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  1. $185 Million in Construction Projects Need Only the Governor's Signature: Charleston: movers, tax - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  2. Work Continues on Beautiful New WVU Art Museum: Morgantown, Clarksburg: 2015, construction - West Virginia
  3. WVU Healthcare Now Hiring 400 People: Morgantown, Clarksburg: construction, weather, jobs - West Virginia
  4. 8,547 Jobs Available Within 50 Miles of Morgantown: Washington, Man: employment, live in, bus - West Virginia (WV)
  5. New outpatient center to open in spring; progress continues for new Ruby lobby, Southeast Tower: Morgantown: 2015 - West Virginia (WV)
  6. Parking Advice Downtown by Blue Moose or Panera: Morgantown: credit card, home - West Virginia (WV)
  7. Demolition Makes Way for New Downtown Sheetz: Morgantown: for sale, 2013 - West Virginia (WV)
  8. WVU Seeing Increases in Retention and Graduation Rates: schools, university - Morgantown, West Virginia
  9. Travis Tritt, Charlie Daniels, Marshall Tucker to Headline Morgantown MountainFest: university, live - West Virginia (WV)
  10. Brad Paisley Holds Up WV Teeshirt in Music Video: home, district - Morgantown, West Virginia
  11. short term rentals (summer) in Morgantown?? help: Fairmont: sublet, apartments - West Virginia (WV)
  12. Most Mon County Miners Called Back to Work: War, Union: layoffs, income - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  13. Texas Energy Support Company Opens Morgantown Office: Man: land, state - West Virginia (WV)
  14. WCLG Will Have New Ownership: Morgantown: station, radio, children - West Virginia (WV)
  15. New Facility Near Morgantown to Supply Gas Field Needs: 2015, hotels - West Virginia (WV)
  16. Make a Wish and Mountaineers Make Little Nick's Dream Come True: vs., basketball - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  17. First Fuel Free Sheetz Opens in Morgantown: 2015, restaurant - West Virginia (WV)
  18. Car Recommendation for Winters in Morgantown: Cheat Lake: 2013, purchase, living - West Virginia (WV)
  19. WVU Healthcare receives Magnet re-designation: office, rating, nursing - Morgantown, West Virginia
  20. WVU Construction Website: Morgantown: home, university, health - West Virginia
  21. Demand Greatly Exceeding Supply for New Housing in Morgantown: rent, new house - West Virginia (WV)
  22. a 3rd Mon River bridge coming?: Morgantown, Westover: university, ferry, cheapest - West Virginia (WV)
  23. You can support WVUH Children's Hopsital with your Kroger Purchases!: Morgantown: shoppers, discounts - West Virginia
  24. Where To Live in Morgantown: Huntington: sublet, 2015, apartment complex - West Virginia (WV)
  25. What Makes Morgantown Special?: Man: 2014, crime, how much - West Virginia (WV)
  26. Construction Continues for New 10 Story Ruby Tower: Morgantown: 2015, house - West Virginia (WV)
  27. Cheat River Gorge: Morgantown: home, university, camping - West Virginia (WV)
  28. Hornbeck Road Sheetz to Feature Drive Through: sales, townhouses - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  29. WVU Apartment Guide: Morgantown, Man: apartments, rentals, hotel - West Virginia
  30. New Student Housing Project near Grand Central Station: Morgantown: apartment complex, townhouse - West Virginia (WV)
  31. Gateway Project Could Have $1 Billion Economic Impact: Charleston, Morgantown: tax, estimated - West Virginia (WV)
  32. Mileground work: Morgantown: real estate, 2015, apartment complex - West Virginia (WV)
  33. Public Transit is a Big Deal in Morgantown: Charleston, Fairmont: 2014, university - West Virginia (WV)
  34. In WV: live school there: Morgantown, Sissonville: apartment, renting, house - West Virginia
  35. Real estate agent recommendation - Morgantown?: realty, retired, deal - West Virginia (WV)
  36. Mountaineers Go First: university, land, federal - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  37. Morgantown Debates Adding WVU Student to City Council: university, deal - West Virginia
  38. WVU's Economic Impact on NCWV Exceeds $3.6 Billion Annually: Charleston, Morgantown: sales, schools - West Virginia
  39. Morgantown Clothing Manufacturer Working Overtime on football National Championship Orders: high school, legal - West Virginia (WV)
  40. Visiting Morgantown / Cheat Lake: campgrounds, taxi, live - West Virginia (WV)
  41. I-79 Interchange Map: transportation, design, engineering - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  42. Mario's Fishbowl Named West Virginia's Most Iconic Bar: Morgantown: place, students - (WV)
  43. Lakeview Resort in Midst of Multi Million Dollar Facelift: Morgantown: legal, rated - West Virginia (WV)
  44. Mylan Bids $29 Billion for Irish Generic Drug Giant: sales, to buy - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  45. Construction on Schedule for Harless Center: university, housing, activities - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  46. morgantown with kids: Bridgeport, Cheat Lake, Washington: crime rate, home, neighborhoods - West Virginia (WV)
  47. New Intermodal Facility Downtown: Morgantown: hotel, home, university - West Virginia (WV)
  48. President Gee's Graduation Speech Rehersal: Morgantown: 2015, roach, town - West Virginia (WV)
  49. A couple of new projects: Morgantown: apartments, neighborhood, wedding - West Virginia (WV)
  50. 2014 Census Estimates Continue to Show Solid Growth for Mon County Cities and Towns: inclusive - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  51. State Says Mileground Work will begin by end of 2015: airport, land - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  52. Chestnut Mountain Ranch Helps Troubled Boys: Morgantown, Bridgeport: live, store, water - West Virginia (WV)
  53. Cheat Lake Canyon Dedication Held Today: Mason, Masontown: university, cars, land - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  54. Joni Mitchell is Ill and in the Hospital: Morgantown: town, community - West Virginia (WV)
  55. Panico properties on Beechurst: hotel, tenants, zoning - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  56. Chestnut Brewery is Opening a New Location: Charleston, Morgantown: 2015, living - West Virginia (WV)
  57. Redevelopment for University Ave. Properties Coming: Morgantown: houses, legal, move - West Virginia (WV)
  58. Former Hardees Location: Morgantown: contractors, university, live in - West Virginia (WV)
  59. Development going on near Schmitt's Saloon...: hotels, live, restaurant - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  60. Business Insider Best College Towns Rankings: Morgantown: 2014, quality of life, places - West Virginia (WV)
  61. WVU Newsfeed: Morgantown, Clarksburg, Elkins: station, place, market - West Virginia
  62. Population estimates for July 1, 2014: Charleston, Jefferson: 2015, legal, design - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  63. University-Beverly-Third Intersection: garage, budget, parking - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  64. Cheat Canyon Adventures is Expanding: Morgantown: camping, airplane, design - West Virginia (WV)
  65. New restaurant coming in Cheat Lake: Morgantown, Blacksville: house, moving, work - West Virginia (WV)
  66. Moving to Morgantown soon: Fairmont, Westover: apartment complex, safe neighborhood, landlord - West Virginia (WV)
  67. s Why We Need Local Control Over Road Funds: Sutton: tax, cost - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  68. Happy Birthday WVU: law school, university, law - Morgantown, West Virginia
  69. WVU Receives $4.7 Million Grant for Greenbank Research Efforts: Poca: university, radio - Morgantown, West Virginia
  70. with a recent speeding ticket: Summersville, Montgomery: summers, towns, camera - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  71. Exciting Weekend of Entertainment on Tap for Morgantown: Clarksburg: university, schedule - West Virginia (WV)
  72. Oktoberfests in Morgantown: Blacksville: hotel, to buy, university - West Virginia (WV)
  73. WVU Healthcare to add new outpatient surgery center on the way at UTC: Man: house - Morgantown, West Virginia
  74. New Sunnyside development: Wheeling, Morgantown, Jefferson: 2015, apartments, construction - West Virginia (WV)
  75. Questions remain on Mon County recycling program: Morgantown, Westover: rental, contractor - West Virginia (WV)
  76. New TIF District: Richwood, Man, Union: landscaping, neighborhood, construction - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  77. Walking bridge from Westover to beech hurst? Student enrollment to sky rocket: Morgantown: home - West Virginia (WV)
  78. Greer files lawsuit against WVU Foundation: Morgantown, Martinsburg: appointed, lawyers, buying - West Virginia
  79. Thinking of moving to Morgantown...need advice: Huntington, Martinsburg: appointed, real estate - West Virginia (WV)
  80. WVU Investing Heavily in PRT Upgrades: Huntington, Morgantown: university, upkeep, living in - West Virginia
  81. Restaurants Around Morgantown: Bridgeport, Star City: new home, college, food - West Virginia (WV)
  82. Morgantown Airport runway extension: Charleston, Clarksburg: 2015, transfer, construction - West Virginia (WV)
  83. Waterfront Place Hotel to Become Marriott: Charleston, Morgantown: 2015, how much, university - West Virginia (WV)
  84. Chipotle is coming to Morgantown: 2015, construction, university - West Virginia (WV)
  85. Morgantown Annexation: Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Westover: 2014, neighborhood, income - West Virginia (WV)
  86. Planning Commission: Morgantown: for sale, leasing, university - West Virginia (WV)
  87. Roads in Morgantown: Charleston, Man: construction, school, college - West Virginia (WV)
  88. Uber bill (SB 585) killed in the WV House last night: Morgantown: 2015, taxi - West Virginia
  89. New Buildings at Falling Run: Morgantown, Cheat Lake: real estate, 2013, apartments - West Virginia (WV)
  90. Officials Expect New I-79 Interchange to Result in Corporate Headquarters and Thousands of Jobs: Morgantown: tax, live in - West Virginia (WV)
  91. Second Taxi Service Coming to Morgantown: credit card, limo, houses - West Virginia (WV)
  92. Vacation in Morgantown: Cheat Lake, Eleanor, Washington: rentals, amusement parks, houses - West Virginia (WV)
  93. Mediterranean Market Closed, Dos Bros Tacos, The Greeks and Tin 202?: Morgantown: apartments, to buy - West Virginia (WV)
  94. Cheat Lake Construction Near 43?: Morgantown: grocer, store, Whole Foods - West Virginia (WV)
  95. The Coliseum/Patterson Dr Intersection Construction: Monongah: home, university, fencing - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  96. Former Blockbuster Site: Morgantown: home, buying, store - West Virginia (WV)
  97. Private-Public Collaboration Might Bring More Parking in Sunnyside: Charleston: leasing, to live - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  98. Activity on High Street: Daniels: apartments, construction, closing - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  99. WVU warns students involved in weekend riots will face sanctions: Huntington: 2014, home - Morgantown, West Virginia
  100. Star City Shopping Center to Get Rail Trail Connector: renting, university - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  101. moving to Morgantown! Where should we live?: Cheat Lake, North Hills: rental, townhouse - West Virginia (WV)
  102. more rumblings of I68 expansion to Moundsville: Huntington, Parkersburg: fit in, neighborhood - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  103. Airport Access Road Slated for January Completion: Charleston, Huntington: 2015, construction - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  104. WVU Giving Away NCWV Secrets...: Parkersburg, Clarksburg: home, to buy, live - Morgantown, West Virginia
  105. Morgantown Will Have Home Rule: Charleston, Fairmont: sales, how much, purchasing - West Virginia (WV)
  106. Jobs at new development within University Town Centre!!: Charleston, Parkersburg: home, employment - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  107. Ex-WVU professor lied on rèsumè, NBC News says: Charleston: 2014, school - Morgantown, West Virginia
  108. Gunman kills 4 then himself: Morgantown, Switzer: crime rate, home, university - West Virginia (WV)
  109. Name The Baseball Team: Morgantown: appointed, 2014, live - West Virginia (WV)
  110. MountainFest to Bring 50,000 for 4 Day Event: Wheeling, Morgantown: to buy, live in, centers - West Virginia (WV)
  111. The Greek Fatality: Morgantown, Granville, Man: 2015, crime rate, houses - West Virginia (WV)
  112. Biafore sued by feds for failing Fair Housing Act and ADA compliance: Charleston: 2014, apartment complexes - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  113. West Virginia Exciting City Rankings for 2014 Released: Charleston, Huntington: ski resorts, apartment - Morgantown, (WV)
  114. University Ave. Improvements to Take Place This Summer: Morgantown: construction, utilities - West Virginia (WV)
  115. WVU's State of Minds Campaign Nears $900 Million in Donations: university, foundation - Morgantown, West Virginia
  116. WVU to Offer New M.S. Degree in Forensic Investigations: Morgantown: university, accounting - West Virginia
  117. Morgantown Company Wins SBA's Small Business of the Year Award: Charleston: 2015, national - West Virginia (WV)
  118. Ruby Hospital's Hospitality Houses Continue to Serve: Morgantown: living, low cost - West Virginia (WV)
  119. University Park at WVU's Evansdale Campus to have 24 Hour Fitness Facility: Morgantown: weather, town - West Virginia
  120. WVU Will Award 4,169 Degrees This Week: Morgantown, Man: job market, living, market - West Virginia
  121. WVU Names 2015 Foundation Scholars: college, cost of, education - Morgantown, West Virginia
  122. WVU, NETL, and Ohio State Score Major Research Contract: Morgantown: gas, area - West Virginia
  123. Sunnyside Up Website: construction, parking, place - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  124. 2nd. Phase of Monongalia County's TIF Project Approved: Morgantown: university, approval - West Virginia (WV)
  125. WVU Announces $5.2 Million Gift to Medical School & Law School: 2015, university - Morgantown, West Virginia
  126. WVU Health Sciences Building to Receive $50 Million Makeover: university, cost - Morgantown, West Virginia
  127. WVU's Equine Education Program Receives $6.7 Million Grant: Reedsville: school, university - Morgantown, West Virginia
  128. Hazel Ruby McQuain Foundation Gives President Gee $3 Million for Discretionary Spending: Morgantown: school, university - West Virginia (WV)
  129. WVU Names New Executive Director of Student Recreation and Outdoor Education: university, charge - Morgantown, West Virginia
  130. Summer Activities in Morgantown: theatre, university, campground - West Virginia (WV)
  131. WVU's Online MBA Program Ranked in Top 25 in Nation: school, legal - Morgantown, West Virginia
  132. WVU Offers New Bachelors Degree in Public Health: legal, business - Morgantown, West Virginia
  133. Bald Eagle Being Treated at Cheat Lake Animal Hospital: baby, grown - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  134. WVU Will Launch West Virginia's First Sattelite: Fairmont: schools, university - Morgantown
  135. 40 WVU Engineering Students Win 6 Prizes in Prestigious Washington State Competition: home, legal - Morgantown, West Virginia
  136. Preliminary Approval for New Apartment Building on Grant Ave.: Morgantown: house, construction - West Virginia (WV)
  137. Greyhound to Start Bus Service in Morgantown: Charleston, Fairmont: station, campus - West Virginia (WV)
  138. Another Craft Brewery in Morgantown: Charleston, Wheeling: university, restaurants, bars - West Virginia (WV)
  139. WVU's Historical Narrative: Morgantown: university, land, town - West Virginia
  140. WVU Sponsors Bus Trips to Watch Pirates Play: Morgantown, Clarksburg: buses, park - West Virginia
  141. Morgantown's Rail Trails Getting National: Parkersburg: 2015, year, great - West Virginia (WV)
  142. Monongalia County Special Olympics: for sale, ticket, selling - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  143. WVU News Fall 2014 Episode 6: Morgantown: rain, jobs, town - West Virginia
  144. Army Corps of Engineers Craftsmen Making Repairs to Morgantown Locks: rain, district - West Virginia (WV)
  145. State's PROMISE Scholars Choose WVU: Charleston: 2014, university, students - Morgantown, West Virginia
  146. Zoning Board Approves New Mixed Use Building on Stewart Street: approval, property - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  147. Fall is a Great Time for a Zip Canopy Tour at The WVU Outdoor Education Center: Morgantown: university - West Virginia
  148. Major Medical Research Breakthrough at WVU: legal, business, news - Morgantown, West Virginia
  149. Work Progressing Nicely on New Spruce Street BB&T Banking Facility: Morgantown: new construction - West Virginia (WV)
  150. Pearl S. Buck and Rockefeller Senatorial Papers Coming to WVU Libraries: 2014, university - Morgantown, West Virginia
  151. Bike Lane Coming to Mon Boulevard: Morgantown: town, council - West Virginia (WV)
  152. Brad Paisley to Kick Off his Country Nation Tour in Morgantown: music, popular - West Virginia (WV)
  153. WVU Very Stable Financially: university, income, place - Morgantown, West Virginia
  154. Economists' Report Rates Morgantown Economy Highly: homes, construction, college - West Virginia (WV)
  155. WVU State of Minds Campaign Nears $800 Million in Donations: roach, gifts - Morgantown, West Virginia
  156. More Gas & Oil Drilling at Morgantown Industrial Park: Charleston: rich, company - West Virginia (WV)
  157. WVU Gears Up for Major Energy Research Initiative: low cost, place - Morgantown, West Virginia
  158. Mon General Hospital Spending Millions Upgrading Operating Rooms: upgrades, dollar - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  159. WVU Childrens Hospital Gets New Face in 10 Story Tower: floor, counties - Morgantown, West Virginia
  160. Upcoming Events in Morgantown and Vicinity: theatre, university, area - West Virginia (WV)
  161. Beauty School Revamp Will Result in 12 High End Apartments: Morgantown: loft, college - West Virginia (WV)
  162. Fiscally Responsible WVU Ends Fiscal Year in Black: school, income - Morgantown, West Virginia
  163. Alumni Generosity Continues to Benefit WVU & Students: school, donations - Morgantown, West Virginia
  164. WVU Approves New Energy Major: 2014, land, areas - Morgantown, West Virginia
  165. President Gee Gives State of The University Speech: address, growth - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  166. Eagle Released at Cheat Lake: office, hospital, local - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  167. West Virginia 2015 Economic Forecast: Charleston: state, recent - Morgantown, (WV)
  168. Morgantown Plans for New TIF District: work, streets, surrounding - West Virginia (WV)
  169. University Enrollment Growth Initiatives Making Progress: Morgantown: school, campus, place - West Virginia (WV)
  170. IRide 79 a Success and Growing in Popularity: Charleston: legal, bus - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  171. Morgantown's Economy Excected to Continue Robust Growth: forecast - West Virginia (WV)
  172. Town of Granville Preparing for University Town Centre Growth: Morgantown: hotel, medical - West Virginia (WV)
  173. Morgantown Ranks as #24 in College Ranker's Best College Towns to Live in Forever List: rankings - West Virginia (WV)
  174. Schnitt's Saloon Brings Great Entertainment to Morgantown Several Times Each Week: university, venues - West Virginia (WV)
  175. WVU Construction Update With Evansdale Simulated Flyover: Morgantown: home, university - West Virginia
  176. WVU Researchers Working to Boost State's Coal Production and Employment: university, taxes - Morgantown, West Virginia
  177. Allegiant Airlines to Offer Direct Flights from NCWV to Myrtle Beach: Wheeling: airport, summer - Morgantown, West Virginia
  178. New Housing Options and Restaurant Coming to Hornbeck Road: Morgantown: eat, Walmart - West Virginia (WV)
  179. More Money for Greenbank Research: prestigious, professor, direct - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  180. Sale of Stock Offering Provides for Expansion at Protea Biosciences: Morgantown: loans, firm - West Virginia (WV)
  181. WVU Healthcare's New Outpatient Center to Open Monday: Charleston, Morgantown: construction, university - West Virginia
  182. WVU Announces Planned Amenities for Evansdale Crossing: Morgantown: 2015, construction - West Virginia
  183. Mountain Air Moving Operations to Morgantown Airport: Clarksburg, Buckhannon: company, county - West Virginia (WV)
  184. Protea Continues to Expand with Acquisition: Morgantown: legal, business, town - West Virginia (WV)
  185. Mountain People's Co-op Moving to Pleasant St: Morgantown, Clarksburg: organic, grocer - West Virginia (WV)
  186. WVU to Offer Nation's First Advanced Law Degree in Forensic Justice: 2015, college - Morgantown, West Virginia
  187. Work is Progressing on Downtown Buildings: pharmacy, moving, bank - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  188. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays: Morgantown: university, town, full - West Virginia (WV)
  189. Morgantown Earns Very High National Ranking for Successful Aging: Wheeling: best cities, 2014 - West Virginia (WV)
  190. Largest Share of State's PROMISE Scholars Choose WVU: high school, best - Morgantown, West Virginia
  191. Award Winning WVU Student Filmakers to Compete in Hollywood: 2014, university - Morgantown, West Virginia
  192. Savannah Lusk Tells Us Why it is so Important for Us to Support Our University: 2014 - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  193. WVU Advanced Engineering Research Building to Open in Fall: campus, work - Morgantown, West Virginia
  194. WVU Farm & Stewartstown road: trees - Morgantown, West Virginia
  195. WVU Seeks Bids for Advanced Engineering Research Building Lab Space: construction, floor - Morgantown, West Virginia
  196. WVU Student Wins World Archery Title: 2015, university, students - Morgantown, West Virginia
  197. Therapy Dogs Help People at West Virginia University - Morgantown, (WV)
  198. Black Bears Announce their Coaching Staff - Morgantown, West Virginia (WV)
  199. Morgantown Making Push to Increase Tourism: area, location, capita - West Virginia (WV)
  200. Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum Opens at WVU School of Pharmacy: collection, facts - Morgantown, West Virginia