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  1. All of East Orange unsafe?: section 8, crime, neighborhoods - New Jersey (NJ)
  2. Commute from Paramus to NYC: Madison, Washington: real estate, houses, transfer - New Jersey (NJ)
  3. Exterior Painter Recommendations??: Ridgewood: live in, time, painting - New Jersey (NJ)
  4. South Orange Dwellers Come In!: Newark, East Orange: fit in, crime, houses - New Jersey (NJ)
  5. What happens when regular NJ unemployment runs out?: Hoboken: lease, insurance - New Jersey
  6. Economic recovery in jeopardy?: mortgage, loan, prices - New Jersey (NJ)
  7. East orange as a place to stay: Newark, West Orange: city hall, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  8. Flat tax PART Duex: sales, buy, income - New Jersey (NJ)
  9. Washington DC Hotel Suggestions for summer of 09 vacation with family......: extended stay, hotels - New Jersey (NJ)
  10. Which is a chucky and which is a bb?: live, educational - New Jersey (NJ)
  11. looking for condos in somerset area: Edison, Franklin: townhome, to buy, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  12. RV/Motor Home Camping in NJ: Ocean City, Wildwood: RV park, rentals, hotel - New Jersey
  13. Sign of the times: condo, luxury, new construction - New Jersey (NJ)
  14. Mortgage Approved but where to move: Cliffside Park, Secaucus: homes, school district, income - New Jersey (NJ)
  15. Wow Palin is really dumb.: office, deal, corporate - New Jersey (NJ)
  16. What does it take to get another mortgage if: for sale, renter - New Jersey (NJ)
  17. How to check on schools?: Plainfield, North Plainfield: house, school districts, zip codes - New Jersey (NJ)
  18. Buying in Ridgefield Park NJ: Teaneck, Tenafly: houses, safe neighborhood, school district - New Jersey
  19. When should I put my house up for sale?: Butler: real estate, townhouse - New Jersey (NJ)
  20. condo fee. townhouse: apartment, co-ops, to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  21. Where to Live someone help: Edison, Montclair: homes, taxes, moving to - New Jersey (NJ)
  22. Continuing Unemployment Claims Peaked: employment, calculated, summer - New Jersey (NJ)
  23. Comcast vs Verizon Fios in Union NJ: coupons, rental - New Jersey
  24. Best preschools in Summit?: daycare, preschool, activities - New Jersey (NJ)
  25. 2 NJ Gas Suppliers Slashing Rates: prices, bills, natural gas - New Jersey
  26. Doorman building in NJ with close commute to NYC: Hoboken: to rent, live - New Jersey
  27. Commute from Warren Countyto Jersey City on 78: Newark: home, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  28. Jersey area with the most attractive women?: summer, central - New Jersey (NJ)
  29. Bed Bugs & Safety in Society Hill/Jersey City: apartment complex, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  30. Let this woman win the lottery: Newark: find a job, college, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  31. I had no idea...: houses, lighthouse, visiting - New Jersey (NJ)
  32. Parking in Hamilton Park JC?: move to, park, area - New Jersey (NJ)
  33. help with commuting.: Ridgewood, Linwood, Fairfield: buying a house, buying, bus - New Jersey (NJ)
  34. Home Depot does landscaping?: price, finance, company - New Jersey (NJ)
  35. union county/essex county housing market - when is the best time to buy?: Newark: sales - New Jersey (NJ)
  36. nj unemployment ?: find a job, school, closing - New Jersey (NJ)
  37. North Bergen, in and around 79th Street?: West New York, Hoboken: condo, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  38. cell phone reception around Princeton: Trenton, Hopewell: moving to, area, working - New Jersey (NJ)
  39. 1920 House with stone block foundation: maintenance, concrete, good - New Jersey (NJ)
  40. Garage Doors: Nutley, Wyckoff, Franklin Lakes: install, area, places - New Jersey (NJ)
  41. Bus To NYC Fom Dumont: Teaneck, New Milford: attorney, buying a home, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  42. have Facebook?: to live, move, money - New Jersey (NJ)
  43. Purchasing Minivan from Used Car Dealerships?: leases, how much, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  44. Help about Cell Phones/Plans: Princeton: month to, price, moving - New Jersey (NJ)
  45. Metuchen parking: Edison, Woodbridge, Iselin: houses, to buy, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  46. Old Bridge area restaurant with private dining for 35-50: high school, place - New Jersey (NJ)
  47. Job in NYC - best place to live for $3k in NJ?: Westfield: apartment - New Jersey
  48. Matawan area: Paterson: middle school, live, train - New Jersey (NJ)
  49. Used car procedures?: insurance, transfer, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  50. Easiest Vaction route into NYC from Central PA: Newark, Edison: apartment, college - New Jersey (NJ)
  51. Labor Law Advice: Union: lawyer, employment, salary - New Jersey (NJ)
  52. north bergen around north hudson park help: transplants, transfer - New Jersey (NJ)
  53. experience with the following home inspectors?: Middlesex: attorney, college - New Jersey (NJ)
  54. House close to rail road track: Cranford: live, price, safe - New Jersey (NJ)
  55. Best way to get pre-approved for a mortgage?: house, best deal - New Jersey (NJ)
  56. Fisher Cats in Cape May County, New Jersey?: Hopewell: live, move (NJ)
  57. Found a house in Dumont need information: Newark, Camden: foreclosures, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  58. on labor laws for minors who are high school graduates.: employment, gated - New Jersey (NJ)
  59. What is the Deal with Wayne NJ? What is this town like?: Union: houses - New Jersey
  60. Lake Hiawatha area flood zone: Ringwood, Rockaway: houses, floor, garage - New Jersey (NJ)
  61. Susquehanna Bank Center / Tweeter: Camden: neighborhood, safe, to eat - New Jersey (NJ)
  62. South Brunswick YMCA: school district, live, district - New Jersey (NJ)
  63. Do you need to be registered republican to vote in the primary tommorow?: party - New Jersey (NJ)
  64. Minimize closing cost: Washington: condo, mortgage, loans - New Jersey (NJ)
  65. website for closed home sale prices for Middletown/Holmdel area: sales, home sales - New Jersey (NJ)
  66. Southfield Estates new development in Monroe NJ: home, to buy - New Jersey
  67. Bruce Springsteen Concert special?: live in, best, working - New Jersey (NJ)
  68. the cost to live in edison as a single woman no kids: apartments - New Jersey (NJ)
  69. Stone Harbor or Wildwood?...That is the: Ocean City, Cape May: real estate, rentals - New Jersey (NJ)
  70. Was Hudson County better 10 years ago?: Jersey City, Hoboken: crime, neighborhood, quality of life - New Jersey (NJ)
  71. Need heads up on Jersey City: neighborhood, to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  72. US == Doomed ??: living, beach, place - New Jersey (NJ)
  73. looking for large cheap hall to rent for concerts: Sayreville: camp, bars - New Jersey (NJ)
  74. Ramapo or Montclair for music?: Princeton: transfer, school, college - New Jersey (NJ)
  75. Getting old - ticket on my driver history I don't remember!?: DMV, county - New Jersey (NJ)
  76. Domincan Hair Salon Montclair, Cedar Grove: Wayne: place, Dominican, near - New Jersey (NJ)
  77. Castle Pointe, Piscataway NJ: Society Hill: sales, homes, best schools - New Jersey
  78. I'm curious to know if they hold tours for NJ state prisons for its citizens....: Rahway: crimes - New Jersey
  79. Adult Communities: Toms River: house, neighborhood, new construction - New Jersey (NJ)
  80. Is Secaucus New Jersey the best place to stay for easy access to New York?: Jersey City: hotels (NJ)
  81. Where to live in NJ?: real estate, for rent, mortgage - New Jersey
  82. Folks are sleeping on the Star Ledger. SMH.: lawyer, buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  83. Medical marijuana bill gaining in N.J. legislature: Trenton: sales, tax - New Jersey (NJ)
  84. Best Elem/Middle/HS in the Freehold Regional or Middletown districts?: Lincroft: home, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  85. No security deposit?: North Arlington: apartment complexes, rental, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  86. Commute between East Brunswick to Rahway: Sayreville, Cranbury: buying a home, buying, estimate - New Jersey (NJ)
  87. Lacey: Toms River, Princeton, Kendall Park: sales, school, contractor - New Jersey (NJ)
  88. Lacey-general information: Princeton, Kendall Park: Home Depot, property taxes, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  89. Buying house with encroachment on Board of Ed land: school, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  90. places to go skeet/trap shooting near NYC?: Union: rental, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  91. Need help! Split between Looking for a place between Parsippany and Hoboken: Newark: apartment - New Jersey (NJ)
  92. Newer condos in Metuchen: Franklin: home, schools, property taxes - New Jersey (NJ)
  93. Paving Contractor in Chatham: price, driveway, masonry - New Jersey (NJ)
  94. Have to go to a scholarship luncheon... but I have NO clue what to say. help!: school - New Jersey (NJ)
  95. Laid off: Severance Pay and Unemployment?: insurance, employment, salary - New Jersey (NJ)
  96. OK - Bergen County has gone mad....: Hillsdale, Oradell: middle school, closing - New Jersey (NJ)
  97. VA Loan Appraisal: houses, buying, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  98. Hillsdale NJ banned hugging from their school: high school, dangerous - New Jersey
  99. Free beaches information needed.: Wildwood, Cape May: live, beach, cheapest - New Jersey (NJ)
  100. Unemployed and apathy: Dover: unemployment, schools, income - New Jersey (NJ)
  101. got soaked this morning?: Jersey City: daycare, house, car wash - New Jersey (NJ)
  102. Why do realtor's not include association fee in online MLS systems?: rental, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  103. comes the gloating: taxes, live, budget - New Jersey (NJ)
  104. NJ Graduation rate highest in nation: Newark, Elizabeth: how much, school districts, move - New Jersey
  105. Places to live in NJ: Newark, Edison: rent, crime rate, co-op - New Jersey
  106. Where to buy good beach chairs?: Fair Haven, Highlands: price, store, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  107. Jury duty: felony, office, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  108. Plainfield, NJ: Newark, Westfield, South Plainfield: crime rates, houses, neighborhoods - New Jersey
  109. Boston Or Washington DC for vacation.......what do you think?: school, vacations - New Jersey (NJ)
  110. Tenants' Rights During Foreclosure in NJ: apartment, lease, condo - New Jersey
  111. I hate Landscapers: houses, landscaping, buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  112. what can I do to F. up this jerks lawn tractor: home, unemployed - New Jersey (NJ)
  113. Is There A Way Around Delaware River Tolls?: Trenton, Ewing: university, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  114. Why does NJ highways/roads have very few or no lights?!: how much, maintenance - New Jersey
  115. A nice post about NJ: Highlands, Monmouth Beach: credit, live, restaurants - New Jersey
  116. Need Advice: Washington: apartment, rental, condo - New Jersey (NJ)
  117. Reason to sell: sales, renting, insurance - New Jersey (NJ)
  118. A funny thing just happened to me...: beach, station - New Jersey (NJ)
  119. Downtown Mount Holly: Madison, Browns Mills, Burlington: low income, for sale, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  120. society hill ,jersey city: transfer, living in, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  121. NJ beaches == Doomed ??: Trenton, Atlantic City, Salem: how much, hotels, casinos - New Jersey
  122. Best food in nj !: Jersey City, Toms River: restaurant, shop, farm - New Jersey (NJ)
  123. Cool NJ Towns for 23 year old gay guy?: Jersey City, Wayne: neighborhood, to live in - New Jersey
  124. Corzine starting TV attack ads against Chris Christie: buy, cost of - New Jersey (NJ)
  125. Cop beats man with a mental disorder standing on a street corner: Passaic: college, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  126. NJ == doomed!! Part 3: neighborhoods, good schools, income - New Jersey
  127. POLL: Who will you vote for Governor: Union: donate, good - New Jersey (NJ)
  128. From Ordering Steak and Lobster, to Serving It: apartment, condo - New Jersey (NJ)
  129. Chris Christie wins Republican candidacy for Governor: Newark, Trenton: credit, taxes - New Jersey (NJ)
  130. David Goldman bringing Sean home!: legally, Brazilian, child - New Jersey (NJ)
  131. Moving from NC to NJ, help!!: Edison, Camden: to rent, high crime - New Jersey
  132. Driving from JFK to Morristown/Boonton: Newark, Paterson: car rental, rental, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  133. Englewood Hospital & Medical Center Locks Out Nurses: Hackensack: fingerprinting, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  134. are we all on pills to cope with life?? a sample of what I am meeting in NJ: home, live - New Jersey
  135. Moving to NJ from Kansas City, where to live???: Summit: rental, new home - New Jersey
  136. Teacher Chronic Illness: schools, taxes, living in - New Jersey (NJ)
  137. Moving to NJ: Central NJ vs Northen NJ???: Trenton, Princeton: crime rate, houses - New Jersey
  138. Two Questions in One...: apartment, townhouse, living in - New Jersey (NJ)
  139. New Jersey Shore: Long Branch, Point Pleasant, Ocean City: hotel, house, buy (NJ)
  140. Commuting to Midtown from the Jerz side: Newark, Jersey City: to rent, neighborhoods - New Jersey (NJ)
  141. Get out and vote!: fence, tree, registered - New Jersey (NJ)
  142. s the spring bounce for ya ...: sales, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  143. Living in Howell... Where to move in Monmouth Cty???: Long Branch: real estate, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  144. Moving to Ewing NJ area - need rental and neighborhood: Trenton: appointed, apartment complexes - New Jersey
  145. Crime in New Brunswick?: Paterson, Elizabeth: house, college, to live - New Jersey (NJ)
  146. Green shoots galore.: sales, real estate, rental - New Jersey (NJ)
  147. Road Test: Newark, Wayne, Lodi: inspector, license, parking - New Jersey (NJ)
  148. white shuttle vans from NJ to NYC??: Paterson, Clifton: how much, price - New Jersey
  149. Middle Class Capital of NJ: Edison, Irvington: chapel, homes - New Jersey
  150. Black Barbershops in Hudson County: Union City, Union: salon, gated, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  151. Secaucus Transfer Station- Parking?: construction, safe, garage - New Jersey (NJ)
  152. The market has picked up a lot: real estate, attorney - New Jersey (NJ)
  153. mortgage with no income: credit, loan, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  154. What are different NY driving rules from NJ?: lawyers, costs - New Jersey
  155. Had the worst expeirence ever at Pathmark on Route 46 in West Paterson: Plainfield: crime, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  156. which insurance company do you use?: Trenton: homeowners insurance, price, shop - New Jersey (NJ)
  157. Tint Law: insurance, home, inspector - New Jersey (NJ)
  158. More foreclusres coming in the summer: short sale, real estate, foreclosure - New Jersey (NJ)
  159. Downtown Jersey City: Wayne, Livingston: real estate, apartments, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  160. May jobs decline much less than expected.: unemployment, eat - New Jersey (NJ)
  161. Best Pizza in Essex County: Newark, Passaic: appointed, live, eat - New Jersey (NJ)
  162. Oradell, Glen Rock, or Ridgewood?: Hoboken, Fair Lawn: elementary schools, college, property taxes - New Jersey (NJ)
  163. bon he for real?: celebs, ticket, money - New Jersey (NJ)
  164. What happened to unemployment is you move out of state?: lease, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  165. Best bars in Jersey City: house, neighborhood, rooftop - New Jersey (NJ)
  166. Who provides you with heating oil in NJ?: prices, shopper - New Jersey
  167. Soak the Rich, Lose the Rich: sales, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  168. Best Ice Cream in North Jersey????: Jersey City, Paterson: fence, price, farms - New Jersey (NJ)
  169. Newark VS Jersey City (Skyline): 2014, metro, buildings - New Jersey (NJ)
  170. Selling NJ House Purchased in 06... How much depreciation?: real estate market, credit - New Jersey
  171. Where should CaptainNJ live? Brooklyn commute.: house, schools, taxes - New Jersey
  172. Budget budget budget!: Alpine: high crime, house, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  173. NJ == Doomed .. Part 2: calculated, wage, tax - New Jersey
  174. With mortgage rate 1% higher, are you still buying?: sales, home sales - New Jersey (NJ)
  175. Commute on I-280 E to W: Newark, Montclair: to rent, home, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  176. Ridgewood vs Glen Rock High School: Fort Lee, Fair Lawn: houses, safe area, school districts - New Jersey (NJ)
  177. Schools in lawrensville: Good or bad?: Trenton, Princeton: apartment, leasing, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  178. Cranford Daycare: rain, experiences, rainbow - New Jersey (NJ)
  179. Did got good car deals from chrysler dealers closing out.: to buy, cars - New Jersey (NJ)
  180. Union, Somerset & Morris Counties - what town would fit my needs?: Scotch Plains: house - New Jersey (NJ)
  181. Fresh Produce near Cedar Grove: Wayne, Montclair: price, grocery stores, market - New Jersey (NJ)
  182. Thanks Wiley and NJEDA!: buyers, cost, oil - New Jersey
  183. good daycare in Middletown/Holmdel area for 5 months baby: Lincroft: infant - New Jersey (NJ)
  184. Our government hard at work.: home, central, news - New Jersey (NJ)
  185. if you need a baseboard heating/cooling for geothermal would be greatly .....: about - New Jersey (NJ)
  186. what sewing machine is better a brother or singer.......: reviews, daughter - New Jersey (NJ)
  187. Federal income taxes reduced on 2009 unemployment benefits: taxi, law - New Jersey (NJ)
  188. Looking for Parlor Level of Brownstone rental w/private yard: Hoboken: car, property - New Jersey (NJ)
  189. Ramapo Middle School and Bullying?: relocating, about - New Jersey (NJ)
  190. Tree Removal in Chatham: landscaping, contractor, permits - New Jersey (NJ)
  191. parking an rv: moving to, parks, place - New Jersey (NJ)
  192. Commute from blossom circle,dayton to jersey city: house, bus - New Jersey (NJ)
  193. Is electric heat from JCP&L really expensive?: Jersey City: apartment, bill - New Jersey (NJ)
  194. Moving to Howell....EMT: job market, market, job - New Jersey (NJ)
  195. Minimum Downpayment on Multifamilies: mortgage, loan, homes - New Jersey (NJ)
  196. know this Evesham development?: Marlton: schools, shop, between - New Jersey (NJ)
  197. Metuchen: % of Homes Converted to Gas / Gas Lines?: purchasing, oil - New Jersey (NJ)
  198. great run for a great cause.: Asbury Park: bike, park, place - New Jersey (NJ)
  199. Go buy lysol: Jersey City: house, to buy, schools - New Jersey (NJ)
  200. Crystal Springs, Hardyston: school district, district, community - New Jersey (NJ)