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  1. About Orange County and Rockland County: New York, Newburgh: how much, garden (NY)
  2. Finger Lakes area: New York, Niagara Falls: crime rate, hotels, theatre (NY)
  3. recommend a place to stay in Ithaca: New York, Buffalo: association, vacation (NY)
  4. Ramapo: 248 acres to be tax-free commune for Medicaid recipients: New York: health insurance, house (NY)
  5. Thinking about moving to Saugerties: Kingston, Victor: real estate, how much, houses - New York (NY)
  6. Chateaugay and Churubusco New York: Malone, Fort Covington: hotels, campsites, closing (NY)
  7. Is Piermont, NY a safe community?: condo, crime, statistics - New York
  8. Putnam county abuse: New York, York: shelter, temperatures, water (NY)
  9. drop the star program??: Plattsburgh, Clinton: school, university, tax - New York (NY)
  10. Poughkeepsie, NY (S. Hamilton St.): Victor, Wappingers Falls: low income, real estate, apartment complexes - New York
  11. Salisbury Mills -> Manhattan commute.. realistic?: Peekskill, Beacon: apartment, house - New York (NY)
  12. Need to MOVE ASAP and don't know if NJ or Upstate???: lease, house - New York (NY)
  13. What town for Christmas Holiday period: ski resorts, house, mall - New York (NY)
  14. Rhinebeck ny: New York, Poughkeepsie, Monroe: real estate, crime, homes (NY)
  15. need a lil help: New York, Syracuse: house, neighborhoods, schools (NY)
  16. Cold Spring vs Garrison vs Beacon: Peekskill: buy, live in, restaurants - New York (NY)
  17. Orange County Middletown Lake Guymard: Hope: association, park, towns - New York (NY)
  18. Binghamton, New York Retirement: home, living, price (NY)
  19. What do you think about Jamestown, NY?: Buffalo, Chautauqua: rent, homes - New York
  20. Which small town outside the city is ideal?: Tarrytown, Hudson: house, schools - New York (NY)
  21. Which city to start living near....: New York, Syracuse: hardwood floors, affordable apartments, lease (NY)
  22. RSO in Dansville: sex offenders, living, registered - New York (NY)
  23. ADKs, Keene, Irish Hill Lane: Jay: for sale, living, farm - New York (NY)
  24. Garden City Park- Herricks Schools!!: Hempstead, Mineola: house, to buy, school district - New York (NY)
  25. school Bus Driver: Rockland: insurance, unemployment benefits, school districts - New York (NY)
  26. House within a decent commute to NYC?: Yonkers, New Rochelle: condo, low crime - New York
  27. ny february 2009 unemployment rate?: transplants, employment, taxes - New York (NY)
  28. snowmobiling in tug hill...: store, car, areas - New York (NY)
  29. Life in ITHACA??: organic, living, activities - New York (NY)
  30. Toyota Prius around Ithaca?? will it work?: maintenance, living - New York (NY)
  31. Plattsburgh, NY - Questions about bills: Beekman, Champlain: houses, neighborhood, purchasing - New York
  32. funeral directing/mortician job outlook and salary ??: community college, residency - New York (NY)
  33. Orange County vs. Rockland County: Goshen, Bergen: violent crime, house, good schools - New York (NY)
  34. Moving from Texas to the New York/Pennsylvania Area: Elmira: house, neighborhoods (NY)
  35. Ithaca Public schools ??: school district, health, district - New York (NY)
  36. Best Elementary school in Dutches county: Fishkill: home, school district, buses - New York (NY)
  37. NYC Airports-What a Joke!: Albany, White Plains: house, live in, prices - New York
  38. internet providers in Plattsburgh: Clinton, Rouses Point: apartment, rent, live in - New York (NY)
  39. Sirius, XM or I heart radio app with blackberry in Upstate NY/ Adirondacks?: music - New York
  40. Binghamton Neighborhoods: New York, York: apartment complexes, moving to, association (NY)
  41. Relocating to Hudson, NY - Commuting to Manhattan/New York City: Albany: apartment, living in
  42. Sacket's Harbor: Watertown, Lawrence, Sackets Harbor: real estate, rentals, hotel - New York (NY)
  43. Cheap, Safe, & Has Stuff: Buffalo, Syracuse: transfer to, buy, law school - New York (NY)
  44. Adirondacks: New York, Rome, North Elba: motel, camp, live (NY)
  45. Erie, Monroe & Onondaga counties have highest number of subprime loans in upstate: 2013 - New York (NY)
  46. N.Y. governor introduces gay marriage bill: hotel, taxes - New York (NY)
  47. Questions about Hyde Park (Dutchess Cty.): New York, Poughkeepsie: house, layoffs, purchase (NY)
  48. Looking for Homestay family: New York, York: college, living, student (NY)
  49. Help with Haying Lease Terms: New York, Catskill: leases, prices, farmers (NY)
  50. Have you had problems......: New York, Albany: neighborhood, verizon FIOS, land (NY)
  51. Looking for Non-Ocean route - NY to Richmond, VA: Hudson: suite, park - New York
  52. How's Poughkeepsie?: house, schools, live - New York (NY)
  53. Homeschooling/Unschooling in New York State: Oswego, Ontario: credit, school district, universities (NY)
  54. Does know about Reading NY: Glen, Watkins Glen: real estate, house, taxes - New York
  55. School demographics over the years.......: New York, Syracuse: public schools, rankings, teachers (NY)
  56. Moving to the Hudson River Valley area: Albany, Poughkeepsie: look for a job, taxi - New York (NY)
  57. property tax help: live, moving to, areas - New York (NY)
  58. Local TV in Olean NY: New York, Buffalo: house, movies, living in
  59. I would value s opinion on Salamanca schools...: Buffalo, Olean: upper-class, house - New York (NY)
  60. Rent prices falling in upstate: good, union - New York (NY)
  61. Bloomberg says NYC must lay off thousands: New York, Albany: home, layoffs
  62. Possibly moving to ny from Florida: New York, Buffalo: apartment complexes, rentals, find a job (NY)
  63. Apartments/Rentals in Kingston, Rhinebeck, and Surrounding Areas.: Ridge, Hurley: condo, safe area - New York (NY)
  64. Moving out of New York, how does state income tax work?: Patterson: sales, how much (NY)
  65. Narrowsburg, NY?: real estate, house, neighborhood - New York
  66. Need help with the name of the amusement park: Buffalo: amusement parks, live in - New York (NY)
  67. Normal anxiety,or realistic concerns?: New York, York: apartment complexes, rental, insurance (NY)
  68. A Green Collar Economy?: vs., plantations, suite - New York (NY)
  69. Utica area: Rome, Maryland: loft, attorney, buyer - New York (NY)
  70. where in Beacon?: Hamburg, Poughkeepsie, Glen: house, new construction, elementary school - New York (NY)
  71. $114,000 condo with $650 maintenance (includes taxes): Suffern, Rockland: fit in, sales, real estate - New York (NY)
  72. Stamford, NY: Oneonta: schools, college, live - New York
  73. Rhinebeck for kids: Albany, Kingston, Ridge: middle school, to live, moving to - New York (NY)
  74. Friendly, holistic drs, water, mountains, college?: Albany, Schenectady: rental, low crime, home - New York (NY)
  75. Where would you pick to live?: New York, Syracuse: rentals, condo, house (NY)
  76. Are we looking for a green Utopia that doesn't exist?: New York: real estate (NY)
  77. Need help with book research - small rural NY towns!: New York: rent, homes
  78. SUNY Plattsburgh--what is it like to work there?: Burlington: crime, home - New York
  79. Can give me a little on Rome?: New York: real estate, home (NY)
  80. Floridian to Broome County?: New York, Binghamton: houses, buying, taxi (NY)
  81. boat building in NY: New York, Clay: foreclosure, homes, employment
  82. Welcome To New York A Funny Sign: taxes, station (NY)
  83. Binghamton,cf,cv,ves,endi,endw,jc- no page??: Elmira: college, living - New York (NY)
  84. Putnam - nice towns?: Rye, Yorktown: houses, transfer, buy - New York (NY)
  85. ecnomic effect on adirondack year round residents and second home owners?: Glens Falls: rental, houses - New York (NY)
  86. Autism services in Orange County, NY?: Monroe, Goshen: building, therapy, government - New York
  87. Mileage on I 84: Newburgh, Beacon: bridge, state, about - New York (NY)
  88. Crosswinds At Hudson...Opinions?: apartment, neighborhood, maintenance - New York (NY)
  89. Commute from Orange County, NY to Bergen County, NJ: New York: home, job market
  90. a move to Orange County, NY: Yonkers, Poughkeepsie: to buy, school districts - New York
  91. Relocating Advice Needed - Ithaca / Dryden / Finger lakes: New York, Syracuse: rentals, hotel (NY)
  92. Why do a lot of planes crash in New York?: Buffalo: statistics, safe (NY)
  93. Education in Randolph, Cattaraugus County NY: Olean, Alabama: school districts, living in, shop - New York
  94. Calling all Orange County, NY residents - questions about special education services: insurance - New York
  95. No Churches on Church Street?: Syracuse, Binghamton: low crime, neighborhoods, schools - New York (NY)
  96. Health Care Union Ads: buy, live, budget - New York (NY)
  97. WNY Gas Prices: Buffalo, Rochester: buy, taxes, counties - New York
  98. Good city...Good high school...short commute to Financial district: Suffern: transfer, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  99. new commuter: Pearl River, Stony Point, Rockland: live in, train, station - New York (NY)
  100. Looking for a pet friendly house to rent near Fort Drum.: New York: real estate, for rent (NY)
  101. Moving to the Area: New York, Buffalo: ski resort, crime, hotel (NY)
  102. Looking to move upstate New York, need comments: Albany, Monroe: rental, mover (NY)
  103. looking for a job for summer 2009: New York, York: store, internship, best (NY)
  104. If you were me....(relocating with 2 options,help me to choose!): New York: real estate market, rent (NY)
  105. Rockland County NY: New City, Nanuet, Pearl River: low income, townhouse, school districts - New York
  106. Poughkeepsie, NY: Sprint or Verizon? Which is better?: moving to, ratings - New York
  107. We Need A Better Government Than We've Got: New York, Albany: university, law (NY)
  108. trying to figuring out the adirondacks help!!!: Champlain: to buy, compensation - New York (NY)
  109. tourism: Catskill: college, yard, parks - New York (NY)
  110. Thinking Spring and need tips for a new to gardening person: sales, houses - New York (NY)
  111. Are Upstate NY downtowns in trouble?: Buffalo, Rochester: university, centers, designer - New York
  112. If you were to relocate: Boston, Mexico: school, taxes, live - New York (NY)
  113. Old Forge/Adirondacks or Keuka Lake/Hammondsport Area: Urbana, Jay: to rent, home - New York (NY)
  114. Buying a used car: Can I drive it before it's registered to me?: insurance - New York (NY)
  115. Clarkstown North High School: Ramapo, Nanuet: middle-class, luxury, school districts - New York (NY)
  116. Legal Requirements to build Apartment in our House: income, live in - New York (NY)
  117. Wellsville NY: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: sales, real estate, home
  118. Why are taxes so high?: property, state - New York (NY)
  119. Mount Morris: New York, Livingston, York: chapel, house, living (NY)
  120. US citizen living Canada working US: Mohawk: lawyer, home, job transfer - New York (NY)
  121. Good Adirondack Town For Family w/ 14 Year Old????: Utica, Rome: home, to buy - New York (NY)
  122. Ithaca Jobs for psychologists?: New York, Cortland: school districts, professionals, licensed (NY)
  123. SUNY Plattsburgh--what is it like to work there?: Syracuse: job, better - New York
  124. Daycare options in Cold Spring (or surrounding area)?: Cold Spring Harbor, Putnam: school, living - New York (NY)
  125. Looking at Western or Upstate New York: job market, school districts (NY)
  126. prison near plattsburgh--is this ok?: Dannemora, Burlington: college, live, restaurants - New York (NY)
  127. Psychologists in Ithaca Area??: moving to, children, PhD - New York (NY)
  128. Possibly relocating close to CIA, need advice: Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park: renting, school district - New York (NY)
  129. I want to go on family vacation in New York, tell me your area and why: Buffalo: ski resort, real estate (NY)
  130. Oneonta , NY what is it like? Are they hillbillies???: Ithaca: fit in, apartments - New York
  131. Is there a terrorist training camp in Hancock New York: Springs: fit in, crime (NY)
  132. What is your favorite suburb of NYC?: New York, Newark: to live in, mall
  133. Battle of the Upstate WNY skyline: Buffalo or Rochester (moved from city vs. city): New York: city hall, credit
  134. the longest commute: New York, Wilton, Hudson: new home, buying, living in (NY)
  135. Curious as to why people are leaving our area (the state as a whole): New York: violent crime, unemployment (NY)
  136. Housing has begun it's price collapse in upstate: Syracuse, Albany: sale, real estate market - New York (NY)
  137. new york counties: Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica: to rent, employment, purchase - New York (NY)
  138. Gillibrand and the real upstate region of NYS?: New York: appointed, attorney
  139. The Upstate NY Pronunciation Guide!: New York, Buffalo: neighborhood, moving, place
  140. SIL is taking project in Oswego: New York, Syracuse: rental car, rental, hotels (NY)
  141. I'm looking for a small rural town to live in, BROADLY in the Woodstock, NY area (could be MA or CT).: New York: for sale, how much
  142. Do not re-elect Paterson: New York, Buffalo: how much, layoffs, to buy (NY)
  143. Where is the best public (state-owned) place to camp in the Adirondacks?: New York: RV parks, camping (NY)
  144. What's the best small town north of NYC for a young artsy couple from CA?: Buffalo: safe area, university - New York
  145. BeWaRE of CaIrO in gReEnE County NY: Monroe, Catskill: hotel, living in - New York
  146. What's it like living in Plattsburgh? Oswego County?: New York, Syracuse: new home, movie theater (NY)
  147. Best place to camp in NYS: New York, Syracuse: amusement park, house, camping
  148. Binghamton in Our Prayers: school, university, live - New York (NY)
  149. Confuse whether I should Stay in NY or move to tampa?: New York: section 8, crime
  150. NYS/NYC speedtrap(s): Binghamton, Watertown: apartment, casino, license - New York
  151. Upstate New York is like...: Rochester, Maine: house, park, snow (NY)
  152. woodsy/snowy towns northeast of oswego towards adirondacks...: New York, Rochester: apartment, houses (NY)
  153. What words or phrases do New Yorkers use a lot?: Florida: living in, work (NY)
  154. During a Depression, where would you rather live, Downstate or Upstate suburbs?: New York: real estate, apartment (NY)
  155. high speed rail: New York, Buffalo, Rochester: rental car, rentals, living in (NY)
  156. NYS Correction Officer Trainee test!?!: New York, York: credit, how much, college
  157. Relocation to Binghamton - Last Minute Advice,: New York: sales, real estate (NY)
  158. Ithaca is similar to what other towns??: New York, Rochester: best towns, hotels (NY)
  159. Around Binghamton: Syracuse, Elmira, Corning: houses, employment, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  160. Do you think the Adirondack Park Agency is a waste of Tax Payer $?: Maine: amusement parks, hotels - New York (NY)
  161. Sherman, New York: Binghamton, Jamestown, Chautauqua: ski resort, real estate, crime (NY)
  162. Parents of Teenagers in Rural Areas: Sherman, Eagle: transporting, renting, how much - New York (NY)
  163. Does want to leave the Adirondacks: New York, Plattsburgh: apartment, lease (NY)
  164. Will nyc be next?: New York, Amsterdam: sale, crimes, felony (NY)
  165. What are the largest parks in NY?: New York, Smithtown: how much, camping
  166. Rockland County Schools: New York, Ramapo, Union: home, to buy, top schools (NY)
  167. ny density map: New York, Rockland, York: live, suburbs, land (NY)
  168. Help! explain...Wallkill...: Newburgh, Middletown: appliances, house, place to live - New York (NY)
  169. Pine Bush, NY. ??: Middletown, Ridge: crime, house, employment - New York
  170. most beautiful place to retire: Syracuse, Ithaca: transplants, movie theater, colleges - New York (NY)
  171. north NY family-oriented towns?: Buffalo, Rochester: ski resorts, to rent, low crime - New York
  172. Limbaugh Leaves New York Because of Tax Increases: Albany, Patterson: health insurance, condo (NY)
  173. Proposal to sell wine in supermarkets: New York, Patterson: sales, buying, roofing (NY)
  174. move to Ithaca. Looks good on paper, what do you think?: Rochester: ski resorts, fit in - New York (NY)
  175. Goshen vs Pine Bush - Orange Co: schools, vs. - New York (NY)
  176. looking for information on athens NY: live, year, friend - New York
  177. Time Frame for NY State Disagreement with Findings Letter?: how much, tax - New York
  178. Neighborhoods that get an undeserved reputation in your area...... - New York (NY)
  179. Teen after school programs: New York, Utica: schools, safe, town (NY)
  180. Moving & Commuting..: Fishkill: moving to, commuting to, interest - New York (NY)
  181. Health Insurance help !: income, price, work - New York (NY)
  182. from the Bethel NY area: East Northport, Northport: house, schools, to live - New York
  183. Looking for a place between White Plains and Woodcliff Lake: Spring Valley: apartment, to rent - New York (NY)
  184. MIDDLETOWN NEW YORK - short term housing.: house, buying - New York (NY)
  185. 65 Chestnut Street, Liberty: house, to buy, live - New York (NY)
  186. Reforming Local Government: New York, York, Accord: attorney, taxi, taxes (NY)
  187. NYS Mining Rights: Albany: area, mines, status - New York
  188. What Can You Tell Me About The Following Areas:: Middletown: suburban, park - New York (NY)
  189. Middletown NY and Wildflowers over 55: Cambridge: apartments, rent, home - New York
  190. contractors in rhinebeck area: construction, residential, renovations - New York (NY)
  191. 27% bump: real estate, property tax, estate - New York (NY)
  192. Marijuana prohibition protest rally 4/17: Union, Freedom: home, law, office - New York (NY)
  193. hey does know how many jobs were lost in new york state so far? - New York (NY)
  194. Factory Farms and Property Values (rural NY tax issues): living, store - New York
  195. State Shuts Down Doctor Who Provides Care For Uninsured: insurance, costs - New York (NY)
  196. Larry King Live: New York, York: love (NY)
  197. Teaching job: middle school, relocating, county - New York (NY)
  198. Curious: Rockland, Bridgeport, Stratford: county, near, bridge - New York (NY)
  199. Binghamton Regency: hotel, best, firm - New York (NY)
  200. Can give me on Hillburn, NY?: Rockland: house, safe neighborhood - New York