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  53. What kind of mental illness does one need to engage in Cannibalism?: mentally, animals - Psychology
  54. I'm asexual. I don't want to have sex. Why is that such a problem for people?: men, husband - Psychology
  55. Do I have kind of deeper low grade misogyny getting in the way of dating?: discrimination, misogynistic - Psychology
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  58. Nature or Nurture: What makes someone a loner that hates the outside world?: introvert, parent - Psychology
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  60. when did bragging about not into that become a thing?: thoughts, feelings - Psychology
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  70. I told him I need someone to message when I am stressed out. He said it's ok to message him.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
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  72. Child Development article - detailed, but how accurate?: psychologist, complex, parent - Psychology
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  85. I dream of being trapped in rooms full of maskless people.: anxiety, problems - Psychology
  86. How to deal with FOMO?: passive, emotion, feelings, people - Psychology
  87. Are drugs always the slippery slope that they're portrayed to be or can one be successful while using them?: addiction, college - Psychology
  88. Psychology of someone who's always giving advice?: men, woman, husband
  89. Feeling to deal with regrets?: depressed, men, boyfriend - Psychology
  90. Celibate for Life, Life Long Celibacy: anxiety, dating, college, attracted - Psychology
  91. Is having no accent normal?: people - Psychology
  92. Technical term for this behavior: issues - Psychology
  93. Why do i have so much shame and fear around (sexual) intimacy if I was never abused: therapy, boyfriend - Psychology
  94. What are the psychological signs/behaviors of someone who never lived on their own outside of their parent's house?: dating, woman - Psychology
  95. Doctor consistently bringing up suicide.: therapy, people, everything - Psychology
  96. Blame, Death, and Suicide: counselor, parent, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  97. What is the meaning of nuance in reference to discussing issues?: woman, college - Psychology
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  99. Are conspiracy theories just subclinical paranoia?: narcissistic, depressed, mentally, people - Psychology
  100. Do You Think You're A Good or Bad Person?: vindictive, college - Psychology
  101. a person's personal mythology: men, woman, mom, thoughts - Psychology
  102. Frozen: counselor, therapy, dating, emotion - Psychology
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  104. Alcoholism (genetic or not): addiction, anxiety, thoughts, generation - Psychology
  105. Can’t trust doctors with the masks on.: therapy, dating, issues - Psychology
  106. Why is it that so many falsehoods can be commonly believed by so many?: college, parent - Psychology
  107. Does nostalgia limit your growth: counselor, college, adult, feelings - Psychology
  108. Nutrition Psychiatry: weight, people - Psychology
  109. Are you more blunt and possibly offensive on CD then in real life?: therapy, adult - Psychology
  110. Anger from continually noise around.: problems - Psychology
  111. Mom reaching out. Again. But not really.: anxiety, boyfriend, woman - Psychology
  112. Is there hope of resolving codependent issues?: addiction, counselor, narcissistic - Psychology
  113. Is Modern Psychology based on a bunch of gobbledygook?: psychologist, addiction, counselor
  114. Were most gay men turned on by women when they were younger, or was the attraction just never there?: depressed, dating - Psychology
  115. Missing out on life milestones: parent, people - Psychology
  116. Well if you choose to believe........: psychologist, therapy, depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  117. Do therapists/psychiatrists record their sessions?: counselor, therapy, dating, college - Psychology
  118. Misuse and over use of psych terms: narcissist, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  119. Why are humans such fanatics when it comes to politics and religion?: issues, people - Psychology
  120. What does forgiveness look like: mentally, woman, responsibility, emotion - Psychology
  121. Psychopaths are more attractive: psychologist, addict, sociopaths, narcissists - Psychology
  122. Women and body image and self esteem: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  123. Psychiatrists are overpaid.: parent, emotion, people - Psychology
  124. Who is your other half (mirrored personality?: woman, people - Psychology
  125. Do you still tend to have a problem with authority figures now that you're an adult ?: syndrome, issues - Psychology
  126. total psychological deprogramming: inability, thoughts, argumentative, generation - Psychology
  127. Depression by states ranked?: introvert, anxiety, depressed, parent - Psychology
  128. Horrible abandonment issues, need help & advice!: psychologist, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  129. How to ask for therapy?: counselor, mom, parent, problems - Psychology
  130. why is happy wife, happy life still being said?: men, husband - Psychology
  131. Who's Really In Control?: complex - Psychology
  132. Women's reactions to EXTREMELY handsome men: narcissistic, men, dating, woman - Psychology
  133. How long does it take to purge the entertainment media from the system?: addiction, people - Psychology
  134. Is it really that hard give off a non easy to make fun of vibe of positivity ?: aunt, adult - Psychology
  135. Do you have to be mentally ill to do horrific things?: complex, parent - Psychology
  136. Are of you starting to feel emotionally drained and numb?: fixate, mentally - Psychology
  137. Is a man who gets aroused by trans women/feminine men gay?: men, woman - Psychology
  138. Depressed Girlfriend Broke Up With Me: relationship, people - Psychology
  139. Different expectations for women vs men in daily interactions: depressed, mentally, men - Psychology
  140. Do you ever feel like you are having more fun than everyone: girlfriend, girls - Psychology
  141. People from North Korea are happier than you...: husband, college, problems - Psychology
  142. Knowing how you sound to others: parent, emotion, adult, people - Psychology
  143. Is It Bad That I Can Sexually Fantasize Of With Someone To Where I Can Feel The Person?: men, thoughts - Psychology
  144. People hate the truth: everything - Psychology
  145. Comparing a preference to sunrises or sunsets with personality and lifestyle: introvert - Psychology
  146. Unusual Encounter: addiction, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  147. Will the next Generations react to todays Conservativism ?: thoughts, adult, people - Psychology
  148. Can someone explain PTSD to me?: anxiety, mentally, men - Psychology
  149. How do I persuade my spouse to do the things he knows need to be done?: depressed, woman - Psychology
  150. Would you prefer electric shocks to....: anxiety, therapy, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  151. Are We Less Functional Without The News?: depressed, emotion, people - Psychology
  152. Can we just STOP arguing about why people are so poor?: mentally, college - Psychology
  153. is it to have occasional spiritual sex with my dead boyfriend - Psychology
  154. Psychological abuse domestic animals: vindictive, mentally, mom, abusive - Psychology
  155. Is It Better To Avoid Controversial Topics?: parent, issues, father - Psychology
  156. Had strange dream about picking up hitch hiker, does not end well: attracted, issues - Psychology
  157. Emotional Intelligence related to relationship failure vs. success: psychologist, inability, boyfriend - Psychology
  158. Mad at myself for feeling guilty: mentally, husband, college, parent - Psychology
  159. Prism to describe or label a person?: people - Psychology
  160. How are you filling the void from this pandemic?: introvert, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  161. Depression in first home? Help: counselor, depressed, mentally, dating - Psychology
  162. Fav destressing podcast?: woman, people - Psychology
  163. Post-traumatic stress associated with telework?: anxiety, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  164. Why do people always ghost each other instead of just saying the truth ?: mentally, dating - Psychology
  165. People who find other tasks to avoid the tasks that need to be done.: passive, generation - Psychology
  166. Isn't there a cruel irony to being famous today?: narcissists, weight, people - Psychology
  167. Why me?: abusive, parent, relationship, people - Psychology
  168. Friends’ Attitude on Trip Still Bothers Me After 3 Years: mom, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  169. Is hookup culture anti-feminist, according to psychology?: men, woman, issues
  170. Why do people generalise - not just racially but sexually,: woman, everything - Psychology
  171. Learning that you let the wrong people in your life: narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  172. Suicide questions: woman, husband, attractive, parent - Psychology
  173. Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention (but don't start singing): men, college - Psychology
  174. Karens, their psychology: feelings, toxic, people
  175. strange friendly man asked me to drive with him: men, people - Psychology
  176. Is Greed (the need to accumulate wealth) an Addiction?: mom, people - Psychology
  177. Do you think the claim of people tending to get less enthusiastic about life as they age is true ?: husband, adult - Psychology
  178. People Think The 'Shopping Cart Test' Can Prove If You’re A Good Or Bad Person: complex, parent - Psychology
  179. why do married people negate their spouses?: relationship - Psychology
  180. Sometimes I am wrong.: thoughts, issues, gambler, humans - Psychology
  181. Does your therapist actually remember your traumas?: counselor, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  182. my brother came out as gay recently in his 30s. I'm still if it was genetic or environmental triggers: therapy, mentally - Psychology
  183. Long-term negative effects of working from home: introvert, introversion, college - Psychology
  184. Why Do People Say Fifty-Something Instead of 53? - Psychology
  185. Who is the idea person in your partnership?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
  186. Rank the hardest emotional losses in life: parent, father, weight - Psychology
  187. Why do people pay for their spouse's loans/debts?: husband, emotion, marriage - Psychology
  188. Why you cannot convince people by citing facts: mentally, humans - Psychology
  189. Were people in the past psychologically stronger / better prepared against misfortune ?: men, generation - Psychology
  190. What would you do if your spouse called you and said she was about to take her life?: inability, husband - Psychology
  191. Stopped my meds, 6 weeks later I'm feeling great but the shopping...: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  192. How do you cope with being mediocre?: inability, responsibility, relationship - Psychology
  193. What do you think of couples who plaster themselves all over social media?: girlfriend, father - Psychology
  194. doing things out of my comfort zone and talking to a therapist....: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  195. How Long Do You Wait Before Taking a Stranger's Clothes out of a Public Dryer?: men, college - Psychology
  196. Life is all about Perspective - Psychology
  197. Dreams: When the mind has no concept of something?: men, thoughts, people - Psychology
  198. If the world was ending... - Psychology
  199. Understanding a man with Asperger's: interview with his mother: psychologist, problems, relationship - Psychology
  200. The pursuit of happiness: introvert, mentally, dating, college - Psychology