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  38. why does modern psychology preach religion and zero-sum games?: psychologist, people
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  76. I honestly believe most (99.9%) of conspiracy theories are BS: men, college, parent - Psychology
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  78. Men need to be more talkative and funny in order to get in conversations whereas girls don't. Why is that?: dating, woman - Psychology
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  108. Differences between introverts and extroverts: MBTI, introversion, depressed, characteristics - Psychology
  109. Ugly with ugly, average with average and pretty with pretty?: woman, attracted - Psychology
  110. At what age did you become aware of your mortality/that you were going to die?: therapy, college - Psychology
  111. Wow, so I almost overdosed yesterday...: psychologist, parent, problems, people - Psychology
  112. Age Gap Relationships and Emotional Intelligence.(Paul Walker case): therapy, men, dating - Psychology
  113. People who stand too close in line - Psychology
  114. just another form of bullying: adult, relationship, toxic, people - Psychology
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  116. I should hate my parents.. but I don't have the ability to hate or love anymore.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
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  125. I can tell you that internet addiction is real: gambler, humans, people - Psychology
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  127. Understanding the Psychology Behind men who would NEVER date a single mother!: boyfriend, dating
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  132. Angry / depressed all my life. How do I change?: introvert, psychologist, college - Psychology
  133. Why do women have children knowing that the father doesn't want to be involved?: men, boyfriend - Psychology
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  135. You wake up tomorrow, as the opposite gender: mentally - Psychology
  136. Sharing seats on public transportation: people - Psychology
  137. Teaching a Child The Concept of Empathy and Compassion: mentally, husband, thoughts - Psychology
  138. The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying: people, everything - Psychology
  139. What the most important single reason people are successful: complex, adult - Psychology
  140. People who can't disagree without getting upset: borderline, issues, emotion - Psychology
  141. Happy people make it further?: girlfriend, weight, animals - Psychology
  142. Do people have conscience?: discrimination, thoughts, generation, humans - Psychology
  143. Dying in 17 hours: husband, animals, people - Psychology
  144. What is the psychological explanation for Born Again Christians (or others)?: thoughts, parent - Psychology
  145. How Happy are You Days?: thoughts, father, relationship - Psychology
  146. Understanding human behavior is impossible!!: girlfriend, college, thoughts, generation - Psychology
  147. depression IN THE USA AND RUSSIA: psychologist, addiction, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  148. Why are narcissists so likable and charming?: sociopaths, relationship, people - Psychology
  149. Left speechless: dating, woman, husband, relationship - Psychology
  150. My boyfriend has a weird fetish what do I do!: addiction, sociopath - Psychology
  151. Do you let the follies of the world affect your happiness?: mentally, issues - Psychology
  152. For more than 10 years I've been wanting to hurt people: mentally, college - Psychology
  153. I'm high right now (State of Flow): thoughts - Psychology
  154. Why do people use drugs?: addiction, parent, issues, problems - Psychology
  155. What do you do if you don't trust your diagnosis: psychologist, narcissistic - Psychology
  156. A mental illness puzzler for you: therapy, thoughts, issues, people - Psychology
  157. I am a bullying survivor and this is my Affirmations For Bullying Victims message.: depressed, college - Psychology
  158. Accepting death vs. doing everything to stay alive: therapy, depressed, mom - Psychology
  159. Why don't people change?: inability, parent, issues, problems - Psychology
  160. If marriage counselors are divorced themselves do you believe they are qualified to give advice at all?: therapy, men - Psychology
  161. Myers-Briggs, what is your personality type?: college, people - Psychology
  162. Did you ever experience incident that traumatized you and changed your life forever?: marriage, relationship - Psychology
  163. A Theory is a Theory Until Disproved.: psychologist, woman, problems - Psychology
  164. What do you dream of mostly and why?: mom, parent, emotion - Psychology
  165. Parting with your pet: girls, humans, father, emotion - Psychology
  166. Diagnose My Dad: inability, IQ, parent, issues - Psychology
  167. Setting Boundaries Is So Hard!: depressed, passive, responsibility, adult - Psychology
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  171. Renaming Adultery ?: therapy, husband, emotion, marriage - Psychology
  172. Just how important is social interaction to happiness and personal contentment: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  173. Why do few Facebook friends usually like or your stuff?: college, relationship - Psychology
  174. I have been told I am negative.. help: mom, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  175. Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved?: men, issues - Psychology
  176. Internet Trolls ~ Why do they do it?: men, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  177. Women make me feel very Un comfortable.: misogynistic, men, woman - Psychology
  178. Understanding my neighbors: mom, issues, problems, father - Psychology
  179. Somethings wrong with me...: counselor, anxiety, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  180. I think that anger, or losing temper means being emotional: men, woman - Psychology
  181. What is with the BULLYING?: mom, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  182. I am 21 and don't know what to do with my life.: counselor, mentally - Psychology
  183. Sex Dreams: husband, thoughts, relationship, people - Psychology
  184. Personalities Are They Inherited?: psychologist, narcissistic, generation, parent - Psychology
  185. Unexpected Side Effect From Prednisone..: anxiety, syndrome, people - Psychology
  186. Who has the most advantages: A beautiful young woman or a handsome young man?: men, college - Psychology
  187. Is your opinion important?: psychologist, adult, feelings, people - Psychology
  188. Spanking kids leads to aggressive behavior and language problems: men, characteristics, abusive - Psychology
  189. Gender differences in styles of conflict resolution: inability, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  190. How much of a change from 30 - 40 years old: introvert, mentally, thoughts - Psychology
  191. I need to make a purchase...: problems, people, everything - Psychology
  192. People who get upset when spelling/grammar errors are pointed out.: issues, responsibility - Psychology
  193. Is every man a natural stalker?: men, woman, attractive, issues - Psychology
  194. how did you all stop drinking & smoking?: addiction, husband, people - Psychology
  195. What causes the human heart of people to harden, over time?: mentally, parent - Psychology
  196. This world respects muscle, nothing: people - Psychology
  197. Online Life Coaching?: dating, abusive, problems - Psychology
  198. What do you do when you need a break but aren't allowed to slow down time soon?: psychologist, counselor - Psychology
  199. pet peeves & personal quirks - Psychology
  200. Not being able to love Self, unable to accept love: narcissists, people - Psychology