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  41. ADHD and Autism Spectrum Evaluation - Psychology
  42. Night terrors and I am about to reach 50.: anxiety, husband, parent - Psychology
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  56. is my life!: depressed, aunt, feelings, people - Psychology
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  58. Good Hearted, Intelligent and Responsible people suffer the most in America: addiction, parent - Psychology
  59. Never been sued but the of it feels like persecution - is the normal?: counselor, mentally - Psychology
  60. How does the phrase YOLO make you feel? How does the awareness of the brevity of life affect you?: depressed, dating - Psychology
  61. Why do veterans refuse to seek professional help to treat their PTSD?: therapy - Psychology
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  68. Quiet?: introvert, men, attractive, feelings - Psychology
  69. Why are women so terrified of harmless creatures?: mom, girls, relationship - Psychology
  70. Have you been tramatized? I was trumatized, family did not care to help: counselor, mentally - Psychology
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  73. How do glamor models stay so bubbly? - Psychology
  74. How do deal with feelings of inadequacy from perpetual failure?: inability, therapy - Psychology
  75. for guys what is your opinion about my body?: attractive, weight - Psychology
  76. Why do our friends show off on Facebook?: dating, passive, aunt - Psychology
  77. Why Is It Ok For Personal Attacks On The Internet?: vindictive, sociopath - Psychology
  78. Whose job is it to instill self esteem in children?: therapy, mom - Psychology
  79. Peculiar Walking Habits: fixate, people - Psychology
  80. How often are you entertained?: anxiety, mentally, thoughts - Psychology
  81. existential dread: psychologist, anxiety, therapy, mentally - Psychology
  82. Disrespected by a stranger - how would you react?: mentally, thoughts, adult - Psychology
  83. Life as an adult after college... SHOCK: attractive, parent, emotion - Psychology
  84. Are artists and creative people better than other folks?: father, aunt - Psychology
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  86. Recently diagnosed as a I the next minority?: sociopaths, therapy - Psychology
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  89. Do I sound like I have a low IQ?: depressed, college, syndrome - Psychology
  90. experience with Munchausen Syndrome?: woman, issues, adult, people - Psychology
  91. Why do people act out in horrific ways and others don't?: fixate, mentally - Psychology
  92. Should we avoid people?: introvert, husband, thoughts, relationship - Psychology
  93. Social Experiment - Homeless: mentally, mom, college, parent - Psychology
  94. Do you still have memories of when you were a Toddler or an Infant?: mom, college - Psychology
  95. Should you ever feel superior to: generation, feelings, people - Psychology
  96. I have no Life Force: sociopath, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  97. Should women start dating kissless virgins for the protection of society?: men, college - Psychology
  98. popularity,: introvert, anxiety, therapy, people - Psychology
  99. Living an online lifestyle: introvert, mom, husband, college - Psychology
  100. dating someone who is bi-polar??: sociopath, narcissistic, therapy, boyfriend - Psychology
  101. Why does everyone have Aspergers?: introvert, psychologist, fixate, anxiety - Psychology
  102. Do dogs dream?: anxiety, complex, issues, humans - Psychology
  103. This incident over UCSB got me thinking: misogynistic, narcissistic, therapy - Psychology
  104. What drives people to suicide?: anxiety, mentally, parent, problems - Psychology
  105. Has ever just up on their life?: introvert, depressed, mentally - Psychology
  106. How Long Would You Survive Being In Solitary Confinement?: introvert, woman, people - Psychology
  107. 16 year old behaving strangely?: psychologist, mom, parent, people - Psychology
  108. Why so many elderly people are hypervigilant?: therapy, men, college - Psychology
  109. Would you start behaving differently if you discovered that hidden cameras have been following you and will continue to?: people - Psychology
  110. What are your best and worst times of the year?: college, father - Psychology
  111. At what point is suicide an appropriate and rational course of action?: college, animals - Psychology
  112. I am too intense: addiction, narcissistic, anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  113. Do Computers Not Have Spell Check?: parent, people, everything - Psychology
  114. Women are often brutally tough on other women: men, girls, problems - Psychology
  115. things you don't ever forget: anxiety, therapy, borderline, abusive - Psychology
  116. Why does it bother so many if people don't conform to gender roles?: men, woman - Psychology
  117. How do you stop the illusion of time going by too fast?: anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  118. Attracted to a lady who I now realize looks very similar to my mother when she was younger: psychologist, men - Psychology
  119. Daughter's friends cutting - what to do?: counselor, mom, parent - Psychology
  120. Happiest life stage in one's life on average is....: college, parent, marriage - Psychology
  121. Feelings as the ultimate: anxiety, mom, emotion, people - Psychology
  122. Overly self conscious and critical...: attractive, parent, mistakes, people - Psychology
  123. 27 and single what is wrong with me?: relationship, people - Psychology
  124. Tell Me About Your 40th Birthday: introvert, anxiety, men, woman - Psychology
  125. Odors: attractive, issues, humans, people - Psychology
  126. I'm anti-social, not because I don't enjoy socializing or because I'm awkward, but because ....: men, woman - Psychology
  127. Getting Tired of Living!: therapy, depressed, mentally, thoughts - Psychology
  128. On Humility: people - Psychology
  129. How many ADULTS do you know that genuinely have ADD/ADHD: boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  130. Is it shizophrenic to receive messages from The holy spirit?: father, people - Psychology
  131. Raised by an alcoholic???: anxiety, therapy, mom, abusive - Psychology
  132. I’m dating an alcoholic.: woman, girlfriend, abusive, father - Psychology
  133. Do you remember your childhood?: men, woman, girlfriend, adult - Psychology
  134. What is Ego death?: anxiety, mentally, woman, mom - Psychology
  135. Why do people want upscale material possessions?: relationship, everything - Psychology
  136. Do you think people get a kick out of hurting others?: attracted, emotion - Psychology
  137. Is there a name/label for the way this person is?: psychologist, sociopath - Psychology
  138. Why Do We Care So Much About What Others Think Of Us?: fixate, husband - Psychology
  139. Always the responsible one..: husband, college, generation, parent - Psychology
  140. Women and Random Harassment in Public: mentally, men, woman, college - Psychology
  141. Psychology of a Fading Beauty/Celebrity: attractive, girls, problems, marriage
  142. What is Asperger's Syndrome? (Could I Possibly Have This?): inability, anxiety, depressed - Psychology
  143. Beginning to hate driving :(: anxiety, woman, father, adult - Psychology
  144. I Respect Every Adult For My Mother: mom, parent, emotion - Psychology
  145. Do you wake up each morning excited? Happy?: depressed, toxic, people - Psychology
  146. Art / Science of Embarrassment (questions related to a book I want to write): men, woman - Psychology
  147. Death Frightens Me...A Lot.: therapy, woman, mom, thoughts - Psychology
  148. Inside the mind of a sex trafficker?: addict, sociopaths, narcissist - Psychology
  149. do you get bored easily?: thoughts, syndrome, people, everything - Psychology
  150. Ignoring the Reality of an Alcoholic: addiction, depressed, college, problems - Psychology
  151. Why does silence bother people?: humans, animals, everything - Psychology
  152. 39 yr. old guy, shiftless, lost, depressed -- need advice?: introvert, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  153. The Psychology of message board posters: addiction, argumentative, people
  154. I keep being mistaken for other people: men, woman, mom - Psychology
  155. Curing insecurity in men: counselor, mentally, mom, college - Psychology
  156. What Am I? (Sociopathy, Narcissistic,: sociopaths, narcissists, therapy, depressed - Psychology
  157. Wtf happened? Bizarre interaction...: thoughts, attractive, weight, people - Psychology
  158. Is it to be totally incapable of forming relationships?: counselor, therapy - Psychology
  159. Lying and deceit are valuable social skills?: introvert, thoughts, syndrome - Psychology
  160. People who use the internet for an excuse not to have actual face to face conversations: introvert, anxiety - Psychology
  161. Achieving happiness?: problems, relationship, people - Psychology
  162. TROLLS the mindset?: narcissistic, people - Psychology
  163. Have men lost social freedom due to homophobia?: boyfriend, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  164. Belief a Conscious Choice?: characteristics, animals, people, everything - Psychology
  165. Are Women Generally Crueler Than Men?: men, woman, responsibility - Psychology
  166. Tattoos--the bigger the tattoo, the lower the IQ: college, girls, aunt - Psychology
  167. Analyze this piece of psychology: mentally, woman, husband, issues
  168. How do you prefer to die ?: aunt, people - Psychology
  169. Why is it that when people do horribly deplorable acts it's always blamed on mental illness?: mentally, college - Psychology
  170. what does it mean when a person is too perfect: men, issues - Psychology
  171. Are people too unforgiving?: woman, father, everything - Psychology
  172. Why do boys pull girls pigtails? - Psychology
  173. Do you enter threads knowing you may be upset by the content?: issues, relationship - Psychology
  174. Are people more disrespectful nowadays?: woman, borderline, generation, problems - Psychology
  175. Never felt loved by: anxiety, therapy, depressed, men - Psychology
  176. Lonely gay women, what would it take for you to choose a man as a mate or partner?: men, college - Psychology
  177. Can People with Asperger's syndrome learn how to drive a Car ? I have met several people with Asperger's syndrome who dr: anxiety, college - Psychology
  178. Which countries can one run to if one is haunted by forced medication in psychiatry?: people - Psychology
  179. The Psychological Impact of Balding in My 20's: depressed, men, woman - Psychology
  180. Mass Shooters Chart By Race of Killer: Interesting Information: characteristics, accuracy, people - Psychology
  181. I have an unhealthy obsession with my appearance: therapy, girlfriend, attractive - Psychology
  182. Bitter men, what is the story behind your bitterness?: dating, relationship, feelings - Psychology
  183. can you healthy function on 3-4 hours of sleep?: dating, college, issues - Psychology
  184. How are short men NOT supposed to feel inferior?: discrimination, woman, girlfriend - Psychology
  185. Do you look forward to the weekends?: people - Psychology
  186. Help me to understand this state of mind: mentally, men, complex - Psychology
  187. Do Good-Looking People Have It Easier In Life?: attractive, parent - Psychology
  188. can explain the shopping cart thing!?: complex, people - Psychology
  189. Reasons Our Lives Aren't As Happy As We'd Like: introvert, depressed, husband - Psychology
  190. Why do we drink tap water?: people - Psychology
  191. I want to help my girlfriend get over her homosexual inclination: boyfriend, dating - Psychology
  192. How can I be complex and contrary?: humans, people - Psychology
  193. Lonely men, what would it take for you to turn to other men?: dating, woman - Psychology
  194. Bipolar disorder: Do you have it? Can you try really hard to control it?: depressed, problems - Psychology
  195. Online Friends and friends whom you come into contact with: emotion - Psychology
  196. Why do new forms of mass media always causes a moral panic?: adult - Psychology
  197. Expensive construction workers: people - Psychology
  198. Quote to live by: problems, people, everything - Psychology
  199. I'm Curious (Teasing vs. Bullying requested.): men, woman, mom - Psychology
  200. Why do people talk to each other like they know what's best for everyone?: everything - Psychology