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  1. ghland Falls, NY - Need: Woodstock: apartment, rental - New York
  2. Thinking of moving to Middletown, NY: Monroe, Ithaca: rent, hairstylist, low crime - New York
  3. Socioeconomic rankings of Upstate NY school districts: New York, Buffalo: 2013, how much
  4. NY town similar to Portland, OR?: New York, Ithaca: to live, light rail, food
  5. Locations for lake house near NYC: Carmel, Saratoga Springs: vacation home, purchase, restaurants - New York
  6. Homeschooling in New York: school district, teachers, affordable (NY)
  7. Good Dentists in Ithaca: Cortland, Trumansburg: live, cost, moving to - New York (NY)
  8. Orange or Dutchess County: Monroe, Warwick: apartment, low crime, homes - New York (NY)
  9. Sunrise Hills (Middletown, NY): White Plains, Newburgh: sales, real estate, 2014 - New York
  10. Chester NY Park & Ride: Florida: buses, moving to, commuting - New York
  11. Job in Blauvelt - advice on where to live: White Plains: school, college - New York (NY)
  12. Rockland, Orange, Putnam Questions: Tappan: how much, house, schools - New York (NY)
  13. Does this food map make sense?: New York, Buffalo: credit, home, safe (NY)
  14. Moving from Westchester NY\Fairfield CT area: New York, Rochester: real estate, apartments
  15. Hudson Valley oil delivery? (Kingston/Saugerties): bill, money, company - New York (NY)
  16. Sugar Shacks in New York: houses, accomodations, overnight (NY)
  17. Physician specialists in the Ithaca area: New York, Rochester: dermatologists, insurance, professionals (NY)
  18. Employer not paying employees: restaurant, business, pay - New York (NY)
  19. Affordable New York towns? Need help, looking to move ASAP.: Buffalo: apartment, daycare (NY)
  20. Rome, Ny, coming there to work, Oct 2013, 3 mos.: Buffalo, Syracuse: extended stay, real estate - New York (NY)
  21. Orange County Warwick, NY Looking for advice from NYPD/FDNY: Monroe: how much, homes - New York
  22. Job Offer in Middletown,NY Need help for relocation: Montgomery: sublets, apartment complexes - New York
  23. on where to move to upstate: New York, Albany: home, employment (NY)
  24. Thinking of buying a seasonal home in Ellenville, NY: renting, crime - New York
  25. Warwick NY to NYC bus alternatives to NJT: Suffern, Port Jervis: 2015, how much - New York
  26. Interesting wage information: New York, Albany, Poughkeepsie: 2013, employment, incomes (NY)
  27. Commute options to lower Manhatten: Mamaroneck, Port Washington: rentals, house, neighborhoods - New York (NY)
  28. Fall foliage in the Catskills - Which weekend (2013)?: Poughkeepsie, Kingston: vs, safe - New York (NY)
  29. living in plattsburgh ny: Champlain, Burlington: schools, beach, good place to live - New York (NY)
  30. Former NFL player's home trashed by 300 teenagers - Stephentown NY party: Albany: house, middle school - New York
  31. Opinions on Port jervis: New York, York: crime, income, income tax (NY)
  32. Daily Commute from Ithaca to Painted Post/Corning?: Syracuse, Elmira: lease, find a job - New York (NY)
  33. Most Livable Affordable Ithaca Neighborhoods: New York, Utica: 2013, apartment, low crime (NY)
  34. Regular Season Opener!: 2014, military, good - New York (NY)
  35. Flooded my neighbor, How to settle: insurance, contractor, live in - New York (NY)
  36. Looking for a large-dog friendly apartment complex within 30 miles of West Point!: New Windsor: renting - New York (NY)
  37. Planning a foliage trip to Catskills, is it past peak?: New York: home, vs. (NY)
  38. For actors/writers: NY, LA, or Chicago?: New York, York: 2013, insurance
  39. Moved to NC -now NY auto registration is suspended: New York: insurance, live in
  40. Realtor test in New York.: real estate, how much, estate (NY)
  41. Mayor (On video) Threatens Officers for his DWI Arrest: year, police - New York (NY)
  42. Housing recommended near Cornell?: Lansing: sublets, apartments, leases - New York (NY)
  43. Why do Fire Stations still blast sirens/alarms?: Rotterdam, Manhasset: 2013, homes - New York (NY)
  44. Suggestions for moving from Baltimore, MD to Ithaca, NY?: apartment, to rent - New York
  45. When Will NYSDOT Rebuild/Expand the I-684/84 interchange: Hope: highways, traffic - New York
  46. LASIK surgery at Baltimore or Ithaca?: Johnson City: insurance, low cost, dangerous - New York (NY)
  47. Putnam County, NY: Carmel, Monroe, Warwick: school district, college, living in - New York
  48. NYS Civil Service hiring process delayed: New York, Patterson: 2015, budget, paid
  49. Help finding an apartment under $1200 in the state?: New York, Buffalo: apartments, renters (NY)
  50. Binghamton area parking ticket: Johnson City, Endicott: lease, townhouse, landlords - New York (NY)
  51. Orange County NY Schools: Monroe, Warwick: renting, house, price - New York
  52. Low key Hudson River Towns for the Weekend?: New York, Saugerties: rent, how much (NY)
  53. Where to move in NY?: New York, Buffalo: apartments, renters, house
  54. Why did they not close Orange co schools yesterday ??: Warwick: school district, closing - New York (NY)
  55. How are Ithaca East Apts (formerlly Maple hill apts) in Ithaca?: appointed, 2015 - New York (NY)
  56. shared electric meter: Hudson: apartment, houses, tenant - New York (NY)
  57. Dental in Oswego: insurance, store, deal - New York (NY)
  58. Electrification and Upgrading the Husdon line Till Albany: New York, Syracuse: purchases, price (NY)
  59. Ny--->fl: Florida, Taylor: real estate, home, school - New York (NY)
  60. relocation to franklin lakes, nj---looking for on Orange County: New York: home, school districts (NY)
  61. Upstate New York for less than $850/month?: Buffalo, Syracuse: apartment, rent (NY)
  62. Family life in Fishkill, Beacon, Putnam Valley area: New York, Poughkeepsie: house, elementary school (NY)
  63. Suffern vs. Pearl River: Ramapo, Rockland: salons, homes, school district - New York (NY)
  64. Rockland and Orange County public schools and Integration: Chester, Washingtonville: house, school district - New York (NY)
  65. with College View Trlr Park in Ithaca?: Syracuse: apartment, home - New York (NY)
  66. Information on Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow.: Poughkeepsie, Fishkill: rentals, find a job, living - New York (NY)
  67. Changes in Orange County!!!: Warwick, Newburgh: home, school, live - New York (NY)
  68. where is best place to get XC ski lesson on Friday in Rome/Utica area: Osceola: rentals - New York (NY)
  69. purchasing a home in rockland - seller does not have CO: how much, lawyer - New York (NY)
  70. Most beautiful and secluded Finger lakes camping?: Glen, Watkins Glen: home, car - New York (NY)
  71. What to think about when looking for apartment/house in Ithaca and surroundings: New York: sublets (NY)
  72. Things we shouldn't miss along I-81?: Syracuse, Binghamton: appointed, live, restaurants - New York (NY)
  73. rockland county: need to move - where can i drive my van: Pearl River: garden - New York (NY)
  74. Advice for moving from Baltimore MD to Ithaca NY?: calculation, buses - New York
  75. How gay friendly is Beacon, NY?: transplants, home, neighborhoods - New York
  76. Latest median home prices for most NY metros: Buffalo, Rochester: 2013, to live in - New York
  77. What are the pros and cons of New York?: Buffalo: schools, living in (NY)
  78. It's that time again!: New York, Syracuse: 2013, to live, buses (NY)
  79. NYS Medicaid Spend Down?: New York, York: health insurance, house, income
  80. Moving car from Texas to New York: Rochester, Corning: DMV, maintenance (NY)
  81. Underground Oil tank removal: New York, York: house, buy, bankrupt (NY)
  82. Is NY States ObamaCare Website up and running? The one that will give us cheapo insurance: health - New York
  83. Getting an apartment in NY with no credit: New York, York: sublet, apartments
  84. Indian reservations still selling brand names at all?: Oneida, Marlboro: sales, taxi - New York (NY)
  85. Alexandria Bay vs. Clayton: Watertown, Fort Drum: 2013, crime, income - New York (NY)
  86. Alexandria Bay History?: New York, Clay, Fort Drum: rentals, homes, military (NY)
  87. Traffic Across I-84: Newburgh, Middletown, Hudson: driving, town, road - New York (NY)
  88. Biggest parks in New York: Buffalo, Rochester: law, beach, design (NY)
  89. Buses from Upstate NY to Manhattan & Bronx?: Newburgh, New Windsor: college, live in - New York
  90. Catskills Advice: New York, Saugerties, Sullivan: homes, purchase, school district (NY)
  91. Warwick, NY - Is it a good time to buy? Future predictions?: New York: houses
  92. Housing that adds density: Ithaca: 2014, to rent, live - New York (NY)
  93. Job in Palisades area: New York, Monroe: school districts, to live, moving to (NY)
  94. Earning income while on unemployment: how much, legal, business - New York (NY)
  95. Law can change on opening birth certificates to adoptees: 2013, hotel - New York (NY)
  96. Goshen - Maple Ave?: Monroe, Woodbury: for sale, houses, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  97. NYC Separating from the rest of New York State?: Hudson: bankruptcy, live in
  98. Moving to Ithaca - advice on Internet Service Providers?: new home, cost - New York (NY)
  99. take 1 minute to help change current animal welfare laws: New York: 2014, living (NY)
  100. Elmira New York property tax rate & homeowner association fee: Syracuse: for sale, real estate (NY)
  101. Pete Seeger is Dead: New York, Beacon: how much, live, company (NY)
  102. About Elmira NY?: Rochester, Syracuse: median income, move to, nightlife - New York
  103. Changing my Driver's License: DMV, moving, things to do - New York (NY)
  104. Kid Fun suggestions in Lake Placid (July): Lake George: waterpark, hotel - New York (NY)
  105. Watertown and questions: New York, Syracuse, Fort Drum: sales, apartment, transfer (NY)
  106. Pedestrian-Friendly Town Near NYC: Ramapo, Ossining: 2013, home, public schools - New York
  107. Gifford Rd. Rome, NY: Hope: construction, shop, trailer - New York
  108. Penalty for being late to register a car after moving to NYS?: Buffalo: sale - New York
  109. Isolated swimming holes/camp sites?: Harriman: camping, legal, park - New York (NY)
  110. Rockland/Orange Forum: Hudson, Putnam: fit in, suburbs, county - New York (NY)
  111. Childcare in Monroe-Woodbury area: Rockland: daycares, pre-school, moving - New York (NY)
  112. Understanding the Hudson Valley area: Albany, Colonie: mortgage, home, neighborhood - New York (NY)
  113. wurtsboro 411: Spring Valley, Sullivan, Monsey: 2013, rental, amusement parks - New York (NY)
  114. Poughkeepsie versus Rhinebeck and children: Red Hook, Pine Plains: apartment, renting, crime - New York (NY)
  115. Which towns have G&T programs?: New York, Warwick: houses, private school (NY)
  116. What can you tell me about living in Highland Falls, NY?: West Point: apartment, movie theaters - New York
  117. Moving out of NYC - Lower Hudson Valley? Or other areas...: Rye: for sale, apartments - New York
  118. Obama care accept'd app & no premium notice: Rome: 2014, insurance - New York (NY)
  119. Best areas to raise a family? (Low COL, SOL, low crime, Salary, ): New York: neighborhoods, living in (NY)
  120. Why Do New York Drivers Drive So Slow: Albany: insurance, law (NY)
  121. Former governor David Paterson and wife Michelle file divorce papers: Nelson: average, market - New York (NY)
  122. Gay couple looking to move to Ithaca: New York, Rochester: low income, apartment (NY)
  123. Cuomo Wants Two Billion in Tax Cuts: New York, Syracuse: sales, 2014 (NY)
  124. Reasons why New York isn't a good place to open or operate a business: Florida: 2013, insurance (NY)
  125. Faster trains connecting all Upstate Cities: New York, Buffalo: 2013, how much, purchase (NY)
  126. NY has the second lowest driving miles per capita in the US: New York: neighborhoods, taxes
  127. moving to three mile bay ny: Watertown, Fort Drum: rental, crime, mobile home - New York (NY)
  128. NY rental apartment websites: New York, York: apartments, leasing, credit score
  129. Best city for outdoor things?: New York, Syracuse: low crime, camping, living (NY)
  130. The city of Newburgh: how bad is it, really?: Hudson: real estate, apartment - New York (NY)
  131. Utica Information Booth?: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse: real estate, crime, houses - New York (NY)
  132. Florida to Plattsburgh?: Clinton, Burlington, Wells: renting, low crime, house - New York (NY)
  133. New York to Fall to 4th place in Population, Behind Florida: real estate, 2013 (NY)
  134. When did NY jump the shark?: New York, York: taxes, live, moving
  135. 15 questions about the Thruway cities: Buffalo, Rochester: how much, houses, school - New York (NY)
  136. Tech Valley, New York: Albany, Poughkeepsie: tax, live, shop (NY)
  137. Massena-Inform me: Syracuse, Albany, Utica: apartments, rent, employment - New York (NY)
  138. Snow Tires Necessary in Ithaca: New York, Jamestown: school, living, mall (NY)
  139. NYS Tax Cap Joke: Albany, Oneida: house, employment, school districts - New York
  140. Need advice on move to Orange Co. for my young family: New York: apartment, rental (NY)
  141. EZ-Pass: Maine, Florida, Accord: live in, shop, discount - New York (NY)
  142. I want to CRY-Rome NY: Buffalo, Rochester: apartments, rental homes, waterpark - New York
  143. **From WA state...where are the lowest proprety taxes in upstate NY? Veterans exemptions?: New York: 2014, low crime
  144. Looking for a sweet spot upstate: New York, Albany: home, employment, university (NY)
  145. Canandaigua vs town of Geneva vs Watkin's Glen: Syracuse, Ithaca: crime rate, how much - New York (NY)
  146. looking to move to an area with a high italian community: New York: safe area, school districts (NY)
  147. Relocating Advice For Single Parent: New York, Buffalo: job openings, safe area, school (NY)
  148. Binghamton safety?: Endicott, Fayette, Carroll: crime, home, college - New York (NY)
  149. Billions in taxable income migrates out of NY, into other states: New York: transplants, sales
  150. move from Jacksonville FL to Ithaca NY - are we crazy?: Oswego: sale, rent - New York
  151. Six ways to help fix cities in NYS: Buffalo, Rochester: 2013, high crime - New York
  152. Hudson Valley area advice: New York, Poughkeepsie: city hall, rental, crime (NY)
  153. Places outside of New York City to consider?: Buffalo, Rochester: apartments, rent (NY)
  154. Moving to Watertown, NY with questions: New York, Syracuse: apartments, rentals, houses
  155. Long Islanders looking to relocate to Orange County seek advice: Yorktown: appointed, transfer - New York (NY)
  156. Moving to Port Jervis, NY..: New York, Newburgh: houses, employment, transfer
  157. Curious about rural life in Western New York: Buffalo, Rochester: transplants, houses (NY)
  158. Thoughts on the legalization of Table Gambling in NYC: New York: sales, 2013
  159. Is Upstate New York just a giant waste of space?: Rochester: fit in, how much (NY)
  160. Best place to live in New York?: Buffalo, Rochester: best city, apartments (NY)
  161. The Adirondacks; a good vacation destination for mountain lovers?: Albany: how much, camping - New York (NY)
  162. Most common trees in New York state?: Albany, Ontario: live, pollution (NY)
  163. Do you live in a Super Zip Code?: Buffalo: 2013, homes - New York (NY)
  164. Elmira New York Is it bad for property owner?: Big Flats: real estate, apartment (NY)
  165. Key places to travel in NY: Buffalo, Syracuse: military, garden, beaches - New York
  166. New York State Sunlight Map: Syracuse, Albany: school, live, centers (NY)
  167. Thinking of leaving the South and heading to the Northeast.: New York: insurance, job market (NY)
  168. buying a home in Oswego: Utica, Ontario: for sale, apartment, renters - New York (NY)
  169. Looking for place to move/suburb/NYC: Huntington, Monroe: homes, transfer - New York
  170. 49 Things People From Upstate NY Love: New York, Buffalo: live, congested, places
  171. Economic Growth in Upstate NY (North of Poughkeepsie): Buffalo, Rochester: job openings, closing - New York
  172. Retiring Upstate - Need good locations: Watertown, Queensbury: house, buy, community college - New York (NY)
  173. Auburn decline?: Syracuse, Oneida, Seneca Falls: middle-class, apartments, renter - New York (NY)
  174. How to escape Keeping up with the Jones - looking for commutable towns recommendations: New York: apartment, rentals (NY)
  175. Good small towns in New York?: Buffalo, Rochester: mobile home, to buy, high school (NY)
  176. Stabilized rent and increased 10 payments trick: apartment, lease, credit - New York (NY)
  177. Can I resume unemployment benefits????: home, office, medical - New York (NY)
  178. All you can eat crabs???: places, surrounding - New York (NY)
  179. School district fiscal rankings/status: New York, York: 2014, school districts, ratings (NY)
  180. Florida Village speeding ticket, 48 in a 35: insurance, live in, legal - New York (NY)
  181. New York Film Academy: school, jobs, program (NY)
  182. Rockland County pre-school advice needed: Pearl River: daycare, moving to, teaching - New York (NY)
  183. Advice on how small home loans(under 40k) work in upstate ny: Albany: rent - New York (NY)
  184. oil delivery in Hudson Valley on credit?: buy, company - New York (NY)
  185. What city do you think gets overlooked by the state in terms of development?: Elmira: cities - New York (NY)
  186. Looking For Online Marketing Services Provider in New York: small business, local (NY)
  187. Corning's Market Street gets a Great Streets designation from the APA: 2013, places - New York (NY)
  188. Want to rent a car: budget, places, hire - New York (NY)
  189. College Destinations........: rated, metro, American - New York (NY)
  190. Middle Eastern/Indian/Asian Grocery Stores - Monroe/Woodbury: Newburgh: price, shop - New York (NY)
  191. For interested in Area 51.....: Watertown: water, town, fun - New York (NY)
  192. Seit teacher: move, county, road - New York (NY)
  193. Greenwood Lake, NY: Murray, Bergen, Glen: coupons, daycares, houses - New York
  194. Existing PO Box But Need To Sign a New Application?: post office, dating - New York (NY)
  195. Auto repair near New york: best, place, mechanic - New York (NY)
  196. How will my graduated licensing work with a ticket?: license, speeding ticket - New York (NY)
  197. Activities in Orange Co. for mom and 2yr old: Monroe: things to do, area - New York (NY)
  198. Will I be able to collect unemployment in New York? Story...: offices, company (NY)
  199. Hudson Valley - Attorney looking for practice to join or take over: retirement - New York (NY)
  200. Replacemt windows for 1969 liberty mobile home: area, county, Dutch - New York (NY)