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  85. Why is the level of rigor (and IQ) so low in psychology and other social sciences?: psychologist, mentally
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  96. Has being content with subjectivity and poverty ever been studied in the US?: depressed, college - Psychology
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  99. 30 years old, still no romantic relationsships. Is it over?: depressed, dating, woman - Psychology
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  105. what's going on with me?: counselor, mentally, men, college - Psychology
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  110. suicidal online acquaintance: counselor, depressed, woman, mom - Psychology
  111. How would you handle a strict instructor (as an adult)?: parent, problems - Psychology
  112. Parental favouritism: psychologist, narcissist, husband, issues - Psychology
  113. psychology of being female in a traditional job....: men, woman
  114. Being Married Once Vs. Being Married More Than Once: husband, college, thoughts - Psychology
  115. Selfishness: dating, parent, problems, emotion - Psychology
  116. Procrastination is more 'work': anxiety, people, everything - Psychology
  117. My parents raised me to do what's right, to be a good person, but...: thoughts, issues - Psychology
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  120. Psychological effects of Product Placement: psychologist, people - Psychology
  121. Humans are incredibly psychologically fragile: mentally, complex, emotion, people - Psychology
  122. Can benzos/opiates be used regularly by people without serious harm?: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  123. Why does my husband always have to one-up me illness?: narcissistic, dating - Psychology
  124. Why is depression so hard for many people to understand?: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  125. Is talking about feelings overrated?: therapy, men, thoughts - Psychology
  126. Can Narcissism develop from new-found confidence?: narcissists, attractive, parent, emotion - Psychology
  127. Can doing the bare minimum get you thru life ?: problems, adult - Psychology
  128. Lies of omission: relationship, feelings, people, everything - Psychology
  129. Are you gullible? Easily Fooled?: husband, people, everything - Psychology
  130. I have a brother with plethora of mental issues.. Cannot help him.: psychologist, fixate - Psychology
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  132. The psychology behind lousy bosses: men, woman, issues, adult
  133. What would you rate your risk orientation right now?: dating, people - Psychology
  134. Intelligence from mother; emotions from father?: introvert, generation, parent, people - Psychology
  135. I think it's the ego that's the source of all unhappiness, you?: issues, people - Psychology
  136. Help: I Have no Friends: discrimination, psychologist, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  137. Does my friends' son have sociopath tendencies or something: mom, pathological - Psychology
  138. How can people be so certain?: anxiety, therapy, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  139. Why are loyal friends so hard to find days?: anxiety, parent - Psychology
  140. Digital detox or why avoiding news and social media makes me feel better: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  141. On a Scale of 1-10 where are you normally.: husband, issues, emotion - Psychology
  142. My neighbors are doing this because they're trying to impress me: feelings, people - Psychology
  143. Newly married woman begins to flaunt her body: men, husband, parent - Psychology
  144. Lack of full-time employment making me anxious: anxiety, college, thoughts - Psychology
  145. What makes people hold grudges longer than others?: narcissist, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  146. The stigma against single, childless people: dating, parent, adult - Psychology
  147. How do you let that go ?: thoughts, feelings, people - Psychology
  148. People who use speakerphone on their phone in public.: generation, parent, issues - Psychology
  149. Is pop culture a huge causer of opinionated people?: issues, relationship - Psychology
  150. Does your birthday make you happy or sad?: parent, issues, people - Psychology
  151. I feel like people don't understand me: inability, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  152. People who do not (cannot?) love: sociopaths, narcissistic, anxiety - Psychology
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  157. facing the music: introvert, boyfriend, people - Psychology
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  159. tell me about anxiety: addiction, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  160. Bad meanies: psychologist, sociopaths, narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  161. Is delaying gratification always better?: husband, college, parent, problems - Psychology
  162. Do you ever use music to go back in time?: woman, college - Psychology
  163. Dream: Gun was loaded: anxiety, father, people - Psychology
  164. People hate me, because I've been bullied: anxiety, syndrome, complex - Psychology
  165. Are we ever our authentic selves in social situations, or are we almost always wearing type of mask?: introversion, feelings - Psychology
  166. How to accept losing eight years of my life: therapy, depressed, dating - Psychology
  167. Do you play it safe, or take risks?: introvert, woman, college - Psychology
  168. asexual aromantic “dating”: boyfriend, thoughts, marriage, relationship - Psychology
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  170. I am very very fickle minded: therapy, college, thoughts, majors - Psychology
  171. Is the nerd stereotype harmful to society?: woman, college, IQ - Psychology
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  173. Sense of Humor: introvert, inability, depressed, characteristics - Psychology
  174. Transgender Disorder: therapy, college, parent, issues - Psychology
  175. Urinating in a friend's suitcase: feelings, people, everything - Psychology
  176. How does one come to terms by being forever alone?: dating, woman - Psychology
  177. Has your life generally gone well, or not (due to your own mistakes, or other reasons)?: men, woman - Psychology
  178. content with being a loner in life?: introvert, sociopath, husband - Psychology
  179. Why doesn’t want to re-live their teenage years?: men, husband - Psychology
  180. Deranged and depressed people congregating online: anxiety, mentally, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  181. Virtue Signaling: narcissistic, dating, woman, mom - Psychology
  182. Sister treats me bad but it’s always my fault if I on FB: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  183. Do things actually get better after high school?: introvert, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  184. Normal or nuts: woman, problems, relationship, mistakes - Psychology
  185. Is There a Normal Reaction When Falsely Accused?: anxiety, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  186. can legitimtely defend excessive gaming?: addiction, mentally, thoughts, weight - Psychology
  187. Why Masculinity is in Turmoil: mentally, men, dating, girls - Psychology
  188. Is It Me Or Is Everybody Too Busy Days?: mentally, dating - Psychology
  189. Ladies: Think you're ugly?: men, boyfriend, woman, mom - Psychology
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  191. ASMR heaven [MERGED]: anxiety, father, people - Psychology
  192. Money, Social Influence, and Knowledge are the 3 most important resources in life: mentally, problems - Psychology
  193. You only remember the bad things!: psychologist, husband, abusive - Psychology
  194. Are there studies that suggest inaccessible health care contributes to crime?: depressed, syndrome - Psychology
  195. article on psych drug withdrawal - Psychology
  196. Two dreams: Comedy performers. Winning race. - Psychology
  197. Are the female psychopaths just as dangerous as males? - Psychology
  198. Dream of moving out of old offices: woman, people - Psychology
  199. Bipolar 1 vs 2 & Lithium Carbonate or Orotate: anxiety, therapy, issues - Psychology
  200. xB or 300: problems - Psychology