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  32. Found out one of my friends has stage 4 stomach cancer and so depressed ever since.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
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  39. What Does It Mean When A Person Post A Picture On Instagram And Take Its Down Later The Same Day After Getting 17 liks: people - Psychology
  40. People Who Don't Distinguish Between Crimes/Criminals, View Them All The Same?: vindictive, thoughts - Psychology
  41. Do you think the typical five stages of grief are accurate?: thoughts, issues - Psychology
  42. how self aware are people?: attractive - Psychology
  43. Do humans have free will?: thoughts, complex, parent, responsibility - Psychology
  44. Why do posters seem to enjoy attacking nice people?: issues, problems - Psychology
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  48. Key to happiness in this capitalistic world?: depressed, college, relationship - Psychology
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  50. What's It Called When? - Psychology
  51. Sleep, alcohol & anxiety/depression? Intertwined or casual tie in??: addiction, counselor - Psychology
  52. Do you think positive frame of mind, will really change anything ?: mentally, people - Psychology
  53. IF we knew.: thoughts, people - Psychology
  54. Why can't people say no to things?: anxiety, issues - Psychology
  55. Is it bad that I fully accept my situation?: anxiety, girlfriend, thoughts - Psychology
  56. I to trolls: adult, people - Psychology
  57. At what point do older people stop relating to younger people?: college, generation - Psychology
  58. Why is it so hard for people to just be themselves instead of buying and following whatever society expects them to?: dating, parent - Psychology
  59. I'm still hated by my former neighbors: parent, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  60. help OCD issue: anxiety, therapy, mistakes, people - Psychology
  61. what is intelligence: psychologist, college, IQ, complex - Psychology
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  63. People Who Put Cats Before Themselves: depressed, dating, humans, emotion - Psychology
  64. Angered/triggered by the phrase I'm not following you .: therapy, woman - Psychology
  65. Signing a contract to not commit suicide?: counselor, therapy, depressed - Psychology
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  67. Ladies: Are you sexually attracted to intelligent men?: addiction, sociopath, girlfriend - Psychology
  68. How Do You Let Go Of Something Important?: issues, problems, emotion - Psychology
  69. Do you enjoy the moment as its happening, or later?: mentally, dating - Psychology
  70. Would you let a STRANGER use your restroom? Why or why not?: sociopath, problems - Psychology
  71. what do people find comforting in negativity?: mentally, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  72. Overcoming narcissim?: narcissists, dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  73. Now I know what makes me mad: therapy, passive, issues - Psychology
  74. People Who Make Illogical Decisions: men, dating, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  75. People Who Can't See Beyond Their Life/Their Own Little World?: anxiety, parent - Psychology
  76. Bipolarity & musical talent? Yes??: mentally, woman, generation, girls - Psychology
  77. The psychology of living long: woman, thoughts, problems, weight
  78. Does happiness make you nervous?: anxiety, depressed, parent, father - Psychology
  79. How do prudes have kids?: issues, people - Psychology
  80. Lost my virginity at 29. I'm now 35 and have been thinking about sex 24/7 since.: addiction, therapy - Psychology
  81. Would you feel bad and regretful on turning down a last minute invitation out with a friend???: people - Psychology
  82. Work is depressing, is this what life is?: dating, husband, college - Psychology
  83. Narcissistic parents- have sympathy?: psychologist, narcissists, therapy, husband - Psychology
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  85. What's in your wallet, and does it describe you?: father - Psychology
  86. Dry wit vs sarcasm: people - Psychology
  87. Is it wrong to cut ties with parents or limit contact?: counselor, abusive - Psychology
  88. Personality or behavioral?: humans, people - Psychology
  89. What are you superstitious about?: mom, issues, emotion, aunt - Psychology
  90. Does have Toxic-friends that they keep and appreciate?: college, weight - Psychology
  91. Psychological effect of school shootings: abusive, generation, parent, father - Psychology
  92. Friendship: basis of (grammar/usage issue): college, characteristics, mistakes, feelings - Psychology
  93. Indecision with a Twist: therapy, emotion, adult, people - Psychology
  94. How have you changed from your teenage years to adulthood?: mentally, woman - Psychology
  95. end of the night - picking up on social cues: inability, people - Psychology
  96. Humility To A Fault: mistakes, people - Psychology
  97. Does dislike long days and bright sunny weather?: people, everything - Psychology
  98. Incompetency: IQ, problems, people, everything - Psychology
  99. Paying it forward: depressed, mom, people - Psychology
  100. Men, would you date or marry someone smarter than you?: husband, college - Psychology
  101. Are we all liars?: sociopath, husband, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  102. I want to learn not to care about people’s feelings as much: parent, relationship - Psychology
  103. Does your appearance match your personality or spirit?: woman, mom, pathological - Psychology
  104. Define creepy: dating, attracted, attractive, relationship - Psychology
  105. Help, I am developing a fear of joining and posting in forums: parent, issues - Psychology
  106. OCD/Paranoia/Alcohol/Benadryl & overall worry?: psychologist, addiction, counselor - Psychology
  107. Do You LIKE Everything About You LOVE: mom, abusive, adult - Psychology
  108. Is there actual way to find out if your retarded?: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  109. Why do you think people get stuck in a victim mindset?: everything - Psychology
  110. How often do you encounter someone who is not right?: sociopaths, narcissists - Psychology
  111. Not Sure Why This Annoys Me -- Friend Acts Like A Martyr Towards His Job: inability, husband - Psychology
  112. Is variety the secret to an exciting life?: husband, college, complex - Psychology
  113. If you were miserable everyday and tried everything. What would you do?: counselor, depressed - Psychology
  114. Parents are first; husband second: men, woman, marriage, relationship - Psychology
  115. anger issues?: anxiety, therapy, problems, emotion - Psychology
  116. What's the nicest, most genuine thing you could do for someone?: people - Psychology
  117. When You Have A Dream About The Opposite Sex: depressed, husband, attracted - Psychology
  118. Humanity Can Be Good...Right?: parent, girls, father, aunt - Psychology
  119. Why aren't people more upfront, forthright and with each other?: thoughts, pathological - Psychology
  120. Dealing with adult bullies - how to handle it?: emotion, people - Psychology
  121. Prayers for Aurelia (voluntary euthenasia): depressed, mentally, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  122. Which is of greater value: Wisdom or Street Smarts?: college, parent, father - Psychology
  123. Ever Feel Insignificant Compared To Certain Other People?: inability, complex, feelings - Psychology
  124. Are gender roles natural or nurtured?: men, complex, people - Psychology
  125. Have you ever known someone who committed suicide?: depressed, boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  126. Dealing with Being Avoided: husband, relationship, feelings, people - Psychology
  127. Do women 40 and up view men that date younger bad out of jealousy?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  128. How can Humans consider themselves an advanced species when mental disorders are so rampant/common?: depressed, mentally - Psychology
  129. Let’s psychoanalyze my BIL: narcissist, fixate, husband, college - Psychology
  130. Is there something wrong with me?: sociopath, parent, humans, emotion - Psychology
  131. Does this behaviour seem odd and overly frugal to you?: woman, husband - Psychology
  132. People whose profile is accessible only for friends: thoughts, attractive - Psychology
  133. Music and nostalgia: boyfriend, dating, college, marriage - Psychology
  134. Friend/Co-Worker Being Irrational and Turning On Me (Long Post): addiction, issues - Psychology
  135. Dreaming of I've never been: thoughts, passive, adult, people - Psychology
  136. Why do women get angrier when a man tells her to calm down ?: men, woman - Psychology
  137. I Feel like I can't decide who I am?: aunt, people, everything - Psychology
  138. Do you think that being a Hermit is Abnormal?: mentally, thoughts, generation - Psychology
  139. Does money really change people?: psychologist, college, thoughts, aunt - Psychology
  140. I'm tired of being the unselfish one...: addict, mom, husband - Psychology
  141. 18 LifeChanging Lessons -- 2017: everything - Psychology
  142. What are signs that people may feel threatened by me?: narcissist, dating - Psychology
  143. Everyone hates a loser but loves a winner. True or False?: thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  144. Does this bother you as it does me?: people, everything - Psychology
  145. Manners: people - Psychology
  146. Loneliness....friendships...: men, woman, weight, aunt - Psychology
  147. Why do we romanticize the past?: anxiety, mom, parent, father - Psychology
  148. How can I deal with this anger towards my former bully?: sociopath, responsibility - Psychology
  149. Changing roles in romantic relationships?: depressed, men, dating, woman - Psychology
  150. How long does it take to feel like your new state is your home?: people - Psychology
  151. Why are people unreliable? Whats makes people unreliable?: passive, syndrome - Psychology
  152. Is a clean kitchen the first step to a happy day?: complex, people - Psychology
  153. Misogynists Who Wonder Why No Woman Wants to be with Them: misogynistic, men - Psychology
  154. My wife and I have 0 joint assets and 0 joint anything besides kids. How common is this?: thoughts, issues - Psychology
  155. How did you feel about high school?: college, parent, people - Psychology
  156. they just kept on looking at me: people - Psychology
  157. Were you bullied as a child? Causes & results. .: mom, abusive, parent - Psychology
  158. I wish I could have normal desires: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  159. Everyone is selfish: men, dating, woman, attractive - Psychology
  160. Does have preference for sexual abstinence?: mentally, men, girlfriend - Psychology
  161. Friend mentor relationship advice needed: thoughts, issues, accuracy, people - Psychology
  162. Watching History Channel The Vikings ...and have uestions...: husband, thoughts - Psychology
  163. Embarking on a new self-improvement phase...: anxiety, therapy, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  164. INTJ Females - legitimate??: boyfriend, woman, college, thoughts - Psychology
  165. Extraversion and introversion: introvert, people, everything - Psychology
  166. Why do executives seem to ignore their technical experts?: mentally, problems, people - Psychology
  167. Why do people become hostile...: issues, responsibility - Psychology
  168. Do you work on your dreams hard enough?: dating, woman, husband - Psychology
  169. Eating disorder experience?: addiction, anxiety, therapy, college - Psychology
  170. Best friend who ignored: men, relationship, people, everything - Psychology
  171. How much did you agree/disagree with your parents: mentally, mom, college - Psychology
  172. Coming to Terms with Adulting: introvert, counselor, mom - Psychology
  173. Self-deception: depressed, humans, people, everything - Psychology
  174. Habits you have that others may find weird or odd: people - Psychology
  175. Family Dynamics - Tell Me What YOU Think?: mom, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  176. Psychology professionals in the Psychology forum?: psychologist, parent, animals
  177. where are you on the 'risk' spectrum?: mentally, relationship, people - Psychology
  178. INFJ's on: introvert, borderline, parent, people - Psychology
  179. Is there a teenage John Hughes mentality?: parent, adult, people - Psychology
  180. How do you cope with monotony? - Psychology
  181. Power, time, and money: people - Psychology
  182. Can't cope with being an orphan.: counselor, anxiety, mom, husband - Psychology
  183. Baseless jabs from my wife: counselor, issues, marriage, people - Psychology
  184. Why people never find love: men, boyfriend, woman, husband - Psychology
  185. People who mock others: mentally, woman, relationship - Psychology
  186. Narcissistic In-Law is Dying: narcissists, anxiety, mentally, dating - Psychology
  187. No Reply: college, people, everything - Psychology
  188. Have you grown a thicker skin as gotten older?: thoughts, abusive - Psychology
  189. Transgender Regrets: issues, people - Psychology
  190. Do you ever feel guilty about prior bad behavior?: parent, mistakes - Psychology
  191. Suggested ways of dealing with low mental state: psychologist, counselor, depressed - Psychology
  192. Why is being a misogynist wrong, but being a misandrist: men, relationship - Psychology
  193. Tired of getting ignored/neglected.: introvert, men, woman, syndrome - Psychology
  194. After surviving suicide, what makes you want to stay alive?: depressed, college - Psychology
  195. born a target: husband, parent, girls, issues - Psychology
  196. Are people honestly destined to live a mostly sub-par existence compared to others due to uncontrollable factors?: depressed, boyfriend - Psychology
  197. feel like their life is all over the place?: college, emotion - Psychology
  198. Why do friends intitally agree to plans then bail out at the last minute???: relationship, people - Psychology
  199. Women Prefer the Submissive Role: dating, woman, parent, relationship - Psychology
  200. What kind of mental gymnastics do dictators that claim to hate the west but love what it has use?: people, everything - Psychology