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  142. Romantic Love is just a notion: husband, marriage, relationship, animals - Psychology
  143. It like Loners/LoneWolfs/Introverts who dont want to meet people are more resented than everyone?: sociopath, anxiety - Psychology
  144. Interesting behavior of the C-D forum software, just realized it's messing with my head! - Psychology
  145. What age is your earliest memory from?: parent, father, adult - Psychology
  146. Better off without someone: boyfriend, toxic, people - Psychology
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  151. A plethora of wimpy men with guns: psychologist, inability, mentally - Psychology
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  162. What to Do about having a Lack of Time?: husband, college, generation - Psychology
  163. What do you of hypnotherapy for this reason?: anxiety, woman, people - Psychology
  164. Why do people take more than they give (ie. are users)?: sociopath, narcissist - Psychology
  165. Getting though the rough spots.: anxiety, thoughts, feelings, people - Psychology
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  171. People you cannot: everything - Psychology
  172. Does have recurring dreams of falling from high places?: anxiety, people - Psychology
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  174. How did you get to where you are in your life and how?: husband, generation - Psychology
  175. Confused and unhappy: introvert, boyfriend, dating, thoughts - Psychology
  176. Do we marry our parents?: counselor, therapy, men, dating - Psychology
  177. How do I look at the sex I'm attracted to for longer than 1 second?: mentally, issues - Psychology
  178. How to handle being shamed and criticized for having pets over children: husband, college - Psychology
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  182. is 4 years too long to be miserable?: college, people, everything - Psychology
  183. Do I Come Over As Autistic?: psychologist, parent, people - Psychology
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  185. Annoyances and inconveniences that just get on your nerves: mom, parent, issues - Psychology
  186. My first and last experience with marriage counselor: husband, problems, people - Psychology
  187. Being a teacher has made me hate/not want kids: mom, college - Psychology
  188. Daughter corrects me: abusive, parent, father, adult - Psychology
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  190. People who get stuck in a certain life phase: addiction, fixate - Psychology
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  192. I cannot let go of physical objects: anxiety, husband, parent - Psychology
  193. Using profanity: psychologist, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  194. Psychological Testing B 4 being elected to office?: mom, people - Psychology
  195. Why is it that so many older people like to hate/criticize what younger people are into?: mom, generation - Psychology
  196. When You Look Up, And Catch Someone Staring At You: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  197. has your outgoingness changed during your life?: people - Psychology
  198. Resilience: psychologist - Psychology
  199. dreams about childhood church: people - Psychology
  200. Soul robbers and Emotional Vampires ?: parent, marriage, relationship, feelings - Psychology