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  79. Do of you people have extremely hard time asking for help? - Psychology
  80. Why as human beings is it so psychologically hard to be monogamous: addiction, inability - Psychology
  81. Telling yourself - - I love myself, I love myself, I love myself: therapy, problems - Psychology
  82. Are young people today actually quite self-deprecating, unsure of themselves, lacking in confidence?: college, generation - Psychology
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  96. The psychology of lying/factitious disorder: psychologist, addiction, sociopaths, narcissists
  97. When did you realize that you'd become a full-fledged adult?: addiction, mentally - Psychology
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  104. Adult male with no friends strange interests and no emotions? What IS this?: inability, college - Psychology
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  106. How do you overcome Phone-phobia?: introvert, anxiety, people - Psychology
  107. Is this rude or just a different culture? Middle Eastern vs. American: people - Psychology
  108. Do you ever fear your thoughts?: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, complex - Psychology
  109. Sorry for the bluntness, but it's the only word I've ever hear for it - faghags - what's the deal?: men, woman - Psychology
  110. Mis-processing information; what disorder might it be?: psychologist, dating, college - Psychology
  111. Are dreams discussed: anxiety, thoughts, adult, people - Psychology
  112. Narcissistic Trend: sociopath, narcissists, characteristics, pathological - Psychology
  113. Projection-shameful feelings and the unconscious:: therapy, college, passive, parent - Psychology
  114. I don't understand the limits on my life.: people - Psychology
  115. have an extremely high tolerance for Anger?: inability, men, mom - Psychology
  116. What does it mean when a person blinks they eyes at you: psychologist, problems - Psychology
  117. Physical Symptom of Anxiety?: therapy, girlfriend, college, issues - Psychology
  118. Selfishness - the genesis of it - a story...: woman, husband, passive - Psychology
  119. Does society dislike and/or discriminate against introverts?: introversion, dating, thoughts - Psychology
  120. mimic accents while speaking?: woman, college, unconsciously, people - Psychology
  121. Emotional Incest/Codependency: addict, narcissist, boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  122. Does find this rude?: woman, passive, weight - Psychology
  123. guys night out: mentally, men, husband, people - Psychology
  124. The Definition of Insanity...: addiction, people - Psychology
  125. why do so many of us, feel empty? what missing ?: introvert, boyfriend - Psychology
  126. Fear of Success - What is at the root?: psychologist, anxiety, issues - Psychology
  127. Are most people in our modern lives GOOD or BAD?: college, humans - Psychology
  128. I really don't understand my depression: psychologist, depressed, feelings - Psychology
  129. Extremely vain people - are they hiding behind something?: narcissistic, fixate, thoughts - Psychology
  130. What would cause a grown man to act like a child?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  131. Personality Disorders...: psychologist, addiction, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  132. I am a Worrier :(: anxiety, mom, complex, problems - Psychology
  133. Facebook and teenage sexuality (TMI) - what's the deal?: men, mom, college - Psychology
  134. What causes chauvinism/misogyny?: misogynistic, men, woman, mom - Psychology
  135. Name something that makes you happy, or for which you are grateful.ul.: people - Psychology
  136. Is Being Happy With Very Little Don't We Always Want More?: depressed, college - Psychology
  137. Women who never cry and men who cry a lot: mentally, men - Psychology
  138. Your number of FB friends means..: depressed, girlfriend, people - Psychology
  139. People Who Harm Aand Abuse Animals.......: sociopaths, parent, humans - Psychology
  140. In a hate crime,Why do homophobes rape the one thing they hate?: boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  141. Does wish they had never been born?: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  142. What's Ambien's effect on you?: anxiety, therapy, mom, thoughts - Psychology
  143. Do sensitive people experience things more intensely?: anxiety, mentally, college - Psychology
  144. Best and worst periods / years of your life: depressed, woman, mom - Psychology
  145. How does the time of day affect YOU personally?: anxiety - Psychology
  146. Psychology of Smoking (or other addictions): mentally, thoughts, parent, humans
  147. Is it safe to be close friends with a schizophenic person?: vindictive, psychologist - Psychology
  148. Always has to explain movies in excruciating detail ...: narcissistic, problems, people - Psychology
  149. Facebook and uncaring friends: counselor, thoughts, issues, problems - Psychology
  150. pressure on women.: men, boyfriend, woman, parent - Psychology
  151. Person who wants to rain on my parade ....: sociopaths, mentally, issues - Psychology
  152. I'm ANGRY that smoking kills..: addiction, mom, attractive, parent - Psychology
  153. I just realized something, we need to learn to accept hate!: husband, characteristics - Psychology
  154. guilt - innate or learned?: adult, feelings, people - Psychology
  155. A steady diet of negativity...: vindictive, mom, abusive, issues - Psychology
  156. Parasites: mentally, husband, passive, abusive - Psychology
  157. Do you believe people use Mommyhood as a license to be jerks?: mentally, men - Psychology
  158. are shows like jersey shore, bad girl club, bridezilla, ruining this society ?: men, girls - Psychology
  159. I made a mistake that I now regret...: therapy, thoughts, problems - Psychology
  160. I can't respect overweight people: issues, problems, father, responsibility - Psychology
  161. Denial of abuse and defense mechanisms: Ambien, therapy, mentally, woman - Psychology
  162. The psychology of numbers...: issues, father, weight, adult
  163. ultimate night owl.... your thoughts?: mom, husband, college, syndrome - Psychology
  164. I'm afraid I'll forget how to smile: depressed, woman, mom - Psychology
  165. Are most younger people mentally imbalanced?: narcissistic, parent, emotion, adult - Psychology
  166. Living with a Dad with OCD: psychologist, addiction, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  167. Do the Lefties you know tend to stand out?: college, emotion, people - Psychology
  168. The importance of living in Today.: anxiety, therapy, mentally, college - Psychology
  169. Can't shake the guilt after blowing someone off: thoughts, feelings, people - Psychology
  170. Why may become angry at others difference of opinion?: men, abusive - Psychology
  171. Has the shortness of life ever left you in a panic?: anxiety, people - Psychology
  172. What if You Realize that You are the Toxic Person?: woman, college - Psychology
  173. Has counseling/therapy ever helped w/ low self esteem?: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  174. Do we think more individual/individual thinkers than we really are?: psychologist, men - Psychology
  175. I've always felt 'old': mom, husband, college, parent - Psychology
  176. What do you spend most of the day thinking about?: fixate, husband - Psychology
  177. why are men down? 3 factors that are destroying man, part 2: woman, college - Psychology
  178. what the secret to living to be 100?: generation, parent, father - Psychology
  179. Are women more competitive that men.: sociopath, men, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  180. Things said in anger true: boyfriend, woman, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  181. ever get fixated on someone who doesn't like you?: mentally, woman - Psychology
  182. psychiatrist vs Therapist: psychologist, therapy, depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  183. Bullying - and the bus lady: woman, mom, abusive, issues - Psychology
  184. The Curious Case of Short Man Syndrome ( Napoleon Complex ): discrimination, men - Psychology
  185. The word 'Forgiveness' and the concept behind it - what's your definition?: girlfriend, thoughts - Psychology
  186. Can someone interpret my dream?: anxiety, depressed, boyfriend, mom - Psychology
  187. Did your life turn out the way you it would?: college, generation - Psychology
  188. More of a curiousity about others than most people?: anxiety, men, thoughts - Psychology
  189. Can emotionally unstable people be magnets?: therapy, depressed, men, problems - Psychology
  190. The need to constantly upgrade!: parent, marriage, people - Psychology
  191. Demasculinization - What is it and what does it entail?: demasculinized, therapy - Psychology
  192. PhD or MSW?: psychologist, therapy, college - Psychology
  193. Study: Sexual orientation linked to eyes: thoughts - Psychology
  194. Sword of Damocles: parent - Psychology
  195. Laughing/sleeping baby/puppy videos - Psychology
  196. The Facts of Life: humans, people - Psychology
  197. Nlp - Psychology
  198. An inter with Dabo Swinney, very good read for who think they cannot change anything - Psychology
  199. ADD and the internet: college, people - Psychology
  200. Are we programmed to think in terms of groups when we hate?: thoughts, parent - Psychology