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  10. What is the name of this feeling where you kind of try to collaborate the past with the present?: people - Psychology
  11. Mother says he child is gay but now says she identifies as bisexual?: mom, parent - Psychology
  12. Is there another explanation?: addiction, mom, issues, problems - Psychology
  13. Which personality test do you trust the most, Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram?: depressed - Psychology
  14. Excitement! An Explanation Of, - Psychology
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  16. Are certain personalities romantically attracted: narcissists, relationship, people - Psychology
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  18. Being scared/nervous/depressed about a dream actually coming true: husband, thoughts - Psychology
  19. Issue of taking myself serious: counselor, mentally, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  20. Whats does your anxious anxieties feel like?: anxiety, girlfriend - Psychology
  21. I always dwell on an insignificant event: anxiety, aunt, relationship - Psychology
  22. Does believe that conditions such as PTSD create/contribute to one being born a psychopath/sociopath: inability, parent - Psychology
  23. Can Someone Raised By a Narcissist Ever Know They're Good Enough?: narcissists, attractive - Psychology
  24. I have always felt older than my age: mom, relationship, people - Psychology
  25. When people try to do historical perspectives about their own lives, do they focus more on the past or the present??? - Psychology
  26. Contempt For Victims Fosters Unscrupulous Behavior in Society: mentally, problems, humans - Psychology
  27. Grass is greener syndrome?: anxiety, college, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  28. Speech therapy for stammering kid?: anxiety, problems, everything - Psychology
  29. For of you who had a father or mother as a serial cheater, how did it affect you?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  30. Maslow Hierarchy of Needs: emotion - Psychology
  31. Can/does having a disorganized life trigger a fear of missing out mentality?: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  32. Office Phobia: anxiety - Psychology
  33. True Happiness - Last Occurrence?: emotion, relationship, people, everything - Psychology
  34. Child is too scared of TV + rude, misbehaving, aggressive: anxiety, men, mom - Psychology
  35. I have a love/hate relationship with my personality: introvert, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  36. Withdrawing from Clonazepam - Psychology
  37. What is like a lovestory between sociopath and schizotype?: people - Psychology
  38. Seen [stuff] meaning - Psychology
  39. Identity and wealth: mentally, relationship, people - Psychology
  40. What is going on in the minds of guys that just casually talk about killing others?: husband, thoughts - Psychology
  41. Getting Triggered: therapy, issues, emotion, people - Psychology
  42. Do You Should on Yourself and Others???: husband, everything - Psychology
  43. Holland Code -- Conventional Realistic: majors, people - Psychology
  44. What does my dream mean?: anxiety, problems - Psychology
  45. Do you think most evil rulers could be classified as socio/psychopaths?: discrimination, psychologist - Psychology
  46. What kind of life goals do you have and why?: husband, college - Psychology
  47. Is the Justice System a reasonable alternative to Mob Rule ?: emotion, weight - Psychology
  48. Do we maintain our work sanity by approaching each day in a certain personalty?: people - Psychology
  49. Overcoming 'Impostor Syndrome': parent, adult - Psychology
  50. Does Childhood Narcissistic Abuse Create Narcissists?: therapy, woman, parent, father - Psychology
  51. Experiencing paralysis in the face of making a very important life decision: psychologist, woman - Psychology
  52. Former Owner of our house may be mentally ill: husband, issues - Psychology
  53. Is my cousin jealous of me? Can you diagnose him with this: depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  54. Strange dream, strange coincidence: boyfriend, relationship, feelings, people - Psychology
  55. hypothesis about how psychopathy actually works: sociopaths, complex, parent, father - Psychology
  56. Are craves of seeking stronger on suffering from isolation, solitude or low self esteem?: husband, people - Psychology
  57. I have no internal motivation: psychologist, depressed, generation, animals - Psychology
  58. Does the stereotype of bully working for the nerd hold up in real life?: thoughts, attractive - Psychology
  59. Happy in the Morning/Cranky at Night?: thoughts, issues, people - Psychology
  60. For Julian and others who believe in IQ as genetic: generation, people - Psychology
  61. Bragging so stranger can hear you?: woman, husband, college, marriage - Psychology
  62. Are there people on earth with easy lives?: woman, IQ, parent - Psychology
  63. What words or phrases (if trigger you?: mentally, woman - Psychology
  64. Watch: New Beer Ad Shows A Woman Taking Off Her Bra, Of Course It’s Causing Controversy: people - Psychology
  65. Why do we admire evil so much?: humans, people - Psychology
  66. Can the average shrink be trusted?: depressed, problems, responsibility, mistakes - Psychology
  67. Asexual spectrum: men, woman, attractive, feelings - Psychology
  68. What is the most hurtful thing you have been through?: husband, problems - Psychology
  69. A about careers and personality: husband, people, everything - Psychology
  70. Woman Grieving Fathers Death - Badly: counselor, abusive, parent, problems - Psychology
  71. I guess I'm done.: anxiety, dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  72. Your experience with Life Coach?: people, everything - Psychology
  73. Can you remember the last time you were happy?: mom, issues - Psychology
  74. Gratitude & Feeling Grateful: mentally, thoughts, issues, problems - Psychology
  75. How to get an ESFP back?: woman, girlfriend, attractive, marriage - Psychology
  76. How can a man feel good about himself: woman, attractive, relationship - Psychology
  77. What tiny thing are you proud of today?: mom, problems, feelings - Psychology
  78. Depressed from constant rejection: woman, girlfriend, thoughts, attractive - Psychology
  79. Do I have to have children?: thoughts, parent, people - Psychology
  80. Are people that believe the likes of conspiracy theories and get involved in cults like scientology just mentally ill?: men, woman - Psychology
  81. No One Should Aspire To Be Normal Or Just Like Everyone uot;, To Be Normal Is To Die Inside: thoughts, issues - Psychology
  82. Why I, as a straight single guy, has put off dating: introvert, counselor - Psychology
  83. Are psychopaths or sociopaths happy?: inability, therapy, depressed, pathological - Psychology
  84. Emotional? Nature or nurture?: anxiety, mom, college, parent - Psychology
  85. What's the psychology behind very insecure people that are completely incapable of handling criticism?: narcissistic, emotion
  86. Does intrinsic motivation exist?: fixate, college, complex, responsibility - Psychology
  87. Sometimes I wish I were a psychopath/sociopath: narcissist, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  88. seeking out a mental health professional over issue: psychologist, dating - Psychology
  89. What's your MBTI type?: introvert, college, marriage - Psychology
  90. I got catfished for a hole year: emotion, relationship, people - Psychology
  91. How do I get more comfortable interacting with customers?: anxiety, dating, people - Psychology
  92. They Now I Feel Weird: people, everything - Psychology
  93. Does being in groups/crowds make you feel lonely?: introvert, anxiety, woman - Psychology
  94. Is everything really Awesome ?: generation, feelings, people - Psychology
  95. Does it bother you, intellectually and emotionally, the amount of misinformation that gets spread?: passive, mistakes - Psychology
  96. Would you dislike someone if they are poor or rich?: people - Psychology
  97. Contrarian stance on everything?: relationship, people - Psychology
  98. I got a red star; being my true self.: mentally, dating, mom - Psychology
  99. Misplacing.....: girls, father, relationship, people - Psychology
  100. What do you value more: Success or time?: college - Psychology
  101. What generally triggers a person more...: parent, adult, feelings, people - Psychology
  102. Artificial Compionship: thoughts, people, everything - Psychology
  103. Shaking with anger and fear and frustration: anxiety, depressed, mom - Psychology
  104. Is this all our youth knows now?: parent, issues - Psychology
  105. How can I be less of a boring person?: introvert, anxiety, husband - Psychology
  106. I get too much and it's exhausting: introvert, mom, college - Psychology
  107. Not sure if I'm broken or pretty emotionally healthy: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  108. Happiness And contentment: depressed, people - Psychology
  109. What goes through the minds of guys like Chris Watts?: woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  110. I'd like to experience guilt, and experience guilt more easily: psychologist, sociopath - Psychology
  111. Is Anxiety noticeable?: therapy, mentally, parent, issues - Psychology
  112. Selection effect or treatment effect? Sexual subcultures.: introvert, girlfriend, emotion - Psychology
  113. Did bullying provoke more self awareness in you? Why or why not?: relationship, people - Psychology
  114. Am I going a little crazy, or is it my age?: anxiety, syndrome - Psychology
  115. Ex keeps contacting me, what does this mean?: men, dating, emotion - Psychology
  116. How do I make a healthy relationship work after narcissistic abuse?: inability, therapy - Psychology
  117. How do you overcome Social Anxiety Disorder?: college, parent, issues - Psychology
  118. Time From Awakening to Exit From House in Morning (Humor: husband, everything - Psychology
  119. How happy are you, As Seen on TV...a %: college, parent, emotion - Psychology
  120. Do you think young murderers are spoiled ?: sociopath, abusive, parent - Psychology
  121. Useless phrases and why people use them: thoughts - Psychology
  122. Anxiety issues: counselor, people - Psychology
  123. What's the concept called that refers to carrying memories of one's predecessors? - Psychology
  124. have severe parental anxiety?: addiction, inability, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  125. Feeling Guilty About Unwanted Change In Vacation Plans: dating, feelings, people - Psychology
  126. Have you ever felt suicidal over what others have said about you? How did you fight it?: inability, thoughts - Psychology
  127. When You Know What Could Help Someone But They Won't Consider It: addiction, thoughts - Psychology
  128. Particular anxiety situation causing selfishness?: introvert, counselor, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  129. Have you ever COMPLETELY and primally lost control of your emotions (as an adult)?: husband, feelings - Psychology
  130. Is the repulsion against incest biological or a social construct?: attracted, attractive - Psychology
  131. Help me to change myself and become who i want to be: thoughts, complex - Psychology
  132. Friends With Her Harasser?: dating, abusive, pathological, girls - Psychology
  133. Societal attitude toward people's tastes (music, tv, ): counselor, marriage, feelings - Psychology
  134. Is it natural for a child to be a bit cruel to a small animal?: sociopath, animals - Psychology
  135. Going postal to be a Caucasian sickness: men, thoughts - Psychology
  136. Nature..nuture...or what is it when we love/hate from afar?: inability, boyfriend - Psychology
  137. All his stories and anecdotes are from a happier time, that is, before he met me: counselor, woman - Psychology
  138. Being part of a community is vital to mental health: abusive, father - Psychology
  139. Dominating/submissive between men and women: introvert, woman, issues, relationship - Psychology
  140. In this day and age, should children still be sheltered and protected from the ugly of society?: mom, parent - Psychology
  141. Self destructive behavior: addiction, boyfriend, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  142. Why does saying something dumb make people more trigger happy than let's say a crime happening?.: thoughts - Psychology
  143. On female rage: inability, men, woman, mom - Psychology
  144. Why do people condemn suicides more than homicides?: anxiety, mentally, issues - Psychology
  145. What is the purpose of sorrow?: mentally, generation, humans, emotion - Psychology
  146. Why are there so few sexual female predators/deviants?: men, woman, thoughts - Psychology
  147. Is mental manipulation really a thing?: dating, parent, responsibility, people - Psychology
  148. Belgium's Legalized Assisted-Suicide for the Mentally ill: anxiety, depressed, parent - Psychology
  149. Do parents have a tendency not be to be able to tell if their child is really theirs or not?: mom, syndrome - Psychology
  150. Truth hurts more than lies: anxiety, issues, problems, humans - Psychology
  151. Are you more stingy with your time, or your money?: passive, people - Psychology
  152. Mother’s behavior: mom, thoughts, parent, issues - Psychology
  153. Screaming when excited: woman, girls, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  154. The inappropriate clothes subject/how much skin is too much?: men, issues - Psychology
  155. Exhausted - Havent slept in days: Ambien, therapy, mentally, adult - Psychology
  156. Do you have an alcohol problem?: addiction, narcissistic, parent, people - Psychology
  157. Have I experienced a lot of loss for my age: husband, people - Psychology
  158. Dramatic, temporary personality shift during a crisis: therapy, men, attracted - Psychology
  159. What is the worst thing you ever did that your parents never found out about? (you hope!): boyfriend, mom - Psychology
  160. Why are there very few High IQ people?: husband, college, attractive - Psychology
  161. Grown adult man acting like a child: introvert, men, dating - Psychology
  162. My husband never wants to make me happy: dating, father, marriage - Psychology
  163. Low self-esteem: introvert, parent, problems, responsibility - Psychology
  164. The Comfort of the vs. the Lure of Change: woman, husband - Psychology
  165. People can't actually multi-task.: passive, humans, everything - Psychology
  166. Why do people get married multiple times?: parent, marriage, adult - Psychology
  167. If You Think of Yourself as a Good Person . . .: addiction, complex - Psychology
  168. Houses and interiors: mom, husband, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  169. Women, would you agree with this men?: narcissistic, therapy, men - Psychology
  170. Is lying a mental illness?: psychologist, husband, pathological, syndrome - Psychology
  171. I’m not scared: depressed, people - Psychology
  172. Why are men usually taller in most relationships?: woman, husband, girls - Psychology
  173. Beating depression by going back to younger yrs in ur mind: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  174. I have a disappointment problem - Irony [MERGED]: therapy, depressed, woman - Psychology
  175. Do people really think this is an insecurity?!: men, dating, husband - Psychology
  176. Does aim for a simpler life?: father, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  177. Are you the same person online as you are in real life?: people - Psychology
  178. anthropomorphism: humans, animals, people - Psychology
  179. Visualize things differently: complex, people - Psychology
  180. I can’t do math: college, people, everything - Psychology
  181. Indoctrination and mental illness: fixate, mentally, men, dating - Psychology
  182. What was the best/worst moment of your life?: mom, girlfriend, father - Psychology
  183. constantly treated with suspicion?: anxiety, people - Psychology
  184. Is afraid of mass shootings in your area?: mentally, husband, issues - Psychology
  185. Why is being too nice a bad thing?: counselor, passive, problems - Psychology
  186. people that always only use the drive thru!: parent - Psychology
  187. the psychology behind cyberstalkers......: dating, girls, problems, adult
  188. Were you the favourite child growing up?: mom, parent, father - Psychology
  189. What music gives you goose bumps?: men, humans, emotion, people - Psychology
  190. What was your turning point?: introvert, husband, college, parent - Psychology
  191. What’s your OCD?: husband, people - Psychology
  192. Do you feel entitled to politeness?: woman, people - Psychology
  193. Why do younger women (20s) seldom talk to strangers compared to older women/men?: men, woman - Psychology
  194. Why do narrcisst keep their supplies a secret?: narcissist, dating, girlfriend - Psychology
  195. How to deal with manipulative MIL: sociopath, men, mom, husband - Psychology
  196. realizing your therapist has more problems than you do ....: psychologist, anxiety - Psychology
  197. Intrusive but harmless images, self-reprimanding and other fun things: anxiety, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  198. Crime Fighting World: Stress and the lack there of: people - Psychology
  199. Fear of Bad News: issues - Psychology
  200. Is being a Cybernetic Psychological Person a sign of ......: thoughts, humans, animals - Psychology