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  58. with reflexes? - Psychology
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  64. for people of West European descent.: generation, marriage - Psychology
  65. Why Do People Misrepresent Themselves on City Data Forums?: mentally, parent, issues - Psychology
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  69. Do your parents know you?: narcissists, woman, mom, husband - Psychology
  70. At what age did you consider youself a woman / man ?: men, parent - Psychology
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  73. Have you ever up trying in life?: men, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  74. Bucket list: people - Psychology
  75. tom girls: men, woman, attractive, parent - Psychology
  76. What's your MBTI type?: introvert, husband, people - Psychology
  77. Always looking much younger than your age… how does it affect you?: men, dating - Psychology
  78. I don't like being told what to do: therapy, problems, everything - Psychology
  79. Traits of a narcissist: sociopath, narcissists, men, dating - Psychology
  80. Is tnis a good place to discuss sexuality?: psychologist, counselor, men - Psychology
  81. Are you physically/sexually aroused at the idea of wearing the clothes of the opposite gender/sex?: men, woman - Psychology
  82. Do you crossdream?: men, people - Psychology
  83. Dating when you have a history of substance abuse: thoughts, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  84. Insomniacs! hope for them? What's Really Behind It?: addiction, anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  85. This planet hates depressed men.: narcissists, anxiety, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  86. Why does society pressure non-drinkers to drink?: people, everything - Psychology
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  88. Can a therapist help you if they believe you are going to hell?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
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  91. Major priority issues... or just that oblivious?: therapy, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  92. Adopted Daughter Has Fallen Under the Influence of Bad People: sociopath, boyfriend - Psychology
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  94. Humans and the pack mentality: feelings, animals, people - Psychology
  95. Is this laziness or something: anxiety, mentally, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
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  98. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection.: narcissistic, college - Psychology
  99. How did humans start having sex for pleasure only?: men, woman, generation - Psychology
  100. A dream that made you cry?: father, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  101. Why are people so critical of others?: narcissistic, husband, generation - Psychology
  102. Why is it weird to be transgender and identify as gay?: mentally, men - Psychology
  103. What makes a woman who had a secret abortion turn into a extreme anti choice advocate?: dating, complex - Psychology
  104. Signs that narcissism is increasing…?: narcissists, men, generation, parent - Psychology
  105. I believe sex is filthy and evil: addict, inability, fixate - Psychology
  106. What do YOU consider one characteristic/habit/trait that differentiates yourself from others?: woman, characteristics - Psychology
  107. Getting unstuck: anxiety, therapy, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  108. Having really weird and terrifying fear dreams lately.... have insight?: mom, college - Psychology
  109. Phycology of Transgenders: men, woman, girlfriend, attracted - Psychology
  110. what is the psychology behind gambling: addiction, depressed, thoughts, pathological
  111. You wake up to the world coming to an end What do You Do?: people - Psychology
  112. Why does my father always ignore my warnings????: blames, husband, parent - Psychology
  113. What is it about anonymous message boards that bring out the worst in people?: vindictive, thoughts - Psychology
  114. is it normal to have the same thoughts everyday?: narcissistic, therapy, issues - Psychology
  115. I get so jealous of everyone's perfect families.: father, people - Psychology
  116. The Psychology of Lurkers?: people
  117. training myself to be more optimistic: introvert, psychologist, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  118. What to look for in a psychologist?: addiction, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  119. Aspergers - College Age Son turning on who love him most: fixate, anxiety - Psychology
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  123. Are you uncomfortable spending time with people-you don't know well- who don't speak to you?: introvert, men - Psychology
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  125. morning anxiety when alone: depressed, mom, syndrome, responsibility - Psychology
  126. I Keep Struggling With My Confidence in Relation to Women: psychologist, dating - Psychology
  127. Children Of Controlling Parents: introvert, anxiety, therapy, mom - Psychology
  128. Aspergers (highly likely): anxiety, therapy, woman, mom - Psychology
  129. Calling all police officer wives.. with me?: psychologist, sociopath, counselor - Psychology
  130. When a friend goes off the rails...: psychologist, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  131. Inspirational quotes/videos/articles: people - Psychology
  132. What do you think of people who remain nice, polite and respectful towards people who are being totally mean and disresp: passive, relationship - Psychology
  133. Why are so many people Crazy about Sport Games ?!: men, borderline, parent - Psychology
  134. Is it just me or do others not care for the ra ra cheerleader type personality.: feelings, people - Psychology
  135. can cigarettes realy be a friend: addiction, anxiety, issues, relationship - Psychology
  136. Mental tactics for blocking out the sad realities of the world: depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  137. Looking for guidance - this is going to be long: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  138. post college depression/mid life crisis what to do?: psychologist, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  139. Why does everything feel pointless?: depressed, adult, people - Psychology
  140. What is it about facebook that generates or exacerbates interpersonal conflict?: vindictive, mentally - Psychology
  141. What causes a person to be very shy?: narcissistic, mom, overprotective - Psychology
  142. People with social anxiety/depression/phobias...: introvert, introversion, depressed, problems - Psychology
  143. Can bottling up my emotions make it difficult to feel positive emotions like love and joy?: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  144. Narcissists, Sociopaths and Psychopaths - Oh My!: attractive, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  145. People can like really ugly things: woman, feelings - Psychology
  146. People who are extremely devoted to or obsessed with their alma mater: college, syndrome - Psychology
  147. Holidays fun or depressing?: depressed, woman, parent, issues - Psychology
  148. Finding my voice and dealing with anger: psychologist, inability, counselor - Psychology
  149. What drove Michael Brown's behavior, that which lead to his death?: parent, issues - Psychology
  150. Why do I need to get out of my comfort zone ?: anxiety, dating - Psychology
  151. Stupid Obsessions: anxiety, depressed, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  152. Do most single individuals hate the holidays?: depressed, boyfriend, husband - Psychology
  153. Symbolism of the Confederate Flag: issues, people, everything - Psychology
  154. WHY is your type?: dating, mom, attracted, girls - Psychology
  155. Introverts! Are you a Facebook person?: husband, college, issues, relationship - Psychology
  156. Gender stereotypes: Guys who are not in to manly stuff: men, husband - Psychology
  157. Why would people care if you drink ?: addiction, dating, issues - Psychology
  158. Brother shoved an older woman at my father's nursing mother is scared of him.: therapy, mentally - Psychology
  159. The psychology of grudges: humans, emotion, feelings, people
  160. This person REALLY ticks me off... What do I do?: introvert, thoughts - Psychology
  161. I'm lonely and not sure what to do: depressed, men, husband - Psychology
  162. What makes a Man SEXY?: dating, attractive - Psychology
  163. What are your feelings about Psychologists?: addiction, counselor, therapy, woman - Psychology
  164. Was her road rage justified?: mom, emotion, people - Psychology
  165. The many questions: college, aunt, mistakes, people - Psychology
  166. People who about others weight.: anxiety, men, girls, issues - Psychology
  167. My SO mother to be stalking a man: therapy, woman, husband - Psychology
  168. What is the angriest you have ever gotten?: thoughts, parent, emotion - Psychology
  169. Why are people such jerks around Christmas time?: woman, feelings, toxic - Psychology
  170. Seeking from people with ADHD/ADD/ODD: psychologist, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  171. Are there different 'types' of fear?: anxiety, aunt, people - Psychology
  172. Aspergers (my story?): addiction, inability, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  173. People with multiple usernames: narcissists, fixate, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  174. I Neet to Blow Off Steam Sometimes; Wish My Wife Was Like Me: therapy, woman - Psychology
  175. The best connection I ever felt with a woman was when she said I hate you: college, emotion - Psychology
  176. femme guys: addiction, men, dating, girls - Psychology
  177. People who assign their memory to someone: husband, responsibility - Psychology
  178. Dating Someone With Bi-Polar: depressed, woman, issues, marriage - Psychology
  179. I look like a sweet Asian woman, how do I tell people not to mess with me?: syndrome, problems - Psychology
  180. Why do people hate the unintelligent?: mentally, college, emotion, mistakes - Psychology
  181. I'm trying to understand, but I don't get why infertility is such a tragedy: inability, mom - Psychology
  182. What exactly is wrong with me?: psychologist, anxiety, depressed, boyfriend - Psychology
  183. All I want is to be happy. Why can't I find it anymore?: counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  184. Are you afraid to think about things that you shouldn't do in life?: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  185. I feel like sex is pointless and disgusting: addiction, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  186. Is there a reason I'm attracted to taller men?: dating, husband, attractive - Psychology
  187. The story about a 58 year old virgin: anxiety, problems, relationship - Psychology
  188. Would you give money to this homeless man?: mentally, mom, abusive - Psychology
  189. I'm a guy...: depressed, woman, people - Psychology
  190. How can I tell if someone is mentally ill?: therapy, depressed, parent - Psychology
  191. ever stopped being a procrastinator?: mom, problems, marriage - Psychology
  192. What's your opinion of children/teens who act like adults?: husband, parent - Psychology
  193. GUYS . is this a turn off?: dating, people - Psychology
  194. Scientific study shows LGBT people can change homophobic attitudes more then the ally model: marriage - Psychology
  195. Slow down and enjoy the journey: complex, people - Psychology
  196. Rapid change dreams - Psychology
  197. More Curious About The Fate of the Injured, Rather Than The Dead?: responsibility, people - Psychology
  198. Why are most of us likely to be reactive than altruistic?: therapy, people - Psychology
  199. Article about taking control of your brain and improving decision making: everything - Psychology
  200. Study on the impact of peer pressure (and how everyone in our life affects us): people - Psychology