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  20. tele-psychiatry: counselor, parent - Psychology
  21. they say love is lust---is it true?: psychologist, humans, emotion - Psychology
  22. Family problems: anxiety, depressed, mentally, husband - Psychology
  23. Family members who regularly rescue other family members who are irresponsible.: addiction, parent - Psychology
  24. Is it for someone to kill bad people and genuinely not care in the least but not be a psychopath?: sociopath, issues - Psychology
  25. help me decide.: parent, father, adult, people - Psychology
  26. DBT Outcomes: men, husband, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  27. How much does body language affect peoples perception vs physical body.: psychologist, attracted - Psychology
  28. Feeling overwhelmed by (new) people: anxiety, relationship - Psychology
  29. Is a psychologist or know where I can go see one ?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  30. Persistence vs. Stubbornness ?: men, thoughts, people - Psychology
  31. I can't let go of things...: psychologist, therapy, attractive, issues - Psychology
  32. Why is that the people who are the nicest to you often hate you? - Psychology
  33. about a quote: men - Psychology
  34. Mom has extended periods of depression.: adult - Psychology
  35. At a cross roads of sorts.: mom, everything - Psychology
  36. What Does It Mean When A Person likes Too Many Inspirational Qoutes On FaceBook And Instagram?: people - Psychology
  37. How is BPD like? - Psychology
  38. How is BPD like?: depressed, boyfriend, borderline, responsibility - Psychology
  39. Dwelling on mistakes that don't matter?: mentally, thoughts, adult - Psychology
  40. Got spooked. How do I get over it?: mentally, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  41. The HUGE Cost/Aggravation of Swiss Cheese Memory: A Done Car (Long Post): problems, people - Psychology
  42. Practical jokes played or had played on you...: boyfriend, mom, husband - Psychology
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  48. I have extremely high self esteem and don't understand why?: thoughts, parent - Psychology
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  50. is the Customer is always right mentality correct? Has this idea always been the prevailing: relationship, people - Psychology
  51. Suicidal Thoughts: Community of People Ready to Help Elusive: college, attractive - Psychology
  52. If a little kid is alone in an island, will his mentality change as he grows up?: mentally, parent - Psychology
  53. Why SMART goal setting doesn't work!: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  54. The defeatist VS the fighter.: depressed, men, passive, parent - Psychology
  55. machines that measure emotion?: inability, people - Psychology
  56. Poor, but content?: husband, people - Psychology
  57. Undisclosed dangers from antipsychotic medications and Antidepressants: counselor, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  58. Psychology Research Topic?: emotion
  59. Which direction to you spend more time on - looking forward or back or living in today?: people - Psychology
  60. Reoccuring Daydream/Nightmare?: anxiety, college, unconsciously, people - Psychology
  61. Is there a specific name for this type of abuse?: mentally, passive - Psychology
  62. Talking White ; Talking Black: discrimination, college, generation - Psychology
  63. Why I keep my room clean?????? I am mad: mom, parent - Psychology
  64. Freud and motivation (internal and external)?: addiction, fixate, dating, woman - Psychology
  65. People Who Can't Stop Talking: introvert, husband, father, emotion - Psychology
  66. I'm only happy when i am sick: anxiety, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  67. How do I practice communicating when I'm upset?: therapy, thoughts, adult - Psychology
  68. Always curious about my old place of employment/coworkers: girlfriend, college, thoughts - Psychology
  69. What kind of person is this?: sociopath, issues, weight, everything - Psychology
  70. Dreams are Intoxicating!: husband, parent, people - Psychology
  71. Do you ever feel apprehensive without knowing why?: thoughts, emotion, people - Psychology
  72. What to say to someone who is young and terminally ill: girls, people - Psychology
  73. Does the idea of interdependence with others appeal to you, or repel you?: introvert, inability - Psychology
  74. Guys why do I feel soooooooooo lazy and unambitious?: depressed, woman, parent - Psychology
  75. Don't Feel Like Doing Much Anymore...: anxiety, therapy, depressed, college - Psychology
  76. Sometimes, I just feel worthless: issues, adult, feelings, toxic - Psychology
  77. Reborn the phoenix in me: introvert, depressed, thoughts, people - Psychology
  78. How do you keep your stress low when you're in a high stress situation/job?: emotion, people - Psychology
  79. I think my body is literally rejecting my boyfriend...: dating, attracted, parent - Psychology
  80. Fear of intimacy?: counselor, mentally, men, woman - Psychology
  81. Assumption Recognition minimizes conditioned error proneness.: emotion, people - Psychology
  82. Do you recognize when you react or to: thoughts, issues - Psychology
  83. And another one bites the dust...: therapy, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  84. Nerds are not smarter than other people!: complex, girls - Psychology
  85. What would cause a person to be a shut-in: introvert, anxiety, generation - Psychology
  86. Why do people go overboard on Facebook?: dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  87. Do straight men find other men to be cute ?: woman, attractive - Psychology
  88. caught my dad spying on me in the bathroom, and it's really bothering me psychologically: abusive, father - Psychology
  89. Pedophiles: What Causes Someone To Molest?: sociopath, therapy, mentally, men - Psychology
  90. Do mothers with more offspring love each offspring less than mothers with fewer offspring?: therapy, borderline - Psychology
  91. How to help jealous/controlling/anxious BF with attachment issues?: anxiety, men - Psychology
  92. Are you an explainer?: woman, adult, people - Psychology
  93. I'm worried for no reason, how do I get over it?: anxiety, boyfriend - Psychology
  94. The Hermitage, Part II: introvert, psychologist, introversion, mom - Psychology
  95. Is there a name for this?: anxiety, issues, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  96. How Do You View People Who Cry?: anxiety, therapy, men - Psychology
  97. How do other people see quiet people?: introvert, introversion, anxiety - Psychology
  98. Do one-uppers know they are one-uppers?: people, everything - Psychology
  99. Corrupt moderators on forums? (not this one): thoughts, abusive, parent - Psychology
  100. Why are many people interested in the inane trivia of the daily lives of others?: parent, relationship - Psychology
  101. Have a Girlfriend with Bi-Polar.: dating, woman, husband, responsibility - Psychology
  102. Sounds like people talking in a strange language.: misogynistic, woman, everything - Psychology
  103. Do you ever feel like you are required to have lots of friends in life?: boyfriend, husband - Psychology
  104. Begrudgingly Working to Live: generation, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  105. What's the outcome when we unknowingly assume a perception?: mentally, thoughts, syndrome - Psychology
  106. Right-Brain Development: problems, feelings, people - Psychology
  107. Is My Brother Low IQ, Autistic or Just a Moron?: woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  108. I drink alone: Going to quit for two months: college, problems, relationship - Psychology
  109. Being Shy: introvert, introversion, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  110. notice how people run once they find out you're not confident?: introvert, problems - Psychology
  111. Placebos are usually sugar pills, but thoughts work just as well.: emotion, people - Psychology
  112. Someone in your thoughts...: therapy, husband, college, weight - Psychology
  113. Venting: Students, Opinionated Teacher, ASD: syndrome, issues, problems, adult - Psychology
  114. feeling like the anti millennial: college, generation, parent, mistakes - Psychology
  115. What are common comments people make about you?: men, dating, attractive - Psychology
  116. How severely is your mental health state affected by weather?: anxiety, everything - Psychology
  117. If you want to see a better option then think it.: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  118. Adulting: people - Psychology
  119. Is revenge a good motivator for success?: sociopath, generation Y, emotion - Psychology
  120. Are fat people more arrogant than fit people?: depressed, weight - Psychology
  121. How old were you when you knew your sexuality?: boyfriend, dating, mom - Psychology
  122. Feeling very depressed: people, everything - Psychology
  123. Why do I have feelings about relationships and parenthood?: men, dating - Psychology
  124. The higher the intelligence, the more prone to anxiety and depression.: thoughts, IQ - Psychology
  125. I hate where I live... how do you manage?: depressed, men, boyfriend - Psychology
  126. I testing is unethical: IQ, complex, generation, weight - Psychology
  127. Why do girls repress their looks?: men, woman, college - Psychology
  128. What's the premise of 'believing'?: thoughts, problems, humans, projection - Psychology
  129. Risk Averse Personalities: thoughts, problems, marriage, adult - Psychology
  130. for the ladies. (wedding ring): woman - Psychology
  131. Why plastic surgery is so frowned upon: therapy, men, woman - Psychology
  132. Is Psychology a good career choice nowadays? Real life answers: psychologist, therapy
  133. All psychological drugs have sexual side effects.: anxiety, men, borderline - Psychology
  134. As a woman, how do you get men to respect and listen to you?: misogynistic, dating - Psychology
  135. Saying Baby John vs just John: parent, adult, people - Psychology
  136. I can no longer Trust People. I need Help to save myself: addiction, fixate - Psychology
  137. Do you think moody people can change? - Psychology
  138. Abe Nadir from Community: accurate portrayal of Asperger's?: inability, depressed, complex - Psychology
  139. Why don't people get it that they are harming others?: narcissist, men - Psychology
  140. Do you agree to the quote Sex Complicates things ?: men, dating - Psychology
  141. Is this shizoophrenia??: thoughts, problems, father, people - Psychology
  142. Highly sensitive people.: mentally, woman, thoughts, syndrome - Psychology
  143. Your Environment and How it Influences....YOU!: introversion, thoughts, IQ - Psychology
  144. Thoughtfulness and thoughtlessness: mom, college, generation, parent - Psychology
  145. Are people who sue because of personal attacks just cowards?: parent, issues - Psychology
  146. Getting rid of old habits for good...: mom, parent, people - Psychology
  147. Why are men so prone to become obsessed with stuff that they ignore everything: husband, generation - Psychology
  148. what is the psycology of people who talk to themselves? - Psychology
  149. Can you explain the demeanor of Bill Belichick: mentally, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  150. What doe people who are terrified of the opposite sex do all day?: men, thoughts - Psychology
  151. Income and driving behavior: men, woman, parent, father - Psychology
  152. Why are Dutch people so sexual?: men, dating, woman, husband - Psychology
  153. I'm actually afraid to be alone for the rest of my life?: woman, attractive - Psychology
  154. I hate talking on the phone... am I alone?: husband, adult, people - Psychology
  155. The I'm a gay-vegan-bicycle riding-solar panel complex.: parent, issues, people - Psychology
  156. Does think a bi-polar woman could be dangerous?: fixate, mentally, husband - Psychology
  157. We've been conditioned to condition ourselves.: thoughts, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  158. done with my toxic mother.: narcissistic, mom, abusive, parent - Psychology
  159. Do you think finnish people could have genetical social anxiety?: introvert, narcissistic - Psychology
  160. Why do people have this fear in getting someone fired ???: woman, complex - Psychology
  161. I feel sort of resentful towards my father: mom, thoughts, abusive - Psychology
  162. Not married and no kids at 29- Facebook makes me feel behind: problems, relationship - Psychology
  163. Everything we say turns into a negative: counselor, mom, husband - Psychology
  164. I was diagnosed on another forum with BPD (inaccurately): narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  165. I can't understand people who are close friends with their ex: dating, attractive - Psychology
  166. What are your thoughts on transgender people?: anxiety, mentally, dating - Psychology
  167. What age did you find out people can be gay? Do you think there is gay propaganda on TV/Media?: men, girls - Psychology
  168. Since when did being really nice translate to being spineless?: therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  169. I loved my mom but I didn't like her.: therapy, mentally, dating - Psychology
  170. THE most powerful human dynamic: introvert, thoughts, humans, people - Psychology
  171. Why are people 'users' ?: men, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  172. Why do people talk too much?: introvert, narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  173. Would I be considered a psychopath?: sociopath, woman, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  174. Do you keep your children informed about their siblings?: husband, parent, issues - Psychology
  175. habitual liars: sociopaths, anxiety, mentally, woman - Psychology
  176. Do you know or have ever known who was well into adulthood who never moved out of their parents' home?: mentally, issues - Psychology
  177. PTSD treatment: psychologist, therapy, complex, emotion - Psychology
  178. How to get over thoughts of and fear of death?: anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  179. I got banned from a depression crisis line ?: psychologist, depressed, college - Psychology
  180. I dont understand this reaction: men, boyfriend, dating, woman - Psychology
  181. Why Do I React This Way?: psychologist, issues, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  182. Self esteem issues - infidelity in my personal relationships: mentally, boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  183. What makes suicidal people change their minds?: therapy, depressed, woman - Psychology
  184. Is mental illness considered a brain disease despite evidence to the contrary?: therapy, mentally - Psychology
  185. Irrational hatred for hometown: inability, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  186. I'm a mod on another forum and am being bullied by another mod: narcissistic, issues - Psychology
  187. My Work Fear: complex, people, everything - Psychology
  188. Is it normal to want to die sometimes?: feelings, people - Psychology
  189. I Can Communicate Better Through Writing than Speaking?: introvert, feelings, people - Psychology
  190. Nothing to show for years of hard work?: mom, marriage, people - Psychology
  191. Has been in a relationship with a covert aggressive manipulator aka emotional manipulators?: narcissists, attracted - Psychology
  192. Eating Disorder Awareness Week!: people - Psychology
  193. 5 Strategies to Read Other People: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  194. Bodybuilding - Psychology
  195. The tail wagging the dog; instead of vice versa? - Psychology
  196. Another great article to help victims of NPD: narcissistic, syndrome, father - Psychology
  197. Sense-of-Being senses being - Psychology
  198. The down side of the placebo effect.: thoughts, emotion, people - Psychology
  199. Things you can say to yourself that help achieve your goal.: people - Psychology
  200. Strangest Reasons you have got emotional - Psychology