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  80. for Introverts: introversion, thoughts, parent, issues - Psychology
  81. A Positive Example In A Negative World: people - Psychology
  82. Why do teenage and 20-something girls of the last 20 years sound like Valley Girls, yih knew?: men, people - Psychology
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  84. Excessive Talkers: passive, people - Psychology
  85. What is the mindset/mentality of people who blast their music? - Psychology
  86. People that look exactly the same in every photo they're in, and people who look different: problems, father - Psychology
  87. I like to stare at and listen in to people!: college - Psychology
  88. What is the psychology term for this?: syndrome, weight, people
  89. how to stop an internet addiction: people - Psychology
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  92. Fellow tall people: do of you hate your height?: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  93. Where does personal responsibility start and end with a person who is mentally ill?: vindictive, sociopath - Psychology
  94. What do you think about a husband and wife issue?: college, responsibility - Psychology
  95. Gender: men, thoughts, issues, weight - Psychology
  96. maladaptive daydreaming: addiction, anxiety, mom, thoughts - Psychology
  97. Perspective on God: mentally, parent, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  98. Why do I binge eat?: addiction, relationship, people - Psychology
  99. What is the most intense pain you have ever experienced, and how do you cope with it?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  100. Are sons naturally closer to their mothers?: introvert, narcissistic, mentally - Psychology
  101. I Told My Wife It Didn't Bother Me: mom, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  102. If all crime was legal for a day, would you commit crime?: boyfriend, relationship - Psychology
  103. If you don't have something nice to say, why say it?: issues, emotion - Psychology
  104. Do you seek solitude or people?: introvert, introversion, men - Psychology
  105. Creep, Creepy, Creeper: introvert, anxiety, mentally, men - Psychology
  106. Who has more issues men or women?: abusive, problems, marriage - Psychology
  107. Does feel irritated when offered assistance without asking?: therapy, mentally - Psychology
  108. why do people hug each other now-a-days?: men, boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  109. Scapegoats I know you are estranged to your parents but whats your relationship to golden child like resentment?: narcissistic, issues - Psychology
  110. What causes people to think they can leave a shopping cart anywhere? - Psychology
  111. Are huge facial tattoos a sign of mental illness?: mentally, boyfriend, attractive - Psychology
  112. This happens all the time: people who see you but don't move.: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  113. My psychiatrist dismissed me from his practice!!: therapy, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  114. What makes people STILL cough and sneeze in their palms?: generation, parent - Psychology
  115. Why Do Haters Have to Hate? Newly Identified Personality Trait Holds Clues: narcissistic, characteristics - Psychology
  116. The sportswriter who blogged his own suicide: mentally, thoughts, emotion - Psychology
  117. How does it feel to be old??: depressed, mentally, men - Psychology
  118. Do you believe that we as a people are being manipulated?: men, humans - Psychology
  119. Recurring dream that you haven't graduated college but you did?: anxiety, people - Psychology
  120. Adult child of abusive parents: counselor, anxiety, therapy, mom - Psychology
  121. Do men who shave their head tend to be more macho on average?: complex, people - Psychology
  122. Umm women: you do realize...: men, woman, college, people - Psychology
  123. Happy people only...what is your Formula?: depressed, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  124. What is the nature of reality?: mentally, everything - Psychology
  125. Does this sound like Borderline Personality Disorder?: sociopath, narcissistic, boyfriend - Psychology
  126. Being like the Parents: mom, husband, college, characteristics - Psychology
  127. Where are the psychiatric hospitals?: addiction, therapy, mentally, parent - Psychology
  128. is LSD for psycotherapy making a comeback?: psychologist, counselor, mentally - Psychology
  129. Is this usual or an unusual obsession with green eyes?: men, attracted - Psychology
  130. Happiness...all in your mind?: depressed, woman, husband, problems - Psychology
  131. Changing Your Lifestyle: addiction, narcissist, college, thoughts - Psychology
  132. Why are more women into nature/vegetarians?: men, woman, parent - Psychology
  133. Not sure if this belongs but...: college, relationship, people - Psychology
  134. Pansexualism: discrimination, mentally, men, dating - Psychology
  135. Are kids from huge families more isolated from their parents?: mom, college - Psychology
  136. Do you snoop?: people - Psychology
  137. What do you do to relax while flying?: anxiety, therapy, college - Psychology
  138. Why can't I accept a compliment?: narcissistic, mentally, men, dating - Psychology
  139. Controlling people: depressed, dating, mom, husband - Psychology
  140. The worst insult: sociopath, men, college, girls - Psychology
  141. If a rape victim is a male is he affected the same way too?: men, woman - Psychology
  142. back when i was a teen: people - Psychology
  143. Understanding the Enneagram.: MBTI, depressed, mom, girlfriend - Psychology
  144. Are TV reality shows depicting dysfunction as a norm?: husband, thoughts, unconsciously - Psychology
  145. Did your social life greatly improve after school?: introvert, college, adult - Psychology
  146. Do You Ever Skip Super-Long Paragraph and Vague Titles?: girlfriend, people - Psychology
  147. co-dependence: therapy, issues, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  148. What is the purpose of Hello?: parent, humans, relationship, people - Psychology
  149. The American Dream: mentally, men, parent, father - Psychology
  150. Why does country music seem to make people uncomfortable?: boyfriend, parent, feelings - Psychology
  151. Past Life Regression: FACT OR FAKED?: psychologist, mentally, men, attracted - Psychology
  152. is psychology evil?: psychologist, humans, people
  153. Breaking a habit: addiction, depressed, thoughts, borderline - Psychology
  154. The option of suicide a consoling feeling?: depressed, college, issues - Psychology
  155. Why don't women have an inbetween?: woman, people - Psychology
  156. How to deal with people consumed by bitterness: passive, parent, issues - Psychology
  157. Self-Pity: what cuases it and how to fight it?: addiction, narcissistic, husband - Psychology
  158. Different thinking styles?: thoughts, syndrome, complex, parent - Psychology
  159. Expressing Emotions?: narcissist, men, husband, relationship - Psychology
  160. Do people who sleep in public creep you out?: college, father, adult - Psychology
  161. Not sure if this is a way of making sure you never get abused?: men, dating - Psychology
  162. Why most women expect men to approach them?: men, dating, woman - Psychology
  163. whats the psychology behind tattoos?: people
  164. How do people build healthy relationships with themselves??: counselor, therapy, husband - Psychology
  165. Is it human nature to revise our personal history to avoid discomfort?: psychologist, narcissistic - Psychology
  166. Is being too strong a weakness?: mentally, men, parent, problems - Psychology
  167. What's the psychology behind people who hate tattoos?: generation, parent, marriage
  168. The Space Invaders: woman, thoughts - Psychology
  169. Does have problems with inertia?: inability, anxiety, mentally, passive - Psychology
  170. How to make people love you:: men, borderline, feelings - Psychology
  171. Do you think American culture does not encourage peer pressure: characteristics, parent - Psychology
  172. Why People Want What They Can't Have: introvert, emotion - Psychology
  173. Do you feel like you have a purpose?: college, problems, people - Psychology
  174. teen suicide/ internet bullies: anxiety, college, parent, problems - Psychology
  175. Are you brillant and extremely talented in something?: complex, problems, people - Psychology
  176. Liars, scammers, cheats.... how do they do it?: sociopaths, narcissistic, syndrome - Psychology
  177. Self-absorbed me monster people: do they know? can they fix it?: narcissist, woman - Psychology
  178. Is There a Name For This Type of Behavior?: narcissist, depressed, dating - Psychology
  179. If you have no more hopes and dreams, what does it mean?: people - Psychology
  180. In light of a certain recent around ..: mentally, woman, attracted - Psychology
  181. Must Always Win Fights to Disturbing Degree: mentally, men, people - Psychology
  182. Did invention damage our social society?: introvert, college, thoughts, generation - Psychology
  183. Childless Men More Depressed Article: parent, relationship, people - Psychology
  184. How do I help my parents deal with my brother? (sorry for the length): anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  185. Why are people (especially men) more prone to take Real Risks?: weight, animals - Psychology
  186. Therapy, counseling, support groups, , are for weak-minded people.: anxiety, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  187. Why is every new technology that gets invented called an addiction?: mom, college - Psychology
  188. Women forever whining about being overweight: woman, people - Psychology
  189. I had a strange dream where I had sex with the devil - what does this mean?: woman, college - Psychology
  190. When other people are crying/upset - are you suppose to feel something?: parent, father - Psychology
  191. Men's biological clock: husband, college, generation, problems - Psychology
  192. psychology of racist parents with kids dating: woman, mom, attractive
  193. why so many cops are wife beaters?: addiction, counselor, men - Psychology
  194. Are there differences between a male and female sociopath/psychopath?: sociopaths, people - Psychology
  195. Why is the Enneagram so difficult?: college, feelings, people - Psychology
  196. Florida man awakens in Palm Springs ER speaking only Swedish. Why? - Psychology
  197. Name that Phobia - Psychology
  198. When did people start using the word Team to support an idividual? - Psychology
  199. The Power of Imitation: in Infancy, Imitation Promotes a General Pro-Social Orientation Toward Others: adult - Psychology
  200. Dream about new job at the top of a hill/slope: people - Psychology