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  62. Where Do We Suggest A New Forum? - Psychology
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  69. for strange/funny experiences: men, woman, parent, problems - Psychology
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  73. Might this person be a compulsive liar? - Psychology
  74. If one calls the suicide hotline, can that get used against you?: people - Psychology
  75. If you think differently than someone why is it they get angry or defensive...: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  76. Just now a pattern that has been consistent throughout my life. But why?: introvert, college - Psychology
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  90. Has taken a personalty test? If so, how accurate was it for you?: introvert, psychologist - Psychology
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  96. I want to be successful to get back at people who rejected me - Psychology
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  99. Feelings Developed Online: men, dating, attracted, emotion - Psychology
  100. Gays ( mean like acting gays ) tell me how to be a freindly host: men, woman - Psychology
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  105. How do people still believe in Karma how Cancer must kill so many Good People: thoughts, problems - Psychology
  106. Do you wonder if you suffer from depression?: inability, depressed, syndrome - Psychology
  107. The old wise guy.........that isn't wise.: generation, parent, problems - Psychology
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  109. Professor asks if social media has made us more disconnected from each other: narcissistic, people - Psychology
  110. How to unload stress: college, problems - Psychology
  111. How Many Teenage Boys Have Same Sex Experiences?: men, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  112. What does this behavior indicate?: anxiety, girlfriend, college, IQ - Psychology
  113. Facebook? - What makes people private and people not?: dating, issues - Psychology
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  121. Why Is the Quiet, Withdrawn Personality Abnormal , But The Loud, Overbearing Personality Normal: introvert, woman - Psychology
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  123. Why do gays act and talk weird?: discrimination, men, woman - Psychology
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  125. Yelling at yourself. Is it healthy?: mistakes, people - Psychology
  126. friend having an affair: narcissistic, thoughts, parent, problems - Psychology
  127. Can a guys dating life/sex be heavily impacted by the way he was raised by his parents or his childhood socializing?: narcissistic, mom - Psychology
  128. The Accidental Minimalist: anxiety, mom, weight, people - Psychology
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  132. help me understand Transgenderism.: psychologist, therapy, mentally, woman - Psychology
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  134. What is the purpose of your life?: depressed, mom, aunt - Psychology
  135. Why do people still thinking making fun of vegetarians is funny?: feelings - Psychology
  136. Clothes are sexual fetishes for ... why?: counselor, woman, college - Psychology
  137. The Psychology Behind Enjoying Violence For Entertainment and Why It Is So Popular: attracted, parent
  138. Not knowing that died: mentally, thoughts, emotion, aunt - Psychology
  139. Repeating I know this guy story as if it were your own: woman, syndrome - Psychology
  140. Being called too nice or mean ?: mom, college - Psychology
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  144. People are interested in themselves?: men, boyfriend, woman, husband - Psychology
  145. Weird social thing: dating, mom, attracted, parent - Psychology
  146. People Who Lie For The Sake of Lying.: psychologist, addiction, sociopaths - Psychology
  147. H O A R D E R.........or just compulsive?: anxiety, woman - Psychology
  148. People who have no siblings: husband, parent, emotion, aunt - Psychology
  149. Why do successful people commit suicide? Robin Williams ?: everything - Psychology
  150. Have you read the book The Secret ? has it helped you?: woman, people - Psychology
  151. Who hates conversations that involve the following?: men, thoughts, animals - Psychology
  152. One Introvert's Dilemma: NOISE!: anxiety, mom, people, everything - Psychology
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  154. Spouse wants to end relationship because she says I don't respect her.: counselor, girlfriend - Psychology
  155. Depressed and broken (literally): therapy, emotion, people, everything - Psychology
  156. What is the Point of Life? Why Live?: therapy, thoughts, responsibility - Psychology
  157. Why are friends so important to people?: parent, responsibility, relationship - Psychology
  158. Is it normal to be a selective sadist / psychopath?: narcissists, therapy, issues - Psychology
  159. Become FURIOUS When I Can't Find Something, HATE Losing Things: depressed, people - Psychology
  160. Do I have an anxiety disorder?: psychologist, therapy, depressed, girlfriend - Psychology
  161. Are people envious of people that are happy and content?: girlfriend, relationship - Psychology
  162. Experiences make you happier than stuff: borderline, people, everything - Psychology
  163. My friend having the affair: boyfriend, woman, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  164. People who say they are a mental health condition instead of saying they have a condition: narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
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  169. Introverts who are not shy but just don't enjoy socializing a lot?: introversion, anxiety - Psychology
  170. Reasons Why Others Try To Tell Us What To Do: chauvinism, weight - Psychology
  171. Mental illness running in current family -- should I ask this: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  172. Does pregnancy aversion in childhood lead to sex aversion in adults?: woman, parent - Psychology
  173. Better to have fake friends or no friends?: introvert, people - Psychology
  174. Aspergers, I might have it.: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, husband - Psychology
  175. Selfish people: woman, husband, passive - Psychology
  176. Men who grew up without fathers are the worst: mom, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  177. Could you easily count down from 100 by 7's?: mentally, dating, woman - Psychology
  178. Psychologically, How Could Someone Do This to Someone: thoughts, people, everything - Psychology
  179. Why are the majority of Transgendered people men that identify as women?: woman - Psychology
  180. Could ADD/ADHD be a pseudo-diagnosis?: inability, anxiety, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  181. Can people detect weakness?: anxiety, issues - Psychology
  182. Very poor judgment: getting arrested for probation/parole violations: addiction, inability, therapy - Psychology
  183. Why is passing gas funny to children?: anxiety, mentally, husband - Psychology
  184. Self-Forgiveness: therapy, humans, mistakes - Psychology
  185. Are men really that different from women?: misogynist, psychologist, mentally - Psychology
  186. Is this Rape?: mentally, woman, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  187. If your name was Isis, would you change it ?: men, thoughts, generation - Psychology
  188. Why are there so many males on this forum that need therapy?: men, generation - Psychology
  189. Are you good at reading people?: dating, woman, issues - Psychology
  190. Hoarders- What kind of psychology does this define??: addiction, depressed, issues
  191. Why do so many men spit in public restrooms? - Psychology
  192. People's negativity CAN rub off on you.: thoughts, problems, emotion - Psychology
  193. Why do people judge cowards?: men, emotion, everything - Psychology
  194. What makes you happy and keeps you motivated?: depressed, husband, college - Psychology
  195. Are executioners psychopaths/sociopaths?: therapy, parent, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  196. My psychiatrist has decided to destroy my life to convert me to Xianity: mentally, issues - Psychology
  197. Effects of being raised by a mother with borderline personality disorder: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  198. Personality - a tendency to make certain types of decisions: abusive, people - Psychology
  199. Mental Health Issue or Electronics?: depressed, issues, people - Psychology
  200. Our bad traits - what is the point of reference? What are they?: abusive, people - Psychology