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  40. Odd reaction in emergencies: narcissistic, mom, syndrome, parent - Psychology
  41. There are people who SHIFTED and people who have not. - Psychology
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  44. Behavioral Interview - Psychology
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  74. Do you like Video Games? Do you think they are a waste of time or not?: people - Psychology
  75. When do you treat people poorly from behind the counter?: discrimination, everything - Psychology
  76. What does it mean when a guy looks at a female cashier, smiles, and says: men, people - Psychology
  77. Why do so many Americans work nights and weekends ? explain psychology: people
  78. Fear of negativity: husband, syndrome, problems, father - Psychology
  79. What motivates you?: counselor, weight, people, everything - Psychology
  80. Trying to understand the psychology of certain people: boyfriend, woman, college
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  82. If nobody besides you is complaining, your complaint must not be valid: people - Psychology
  83. Still sad....decades later.: mom, thoughts, parent, emotion - Psychology
  84. Sometimes unable to hear due to thinking about something: narcissistic, husband - Psychology
  85. Do you yell when you get mad?: emotion, adult, people - Psychology
  86. Teachers sleeping with their students: men, woman, attracted, relationship - Psychology
  87. Has the vibe in America gotten more depressing compared to earlier times (2004)?: relationship, people - Psychology
  88. Has had this issue?: men, dating, mom, attracted - Psychology
  89. I hate where I live.: depressed, mentally, woman, mom - Psychology
  90. Why do dogs get a pass while cats are demonized?: people - Psychology
  91. How good /accurate are you at reading people?: anxiety, college, accuracy - Psychology
  92. Turning 30...: college, responsibility, adult, people - Psychology
  93. Do you ever wish you can go back in and change something?: college, people - Psychology
  94. Straight Woman find Gay Men more attractive then Straight Men. How true is this?: girlfriend, husband - Psychology
  95. Do you have a period of life that you consider the Lost Years ?: husband, college - Psychology
  96. Is this plausible when it comes to autism?: sociopath, characteristics, issues - Psychology
  97. Finding no joy or fun in most things.: anxiety, depressed, emotion - Psychology
  98. Why we Lie to Ourselves-----SELF DECEPTION !: therapy, men, thoughts, issues - Psychology
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  100. What is a skoliosexual??: college, attracted, relationship, people - Psychology
  101. So like, what's my damage?: sociopath, mom, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  102. Is perfectionism a part of ADHD, or is it a part of an anxiety disorder?: addiction, characteristics - Psychology
  103. pretend they are talking on the cell phone when their not: people - Psychology
  104. When someone says something out of anger is it what they really believe or is it just said to hurt?: sociopaths, mentally - Psychology
  105. Are people who were bullied as children more likely to become powertrippers as adults?: issues, emotion - Psychology
  106. Are Mental Illnesses really Demonic Possessions?: addiction, thoughts, generation, people - Psychology
  107. The lone ranger: introvert, anxiety, mentally, girlfriend - Psychology
  108. Why are many (not all) gay men prissy when most women are not?: college, father - Psychology
  109. I want to be a child again! (a self-pitying rant): counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  110. Why are most people A-Holes?: humans, relationship - Psychology
  111. How do you not let rude people bother you?: abusive, feelings - Psychology
  112. I don't feel intellectually stimulated anymore.: depressed, thoughts, problems, people - Psychology
  113. How many crisis are out there: Quarter life crisis, Mid-life Crisis...: people, everything - Psychology
  114. Walking in Target with 2 bottles of wine..why do I feel this way?: woman, people - Psychology
  115. Shocked to discover that I score much higher as a female on gender tests: therapy, men - Psychology
  116. Trauma - Holding on too long; Letting Go: therapy, depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  117. Psychopath stepmother ruining relationship with father: psychologist, inability, sociopath, narcissists - Psychology
  118. Beware the needy person trolling for enablers...: counselor, narcissistic, men - Psychology
  119. The Hurting is Flirting Idea: mom, thoughts, abusive - Psychology
  120. Opinions: Why do people care More about Pets than people?: parent, humans - Psychology
  121. I think I have OCD?: anxiety, therapy, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  122. What's your ratio of reacting to words automatically instead of by choice?: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  123. Do you agree that money buys you happiness?: dating, problems, relationship - Psychology
  124. Is it to be a follower?: dating, college, problems - Psychology
  125. Calling all introverts: What's your idea of the perfect life?: men, husband - Psychology
  126. fake suicide threats: borderline, abusive, issues, emotion - Psychology
  127. Socially awkward young men: college, attracted, parent, girls - Psychology
  128. Sociopath.: sociopaths, emotion, people - Psychology
  129. -- Tell me the truth: psychologist, therapy, depressed, woman - Psychology
  130. Strangers laughing at me (mostly women) Am I crazy?: girlfriend, college, attractive - Psychology
  131. Niceness: syndrome, generation, issues, feelings - Psychology
  132. Why is everybody so convinced that they are special?: dating, pathological, generation Y - Psychology
  133. Does this behavior sound like Borderline Personality Disorder: dating, people - Psychology
  134. Whats more harder finding a girlfriend boyfriend or finding a job employment?: relationship - Psychology
  135. An understanding of why men become obsessed with sex.: addiction, parent, girls - Psychology
  136. I'm running out of stress-relieving escapist hobbies: depressed, men, feelings - Psychology
  137. Why don't people understand the rebound effect as it pertains to everyday life?: anxiety, humans - Psychology
  138. Comfort Dogs?: therapy, college, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  139. How do I stop half assing my life?: counselor, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  140. Insecure about my English?: narcissist, thoughts - Psychology
  141. So how do I get a girlfriend/hook up?: college, girls - Psychology
  142. Do people have guardian angels? - Psychology
  143. Why are people scarred of things that won't/can't hurt them?: animals - Psychology
  144. Do you hate math?: college, complex, problems, people - Psychology
  145. Do you judge someone based on how they looked?: introvert, mentally, men - Psychology
  146. Does anthropomorphize objects?: men, boyfriend, husband, characteristics - Psychology
  147. Spitting On Someone: humans - Psychology
  148. 3 Tips for Feeling Happier: depressed, thoughts, people - Psychology
  149. decapitating an animal - why are people so damn sadistic?: humans, emotion - Psychology
  150. Move to an island far from civilization: attractive - Psychology
  151. Bogyman Syndrome is about unwittingly believing concepts real: psychologist, thoughts - Psychology
  152. If I don't find work soon, I'm pulling the plug.: introvert, mentally - Psychology
  153. i need advice !: depressed, boyfriend, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  154. Prostitution and morality: mentally, adult, people - Psychology
  155. FB vacation feels good: anxiety, parent, people - Psychology
  156. I like anime and video games and im 24. Years old.....: mom, husband - Psychology
  157. There Are a Lot of Messed Up People, in a Lot of Messed up Situations in This World: addiction, therapy - Psychology
  158. Personal Development - books or documentaries recommendations?: emotion, people, everything - Psychology
  159. Bisexual Visibility Day - September 23: relationship, people - Psychology
  160. I need the psychological term for a type of action: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  161. How Do You Develop Emotional Intelligence?: parent, issues, responsibility, relationship - Psychology
  162. My Old Job WontTake Me Back 😕: thoughts, feelings, people - Psychology
  163. Terrified of moving to the South: woman, generation, relationship, people - Psychology
  164. Wife is clingy and cannot function without me-how do I deal with this?: inability, counselor - Psychology
  165. Is this weird? about a guy: woman, marriage, relationship, people - Psychology
  166. Will i be gay if I has sex with a sexy Transexual for once?: woman, emotion - Psychology
  167. Surprising Benefits of Sex: men, people - Psychology
  168. Do you dislike sweet/nice people?: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  169. SO obsessed with buying clearance items?: people - Psychology
  170. How do you rewire your subconscious mind?: introvert, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  171. Why do people smoke?: father - Psychology
  172. Psychology of Advertising: men, woman, attractive, father
  173. How To Recognize Believing?, (while doing so): thoughts, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  174. Clothes to Dream in: people - Psychology
  175. Went Nuts over a Girl and have Permanent Humiliation: counselor, therapy, girls - Psychology
  176. Would changing into a different career force one to change socially?: therapy, college - Psychology
  177. What Aren't People Kinder? Why Aren't More People Thoughtful of Others?: mom, abusive - Psychology
  178. are fat people usually more narcissistic than other people: men, syndrome, humans - Psychology
  179. uarter Life Crisis: men, dating, mom, college - Psychology
  180. How do you personally deal with pent-up hatred, rage, anger, resentment, past slights, and disgust?: thoughts, abusive - Psychology
  181. Am I better off being poor?: addiction, issues, relationship, toxic - Psychology
  182. What to do about being spacey? :/: inability, anxiety, mentally, college - Psychology
  183. I wonder sometimes about my mom... want to improve the relationship: counselor, narcissists - Psychology
  184. Why do so many women care about what other women wear?: men, parent - Psychology
  185. Is it normal to be insecure over how you speak?: therapy, husband - Psychology
  186. What is WRONG with people?: men - Psychology
  187. Is eccentricity a turn off?: men, dating, attractive, borderline - Psychology
  188. Looks matter to us a lot: attractive, people - Psychology
  189. Self-Reliance: mom - Psychology
  190. Socionics. Who is who? - Psychology
  191. Words of wisdom from Einstein - Psychology
  192. Going to new employer-- everyone wants to follow: people - Psychology
  193. Does social media often effect your personal life & relationships?: people - Psychology
  194. Why do I have very poor memory and can't focus for at least an hour? - Psychology
  195. feel like a motor without a steering wheel: thoughts - Psychology
  196. There's a limit to perception - Psychology
  197. Evolutionary psychology: why looks are more attractive than brains?: woman, complex, girls
  198. Cattell's 171 characteristic trait list? - Psychology
  199. They say that you are eccentric......but harmless.: adult, people - Psychology
  200. Thoughts are a 'constant' in our life. (like breathing): problems, emotion - Psychology