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  29. Is it normal to feel lazy and relaxed all the time?: issues, problems - Psychology
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  43. Natural supplements for stabilizing mood.: anxiety - Psychology
  44. What is the psychology of a friendly city? (Why are people in cities friendlier than others?): thoughts
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  57. Why can't I make myself self study the valuable courses to help me get a better life in the future?: people - Psychology
  58. Depression/Dissatification Advice?: depressed, college, attractive, parent - Psychology
  59. Whe someone tells you or a sign is saying NOT to do it and you still do it: adult, people - Psychology
  60. why do I go through phases of extreme ineloquence?: psychologist - Psychology
  61. Are women viewed as more compassionate?: woman, parent, people - Psychology
  62. Not a perfectionist but obsessing over imperfections in objects: anxiety, depressed, thoughts - Psychology
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  64. Are more expert people harder on themselves? - Psychology
  65. Understanding Key Contributing Factors Responsible For Psychotic Isamic Radical Behavior: men, characteristics - Psychology
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  68. For all the women who think they're never enough - Psychology
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  71. we can 'think' what ain't/isn't: thoughts, people - Psychology
  72. financial situation vs need to start family vs age: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  73. people that make comments about one's appearance/how they dress: men, husband - Psychology
  74. Paris attacks triggered major downturn...advice?: therapy, dating, mom, issues - Psychology
  75. Do you 'unwittingly' assume your assumptions are all true/correct?: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  76. Fear of the water: people - Psychology
  77. does life/aging make one more or less empathetic?: abusive, adult, animals - Psychology
  78. What does it take for a man to hate women?: men, woman - Psychology
  79. do you believe that everybody has a unique personality or is this an untruth?: parent, people - Psychology
  80. What's eating at this person?: mentally, woman, thoughts, abusive - Psychology
  81. Why do 95% of attractive women only hang out with other attractive women?: men, girls - Psychology
  82. Being called it that bad?: narcissist, husband, people - Psychology
  83. Would a person that lacks empathy be a good Marine?: men, issues - Psychology
  84. Why do women marry imprisoned murderers?: woman, husband, attracted, attractive - Psychology
  85. Why do people say 'sure' instead of yes? - Psychology
  86. The very effective dumbing down of America: generation, parent, emotion - Psychology
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  88. Coffeee: addiction, syndrome, people - Psychology
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  90. 30 yo lost in life....: depressed, issues, marriage, relationship - Psychology
  91. Extremely irritated by slow drivers on snowy roads: people - Psychology
  92. Pissed off family. Am I out of line: mentally, mom, college - Psychology
  93. How to Communicate With Someone Who Believes They're 100% Correct: sociopath, thoughts, weight - Psychology
  94. Feeling too old for my age: dating, college, generation, parent - Psychology
  95. How do you get insurance to pay for counseling (that is optional)?: addiction, counselor - Psychology
  96. ADD / lack of ability to focus and manage time as an adult: introvert, psychologist - Psychology
  97. Push girls away because of my fetish.: men, boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  98. I am not a competitive person, in fact I hate competition for the most part: college, passive - Psychology
  99. Rich People and Bad Decisions: addiction, parent, problems, father - Psychology
  100. Why do people always want to find a reason to complain about something?: Ambien, boyfriend - Psychology
  101. How do you laugh at yourself/take a joke?: problems, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  102. What causes someone to be socially awkward?: introvert, psychologist, introversion - Psychology
  103. Why is it that 90% of people are narcissists or have weak self-esteem?: depressed, men - Psychology
  104. Can you experience a nightmare without witnessing the dream?: dating, thoughts, mistakes - Psychology
  105. Apologizing: Admitting a mistake to a powerful person.: thoughts - Psychology
  106. Woman with house cleaning obsession: addiction, anxiety, therapy, dating - Psychology
  107. Do men just want sex? And how cautious are they about it?: woman, attracted - Psychology
  108. The word dead when someone passes away.: men, husband, issues - Psychology
  109. IS 'mental illness' an excuse for hitting, kicking / biting teacher?: anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  110. Are attractive people naturally smarter?: thoughts, IQ, adult - Psychology
  111. Did you ever have a revelation that shaped your personality?: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  112. Selective Eating Disorder - tell me all you know!: therapy, mom, college - Psychology
  113. When we assume(2) that our assumption(1) is true......: thoughts, humans, emotion - Psychology
  114. Introverts: Do you hate parties/social events?: relationship, people, everything - Psychology
  115. More shallow conversations as we get older?: IQ, generation, issues - Psychology
  116. No such thing as a stupid True or Not: people - Psychology
  117. Difference between male and female therapists?: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, men - Psychology
  118. City data, What is something everyone knows but no one wants to admit?: people - Psychology
  119. Do you find yourself hiding your intelligence from others in real life?: college, IQ - Psychology
  120. Why do people only party when they are younger? Ages 19-21: parent - Psychology
  121. Trolls/Nasty People on the Internet: woman, girlfriend, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  122. Statements made when drunk: intoxicated, woman, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  123. What does it mean when you're being called bud ?: men, adult - Psychology
  124. Intelligence is just a social construct!: IQ, complex, parent, problems - Psychology
  125. Insecurity over sexual performance?: psychologist, addiction, inability, men - Psychology
  126. Do you feel nowhere at home ?: generation, people - Psychology
  127. Too late for a discussion with my mother: boyfriend, dating, woman - Psychology
  128. Post your trivial 1st world problems (humor - Psychology
  129. How do you feel about experiencing fear?: thoughts, father, emotion - Psychology
  130. Just left an abusive relationship and I'm NOT: psychologist, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  131. Astraphobia (fear of thunderstorms) - Psychology
  132. quote: We create our reality .: thoughts, parent, emotion - Psychology
  133. What is it called when people on facebook or instagram post or share too much inspirational quotes?: emotion - Psychology
  134. Is my father crazy?: sociopath, syndrome, generation, parent - Psychology
  135. Abundance Mindset: dating, girlfriend, issues, father - Psychology
  136. Are thoughts things? (your answer will be a believed: dating, emotion - Psychology
  137. Why does society treat attractive people as if they are more deserving?: mentally, men - Psychology
  138. I Don't Like Kids: husband, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  139. Panic attacks.. real.. or all in your head: counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  140. Are most women fearful, worriers and insecure?: anxiety, depressed, men - Psychology
  141. Have you learned to regulate your 'believing' ?: addiction, thoughts, attracted - Psychology
  142. When you're actually looking for support and what you get is a bunch of moralists telling you you suck: narcissistic, girlfriend - Psychology
  143. out of step with the world?: anxiety, therapy, depressed, mom - Psychology
  144. When someone makes a to you or corrects you: complex, problems - Psychology
  145. Why do people on City Data Forum make a big deal out of spelling and grammer?: complex, mistakes - Psychology
  146. Anxiety and self-doubt every single morning.: therapy, dating, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  147. I think I should give up drinking.: addiction, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  148. I Feel Pressured by Others Around me About My Employment: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  149. Why are people so mean and nasty now?: everything - Psychology
  150. It like I'm with talking to people, but my conversations just get weird.: introvert, dating - Psychology
  151. Advice needed on self-confidence: men, boyfriend, woman, college - Psychology
  152. How do I get rid of anger and hatred?: therapy, everything - Psychology
  153. If your perturbed, your on auto pilot.: thoughts, emotion, projection - Psychology
  154. I suffer from grandiosity: narcissists, anxiety, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  155. How can you gain self-confidence if you know that you're ugly?: thoughts, attracted - Psychology
  156. Can't have sex in a real life situation: addiction, therapy, men - Psychology
  157. Is it true? Why do we 'believe' BEFORE we know?: college, thoughts - Psychology
  158. I want to be one of the cool kids.: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  159. Is The World Run By Psychopaths?: psychologist, pathological, issues, problems - Psychology
  160. What is the upside to being a nobody?: relationship, mistakes, people - Psychology
  161. Mental illness - I'm tired of it's use as an insanity plea for crime/murder: mentally, issues - Psychology
  162. Not feeling thankful: woman, mom, husband, humans - Psychology
  163. Getting over past lovers or exes?: dating, thoughts, parent, problems - Psychology
  164. Wherever you go, there you are ???: depressed, dating, thoughts - Psychology
  165. Kids are resilient! (Get over divorce easily): mom, abusive, parent - Psychology
  166. How come in an age where we all have everything we need, people are still miserable: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  167. What Can I Do About My Brother's Autism Problem?: inability, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  168. No sense of humor.: passive, mistakes, people - Psychology
  169. Psychopath? Is that a bad thing?: intellectualize, psychologist, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  170. How can I fall asleep?: anxiety, mentally, mom, husband - Psychology
  171. I am not suicidal but...: inability, depressed, thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  172. Is empathy merely an intellectual disability?: sociopaths, thoughts, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  173. I Never Lie: therapy, pathological, father, feelings - Psychology
  174. Women who are not in touch with their body: men, adult, relationship - Psychology
  175. The Hermitage: sociopaths, husband, parent, issues - Psychology
  176. Am I the only 21 year old who doesn't get it?: mom, college - Psychology
  177. How to rewire your attitude if you grew up in a negative home?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  178. Would it be irrational for a woman to get rid of her ovaries and/or her uterus in the event of a *global* abortion ban?: mentally, men - Psychology
  179. Do the real lazy people you know/have known have a family of lazy people?: husband, college - Psychology
  180. Christmas Party Craziness: woman, college, complex, parent - Psychology
  181. Why do people gossip?: vindictive, thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  182. My Attempted Psychological Profile Of Malikah ( Tashfeen Malik) Shooter: mentally, woman, husband - Psychology
  183. Had a meltdown today.: counselor, therapy, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  184. Want to study psychology because im undecided is this a good subject to take up: psychologist, counselor
  185. Suicide Selfish?: husband, problems, people - Psychology
  186. So PTSD Is Not Just Confined to Military Veterans?: anxiety, therapy, husband - Psychology
  187. Psychology students: Male female ratio: psychologist, counselor, men, college
  188. Isn't this being self-centered?: narcissistic, relationship, people - Psychology
  189. I like playful teasing. Is that: therapy, attractive, problems - Psychology
  190. someone who can NEVER admit they are wrong?: inability, narcissist, men - Psychology
  191. I guess it's called anti-social ?:): introvert, depressed, woman, attracted - Psychology
  192. How do you cope with the dark winter months?: depressed, husband, people - Psychology
  193. We need a personal development forum to complete citydata: people - Psychology
  194. People and places of dreams: girlfriend - Psychology
  195. Fantasies That You'd Admit To A Therapist - Psychology
  196. evoked stress interferes with peak performance.: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  197. A softer side of me..: therapy, people - Psychology
  198. The counseling world in CT Madison/Guilford/New Haven area for a new therapist; general atmosphere, earnings, needs? - Psychology
  199. A Good Resource On Sociopathy & NPD: narcissistic, relationship, people - Psychology
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