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  68. If humans are so biologically advanced why is mental illness so rampant?: mentally, men - Psychology
  69. I'm alive but I want to feel like I'm dead: depressed, husband - Psychology
  70. I just can’t believe this new “disorder” is this a joke?: therapy, girlfriend - Psychology
  71. Do criminals follow chivalry when it comes to not attacking women?: sociopaths, men - Psychology
  72. How would you describe this catfish?: men, dating, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
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  74. Why does the mind fool us into thinking things were better back then ?: girlfriend, college - Psychology
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  78. bearded men with daughters: people - Psychology
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  81. mentality in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s,: anxiety, depressed, men - Psychology
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  92. Why is ''tough love'' used for petty/physically violent crimes but not sexual crimes?: men, dating - Psychology
  93. I like a ticking time bomb that's soon going to snap into insanity.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  94. IQ in the world of the arts: authors, musicians,painters,: college, problems - Psychology
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  101. Loneliness. More loneliness.: anxiety, depressed, thoughts, people - Psychology
  102. Do you meditate the classic way?: thoughts, humans, people - Psychology
  103. How change-resistant is the average person?: generation, people, everything - Psychology
  104. In your opinion what social class usually has the nicest, most people?: mom, parent - Psychology
  105. What makes a woman want too bite there nails all the time?: men, people - Psychology
  106. I don't like most people: mentally, complex, relationship, everything - Psychology
  107. Do you ever miss being young and naive?: husband, college, parent - Psychology
  108. Are of issues connected?: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  109. Making a choice (looking for advice from older people) - Psychology
  110. Does loneliness mainly affect extroverts?: introvert, issues, humans, relationship - Psychology
  111. People who get offended and indignant when you tell them they may have been hacked?: woman, problems - Psychology
  112. You can tell someone's lying to you by watching their face — are 12 dead giveaways: introvert, thoughts - Psychology
  113. Is I was young and dumb a sufficient excuse?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
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  115. Urban Legends: anxiety, men, woman, people - Psychology
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  122. just wake up and ask why man ...: husband, college - Psychology
  123. Why do strangers defend celebrities when the celebrities' family members say bad things about them?: husband, people - Psychology
  124. Is there such a thing as a GOOD psychopath?: sociopath, father, emotion - Psychology
  125. Are younger people inherently self-centered and narcissistic?: mentally, parent, emotion - Psychology
  126. Psychology issue or just stuck on this idea of life?: thoughts, parent
  127. Missing something important: depressed, mom, husband, weight - Psychology
  128. Do you find CD more, equally, or less depressing than other Internet forums you frequent?: depressed, emotion - Psychology
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  131. Genius in children: Genetic memory: complex, generation, parent, father - Psychology
  132. Why do criminals get mad at other people for something that is their own fault?: sociopaths, narcissists - Psychology
  133. Do you ever miss an earlier version of yourself?: mentally, college, emotion - Psychology
  134. Forgiving a friend with attachment disorder: thoughts, relationship, people - Psychology
  135. Why Are People So Impulsive When It Comes To Buying Things?: anxiety, mom - Psychology
  136. Would be able to win a large sum on the lottery and keep the news to themselves?: woman, college - Psychology
  137. Tall women (5ft 8in+), would you date a man SHORTER than you?: men, dating - Psychology
  138. Stinginess: mom, college, people - Psychology
  139. Eckhart Tolle: psychologist, thoughts, problems, people - Psychology
  140. Discouragement & Cynicism: husband, college, attracted, passive - Psychology
  141. Help me understand what was wrong with this interaction (viral video of Tony Robbins supposedly disrespecting the MeToo: men, dating - Psychology
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  145. Why are people very cruel to animals ?: sociopaths, men, humans - Psychology
  146. Father In-law is abusive to my fiancé and family: Ambien, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  147. Inquiry Studying Psychology, Neuroscience: thoughts, humans, animals, people
  148. Psychology vs religion: psychologist, complex, humans, people
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  152. Would a group of women naturally flock to the nearest man in a hostage/life or death situation?: mentally, men - Psychology
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  160. Left: issues, people, everything - Psychology
  161. Ever Work With A Life Coach? [MERGED]: counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
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  165. Happiness, Contentment, Pleasure: woman, generation, people - Psychology
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  168. I am stronger then you are.: addiction, therapy, mom, abusive - Psychology
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  170. What do women want?: men, attracted - Psychology
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  172. Are millenials being corrupted by their own power?: generation, parent, people - Psychology
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  174. keyboards are the weapon of choice today: thoughts, issues, emotion - Psychology
  175. Fear Of Missing Out: addiction, mentally, men, mom - Psychology
  176. Young man with problems?: counselor, anxiety, therapy, mentally - Psychology
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  181. So confused and unsure anymore!!: psychologist, men, husband, attractive - Psychology
  182. Observation About Group Dynamics: college, passive, parent, girls - Psychology
  183. Post-eating OCD-type disorders?: psychologist, therapy, college, syndrome - Psychology
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  185. Psychotherapy practice questions: relationship, people - Psychology
  186. Are lesbian and bisexual women more feminine than straight women?: men, woman - Psychology
  187. I hate being watched or observed. advice for this?: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  188. copycat syndrome: narcissistic, woman, husband, issues - Psychology
  189. Workplace dilemma: men, thoughts, issues, father - Psychology
  190. Do you feel weird doing “private” stuff in front of your pet?: parent - Psychology
  191. The current political climate has changed my approach to new friendships: discrimination, anxiety - Psychology
  192. Drinking alone: psychologist, therapy, woman, husband - Psychology
  193. Why do we feel unique and interesting as kids, but as we get older that feel gets lost?: mom, college - Psychology
  194. Personal Space Requirements and Tendency Towards Physical Affection: men, boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  195. Brain chemistry comparison- Wild animals and men: people - Psychology
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  199. The psychology of SM: thoughts
  200. Women seeing other women through mens' eyes: men, attractive - Psychology