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  108. People Who Constantly Talk without Encouragement: narcissistic, mentally - Psychology
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  111. What should have been my answer?: therapy, depressed, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  112. Life Without Love: woman, thoughts, problems, humans - Psychology
  113. Older People Who Celebrate Their Birthdays: husband, everything - Psychology
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  124. Parents who have accidentally killed their children by running them over: therapy, issues - Psychology
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  127. Does find civilisation stifling?: inability, responsibility, emotion, people - Psychology
  128. What is your mental age?: people - Psychology
  129. I hate feeling guilty over not wanting obligations: parent, people - Psychology
  130. Daddy issues. . .: addict, men, boyfriend, dating - Psychology
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  132. Do You Feel Sad Without Hills, Streams, Deer and Snow?: people - Psychology
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  141. The trailer trash mentality: people - Psychology
  142. What unusual smells do you like?: parent, father - Psychology
  143. How can I complete things?: dating, problems, adult, people - Psychology
  144. What hurts?: therapy, parent, issues, emotion - Psychology
  145. Social Akwardness = Autism?: introvert, inability, mentally, syndrome - Psychology
  146. Psycholgical Screening of Job Applicants -- A Negative Experience Examined: dating, college - Psychology
  147. People who can't stop talking: dating, complex, animals - Psychology
  148. How do you feel seeing blood relatives aging?: mom, complex, parent - Psychology
  149. Does this sound like a disorder?: depressed, boyfriend, mom, borderline - Psychology
  150. What is your view about revenge and would you do it?: thoughts, adult - Psychology
  151. What has been the best/worst year of your life?: dating, husband - Psychology
  152. over sentimentality about celeb deaths: depressed, thoughts, parent, emotion - Psychology
  153. What does being tough mean to you?: psychologist, therapy, mom - Psychology
  154. Does your spouse know you're: husband - Psychology
  155. Have you ever got emotional over something ridiculous?: mom, adult - Psychology
  156. Is there a psychological term for this?...: narcissist, anxiety, syndrome - Psychology
  157. If somone wronged/harmed/offended/hurt you, would you rub it in their face of what they did?: relationship, people - Psychology
  158. Obsessed with a girl I can't erase: therapy, men, boyfriend - Psychology
  159. A friend with schizophrenia and delusions towards me: mom, complex, issues - Psychology
  160. Not too happy about this.: depressed, husband, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  161. A link between profanity and honesty: men, father, adult, feelings - Psychology
  162. Do kids enjoy Christmas anymore?: mom, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  163. I'm convinced the point of therapy is to make people conform: Ambien, sociopath - Psychology
  164. Saviors (closet narcissists) and how to spot them: psychologist, addiction, therapy - Psychology
  165. I feel like I'm in destruction mode.: counselor, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
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  170. Do people in crowded places tend to end up thinking alike?: discrimination, attractive - Psychology
  171. Bad mood - then post a snarky: responsibility, feelings, people - Psychology
  172. Shopping Addiction...: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, relationship - Psychology
  173. Why do we reflect so favorably on past events?: mentally, girlfriend, college - Psychology
  174. Why do people worry about the extinction of our human species so much?: problems, humans - Psychology
  175. How can I deal with insomnia in this case?: addiction, Ambien, anxiety - Psychology
  176. Why does the west have epidemic levels of anxiety and depression?: depressed, college - Psychology
  177. I feel insulted when receiving compliments at work: psychologist, anxiety, complex - Psychology
  178. Do you believe taste and intellect go together?: mentally, woman, husband - Psychology
  179. Are people just really bad at perceiving time?: inability, dating, woman - Psychology
  180. Do you REALLY know what you want from your life?: husband, relationship - Psychology
  181. Moody Folks More Likely To Become BiPolar?: therapy, depressed, mom - Psychology
  182. how often do you think about the meaning/purpose of life...: complex, adult - Psychology
  183. Having greater empathy/compassion for elderly persons than for little kids: mom, husband - Psychology
  184. Candidly telling people to seek therapy (existential and situational depression): depressed, mentally - Psychology
  185. What are your thoughts on this waitress story?: girlfriend, college, generation - Psychology
  186. Having a bad relationship with sex.: men, dating, emotion, animals - Psychology
  187. Adulthood is basically a slow death: therapy, depressed, generation, parent - Psychology
  188. Guys care most about physical beauty, so ladies, why pursue romantic relationships with them?: men, dating - Psychology
  189. How interesting is your life to you?: people - Psychology
  190. What kind of woman is this?: husband, pathological, syndrome, marriage - Psychology
  191. Drive - how do people get it, and others don't?: depressed, girlfriend - Psychology
  192. Trouble making decisions?: inability, depressed, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  193. How to decline co-workers birthday invitation without being dishonest?: introvert, counselor - Psychology
  194. When we hear it's going to snow.: parent, problems, people - Psychology
  195. How can you guarantee good dreams at night?: psychologist, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  196. Checkout my video on living with a mental illness!! - Psychology
  197. Psi Chi members on board? - Psychology
  198. Just Friends? - Psychology
  199. What do you call it when you look at a man that looks at woman that looks at man?: people - Psychology
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