: teeth, pulling, dentist - Dental Health
  145. Bleeding Gums Prevention: teeth, dentist, problems, mouth - Dental Health
  146. Chipped tooth in Teenaged one: teeth, pain, dentist, side - Dental Health
  147. Dental Implant Questions: vs, teeth, implants, dentist - Dental Health
  148. Dental Care and Gum Health: teeth, gums, dentist, side - Dental Health
  149. Would it be stupid for me to get an implant?: teeth, implants - Dental Health
  150. 12 cavities out of the blue: vs, teeth, mouthwash, pain - Dental Health
  151. Dentist says abscess and refuses to restore tooth & advises extraction.: teeth, pain - Dental Health
  152. TruDenta: Does it work?: teeth, implant, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  153. Dental implant and bone grafting issues..two different dentists opinions??: implants, cost - Dental Health
  154. Kindly tell me about oral sedation.: teeth, implant, hurt, dentist - Dental Health
  155. Lower Denture Adhesive: teeth, gums, implants, dentist - Dental Health
  156. Best Tooth Whiteners/Bleaching Treatments: teeth, mouthwash, dentist, effects - Dental Health
  157. Clorox / water rinse: pulling, gums, mouthwash, implant - Dental Health
  158. pay for implants or just get dentures.: teeth, pulled, pain - Dental Health
  159. Delta dental insurance. Looks tgtbt: teeth, gums, molar, dentist - Dental Health
  160. After Wife's Deep Cleaning - We Find Out the Dentist is Out of Network: teeth, side - Dental Health
  161. Dentist trying to rip me off: tooth, cost, cavities, treatment - Dental Health
  162. insurance claim denial: teeth, dentist, cost, treatment - Dental Health
  163. Dental Implant failed - surgical infection. Is it common?: teeth, implants, dentist - Dental Health
  164. Scammed by Dentist?: mouthwash, side, cost, cavities - Dental Health
  165. Conventional vs electric tooth brushes: teeth, gums, dentist, side - Dental Health
  166. How is my wisdom teeth healing? GRAPHIC PIC: pain, dentist, infected - Dental Health
  167. Is All Insurance Really A Scam?: teeth, implants, pain, dentist - Dental Health
  168. Is there a dentist in the house?: teeth, hurt, pain - Dental Health
  169. Dentistry and automation.: teeth, implants, hurts, infection - Dental Health
  170. Implant problems due to bite issues: teeth, pulled, gums, pain - Dental Health
  171. Grape Seed Oil for Dental Health?: teeth, gums, sinus, extract
  172. How the hell can one afford dental treatments?: tooth, gums, implants - Dental Health
  173. Tell me about your bridge: teeth, gums, implants, dentist - Dental Health
  174. Is this a professional approach in dentistry?: tooth, implants, side - Dental Health
  175. Why can't I just get teeth cleaned w/o xrays?: dentist, whiter - Dental Health
  176. Healthy dental hygiene products?: teeth, gums, mouthwash, dentist - Dental Health
  177. How many teeth are in upper denture?: molar, dentist, side - Dental Health
  178. Infected tooth under crown - new dentist wants $4000: teeth, pulled, implant - Dental Health
  179. amalgam removal best practices: teeth, pulling, dentist, side - Dental Health
  180. Can't afford dental work. What to do...: teeth, pulled, implants - Dental Health
  181. Recementing a crown: teeth, pulled, gumline, implants - Dental Health
  182. How I personally know Dentists are full of crap like mechanics.: teeth, hurts - Dental Health
  183. Cost for extraction?: teeth, pulled, gumline, molar - Dental Health
  184. Dental care is the biggest scam/ripoff in America: teeth, gums, implant - Dental Health
  185. How many root canals do you have?: teeth, painful, molar - Dental Health
  186. Hygienist versus Dentist: teeth, gums, cavity, problems - Dental Health
  187. Issues with our new dentist: teeth, implants, hurt, side - Dental Health
  188. Post-Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pains Putting Me Through Hell: What Went Wrong?: teeth, pulled - Dental Health
  189. Soft Med or Firm..which do you perfer?: vs, teeth, gums - Dental Health
  190. To pay $700 more without notice???: teeth, implants, dentist, infection - Dental Health
  191. White or Gold Crown for Last Tooth on the Bottom?: dentist, root canal - Dental Health
  192. Sudden tooth pain! (i think): molar, dentist, cavities, root canal - Dental Health
  193. Medicated filling: tooth, molar, crown, decay - Dental Health
  194. Osteopathy and TMJ: pain, side, surgery, jaw - Dental Health
  195. Thinking about getting dentures: teeth, gums, implants, painful - Dental Health
  196. fractured tooth advice: infected, permanent, root canal, temporary - Dental Health
  197. Toothache or jaw?: teeth, pain, dentist, side - Dental Health
  198. Fillings after tooth sealants removed: teeth, dentist, cavity, mouth - Dental Health
  199. What is the best pillow for TMD/TMJ sufferers? - Dental Health
  200. How long does it take to heal after high fillings are fixed?: teeth, hurt - Dental Health