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  26. Cyber-love...can it exist? Is it real? Is it normal? Bizarre?: anxiety, woman - Psychology
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  28. whats the difference between being selfish and a people pleaser? - Psychology
  29. Does feel like a fraud at times?: men, thoughts, responsibility - Psychology
  30. Imaginary Object on Tongue?: anxiety, people - Psychology
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  32. What is wrong with me, I am not the same anymore: psychologist, depressed - Psychology
  33. Codependent Coworkers: woman, people - Psychology
  34. People who use sarcasm/snarkiness or humor to keep others at a distance.: thoughts, complex - Psychology
  35. Calm relaxed guys like me can't get along with EXTREME AMBITIOUS people? Why?: woman - Psychology
  36. Looking ahead for the next barrier: mom, people - Psychology
  37. What is worse?: woman, husband, people - Psychology
  38. strange sexual fantasies about wifes friends that originated with a couple hot dreams...: men, girlfriend - Psychology
  39. As we get older, do we become more primitive?: parent, people - Psychology
  40. The Average American? - Psychology
  41. Research paper help: college - Psychology
  42. Is kindness (or evilness) a natural born trait?: parent, humans, father - Psychology
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  48. How does the language that I speak affect my way of thinking?: narcissistic, mentally - Psychology
  49. No interest in sex until almost 30 now craving it all the time. Why is this happening?: attracted, relationship - Psychology
  50. do you believe there are always trade offs in life?: adult, everything - Psychology
  51. Procrastination? What causes it: passive - Psychology
  52. Vain sibs: everything - Psychology
  53. would you reach out to this person from your past?: college, parent - Psychology
  54. Why do people defer to and become intimidated by people who SEEM supremely self confident?: introvert, narcissist - Psychology
  55. Can I be both introvert and extrovert?: people - Psychology
  56. tell me my elderly mother hasn't developed an eating disorder!: counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  57. What is your passion?: thoughts, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  58. What's your appetite for novelty ?: anxiety, college, passive - Psychology
  59. BOOKS // people's behavior, relationships, relations - Psychology
  60. I feel like I Stand out?: problems, feelings, people - Psychology
  61. Speaking about an adopted child: parent, problems, responsibility, people - Psychology
  62. Overuse of the word just - lack of confidence?: therapy, issues - Psychology
  63. psychology behind people who like to argue: adult
  64. Don't take this the wrong way...: woman, parent, humans, feelings - Psychology
  65. Recovery from mental illness?: psychologist, counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  66. Am I a hoarder or just OCD or normal obsession ??: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  67. Quick ways to learn Arabic and French?: adult, people, everything - Psychology
  68. Wife Gets So CRAZY Panic-Like In Her Driving, Can't Take It: counselor, woman - Psychology
  69. Why do I always quit?: borderline, people - Psychology
  70. How to get over anxiety in the classroom?: counselor, therapy, college - Psychology
  71. TIRED of having to THINK for EVERYBODY?: husband, adult, relationship - Psychology
  72. Being Oblivious: humans, relationship - Psychology
  73. When you announce you leave your job... - Psychology
  74. What do you do when someone close to you is grieving? - Psychology
  75. Physical contentment is everything: parent, people - Psychology
  76. What's the Psychology behind people who watch Poverty Porn like Precious, Blaxploitation, or....: emotion, projection
  77. Your dream characters might be conscious: mentally, syndrome, people - Psychology
  78. Lack of feelings means they don't trust you: inability, blames, husband - Psychology
  79. Cynicism: dating, parent, people - Psychology
  80. 17 y/o and really shy how do i overcome shyness: introvert, counselor - Psychology
  81. Why is everything dependent upon what happened when you were a kid?: introvert, psychologist - Psychology
  82. Psychology of nosy people at work
  83. Why Do People Get So Angry Over Parking Spaces? - Psychology
  84. Amusing incorrect information you learned as a kid that stays with you today: mom, husband - Psychology
  85. With Misophonia?: anxiety, issues, animals, people - Psychology
  86. just not happy: boyfriend, husband, parent, father - Psychology
  87. How to get rid of my shyness?: introvert, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  88. How can someone who have always been a loner not be one anymore?: introvert, psychologist - Psychology
  89. Lonely and stressed...: people - Psychology
  90. Do you rather be relaxed and content or extremely busy and ambitious?: anxiety, husband - Psychology
  91. I’m worried about dressing casually outside of work?: college, thoughts, people - Psychology
  92. Introspection in relation to ideomotor effect: introvert, psychologist, men, thoughts - Psychology
  93. Why its hard for men to be just FRIENDS with an attractive woman?: humans, animals - Psychology
  94. I want to feel sorry for myself today. Cheer me up...: introvert, counselor - Psychology
  95. How do you feel about charm ?: dating, emotion, people - Psychology
  96. The deal with people judging adults as little kids if the still play video games?: addiction, parent - Psychology
  97. What makes a Nerd a NERD?: people - Psychology
  98. What doe normal mean anymore…?: addiction, girls, issues - Psychology
  99. Don't know what to make of this...: woman, issues, emotion - Psychology
  100. Is it for non-homogenous countries to live in real peace and prosperity?: inability, passive - Psychology
  101. Why Mother's of abused children protect abuser?: mentally, men, woman - Psychology
  102. Lack of drive in young generation...: introvert, inability, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  103. Deleting what other people say on Facebook - DISTURBING TREND!: psychologist, narcissists - Psychology
  104. Submarine games.......: introvert, girlfriend, thoughts, people - Psychology
  105. Sexual Obsessed Mother: narcissistic, mom, college, attractive - Psychology
  106. Which trait of yours stands out the most to the ones around you the most?: anxiety, college - Psychology
  107. How can I avoid wanting to live alone?: depressed, mentally, woman - Psychology
  108. Passive-aggressive to describe people's behavior misused constantly: psychologist, sociopath, narcissistic - Psychology
  109. Dislike getting ready in the morning: depressed, complex - Psychology
  110. Thinking Positive Makes Things Happen: therapy, woman, responsibility, relationship - Psychology
  111. life has not been good to me, what do i do: woman, issues - Psychology
  112. Blame Playstation and Xbox for today's social awkwardness: addiction, fixate, anxiety - Psychology
  113. Why Do Men Do This?: boyfriend, woman, attractive, girls - Psychology
  114. I find myself becoming more distrustful...normal or a sign of deeper issues?: girlfriend, college - Psychology
  115. Tell me about your weird dreams: men, husband, animals, people - Psychology
  116. What make something look beautiful?(the value, the way it look, or something: attractive, relationship - Psychology
  117. How do I help my brother to have a more productive life?: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  118. What Is Small Talk To You?: husband, thoughts, issues, people - Psychology
  119. Son diagnosed with ADHD but I am do not agree!: psychologist, college - Psychology
  120. Watching old TV shows = living in the past ???: woman, generation, people - Psychology
  121. Functional alcoholics and the effects on their children?: intoxicated, anxiety, men - Psychology
  122. Strange behavior by people nowadays: discrimination, men, thoughts, complex - Psychology
  123. Why Is It So Difficult For Workaholics To Get The Help They Need?: mom, generation - Psychology
  124. Is there...a name for this?: narcissistic, therapy, depressed, men - Psychology
  125. Why are overly positive people the most unhappy?: attractive, issues, problems - Psychology
  126. Is feeling better about ourselves the only reason we insult others?: narcissistic, men - Psychology
  127. Is this common for people with depression?: counselor, depressed, relationship - Psychology
  128. When dad says it's not a good idea: parent, father, people - Psychology
  129. Do I live in the past ?: college, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  130. How to cope with living you hate?: girlfriend, husband, college - Psychology
  131. Male Role Models, Mentoring Men and Modern Masculinity: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  132. Road Rage vs other Rage .: woman, passive, emotion - Psychology
  133. Is ever content with their current age?: generation, girls, adult - Psychology
  134. Who Wants To Psychoanalyze Me?: psychologist, woman, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  135. Drill instructors, bullies, and cult leaders...what is their secret?: therapy, dating - Psychology
  136. Very religious people…: husband, college, abusive, father - Psychology
  137. need help and advice. paranoia: anxiety, thoughts, issues, marriage - Psychology
  138. Does tattoos of your Girlfriend's or Boyfriend's name on you really means true love ?: woman, relationship - Psychology
  139. secrets to having positive thoughts: anxiety, therapy, depressed, humans - Psychology
  140. Is there a point in being a pster ?: generation, people - Psychology
  141. Overcoming severe phobias?: anxiety, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  142. Cheaters, are they adrenaline driven type of people?: men, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  143. Trying to understand who are social media obsessed.: introvert, addiction, narcissistic - Psychology
  144. Just Tired Rant: woman, husband, college, attractive - Psychology
  145. Why is torture considered not a reliable means of extracting information?: people, everything - Psychology
  146. drugs for ADD: psychologist, therapy, IQ, borderline - Psychology
  147. Is it OK to Be Lazy and Not Want to Do Anything? Only Do the Minimum?: anxiety, humans - Psychology
  148. What's your MBTI type?: introvert, husband, people - Psychology
  149. Pathological Liars: college, attractive, parent, relationship - Psychology
  150. How much control do we really have over our lives?: intellectualize, characteristics - Psychology
  151. What do you think Narcissism is all about?: addiction, sociopath, narcissists - Psychology
  152. MIL with BPD, use of a racial slur...: narcissistic, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  153. Little things you do to cope with minor annoyances: people - Psychology
  154. I have to present tonight in front of like 300 people for work and im a nervous wreck. - Psychology
  155. Is pretending everything is ok?: parent, issues, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  156. Why are most adults so straight laced and unimaginative?: mom, girlfriend, people - Psychology
  157. Why there are people who never say No when their answer is a No ?: passive, feelings - Psychology
  158. Why is sex more taboo than violence?: narcissistic, dating, attractive - Psychology
  159. Should I take medication for anxiety/depression?: therapy, depressed, college - Psychology
  160. Can childhood-emotional scars heal?: counselor, narcissistic, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  161. Regrets, I've had a few...: counselor, woman, college, parent - Psychology
  162. What is the appeal of apocalyptic thinking?: men, husband, attracted - Psychology
  163. Am I Overreacting or Should I see a dr about this?: anxiety, woman - Psychology
  164. As an adult, do you ever get sad?: sociopath, depressed, parent - Psychology
  165. Could I get or words of encouragement: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  166. Can anger and impulsive behavior be attractive?: attracted, problems, emotion - Psychology
  167. I feel utterly hopeless after a series of failures: counselor, college, thoughts - Psychology
  168. Kids that never plan on moving out: anxiety, woman, college - Psychology
  169. Using Asperger's as justification for antisocial behavior: sociopaths, syndrome, problems - Psychology
  170. I was molested by an uncle 25 years ago.: therapy, mom, husband - Psychology
  171. Why USA is the only country women rape men?: inability, mentally, men - Psychology
  172. Is hatred in your heart curable?: people - Psychology
  173. Growing Feelings of Disgust Towards Hometown Area/City/State?: dating, generation, parent - Psychology
  174. How to find your true passion?: mom, husband, college, parent - Psychology
  175. How to Persuade HOA Board Members: college, thoughts, parent, emotion - Psychology
  176. Dealing with Sociopath stepmother: sociopaths, counselor, narcissistic, woman - Psychology
  177. Hypersensitivity to criticism: counselor, IQ, parent, marriage - Psychology
  178. The script of your life right now - what is it - comedy? adventure? drama? ....: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  179. What does it really mean, to be called a bleeding heart ?: thoughts, issues - Psychology
  180. What does it mean when a person says I a lot in their conversations?: therapy, emotion - Psychology
  181. Diagnose my brother's girlfriend: college, borderline, issues, problems - Psychology
  182. Am I the only one that thinks millennials have better social skills than the older generation?: generation Y, parent - Psychology
  183. Not trolling, give suggestions...: introvert, anxiety, depressed, parent - Psychology
  184. do artists have a prediliction towards early death, and if so why?: generation, parent - Psychology
  185. What do you do when you feel lost...: anxiety, men, boyfriend - Psychology
  186. Is it to live a solitary life and be happy?: introvert, husband - Psychology
  187. Learning the hard truth about lying: woman, college, parent, people - Psychology
  188. Adult Bullies (bullying kids, parents, managers, coaches, issues): passive - Psychology
  189. How to raise self esteem and confidence(and not care what others think): therapy, mentally - Psychology
  190. Been told I have a lot of masculine energy What does that mean?: counselor, men - Psychology
  191. Are you missing the tribal gene?: emotion, people - Psychology
  192. Men Who Impersonate First Responders: woman, girlfriend, parent, problems - Psychology
  193. Help! feeling lost and can't assimilate into society/relationships: therapy, mentally, girlfriend - Psychology
  194. Culture, ancestry, and your sense of identity: thoughts, generation, parent - Psychology
  195. Rose colored glasses/Nostalgia Goggles- Are they Bad?: adult, everything - Psychology
  196. Free Crisis text line for young people - Psychology
  197. Is it normal for the mind to wander off when listening to voice mail prompts? - Psychology
  198. At speeds that rival (Personal Energy Concept): thoughts, people - Psychology
  199. Undergraduate Research: Combat Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: college - Psychology
  200. What creates/shapes our personality?: parent, father, relationship, people - Psychology