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  39. Agressive person - Psychology
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  88. Do we really get more addicted to thinking about the past as we get older? Why?: generation, issues - Psychology
  89. Can watching violent movies or Non Consensual porn induce in violent behaviour?: men, attracted - Psychology
  90. Arms crossed in front of body: people, everything - Psychology
  91. People hate me, because I've been bullied: anxiety, syndrome, complex - Psychology
  92. Has your life generally gone well, or not (due to your own mistakes, or other reasons)?: men, woman - Psychology
  93. Sister treats me bad but it’s always my fault if I on FB: therapy, depressed - Psychology
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  97. Asperger syndrome is fake...: therapy, parent, people - Psychology
  98. Be as heck: Does cussing show a lack of self-control? Why or why not?: inability, husband - Psychology
  99. Why are there people with a pet (dog or cat) & you NEVER see them showing affection or love to their animal?: woman, parent - Psychology
  100. What kind of psychological problems would motivate someone to act like this?: mentally, issues - Psychology
  101. people's joy of lying: mom, generation, father, responsibility - Psychology
  102. Talking like, you know, like saying like all the time?: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  103. What is it with types?: depressed, relationship, people - Psychology
  104. Why do people dislike slowpokes so much?: passive, issues, weight - Psychology
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  106. Mental preparation for a lonely job..: depressed, people - Psychology
  107. pity and compassion: parent, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  108. Does my body to emotional blockage?: psychologist, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  109. Dream of an olympic athlete found dying: anxiety, aunt, people - Psychology
  110. How well do you remember the layout of your old high school?: kindergarten, elementary school - Psychology
  111. Helping a Gaslighter: sociopaths, narcissists, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  112. What drives people to be materialistic and others minimalists?: parent, emotion - Psychology
  113. Are children raised with a way too simplistic and pretentious view of the world?: thoughts, syndrome - Psychology
  114. for people who were molested as children: addiction, anxiety, men - Psychology
  115. Was the Me Generation of the 1970s responsible for today's rise in narcissism?: narcissists, parent - Psychology
  116. When Bad Things Happen To Bad People: mentally, mom, feelings - Psychology
  117. Is the male dominance hierarchy/instinct responsible for 90% of social issues out there?: discrimination, men - Psychology
  118. The psychology behind making a decision?: projection, people
  119. bipolar disorder convincing someone to harm an animal: narcissistic, mentally, woman - Psychology
  120. Do men get singled out for being quiet more than women do?: introvert, husband - Psychology
  121. Could weather/climate preference be a matter of personality?: introvert, people - Psychology
  122. why is it that people from the streets or such are less likely to be nerds? - Psychology
  123. How do I stop feeling regret over my 20s?: therapy, college, mistakes - Psychology
  124. Girl, Wash Your Face: addiction, therapy, woman, mom - Psychology
  125. Calling it quits: depressed, mom, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  126. Suicidal family members: psychologist, depressed, college, problems - Psychology
  127. Feel that I am falling down this path of bitterness/being doubted and wanting to prove people wrong: narcissistic, depressed - Psychology
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  129. 11-12 year olds struggling with self-confidence: parent, adult, people - Psychology
  130. 8-yr. old boy looks to 26-yr. old older brother as hero and idol. Why?: father - Psychology
  131. How do you deal with people who don't like change or new things?: therapy, parent - Psychology
  132. trying to cope with break up: therapy, woman, thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  133. What details of life frustrate you to no end?: people - Psychology
  134. My boyfriend is afraid of me: therapy, issues, relationship, toxic - Psychology
  135. What Was THE BEST or HAPPIEST Time in Your Life?: college, parent - Psychology
  136. How would you describe yourself, and then, how would you WISH you could describe yourself: addiction, characteristics - Psychology
  137. My grandparents are driving me insane.: depressed, girlfriend, problems, father - Psychology
  138. Gaslighting (For who are with the term) [MERGED]: narcissists, woman - Psychology
  139. about a behavior: mom, issues, father, adult - Psychology
  140. What is your sense of life?: boyfriend, thoughts, girls, emotion - Psychology
  141. Interpretation of dreams: thoughts, parent, father, aunt - Psychology
  142. why I suck: men, husband, weight, people - Psychology
  143. Hypnotherapy- thoughts and experiences?: psychologist, anxiety, woman, issues - Psychology
  144. Masculinity submissive to Femininity: mentally, men, woman, husband - Psychology
  145. People Who Remember Everything: depressed, woman, mom, emotion - Psychology
  146. research has found that humans are predisposed to forgive: animals, people - Psychology
  147. How can I stop being an awful person?: addict, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  148. A cure for PTSD.: psychologist, addiction, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  149. Life is boring so why not?: thoughts, weight, people, everything - Psychology
  150. talking to who hear voices and regularly argue with them: mentally, woman - Psychology
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  153. Im about to divorce my wife: therapy, mentally, problems, emotion - Psychology
  154. New views on the psychology of the placebo effect: therapy, issues, people
  155. Are personality disorders classified as a disability?: narcissists, therapy, borderline - Psychology
  156. Why do many people seem to not know that they can't change or modify the opinions of others by insults?: complex, issues - Psychology
  157. Is 40 really the new 30: men, parent, humans, father - Psychology
  158. Living With Regret: inability, anxiety, issues, weight - Psychology
  159. How can I attract people to Social Anxiety Group?: counselor, therapy, college - Psychology
  160. Women: What is your perspective?: men, woman, attractive, girls - Psychology
  161. Emotional/Mental Abuse: introvert, mentally, abusive, parent - Psychology
  162. I would never believe it if a woman was into me: girlfriend, complex - Psychology
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  165. He has completely shut down going on 2.5-3 weeks: anxiety, dating, mom - Psychology
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  167. Where to get the energy to get out more?: people - Psychology
  168. Half a conversation and interrupting one's sentence: mom, husband, college - Psychology
  169. So my psychology professor called suicidal people “cowards” in class: mentally, college
  170. Use of the silent treatment when angry or when trying to get one's way: husband, passive - Psychology
  171. Would you rather be homeless than living with people you hated?: problems, adult - Psychology
  172. Why do women wear makeup, do plastic surgery, curl their hair,: inability, men - Psychology
  173. Is Asperger's Syndrome unattractive to women?: sociopaths, narcissists, therapy, men - Psychology
  174. How can I tell who betrayed me?: boyfriend, college, relationship - Psychology
  175. Why so many pets: husband, emotion, animals, people - Psychology
  176. The psychology of people who think of themselves as being really cleverly witty (and funny) when they are not: parent, weight
  177. find themselves more nostalgic? Could this be an upcoming midlife crisis?: college, parent - Psychology
  178. Dirty John. Sociopath or Psychopath: sociopaths, narcissists, parent, father - Psychology
  179. For More PEACE in the New Year and Beyond: issues, people - Psychology
  180. Emapth / Narcisist: sociopaths, narcissists, woman, husband - Psychology
  181. Undecisive on move changes day by day: husband, parent, father - Psychology
  182. why are women considered the emotional ones?: men, woman, misogyny - Psychology
  183. Why are humans so predisposed to accept authority if it's bad for them?: father, people - Psychology
  184. A on ethics: sociopath, dating, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  185. Reinventing yourself after 50?: depressed, dating, weight, people - Psychology
  186. What was the worst life changing event you ever went through: girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  187. Significant Misophonia: therapy, problems, father, people - Psychology
  188. How do you decide what to accept as fact or truth?: adult, people - Psychology
  189. Another minor thing I don't understand about women: men, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  190. Husband won't make plans for ANYTHING: anxiety, men, mom, responsibility - Psychology
  191. Men can only rely on women for support, and not men?: misogynistic, woman - Psychology
  192. Is there a way to naturally cure Asperger’s?: fixate, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  193. I stop laughing when attractive females are around: woman, husband - Psychology
  194. “That’s a good pic of you” and insult?: people - Psychology
  195. Is it normal to regularly fantasize doing bad things to people who hurt you?: therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  196. Looking for advice on what to do in life: psychologist, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  197. Finding Offense in Everyhing: college, feelings, animals, people - Psychology
  198. How to deal with a borderliner?: therapy, mentally, girlfriend, issues - Psychology
  199. Why do people close their eyes to talk to you?: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  200. Stressful jobs and emotional intelligence: will you help me graduate?: psychologist, people - Psychology