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  109. What would be the psychological terminology and explanation for this type of behavior?: thoughts, issues - Psychology
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  111. Repercussions of Working From Home......PEOPLE never LEAVE Constant Noise: introvert, complex - Psychology
  112. Wisdom and intelligence.: woman, college, abusive, complex - Psychology
  113. What theories/models do you use to the most in your day-to-day life?: parent - Psychology
  114. compliments and criticism, would you rather...: husband, relationship - Psychology
  115. Antit-Vax people: IQ, parent, issues, problems - Psychology
  116. What are the most practical mental health resources you use in your daily life?: therapy, people - Psychology
  117. Why are people disobeying stay at home orders and partying or going to the beach and such? - Psychology
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  131. wife on facebook all day: addiction, therapy, depressed, girlfriend - Psychology
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  133. Time for Earth to call in an astroid to expedite the end.: people - Psychology
  134. Lazy Intellects, What's Behind It Beside Laziness?: people, everything - Psychology
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  138. Being too: attracted, problems, relationship, feelings - Psychology
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  142. If you’re humiliated or embarrassed in front others, do you care?: emotion, mistakes - Psychology
  143. How Are We Keeping Ourselves From Becoming Depressed Today?: anxiety, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  144. Why try to sort it out with a narcissist?: narcissists, dating - Psychology
  145. Why do people tend to avoid or are jerks to with Aspergers?: woman, syndrome - Psychology
  146. Is singing and whistling in public polite and the sign of being well-bred?: humans, people - Psychology
  147. Losing my faith in everything I know: woman, humans, responsibility - Psychology
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  149. How is it that very well educated people get involved in atrocities?: narcissistic, fixate - Psychology
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  151. Looking for advice [MERGED]: boyfriend, husband, thoughts, parent - Psychology
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  154. Will more people leave cities?: attracted - Psychology
  155. empathetically stunted person what most people's emotions feel like: introvert, psychologist - Psychology
  156. I'm starting to realize how abusive my dad was to me as a kid. Having mixed emotions right now.: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  157. I feel like I have an unhappy personality [MERGED}: therapy, depressed, college - Psychology
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  159. Watch Out for Ornery People Out There Who Don't Care During This COVID-19 Time: men, mom - Psychology
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  161. Why am I currently being So self critical, could this be a sign of depression: counselor, thoughts - Psychology
  162. ‘Take Responsibility’ – The New, Improved & More Socially Acceptable Way to Victim Blame: woman, girls - Psychology
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  164. Person who refuses/resents donating to charity-a hoarder?: addiction, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  165. Knowing when caution crosses the line into paranoia: husband, passive, issues - Psychology
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  175. Do most fathers and brothers don't ever want their daughters or sisters to find love?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  176. Psychology Today: Why Are We So Fearful: anxiety, emotion, people
  177. Do wealthy people spend much time on social media? - Psychology
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  181. Been Thinking, When Places Really Reopen, It Will be the Narcissists' Playground: anxiety, dating - Psychology
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  189. Why when being questioned by police for a crime they always act so stupid?: people - Psychology
  190. Munchausen with pets?: syndrome, animals - Psychology
  191. From very shy kid to outspoken and stand up for myself = bad?: counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  192. take anti-depressants?: anxiety, therapy, depressed, mom - Psychology
  193. People who like the lockdown and want it to last: introvert, addiction - Psychology
  194. Controling the narrative isn't only for politics: people - Psychology
  195. The embelisher, perpetual liar-difficulty with accurate answers. - Psychology
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  197. Is it to forget having sex with someone? - Psychology
  198. Satisfying Videos - Psychology
  199. Online group Karaoke via Skye, know how to set it up? - Psychology
  200. Psychological and sociological reactions to coronavirus: college, humans, people - Psychology