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  86. Huntington Selected as First Gigabit City Project in WV: Charleston: homes, university - West Virginia
  87. *****Is Huntingtona a friendly and nice place or not?: Teays Valley: for sale, car insurance - West Virginia (WV)
  88. Tanyard Station/The Crossing: Charleston, Wheeling: buy, construction, property tax - Huntington, West Virginia (WV)
  89. Cabell Huntington/St Marys contemplate merger: Charleston, Parkersburg: appointed, ob-gyn, 2014 - West Virginia (WV)
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  105. Huntington VAMC: doctors, disability, parent - West Virginia (WV)
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  108. Nice article about MU Quarterback Cato: 2014, university, today - Huntington, West Virginia (WV)
  109. Mayor Williams & Others Discuss Opioid Epidemic: Huntington: cities, job - West Virginia (WV)
  110. Huntington Fire Dept. Gets New Firefighting Vessel: legal, business - West Virginia (WV)
  111. Huntington looking for new Chief of Police: job, hires - West Virginia (WV)
  112. Gabriel Brothers Reopening Renovated Store in Huntington: Morgantown: retailer, town - West Virginia (WV)
  113. information on Huntington/Barboursville WV: buying a house, buying, schools - West Virginia
  114. Cabell County sees population decline since 2010: news, change, include - Huntington, West Virginia (WV)
  115. Marshall Med school professor's work earns national recognition: Huntington: living in, friendly - West Virginia (WV)
  116. Huntington makes 2015 list of Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs: firm, locations - West Virginia (WV)