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  19. Identifying High Sensitivity: Am I Highly Sensitive?: introvert, introversion, therapy - Psychology
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  22. Why women wear low V neck shirts, then have to cover with hands?: men, woman - Psychology
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  26. dsm five order of diagnosis - Psychology
  27. jealous and envious: complex, girls, issues, feelings - Psychology
  28. What do you do to live in the moment?: depressed, thoughts, animals - Psychology
  29. Is there something wrong that I such phobias?: fixate, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  30. Trying to be somebody (Thoughts?): issues, adult, people, everything - Psychology
  31. Can be smart ?: mentally, parent, emotion, people - Psychology
  32. Is to be humble or version of human ideal just simply to be grounded in reality: depressed, woman - Psychology
  33. Just posting to talk and clear my mind: depressed, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  34. When someone goes on a diet: people - Psychology
  35. Heart has been racing on an off since friday - Psychology
  36. Social Nourishment + Restorative Solitude = Human Thriving: introvert, people, everything - Psychology
  37. Intense hatred towards false accusations: introvert, counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  38. Our Words and Thoughts Manifest a Lot of Our Body's: problems, people - Psychology
  39. How do you handle negative emotions being around people you dislike?: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  40. Drone Sightings & Mass Hysteria: girlfriend, people - Psychology
  41. Law of Attraction, precognition, psychic, read future, coincidence, synchronicity??? I am scared!: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  42. Not caring much about material possessions is liberating.: college, parent, weight - Psychology
  43. how to deal with loneliness?: introvert, anxiety, men, dating - Psychology
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  46. Someone's Talking Crap? Who Cares?: emotion, people - Psychology
  47. I need and to vent, about the most difficult boss I have come across.: anxiety, complex - Psychology
  48. the phrase, it's what you make it: mentally, mom, adult - Psychology
  49. What are your reasons for wanting or not wanting kids?: woman, husband - Psychology
  50. Dear Men: Want a strong, independent woman?: blames, issues, emotion - Psychology
  51. No regrets a bad thing?: therapy, parent, responsibility, feelings - Psychology
  52. Anxiety and Depression...: counselor, therapy, depressed, woman - Psychology
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  54. Is the Escapism in Binge Watching similar to that of Drug Addiction?: characteristics, problems - Psychology
  55. What's your mind usually thinking about?: addiction, fixate, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  56. Do people with opposite sex siblings understand the opposite sex better?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  57. Life feels empty for me at the moment. though things should be looking up: introvert, men - Psychology
  58. Conversations - psychology or etiquette?: narcissists, thoughts, people
  59. What is the best or most long lasting bit of advice ever recieved in life.: counselor, mom - Psychology
  60. Why is the suicide rate highest whites?: people - Psychology
  61. Never accepting responsiblity?: inability, parent, issues, problems - Psychology
  62. Is it really bad to want to be a kid again?: mentally, parent - Psychology
  63. of you landlords & experienced psychological problems with lodgers?: anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  64. Taking too long to text back: mom, parent, people - Psychology
  65. Why don’t a lot of women make men feel better about themselves?: men, dating - Psychology
  66. Are smokers in denial just like drug addicts?: addiction, toxic, people - Psychology
  67. (Circle Game Continued) Part II - The Comfort of the vs. the Lure of Change: dating, college - Psychology
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  69. I encountered a girl who to be a female incarnate of myself: people - Psychology
  70. Picture in magazine freaked me out - Psychology
  71. People on paper vs in real life.: thoughts, issues, marriage - Psychology
  72. What is this condition clinically referred to as?: anxiety, husband, borderline - Psychology
  73. What would you call someone who avoids serious conversation?: sociopath, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  74. Do most people lack critical thinking skills?: mom, college, parent - Psychology
  75. How do you know if you are being manipulated?: thoughts, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  76. Crowd Behavior - not sure if this is the correct tag: animals, people - Psychology
  77. Does biology override doubts or lack of confidence?: dating, woman, college - Psychology
  78. She constantly needs men's affection: woman, girlfriend, relationship - Psychology
  79. Do you think it makes you a bad person if you find great happiness and joy in knowing evil people are suffering?: inability, thoughts - Psychology
  80. How are you coping with the stress of the pandemic?: anxiety, mom - Psychology
  81. Am I a coward or just wise and cautious?: depressed, boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  82. DAE think we need a better term than social distancing ?: introvert, thoughts - Psychology
  83. Ethical Covid-19 Accommodations for Elderly: anxiety, problems, father - Psychology
  84. Suicidal thoughts flared back up due to this crisis: anxiety, therapy, generation - Psychology
  85. Crisis preparation.: anxiety, parent, issues, people - Psychology
  86. Fav songs as antidepressants?: therapy, depressed, parent, girls - Psychology
  87. Why are Americans so selfish?: people - Psychology
  88. Isolation: introvert, people - Psychology
  89. politcal obsession disorder: anxiety, college, characteristics, thoughts - Psychology
  90. At what point do you stop arguing?: people, everything - Psychology
  91. The world is gettig better and better for introverts: issues, people, everything - Psychology
  92. Listening: depressed, parent, problems, humans - Psychology
  93. Correlation between fat and selfish: men, woman, father, weight - Psychology
  94. Why do people fear public speaking?: anxiety, college, parent, everything - Psychology
  95. The Psychology of Tattoos: discrimination, sociopath, woman, husband
  96. What would hitting rock bottom mean to you?: dating, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  97. The psychology of high school reunions: woman, husband, college, syndrome
  98. At what age did you know what you wanted to do with your life?: psychologist, people - Psychology
  99. Hearing WW1 solider accounts is keeping me up at night: men, mom - Psychology
  100. Being too selfish and too cheap: dating, girls, responsibility, relationship - Psychology
  101. Does Sibling Rivalry ever end?: mom, college, parent, girls - Psychology
  102. Why do women wear bikinis?: dating, woman, girls, people - Psychology
  103. borderline personality disorder: anxiety, parent, issues, emotion - Psychology
  104. Women who use their dog choice as protection.: men, boyfriend, husband - Psychology
  105. Dealing with disfigurement: husband, attractive, problems, people - Psychology
  106. I Easily Write Off People I Think Are Stupid: complex, issues - Psychology
  107. I Don't Have To Explain Myself/Don't Me?: thoughts, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  108. 10 Signs Someone’s Always Playing the Victim: therapy, dating, parent - Psychology
  109. The past hunted me: anxiety, therapy, woman, mom - Psychology
  110. Do you wish you had been born opposite sex?: counselor, men, woman - Psychology
  111. People that answer when they don't really have one: parent - Psychology
  112. Are considered suicidal thoughts?: counselor, depressed, passive, feelings - Psychology
  113. Thinking of hiring an escort: introvert, addiction, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  114. HOA Assault Write Letter to Homeowners [MERGED]: thoughts, father, emotion - Psychology
  115. Feeling depressed, family disagree with our path, lots of pressure: mom, husband - Psychology
  116. Do narcissistic people know they are insecure or are they that out of touch?: psychologist, narcissists - Psychology
  117. Why do most people think being gay is to be unmanly or something to laugh at?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  118. Does it make sense to pursue truth in life?: narcissistic, mentally, borderline - Psychology
  119. Is my hatred for women justified?: woman, parent - Psychology
  120. I threw away my second chance at life because I made a seemingly small, careless mistake: inability, therapy - Psychology
  121. Vivid and Detailed Dreams: boyfriend, woman, husband, parent - Psychology
  122. Does Your Intelligence Scare People Away At Times?: college, passive, aunt - Psychology
  123. Are Personality Traits Caused by Genes or Environment?: parent, marriage, everything - Psychology
  124. I dont think people change much over time.: introvert, therapy, attractive - Psychology
  125. I'm Trying To Determine A Personality Type: narcissistic, issues, problems - Psychology
  126. Do people who give non-answer assume you're an idiot?: mom, adult - Psychology
  127. I feel like I’m bright but then sometimes feel completely stupid: woman, college - Psychology
  128. The Color Psychology of Pink: people
  129. Slob/ slovenly behavior: depressed, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  130. I am a millionaire, but I am lonely: relationship, toxic, people - Psychology
  131. fear of being on the water....: anxiety, boyfriend, people - Psychology
  132. Is it strange that I accept being single forever with ease?: psychologist, anxiety - Psychology
  133. Why are there more trans-women than trans-men?: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  134. I don't judge.: addict, thoughts, parent, father - Psychology
  135. How to help relatives with mental illness who refuse help.: mentally, mom - Psychology
  136. My old High School & Middle School Life still haunts me: psychologist, therapy - Psychology
  137. How would wife react if husband proactively Photoshop her picture to make thinner - Psychology
  138. Negative and Suspicious feelings: mom, generation, problems, animals - Psychology
  139. How to handle the “What do you do” line?: counselor, dating - Psychology
  140. Taking care of little ones: anxiety, characteristics, parent, responsibility - Psychology
  141. Women attracted to male psychopaths: men, boyfriend, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  142. Average of the 5 people You Meet: boyfriend, emotion - Psychology
  143. I'm just interested in other people's thoughts: parent, girls - Psychology
  144. Coming across unicorn people: mentally, men, dating, husband - Psychology
  145. JAMA Psychiatry and Johns Hopkins Tylenol to Autism: people - Psychology
  146. Loss of my entire extended family has made me so lonely: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  147. Why am I always an easy target for bullies?: introvert, inability, counselor - Psychology
  148. Libido Reducing Drug-Solution to Inceldom..?: men, thoughts, attracted, attractive - Psychology
  149. I give myself far more leniency than I'm going to give you: narcissists, issues - Psychology
  150. Sexually deviant desires, urges, attractions and interests.: men, attracted, abusive - Psychology
  151. Human Deviation Is A Disorder?: psychologist, narcissist, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  152. How do you handle it when you stand up for yourself, and the other person gets mad?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  153. Is it common for men to become more emotional with age?: mom, parent - Psychology
  154. Guys (men), do you cry a lot? And is there anything wrong with it?: husband, parent - Psychology
  155. like the older I get the less happy I become: anxiety, dating - Psychology
  156. Can't believe I am turning 50 next month: discrimination, husband, generation - Psychology
  157. What would you categorize this person as?: men, boyfriend, parent - Psychology
  158. Mom Popped Up - Just in time for the holidays!: woman, husband - Psychology
  159. Wanting to move to the beach and become part of the beach: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  160. Could 'shame' be considered a useful tool or feeling?: mentally, abusive, issues - Psychology
  161. Roadside memorials more common: parent, feelings, animals, people - Psychology
  162. Is it actually better to be single during Christmas?: girlfriend, parent, emotion - Psychology
  163. Do you think a person like Chris Watts has always lacked kind of empathy in his life?: girlfriend, college - Psychology
  164. How often do you cry? 2019: issues, relationship, people - Psychology
  165. Dreams of Overwhelming Sadness: woman, husband, college, unconsciously - Psychology
  166. People who walk away when you're talking - Psychology
  167. Is 'hitting the wall' a real phenomenon?: mentally, people - Psychology
  168. Social anxiety about meeting date's friends?: introvert, dating, college, attractive - Psychology
  169. Unexpected harmful side-effects of guided meditation videos?: depressed, thoughts, feelings - Psychology
  170. Where does this personality fit ?: issues, adult, people - Psychology
  171. People who need loud noise and intense stimuli: introvert, introversion, depressed - Psychology
  172. They Now I Feel Weird: people, everything - Psychology
  173. People in other people's business: dating, parent, issues, problems - Psychology
  174. Do You Really Have To Be R-Rated To Be Funny?: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  175. “Dirtball Drama” Phenomenon: mentally, woman, mom, husband - Psychology
  176. Therapist preference: therapy, generation, parent, issues - Psychology
  177. Relatively successful but lost: introvert, narcissists, men, college - Psychology
  178. Giving up a happy life?: college, parent, relationship, people - Psychology
  179. I think I'm struggling with loneliness and feeling lost in general.: therapy, mom - Psychology
  180. Seeking understanding of our (psychotic?) obsession with privacy: husband, parent, issues - Psychology
  181. What did your life look like 5 years ago?: husband, college, marriage - Psychology
  182. This extremely pro-social benign psychopath's description of himself describes me 100%: sociopath, parent - Psychology
  183. I I *had* accepted my introversion: introvert, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  184. Kids Blaming Good Parents For How They Turned Out In Life?! - Changing toxic behavior. [MERGED]: boyfriend, mom - Psychology
  185. Being long time single and feeling of inadequacy?: therapy, men, boyfriend - Psychology
  186. How can I be more talkative in group settings?: introvert, introversion, anxiety - Psychology
  187. Ignorance + Arrogance: toxic, people - Psychology
  188. Big Five Personality Traits: The OCEAN Model Explained: psychologist, counselor, depressed - Psychology
  189. Are Common Differences Between Men and Women Accurate?: woman, girls, people - Psychology
  190. Person gets insulted if one uses the word 'you': issues, problems, responsibility - Psychology
  191. Is this feeling usual for a long time single?: anxiety, men, woman - Psychology
  192. When Your Inner Child Feels Unloved: complex, parent, issues, emotion - Psychology
  193. Overcoming anxiety and self-esteem issues WITHOUT therapy?: counselor, dating, thoughts - Psychology
  194. What's the psychology behind living in a pigsty but maintaining a sharp public image?: responsibility, adult
  195. The 5 Stages of Grieving Your Past Self ? so You Can Move Forward - Psychology
  196. What Is Personality and Why Does It Matter?: introvert - Psychology
  197. Now we are all Stoics.: problems - Psychology
  198. The Origins of Psychology
  199. The Latest On Why Certain Sounds Are Physically & Emotionally Healing - Psychology
  200. Do you view your anxiety as a blessing?: dating, thoughts, attractive - Psychology