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  1. AMERISAVE... Has use it?: mortgage, loan, average - New Jersey (NJ)
  2. Long Branch Reassessment Ordered by Div of Taxation: sales, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  3. recommendations on how to rent an apt out?: Hoboken: apartments, rentals - New Jersey (NJ)
  4. Learning problem - diagnosis, treatment: West New York: school district, county, working - New Jersey (NJ)
  5. Preschool for my autistic kid near edison, new jersey: home, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  6. looking to move to area near Piscataway: Society Hill: for rent, townhouses - New Jersey (NJ)
  7. Real Estate Agent Recommendation Needed - Bloomfield Area: Montclair, Nutley: for sale, attorney - New Jersey (NJ)
  8. Help! Homeowners insurance policy cancelled: homes, construction, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  9. Dentist recommendation-: Passaic, Orange, Sussex: health insurance, office, health - New Jersey (NJ)
  10. NJ property tax rebate: 2015, credit, retired - New Jersey
  11. What's your favorite vegetarian restaurant in New Jersey?: Newark, Jersey City: restaurants, stores (NJ)
  12. Tony's Mill Restaurant in Secaucus NJ: property, park, place - New Jersey
  13. Is it to buy a 2BR/2BA TH in the Cranford area for under 350k?: Clark: move - New Jersey (NJ)
  14. cost of new roof: Fair Lawn: how much, buying a house, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  15. Garbage disposal options in Hazlet: taxes, rating, companies - New Jersey (NJ)
  16. Is the Governor the chief law enforcement officer in New Jersey: appointed, attorney (NJ)
  17. Looking for comments from residents of Springfield: Union, Westfield: crime, high school - New Jersey (NJ)
  18. about North Middletown Harmony section wetlands: lawyers, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  19. Water/Sewer Line insurance?: Middlesex: home owners insurance, houses, neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  20. place to live/rent in NJ: sale, condos, townhouses - New Jersey
  21. south brunswick train to nyc?: New Brunswick: homes, schools, live in - New Jersey (NJ)
  22. Attorney for real estate closing: Somerville: attorneys, law, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  23. Relocation to NY/NJ: Newark, Union: house, buy, best schools - New Jersey
  24. Unemployment phone numbers...?: insurance, live, shop - New Jersey (NJ)
  25. Walmart Lacey-information: store, driving, center - New Jersey (NJ)
  26. Springfield to Rutgers University - New Brunswick: school, buses - New Jersey (NJ)
  27. bogus security deposit notice??? nj: apartment, lease, credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  28. abestos insulation on heating vents: crime, home, purchase - New Jersey (NJ)
  29. good POKER games is Essex County area?: Bloomfield, Montclair: home, shop - New Jersey (NJ)
  30. Monroe nj Grace hill estates: houses, neighborhood, to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  31. Job in Jersey City Where Do You Live?: Hoboken, Westfield: appointed, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  32. CCD/Religion classes on Saturday? Old Bridge, NJ: home, bus - New Jersey
  33. Pre-Closing Questions for Hudson County: flat fee, real estate, condo - New Jersey (NJ)
  34. First time home buy in NJ?: Fort Lee, Ridgefield Park: for sale, real estate, rent - New Jersey
  35. Would like to hear from with outdoor oil above ground tanks: Deal: house - New Jersey (NJ)
  36. Bldg owner is charging 500.00 for Security Deposit for Freight Elevator: East Orange: lease, insurance - New Jersey (NJ)
  37. Know of A Good Tailor for Alterations in Middlesex County or Close By?: Edison: closing - New Jersey (NJ)
  38. Do we need an alarm system in Bergen County?: Dumont: apartment, crime rate - New Jersey (NJ)
  39. Problem seemingly caused by filing immediately: home, unemployment, calculated - New Jersey (NJ)
  40. Energy suppliers in Verona, NJ: Elizabeth, West Orange: live, shop, gardens - New Jersey
  41. Hoboken Garages - Impossible?: Bloomfield, Washington: apartment, renting, purchasing - New Jersey (NJ)
  42. Need Reputable Moving Companies !!: Edison, Chatham: insurance, mover, buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  43. Whats your favorite Car wash?: Elizabeth, Passaic: city hall, price, reviews - New Jersey (NJ)
  44. Urgent Help: Picking up a friend from Newark Penn Station: Somerville: safe area, taxi - New Jersey (NJ)
  45. Life Will Be Easier for NJ Drivers: Hillside, Princeton: garden, commuter - New Jersey
  46. To all the Jewish posters in the forum: health, work - New Jersey (NJ)
  47. Point Pleasant - Festival by the Sea: Belmar, Point Pleasant Beach: homes, buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  48. Is the cost of living in Newark cheaper than Baltimore?: apartment, rentals - New Jersey (NJ)
  49. Is this considered wrong? Out of options......: sale, credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  50. Driver Convicted After 16 DWI Convictions: live, bars, license - New Jersey (NJ)
  51. Ocean or Oceanport?: Deal: apartment complexes, schools, income - New Jersey (NJ)
  52. Renting in Mahwah area: Hoboken, Paramus: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals - New Jersey (NJ)
  53. 8th Annual Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness: garden, donations - New Jersey (NJ)
  54. Car inspection for lifted pickup?: Westfield: near, small, regular - New Jersey (NJ)
  55. Commute between PA and NJ: Newark, Trenton: living in, moving to, train station - New Jersey
  56. The unemployment rate in New Jersey jumped from 9.3 percent to 9.7 percent in August: find a job (NJ)
  57. Water Softener - Buy or Rent?: Livingston: appliances, houses, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  58. Commute from Fairview to Wyckoff: Fair Lawn, Waldwick: apartments, live, costs - New Jersey (NJ)
  59. Help electric radiant floor heat: house, luxury, install - New Jersey (NJ)
  60. Looking for North Edison townhome: East Brunswick, Princeton: condo, townhouse, school - New Jersey (NJ)
  61. Is transfer fee legal in Jersey City?: apartment, lease - New Jersey (NJ)
  62. Man enters women's poker tournament in Atlantic City, wins $20,000: donated, pay - New Jersey (NJ)
  63. I'm looking for Store Managers in New Jersey?: moving, businesses (NJ)
  64. Decent driving schools in Hudson County?: live, license, land - New Jersey (NJ)
  65. Need divorce lawyer in Ocean County: property, monthly, kids - New Jersey (NJ)
  66. safe areas in or around the Willingboro, NJ area?: for sale, homes - New Jersey
  67. Escrow: mortgage, broker, attorneys - New Jersey (NJ)
  68. 78 relo - narrowed down: Hoboken, Washington Township: house, taxes, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  69. Middlesex Co: Grocerystores around with 25cent gallon water dispensers?: Jamesburg: to live, parks - New Jersey (NJ)
  70. Gsp?: Hillsdale, Cape May: title, areas, population - New Jersey (NJ)
  71. West Orange Revaluation?: Bloomfield, Montclair, Livingston: assessor, home, buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  72. need on chimney repair contractors to install new steel liners have found price too high 16,000.+: Orange: place - New Jersey (NJ)
  73. I need know what towns (where the colleges I want to go) are like: Newark: dorm - New Jersey (NJ)
  74. Apartments in Hoboken that allow dogs?: rent, tenants, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  75. South and East Brunswick: New Brunswick, Princeton: buying a house, buying, best school - New Jersey (NJ)
  76. Open kids business: Clifton, Nutley, Cedar Grove, Montclair, Verona???: Passaic: Home Depot, safe area - New Jersey (NJ)
  77. Buyers Attorney duties??: short sales, real estate, credit - New Jersey (NJ)
  78. where can I get about...: closing, restaurants, locations - New Jersey (NJ)
  79. Does Toms River have easy beach access?: buses, transportation - New Jersey (NJ)
  80. Cab fare from Hoboken Path to N. Bergen: how much, hotel - New Jersey (NJ)
  81. Home Inspection in New Jersey: homeowner, title, company (NJ)
  82. legal needed for lease: leases, buying, landlord - New Jersey (NJ)
  83. suggest an awesome home inspector (sparta area): house, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  84. What are good places to rent outside of Newark?: Kearny: schools, university - New Jersey (NJ)
  85. Looking for a townhouse!: Edison, Union: condos, townhouses, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  86. installed a ductless multi-split A/C in their house?: how much, heat pump - New Jersey (NJ)
  87. Florham Park Snow: Morristown, Madison: subdivisions, living in, shopping centers - New Jersey (NJ)
  88. looking to rent a medium size truck or Pickup van to move from Morristown to Parsippany: Bloomfield: truck rental - New Jersey (NJ)
  89. Route 3 Construction: tenants, tax, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  90. Bachelor and time to downsize: Edison, Plainfield: apartment, to rent, condo - New Jersey (NJ)
  91. town home needed around locality of princeton charter schools: townhouses, good schools - New Jersey (NJ)
  92. About Holmdel, Middletown, and Tinton Falls Real Estate: Port Monmouth: budget, best - New Jersey (NJ)
  93. DWI Checkpoint Notices: lawyer, law, legal - New Jersey (NJ)
  94. Are There Nice TH Complexes in Metuchen?: Franklin: townhomes, prices - New Jersey (NJ)
  95. Fish market in Jersey city?: buy, eat, farmers market - New Jersey (NJ)
  96. Good, safe places to see Skyline in Edgewater: marketplace, food - New Jersey (NJ)
  97. Somerset: New Brunswick, Plainfield, Princeton: crime, townhouse, buyer - New Jersey (NJ)
  98. Is there a website for NJ events?: vacation, things to do - New Jersey
  99. Help I'm having landlord issues...: apartment, leases, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  100. help with hypothetical closing costs: mortgage, lender, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  101. Need a mechanic in Bergen county area that will make house calls: Paterson: to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  102. Good Elementary schools and high schools in North Bergen?: Paramus: magnet schools, zoned - New Jersey (NJ)
  103. How do I get to Manhattan from South West NJ?: Mullica Hill: purchasing, live - New Jersey
  104. How often to water vegetable garden in NJ?: average, humidity - New Jersey
  105. Fireworks in September!?!?: Hoboken, Clark, Westwood: house, school, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  106. Taxes Capital Gains: for sale, real estate, attorney - New Jersey (NJ)
  107. Buying the nicest house on the block: best neighborhood, new house - New Jersey (NJ)
  108. How do I get from So. West NJ to Manhattan... and how long will it take me?: Trenton: house - New Jersey
  109. Just saw pet tiger: Middlesex, Burlington: house, live, law - New Jersey (NJ)
  110. Looking for a Townhome in Princeton: Dayton, Princeton Junction: for sale, real estate, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  111. Hazel Place & Union Avenue: Irvington: school, dangerous, safe - New Jersey (NJ)
  112. Looking for a Licensed Electrician that services Essex County...: Little Ferry: house, purchasing - New Jersey (NJ)
  113. Woodcliff ave, North Bergen: renting, neighbourhood, live - New Jersey (NJ)
  114. Street paving and new curbs: house, neighborhood, buyers - New Jersey (NJ)
  115. Looking town with good schools, nice downtown and close to NYC: Union: daycare, safe neighborhood - New Jersey (NJ)
  116. $800K budget for house in Summit, Chatham & Westfield: Montclair: short sale, foreclosure - New Jersey (NJ)
  117. for a Brit visiting Paramus: Newark, Teaneck: neighborhood, buy, movie theater - New Jersey (NJ)
  118. mortgage preapproval: loan, broker, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  119. Taxes on Pensions: new home, income, property tax - New Jersey (NJ)
  120. Red Bank, Fair Haven, or Little Silver ??? Comparisons/Thoughts/Recommendations: Harrison: for sale, apartment complexes - New Jersey (NJ)
  121. OH NO...Mc Guire AFB!!!!!: Atlantic City, Princeton: rentals, school districts, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  122. Best Prices on Brakes: buying, luxury, living - New Jersey (NJ)
  123. private/catholic (girls/co-ed) schools in Essex County: Newark, Paterson: house, catholic schools - New Jersey (NJ)
  124. Moving our family from CA to NJ: Jersey City, Hoboken: rental market, low crime - New Jersey
  125. Strip clubs.. i mean bikini clubs in Jersey.: Atlantic City: house, to buy - New Jersey (NJ)
  126. Next Bubble to collapse: College tuition: credit card, student loans, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  127. New Chase Bank Branch in Livingston!!!!!!!!!!!!: credit, shop, moving - New Jersey (NJ)
  128. I HATE REALTOR's: real estate, houses, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  129. Newark documentary on Sundance: insurance, crime, neighborhoods - New Jersey (NJ)
  130. Need Help in East Hanover: Livingston, Roseland: receptions, house, wedding reception - New Jersey (NJ)
  131. Yuppie moving to Union, NJ area: Help!: Elizabeth, Union City: rentals, neighborhoods - New Jersey
  132. How come homeowner's don't grow fruit trees in their garden in NJ?!: Elizabeth: houses, neighborhoods - New Jersey
  133. Adventures of a Canadian in New Jersey: Newark, East Orange: rentals, crime (NJ)
  134. What are the best areas of Montclair?: Bloomfield, West Orange: apartments, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  135. Minister moving from Dallas to Wyckoff area.: Hackensack, Fair Lawn: apartment complexes, condos - New Jersey (NJ)
  136. Opinions on this Hoboken location-7th and Jefferson: Bloomfield, Madison: section 8, real estate - New Jersey (NJ)
  137. Dentist's wrongdoing? help.: insurance, office, company - New Jersey (NJ)
  138. Fighting Ticket for Brake Light Not Working - Bergen County: insurance, legally - New Jersey (NJ)
  139. Good nightclubs and lounges in Jersey where single females interested in dating frequent.: Hoboken: live, bars - New Jersey (NJ)
  140. Paying a contractor in cash?: hardwood floors, real estate, credit card - New Jersey (NJ)
  141. Totally bummed: apartment, lease, how much - New Jersey (NJ)
  142. Quakerbridge Mall redevelopment: Summit, Princeton, Freehold: real estate, purchases, bankruptcy - New Jersey (NJ)
  143. Unemployment Benies + Pell Grant... PANICKED!: mortgage, school, community college - New Jersey (NJ)
  144. Im about to be homeless .no more extensions idea on what to do: section 8, sales - New Jersey (NJ)
  145. Mortgage rate lock: mortgage broker, credit, loans - New Jersey (NJ)
  146. Speeding ticket out of state, how to remove points?: insurance, credit score - New Jersey (NJ)
  147. How are Groceries prices in NJ?: Lyndhurst, Saddle Brook: apartment, rent, how much - New Jersey
  148. do condos sell well?: Newark, Jersey City: real estate, renting, HOA - New Jersey (NJ)
  149. Jon Corzine will get 4 more years.: Newark, Union: crime, unemployment, closing - New Jersey (NJ)
  150. Where can I buy a pipe in north jersey?: Newark: fit in, Home Depot - New Jersey (NJ)
  151. Macy's day parade: home, camp, zip code - New Jersey (NJ)
  152. College book .......What is the difference between newer editions of a college text book: buying, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  153. Being Sold As Is: credit, lawyer, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  154. Information on Homeschooling vs. Homebound Instruction?: Wanaque: lawyer, buying, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  155. Experience in Clifton NJ.: Paterson, Passaic: crime, attorneys, wage - New Jersey
  156. Update on Elmora Section of Elizabeth, NJ: Jersey City, Westfield: apartment, condos - New Jersey
  157. Maplewood, South Orange, Glen Ridge: Newark, Paterson: section 8, best town, low crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  158. Free Music Festival this weekend: Union, Freehold: property taxes, live in, bus - New Jersey (NJ)
  159. NJ Median Income Declined over $7,000: Union: condo, mortgage, refinance - New Jersey
  160. Who collects my Money??: real estate, broker, lawyer - New Jersey (NJ)
  161. Best way to drive to Princeton Univ from NYC?: Trenton: car, station - New Jersey (NJ)
  162. nordstroms / boy it was crowded!!!: Livingston, Woodbridge: fit in, sales, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  163. Corzine Will Not Debate on 101.5: calculated, live, train - New Jersey (NJ)
  164. Is public urination ticket a sex offense in NJ?: sex offender, how much - New Jersey
  165. Leaves Changing: yard, winter, year - New Jersey (NJ)
  166. Thinking of moving from NY to NJ for schools: Edison: for sale, real estate - New Jersey
  167. This made me cringed. They killed a 22 year old man on Broad and Market in Newark.: Springfield: condo, crime rates - New Jersey (NJ)
  168. Pick a town in NJ for $500k or under!: Toms River: fit in, good schools - New Jersey
  169. Cubberly Meadows Estates (Hallmark Homes) - Robbinsville, NJ: Princeton: sales, house prices - New Jersey
  170. ohh NO, he is starting the damn lawn tractor wood haul its cold!: house, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  171. Oradell vs. River Edge: Paramus, Ridgewood: apartment, crime, house - New Jersey (NJ)
  172. Where do I buy: Union, Kenilworth or Springfield?: Westfield, Cranford: renters, crime - New Jersey (NJ)
  173. Twin River,Nj area: Twin Rivers, Hightstown: real estate market, to rent, condo - New Jersey (NJ)
  174. buying a house in nj, agent and tax in pay: real estate, mortgage - New Jersey (NJ)
  175. Do I have to pay full Attorney fee? -never closed real estate: flat fee, lawyers - New Jersey (NJ)
  176. Where to live for $950 or less close to NYC?: Jersey City: sublet, apartments - New Jersey (NJ)
  177. thinking about a half-duplex: real estate, apartments, renting - New Jersey (NJ)
  178. Coming Back.... To Irvington: Newark, Union: rent, crime, home - New Jersey (NJ)
  179. Getting error trying to claim weekly NJ Unemployment benefits: Burlington: centers, office - New Jersey
  180. Where to buy 2 family home: Jersey City, Bayonne: credit, houses, school district - New Jersey (NJ)
  181. Under contract, inspection found termite, in Edison: new house, buying - New Jersey (NJ)
  182. Allowed To Show on Shabbat? (x-post in Real Estate): Livingston: sale, houses - New Jersey (NJ)
  183. Looking for an (eastern) morris county builder: cost, quality - New Jersey (NJ)
  184. The Sealy or Serta Mattress Factory: Linden: buy, live, price - New Jersey (NJ)
  185. 113x bus ????: buses, authority, parking - New Jersey (NJ)
  186. Mt Laurel: Madison: buy, club, association - New Jersey (NJ)
  187. Very positive experience with Building Codes Dept in JC: condo, salary - New Jersey (NJ)
  188. Grrrrrrrr..road construction..the DOT: Bloomfield, Fairfield: repairing, traffic, bridge - New Jersey (NJ)
  189. Need a good Lawyer and better Inspector.: Springfield: house, offer - New Jersey (NJ)
  190. for Working at UMDNJ?: approval, office, medical - New Jersey
  191. Hillsborough Fall Softball: girls, Friday, looking for - New Jersey (NJ)
  192. Finish Basement Permit - Bloomfield, NJ: how much, house, contractor - New Jersey
  193. Extended Stay Hotel - Secaucus: hotels, construction, cost of - New Jersey (NJ)
  194. Best place to buy a mattress in South Jersey?: furniture stores, furniture - New Jersey (NJ)
  195. Moving company recommendation - South to North Jersey: Camden, Collingswood: apartment, county - New Jersey (NJ)
  196. phil the meter maid: authority, parking, complaints - New Jersey (NJ)
  197. What are good online sites to look for apts?: apartments, houses - New Jersey (NJ)
  198. Election 2009: New Jersey Governor Corzine Christie Daggett: democrat, Republican (NJ)
  199. Little Ferry, NJ vs Bergenfield, NJ: town, better - New Jersey
  200. History of the Delaware Water Gap River Towns: hotels, store - New Jersey (NJ)