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  72. Depressed Doesn't Mean Wrong, Nor Does Happy Mean Correct.: therapy, mentally, woman - Psychology
  73. why do people say I'm sorry that happened to you ? - Psychology
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  75. Chess: should educated or smart people be competent, or at least basic level?: men, husband - Psychology
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  77. This two year pandemic is getting me really depressed. What can I do?: aunt, animals - Psychology
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  81. I just don't see the point anymore: relationship, people, everything - Psychology
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  87. Why Such Senseless Attacks? - The Psychology of Urban Violence: woman, parent
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  93. The psychology behind The Designated Family Beauty - is their one inn your family?: mom, husband
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  95. Why do so many Karens like to act as if they own the neighborhood?: people - Psychology
  96. What was the last thing that made you smile or happy? - Psychology
  97. Did you parents' personality drastically change as they got older?: mentally, mom - Psychology
  98. Why is the lack of love the main cause of most people's problems?: issues, feelings - Psychology
  99. Is she mentally healthy at all?: boyfriend, aunt, people, everything - Psychology
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  101. A Different COVID Psychology: humans, emotion, people
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  104. What type mental illness does this appear to be: narcissistic, relationship, people - Psychology
  105. Does feel like they have failed life?: woman, adult, mistakes - Psychology
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  107. Asking Professor about Social Psychology?: college, people
  108. The Psychology being Giving reps: thoughts, parent, people
  109. Never Forget 9/11: thoughts, generation, adult, feelings - Psychology
  110. psychology politics: characteristics, thoughts, emotion, people
  111. Is it true that women are more emotional than men?: men, mom - Psychology
  112. Ex controlling me with my possessions since I left him: dating, parent - Psychology
  113. just want to be left alone?: introvert, depressed, passive - Psychology
  114. What kind of therapist to see?: psychologist, counselor, therapy, depressed - Psychology
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  117. Blah Blah Blah: The Lack of Small Talk Is Breaking Our Brains: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
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  119. I feel like I am sexist towards women. How can I change?: mentally, men - Psychology
  120. Parents that don’t love their children: narcissistic, men, woman - Psychology
  121. evolutionary reason women on average tend to be obsessed over personal health more than men: men, woman - Psychology
  122. Why is Generation Z so extremely asexual?: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  123. Self objectification vs healthy sexual empowerment. Where is the line?: anxiety, men - Psychology
  124. Do you tend to believe the accuser? *warning sensitive topics*: anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  125. So I had a session with a Life Coach ....: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  126. Highly Sensitive People: Physiological: mom, responsibility, emotion, feelings - Psychology
  127. i am insecure about being a 30 year old still single guy.: men, dating - Psychology
  128. which of your personality traits would you not find attractive in others?: attracted, parent - Psychology
  129. How to prepare for first Psychology 101 class?: people
  130. I've been told I talk too much...: counselor, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  131. I’ve ‘done nothing’ but ‘interneting’ in my life (36 years) and it feels like there’s nothing left to know or learn: girlfriend, parent - Psychology
  132. Social media, depression, anxiety — are humans meant to intimately know hundreds or thousands of people?: men, woman - Psychology
  133. MO pastor: wives need to look good for their husbands: men, attractive - Psychology
  134. How to get over a smartphone addiction ?: everything - Psychology
  135. Why the cops get involved with suicidal people: psychologist, counselor, mentally - Psychology
  136. Do you worry what others think of you?: girlfriend, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  137. Emojis for hate: people - Psychology
  138. Where to go from I feel like I've failed in life.: college, thoughts - Psychology
  139. Trying to Understand Foodies: narcissistic, parent, people - Psychology
  140. Dealing with the social pressure of still being single in my 30s: men, dating - Psychology
  141. What experts think about many younger millennials and younger people than that: men, mom - Psychology
  142. I’m in trouble and feel suicidal: depressed, dating, husband - Psychology
  143. Every time I go to the dr my anxiety is through the roof and I can’t control it: therapy, abusive - Psychology
  144. Tips for living alone forever: dating, emotion, marriage, relationship - Psychology
  145. Capitalism-Socialism-Communism: mentally, toxic, people, everything - Psychology
  146. Don't Touch My Stuff, but I Can Touch Yours: psychologist, narcissists, husband - Psychology
  147. My behaviour changes in a relationship: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, issues - Psychology
  148. When family member has severe mental illness and access to a weapon: mentally, problems - Psychology
  149. Where Do You Put Yourself on a Feminine/Masculine Continuum?: feelings - Psychology
  150. I Am Not Lovable.: woman, thoughts, syndrome, problems - Psychology
  151. Feeling like I’m behind everyone in my peer group: introvert, counselor - Psychology
  152. Men and Women have different psychology and are attracted to different qualities in the opposite gender: true or false?: dating, woman
  153. Were you an adult before you grew up?: depressed, mentally, mom - Psychology
  154. Help to Define and Understand Avoidance in a friend: psychologist, addiction, blames - Psychology
  155. Am I a sex addict?: addiction, Ambien, therapy, men - Psychology
  156. Past Life Regression?: therapy, thoughts, people - Psychology
  157. How in the world do you do art/drawing tests in therapy when you stink at drawing?: father, emotion - Psychology
  158. Why do we condemn stepping on bugs but embrace sport fishing?: college, parent - Psychology
  159. Emotional effects of COVID? (Grief, depression?): depressed, woman, humans - Psychology
  160. My faith in humanity continues to disintegrate: vindictive, college, thoughts - Psychology
  161. Lost 20 lbs but feel like I look fatter?: weight, people - Psychology
  162. Does giving people that commit horrific crimes psychologic treatment honestly really do anything to help?: sociopath, therapy - Psychology
  163. My spouse is withholding my mail: psychologist, therapy, husband, issues - Psychology
  164. Self loathing.: mentally, men, abusive, generation - Psychology
  165. Who is seriously affected by gloomy days?: anxiety, issues - Psychology
  166. I walking to my car and an employee asks me if I need help?: people - Psychology
  167. care to take a stab? (Dream analysis): mom, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  168. Why is it considered a bad thing if you need someone in your life to feel beautiful: men, dating - Psychology
  169. Why do speakers introduce themselves?: people - Psychology
  170. How to manage anger?!: psychologist, anxiety, mentally, thoughts - Psychology
  171. why all this hate against Incels ?: misogynistic, mentally, men, dating - Psychology
  172. Was reading up on child sexual abuse and how bad it is and found something strange. does know anything about this: men, dating - Psychology
  173. How do you show your anger?: husband, emotion, people - Psychology
  174. The most important attribute to have in life...: parent, mistakes, people - Psychology
  175. If a guy s-xually harasses a woman at work, are other men and women equally upset about it?: relationship, people - Psychology
  176. Would you rather be bored or stressed?: introvert, introversion, anxiety - Psychology
  177. A Psychiatrist Making A Scene in Public: psychologist, intoxicated, woman - Psychology
  178. A generation of people untainted by the internet is dying out: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  179. Can You Ascertain the Difference Between Attachment & Love in Your Life?: husband, thoughts - Psychology
  180. Laughing alone. Bad?: thoughts - Psychology
  181. Am I burnt out or depressed?: dating, mom, adult, relationship - Psychology
  182. How did 2020 affect you mentally?: introvert, anxiety, mom, husband - Psychology
  183. What are your thoughts on compersion? (The opposite of jealousy): dating, woman - Psychology
  184. Do you ever need a break from life?: boyfriend, adult, feelings - Psychology
  185. Learning from mistakes: parent, problems, responsibility, marriage - Psychology
  186. How To Build Self-Esteem As An Adult & Accept Your Faults Without Hating Yourself: parent, issues - Psychology
  187. False Memories: anxiety, therapy, dating, mom - Psychology
  188. Is it true that becoming a more 'narcissistic' society, and does the internet attract more than its 'fair share'?: narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  189. People Who Can't Keep Their Opinions To Themselves: narcissistic, woman, emotion - Psychology
  190. Have you ever experienced extreme mental stuckness and confusion over a major life decision?: anxiety, emotion - Psychology
  191. Feelings of loneliness when moving: dating, mom, husband, complex - Psychology
  192. The Death: anxiety, husband, college, parent - Psychology
  193. I feel like I wasted my youth.: anxiety, mentally, college - Psychology
  194. Critize my thoughts?: anxiety, therapy, issues, problems - Psychology
  195. Does religious fundamentalism meet the criteria for Narcissism?: narcissists, mentally, characteristics - Psychology
  196. How long to wait for the late person ?: thoughts, passive, people - Psychology
  197. My psychiatrist says I need to live near family as I get older: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  198. panic survivor: people - Psychology
  199. When you have realistic dreams, what tips you off that it's a dream? - Psychology
  200. H.A.M.R. Hand Acuated Mental Reconditioning: thoughts - Psychology