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  90. Former homophobic bullies who are now on the gay rights bandwagon?: mentally, parent - Psychology
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  99. Child Psychology: psychologist, counselor, mentally, college
  100. Ever met the Employee who does the BARE MINIMUM at work? whats the psychology between this?: counselor, college
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  126. Mom believes in keeping secrets in marriage, I don't. Who is right?: boyfriend, parent - Psychology
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  129. Do narcissists target the weak for relationships?: sociopath, dating, husband - Psychology
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  131. the thoughts of wanting to kill certain people, but not wanting to go to jail. what is wrong with me?: college - Psychology
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  147. People who take ownership of things that are not theirs.: responsibility - Psychology
  148. Adulthood is depressing: mentally, girlfriend, college, parent - Psychology
  149. Psychology of businesses prohibiting restroom use to non customers.: men, dating, issues
  150. Overuse of the F-word .: men, generation, parent, problems - Psychology
  151. Teacher fired after confronting the bully: parent, people - Psychology
  152. If someone kills another for a just reason and doesn't feel bad does that make them a psychopath?: sociopath, mentally - Psychology
  153. State Farm Nevers in life commercial: marriage, people, everything - Psychology
  154. When the bully decides to apologize: sociopaths, aunt, adult, feelings - Psychology
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  164. Why is softness usually associated with weakness, in human behavioral interactions?: inability, sociopath - Psychology
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  166. Sex Change Regret---: woman, problems, people - Psychology
  167. People who ask nothing but closed ended questions during conversation: introvert, MBTI - Psychology
  168. Ladies, is it true you are not easily arused by a naked man?: men, dating - Psychology
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  171. FATHER'S DAY: How many...had an Alcoholic Dad ?: anxiety, depressed, woman - Psychology
  172. the psychology of riots: men, college, people
  173. Female friend only homophobic to gay men: woman, attractive, people - Psychology
  174. psychology theories on gum chewing: college, thoughts, people
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  176. I have been living with hate and anger for quite sometime. Advice on how to let it go?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
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