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  56. My Heart Is Still There - Psychology
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  64. Why is the spider considered alive? Can we make something like that? - Psychology
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  68. Hypnotic Musical Recollection From Very Young Age:: psychologist, parent, father - Psychology
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  71. Uhh...I don't want a job.: thoughts, issues, adult, people - Psychology
  72. I like to say weird things to people to see how they will: psychologist, attractive - Psychology
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  75. other extremely emotionally sensitive people?: therapy, characteristics, thoughts, adult - Psychology
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  80. acne in adult: addiction, therapy, depressed, men - Psychology
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  82. Why do individuals tend to stand out more than others?: introvert, sociopath - Psychology
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  84. What is a healthy mind, really?: thoughts, emotion, weight, feelings - Psychology
  85. I hate routine!: introvert, girlfriend, relationship, people - Psychology
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  87. doing things you like thinking everyone likes it: narcissists, thoughts, people - Psychology
  88. Has a Suicide ever touched your life?: therapy, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  89. Don't know if I should call my therapist: anxiety, depressed, thoughts - Psychology
  90. What makes someone boring?: introvert, therapy, parent, weight - Psychology
  91. This child has no empathy: vindictive, psychologist, sociopath, counselor - Psychology
  92. Do you think people are just born bad/evil?: sociopaths, men - Psychology
  93. Why Do I Flash An Angry Look (Give Off Hate Vibes): men, woman - Psychology
  94. Depression is not an illness: depressed, relationship, people - Psychology
  95. Why would a man rather watch porn if he has a ready and willing woman?: addiction, men - Psychology
  96. What do you think about people who constantly badmouthing their exes?: narcissists, mom - Psychology
  97. Does our teen need help: psychologist, counselor, depressed, college - Psychology
  98. My dad used to say: If you think kids are cruel, wait until you become with adults: woman, college - Psychology
  99. What you're smartphone says about you.: people - Psychology
  100. Is this Normal ?: therapy, depressed, mentally, men - Psychology
  101. do you think we will ever find ways to prevent or cure pedophilia: therapy, men - Psychology
  102. Language compared to belief: generation, humans, adult, relationship - Psychology
  103. Is it bad that I compare myself to people that are better than me?: thoughts - Psychology
  104. How can one get standard knowledge?: people - Psychology
  105. How can I get over my fear of Rabies?: anxiety, therapy, humans - Psychology
  106. The only time I feel comfortable in my own skin is when I'm ****ed up on drugs and alcohol: counselor, problems - Psychology
  107. Tell me why I am no longer interested in my hobby: woman, college - Psychology
  108. Did you get a butt whippins growing up and how do you feel about it now?: mom, thoughts - Psychology
  109. Real Tips on Self-Esteem: addiction, thoughts, complex, parent - Psychology
  110. What goes on the mind of a 1 in a 1000 beautiful woman?: narcissistic, attractive - Psychology
  111. Developing prejudices: problems, humans, emotion, relationship - Psychology
  112. How can I learn to be flippant and contradictory like the masses?: people - Psychology
  113. Smell as a memory trigger: woman, mom, father, aunt - Psychology
  114. Just feeling lost in life ... at 25: introvert, mom, college, complex - Psychology
  115. Does there seem to be more paranoia days (conspiracy theories, )?: generation, issues - Psychology
  116. How does one get to adulthood and not have basic mental tools to handle life's little things?: husband, college - Psychology
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  118. The key to happiness: boyfriend, emotion, people - Psychology
  119. Why do people get offended and mean reading a cookbook?: narcissists, attracted - Psychology
  120. Is Narcissism curable ?: psychologist, sociopaths, narcissists, therapy - Psychology
  121. WHY are wimmen like this!: men, husband, generation, people - Psychology
  122. When you see Drafts in your email, do you want a beer? - Psychology
  123. What brings you joy in life?: mom, people - Psychology
  124. What kind of person do you really want to be? What sort of life?: mentally, husband - Psychology
  125. Do you think much of friends from the past who did better than you in life?: boyfriend, college - Psychology
  126. I hate me: therapy, depressed, mentally, husband - Psychology
  127. Delusions of Grandeur......: sociopaths, narcissists, abusive, issues - Psychology
  128. How do you see the differences between Aspergers and NPD: counselor, narcissists - Psychology
  129. Compliments that aren't really compliments: woman, issues, weight, people - Psychology
  130. Guns, murder in the theater?: husband, father, emotion, marriage - Psychology
  131. Treated as a pickpocket?: anxiety, men, woman, passive - Psychology
  132. Psychiatric Evaluation.. where to go?: counselor, therapy, relationship, people - Psychology
  133. introverts wish there were Antisocial Media?: narcissistic, college, thoughts - Psychology
  134. How to help wife whos afraid of flying: psychologist, anxiety, father - Psychology
  135. Worried about a depressed occasional romantic interest: introvert, dating, woman - Psychology
  136. psychology of pro sports fandom: generation, people, everything
  137. 'Seeking conflict to connect': thoughts, unconsciously, emotion, adult - Psychology
  138. Families with parents of different races, or adopted kids of different races - share your experiences!: dating, woman - Psychology
  139. Hair loss is wreaking psychological devastation on me: anxiety, men, dating - Psychology
  140. Ready to Die (But Not Suicidal): therapy, girlfriend, thoughts, borderline - Psychology
  141. NIMH casts aside DSM-V.....opinions: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, parent - Psychology
  142. New beginnings: a new you, redefining yourself, transformations: college, passive, people - Psychology
  143. People who seem to have total self confidence, but do they?: sociopath, parent - Psychology
  144. What are ways that you see people try to justify their failures in life?: college - Psychology
  145. Psychology of a male who walks with a swagger?: attractive, problems, people
  146. silent suffering during the holidays: woman, thoughts, problems, weight - Psychology
  147. Does Simplicity Lead to a Healthier Life?: introvert, anxiety, mentally - Psychology
  148. Dealing with Loneliness: Ambien, anxiety, dating, college - Psychology
  149. I work with kids for a living, but never talk to them or look at them in public.: men, overprotective - Psychology
  150. Why am I more productive at work during afternoon / evenings that in the morning?: therapy, people - Psychology
  151. What does being an ADULT mean? What are the criteria? What does being an ADULT mean to YOU?: parent, responsibility - Psychology
  152. Why is it that men who struggle with dating have more to fix than women?: therapy, problems - Psychology
  153. My 4 year old son fears his dad: husband, emotion, adult - Psychology
  154. Feelings, so many feelings...: depressed, emotion, relationship, people - Psychology
  155. Why do people think introverts are weak?: introversion, girlfriend, college - Psychology
  156. Gays and Prostitution: discrimination, inability, woman, problems - Psychology
  157. People Watching: That person looks confident; that person looks smart- Can you tell?: IQ, syndrome - Psychology
  158. Taking responsibility for feeling offended or angry discussion or We decide what we feel: men, woman - Psychology
  159. What causes a person to speak in the third person? Me, mine, my, I phobia?: husband, complex - Psychology
  160. Why aren't most women as deep as most men: anxiety, depressed, men - Psychology
  161. Would you consider me an alcoholic based on my drinking habits?: therapy, issues - Psychology
  162. Why aren't most men as deep as women?: woman, IQ, complex - Psychology
  163. What makes a person be who they are?: inability, sociopaths, depressed - Psychology
  164. Horrid nightmare of being hoarded by monsters: anxiety, college, thoughts - Psychology
  165. Have you ever been convinced or fairly sure you were going to die?: anxiety, men - Psychology
  166. 'How the Internet created the Age of Rage': psychologist, addiction, narcissists - Psychology
  167. The feeling that I'm just not carved out for success in life: woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  168. Woody Allen lowers the bar to 7 year old kids.: dating, girlfriend, husband - Psychology
  169. I've a ..: counselor, anxiety, thoughts, issues - Psychology
  170. Lately, I'm feeling physically sick around people.: introvert, depressed, issues - Psychology
  171. Is denial the new way of 'coping'?: passive, generation, issues - Psychology
  172. I want friends, because...: mom, attracted, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  173. News, Short man syndrome really does exist, Oxford University finds: men, dating - Psychology
  174. Building Discipline in my life: woman, marriage, people - Psychology
  175. Do you think the human race is 'evolving' in way?: girls, humans - Psychology
  176. How much do you have to adapt your natural personality to fit the norm ?: introvert, introversion - Psychology
  177. People walking with no bubble: narcissistic, woman, characteristics, parent - Psychology
  178. Would you rather be slightly insane, or perfectly sane?: anxiety, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  179. Transgendered people and gender-typical behaviour/interests: men, thoughts, attracted, parent - Psychology
  180. American words.: problems, people, everything - Psychology
  181. viable or alternative ways to socialize, if socializing if large- or medium-sized groups only makes you miserable?: college, relationship - Psychology
  182. Going out alone as a woman? Is this weird?: girls, people, everything - Psychology
  183. Acid thrower: sociopaths, men, woman, husband - Psychology
  184. What's the worst thing you ever ACCIDENTALLY said to someone?: mom, husband - Psychology
  185. Older men: their type of youth dictaminates their future?: girlfriend, parent, girls - Psychology
  186. Are Certain People in Our Lives Dangerous to Our Well-Being?: depressed, parent - Psychology
  187. Have you ever imagined what it would be like if there was no opposite gender?: people - Psychology
  188. Why do people like to visit places where murders happened?: husband, adult - Psychology
  189. Why do we regret our actions or not do what we want?: addiction, girlfriend - Psychology
  190. The all-important positive attitude and expectations: anxiety, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  191. Do you think older women are more submissive than younger ones?: men, dating - Psychology
  192. What is the equivalent of the strip club experience - for women?: men, woman - Psychology
  193. Inquiry Why hip-thrusting by pop stars affects women: men, thoughts, attracted - Psychology
  194. Dealing with loneliness after friend moves away: parent, problems, adult - Psychology
  195. Passive Aggressive: mentally, husband, father, emotion - Psychology
  196. Why all the intolerance??: parent, issues, people, everything - Psychology
  197. The Icarus Project: therapy, thoughts, issues, people - Psychology
  198. Have you ever tried to discover your shadow side?: psychologist, parent - Psychology
  199. Do you make New Year's resolutions or New Year's goals, and if so, how many?: people - Psychology
  200. Personality traits? The good and the bad.: issues, weight, people - Psychology