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  46. is it for a westerner to do a psychological profile of and easterner?: mentally - Psychology
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  48. Soo, I'm not new and not afraid to say who I am..: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  49. psychologist working in the Penitentiary?: abusive - Psychology
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  59. live fear/anxiety free?: depressed, mentally, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
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  61. The power of the mind....seeing it in the death process: therapy, mom - Psychology
  62. I don't care whether or not I will hear from my kid again.: anxiety, mom - Psychology
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  68. Does flip their pillow to the cold side during sleep? - Psychology
  69. A pet peeve, think it's ok: woman, issues, people - Psychology
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  72. No free time at all: college, adult, relationship, people - Psychology
  73. What do women like better? To be called beautiful or smart?: men, woman - Psychology
  74. Making up names for item then becoming angry when people don't understand.: mentally, mom - Psychology
  75. What kind of psychological issues could be the root cause in someone who doesn’t care for their appearance or smell?: depressed, attractive - Psychology
  76. On line bullying and nastiness???: people - Psychology
  77. I left my cell phone at home!!: parent, feelings, people - Psychology
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  80. Favorite number - Psychology
  81. How can I start a new life and achieve goals faster?: counselor, college - Psychology
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  84. Numb, dont care: depressed, feelings, people - Psychology
  85. Are HS bullies sociopaths by then?: mentally, woman, college, parent - Psychology
  86. Online trolls are most likely to be male and exhibit higher levels of psychopathy and sadism: men, emotion - Psychology
  87. uestion about complainers: inability, thoughts, parent, feelings - Psychology
  88. Should I give up my pursuit for taller woman as a young, short and unmasculine man?: men, dating - Psychology
  89. When two people walk towards each other how do you determine who should move?: narcissistic, woman - Psychology
  90. People who need people. .: husband, humans, relationship - Psychology
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  92. Why The Vegas Shooting Happened and Why Men Keep Doing This: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  93. Think Longer Before Speaking: thoughts, people - Psychology
  94. Do you think had a good or amazing life?: mentally, husband - Psychology
  95. Is this introversion or something: introvert, people - Psychology
  96. Sitting side-by-side or across the table: boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, relationship - Psychology
  97. People Who Rev Their Engines & Warm Up Their Cars for 15 Minutes: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  98. Admit It: Do YOU Have Unresolved Anger/Rage/Resentment Issues That Pop Up Every Now and Then?: woman, characteristics - Psychology
  99. Is it for someone to be unfriendly?: dating, people - Psychology
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  103. Are sober people really less fun?: attracted, IQ, girls, marriage - Psychology
  104. How to Deal With Volatile (Emotionally Explosive) People: therapy, borderline, toxic - Psychology
  105. Why has gender identity become such a big deal in society lately?: men, people - Psychology
  106. How to stop getting my sense of self-worth from where I live?: fixate, depressed - Psychology
  107. Man touching dates thigh: men, dating, woman, complex - Psychology
  108. 100% Positive: husband - Psychology
  109. Looking for your psychological analysis of murder case!: addiction, boyfriend, husband - Psychology
  110. Do You Like Traditions? And Does It Ever Bother You When Other People Don't?: mom, husband - Psychology
  111. Fair weather friend psychology of: intoxicated, thoughts, problems, relationship
  112. When Should a Parent Tell Their Offspring That Other Parent is Fatally Ill?: therapy, dating - Psychology
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  116. not liking take a hint etiquette: passive, relationship, people - Psychology
  117. Do Male Humans Have of the Same Urges and Habits as Male Dogs?: men, adult - Psychology
  118. How often do you Dream about being Online?: problems, animals - Psychology
  119. Getting specific vibes about people, purely from photos &/or videos?: thoughts, accuracy - Psychology
  120. Spouse is sort of like a hoarder: parent, issues, father - Psychology
  121. What psychological disorder is it? or none?: dating, issues, people - Psychology
  122. 3 Things That Make You Happy: husband, adult, everything - Psychology
  123. Mom's long-term BF dies, debating attending the funeral: boyfriend, dating, abusive - Psychology
  124. Ever had someone not pick you up? Confusing scenario.: mom, relationship, people - Psychology
  125. feel like they're going to be dead in the near future?: anxiety, parent - Psychology
  126. The Psychology of Who Don't Balance check books: mom, issues, people
  127. Left Brain vs Right Brain Personality: mom, thoughts, complex, parent - Psychology
  128. I really can't stand the human race anymore.: people - Psychology
  129. Shouldn’t women take responsibility in certain assault situations?: sociopath, woman - Psychology
  130. Is being oversensitive something a person can overcome?: counselor, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  131. Comedy and Intelligence: humans, emotion, animals, people - Psychology
  132. Adults who dont take care of themselves/lack responsibility.: addict - Psychology
  133. Depression on Sundays: depressed, boyfriend, husband, issues - Psychology
  134. How much time do you need to process dramatic information?: thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  135. Answering Phone Calls From Unknown Numbers: husband, people - Psychology
  136. Do you see the glass as Half Empty, Half Full?: problems, mistakes - Psychology
  137. THIS can make life so much more exciting: college, marriage, people - Psychology
  138. How do you overcome porn addiction?: men, woman, attracted, generation - Psychology
  139. Constantly Aware Of The Time?: mom, husband, passive, parent - Psychology
  140. Don't want to be around my siblings.: woman, parent, marriage - Psychology
  141. s and Prayers [MERGED]: humans, emotion, people - Psychology
  142. Your most embarrassing habit?: parent, feelings, people, everything - Psychology
  143. How many times can a loved one lie to you before your trust is completely gone?: pathological, issues - Psychology
  144. Ever feel like the world is ganging up on you and how do you cope?: boyfriend, mom - Psychology
  145. Is Your Myers-Briggs Personality Accurate?: introvert, borderline, people - Psychology
  146. Tips for first therapy session?: counselor, anxiety, people, everything - Psychology
  147. How Have You Changed As Gotten Older?: anxiety, abusive, issues - Psychology
  148. Confused: narcissistic, therapy, mentally, husband - Psychology
  149. Anniversary gift for ex??: girlfriend, husband, parent, issues - Psychology
  150. Would you find this condescending?: weight - Psychology
  151. What Are Your Phobias? - Psychology
  152. Do you feel you have a calling?: college, generation, parent - Psychology
  153. Enemies: vindictive, depressed, woman, husband - Psychology
  154. Are there many people that are capable of attaining fame/fortune and not turning into disgusting human beings?: abusive - Psychology
  155. Boys aren’t learning how to handle rejection: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  156. Why would a Friend initially say yes to a plan then cancel at last minute all the time?: anxiety, issues - Psychology
  157. Therapy is a waste of time and money.: psychologist, counselor, thoughts - Psychology
  158. Has ever attempted suicide?: counselor, husband, abusive, parent - Psychology
  159. Psychology behind an unhealthy mother-son relationship: fixate, mentally, woman, girlfriend
  160. Women, Are You Sick of Cooking?: husband, issues, problems - Psychology
  161. The psychology of over-the-top obituaries: counselor, husband, father, animals
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  163. People who waste opportunties they're: college, parent, adult, feelings - Psychology
  164. Intuition - what do you think it is?: sociopath, narcissists, therapy - Psychology
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  167. Do you troll online?: parent, people - Psychology
  168. Downside to TRYING: psychologist, depressed, thoughts, syndrome - Psychology
  169. best self help book you ever read: addiction, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  170. Feel a need for heights,passion,highs a lot?: anxiety, borderline, problems - Psychology
  171. How to accept decisions I've made?: counselor, therapy, dating, college - Psychology
  172. Narcissist being self aware: narcissists, woman, parent, relationship - Psychology
  173. Friendships...... why is this happening?: generation, problems, people - Psychology
  174. Are Most People in your Family Affectionate & Supportive of You?: mom, husband - Psychology
  175. What is behind the psychology of people who hate cats?: characteristics, parent
  176. Resentment pie competition...: mom, girls, emotion, weight - Psychology
  177. All our friends are having kids = falling behind?: mentally, college, parent - Psychology
  178. Instant complaining on social media.: thoughts, people - Psychology
  179. What is the most ridiculous thing you have been worried about?: mom, husband - Psychology
  180. Ever wonder if the lives of others are better than yours?: husband, abusive - Psychology
  181. How can I overcome my fear of driving?: dating, mom, college - Psychology
  182. Compassion...your thoughts: addiction, therapy, parent, issues - Psychology
  183. Do poor people think themselves poor ?: college, generation, parent - Psychology
  184. A about Psychology of people in the past.: mentally, abusive, complex
  185. At what point do you deserve it?: woman, issues, relationship - Psychology
  186. People who won't answer questions: introvert, passive, weight, relationship - Psychology
  187. Marital/Relationship status -- not answered: dating, weight, marriage, people - Psychology
  188. Are people on Facebook as happy as they seem?: husband, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  189. What do you use to escape ?: mentally, people, everything - Psychology
  190. Why am I so scatterbrained at home extremely efficient when I'm at work?: people - Psychology
  191. Why do girls betray?: narcissistic, boyfriend, girlfriend, humans - Psychology
  192. Common misfortunes that are tough on families: addiction, parent, issues - Psychology
  193. Would like opinions about narcissistic mother: inability, therapy, mentally, borderline - Psychology
  194. FAITH restored in Service Industry: issues, everything - Psychology
  195. Have You Studied Human Design Theory - Psychology
  196. Stuck mindset: mom, college, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  197. Can not explain dreams: parent, people - Psychology
  198. delete...DUPE - Psychology
  199. What are other causes of spontaneous life review episodes? - Psychology
  200. Living in the moment makes for a happier life: depressed, parent, feelings - Psychology