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  58. WVu Opens New Multi Million Dollar Intermodal Transportation Facility: Morgantown: university, garage - West Virginia
  59. Morgantown is Named a Top 20 College Town: Charleston, Huntington: appointed, sales - West Virginia (WV)
  60. WVU Forensics/Biometrics Gets $5 Million in Research Grants: Morgantown, Washington: fingerprinting, high school - West Virginia
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  67. Harvard Grad will be Registrar for New WVU Museum: university, wealthy - Morgantown, West Virginia
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  115. Applications are Up at WVU: Morgantown, Clarksburg: condo, public school, university - West Virginia
  116. WVU Medical School Ranked in Top 5 for Family Medicine and Top 10 for Rural Health Care: Charleston: home, dorms - Morgantown, West Virginia
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  155. Morgantown has Nation's Lowest Unemployment Rate: Charleston, Huntington: construction, university, closing - West Virginia (WV)
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