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  41. When something goes viral, do you ever stop to the validity of the picture or video?: parent, aunt - Psychology
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  45. Delete - Psychology
  46. Uneven sleeping patterns not Insomnia). - Psychology
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  54. Visual things stuck in one's head - Psychology
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  66. Spankings led to bedwetting?: therapy, mom, thoughts, parent - Psychology
  67. How to let go of parent's negative attitude towards me/my college career I think its making me a negative person: therapy, mom - Psychology
  68. Isn't it odd that intelligent accomplished people suffer from the imposter syndome...: husband, syndrome - Psychology
  69. Modification Of Behavior With Alcohol - Psychology
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  73. This Breaks All Records On Psychology Forum For Posting: men, dating
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  75. Why is female masculinity so much more accepted than male femininity in our society?: discrimination, mentally - Psychology
  76. Having trouble understanding alcoholism.: psychologist, addiction, depressed, issues - Psychology
  77. people who on others' appearance: woman, attractive, weight, adult - Psychology
  78. What's your choice,when the world turned his back on you?: thoughts, toxic - Psychology
  79. Why do girls drive trucks!??: men, woman - Psychology
  80. What age did you figure yourself out who you are?: college, relationship - Psychology
  81. Cool, Calm and collected: Sign of weakness?: thoughts, emotion, people - Psychology
  82. News, 'Skinny Girl' Bethenny Frankel Jeered for Posing in Kid's Tiny PJs: woman, parent - Psychology
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  85. Is it me but women have different kind of sense of humor? and mostly boring? few are fun: men, dating - Psychology
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  88. Alter ego--What is your starbucks name?: woman, parent, issues, people - Psychology
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  90. Where is womens dignity?: men, humans - Psychology
  91. Life coaching: is it necessary?: psychologist, counselor, dating, woman - Psychology
  92. Selfies: narcissistic, people - Psychology
  93. Getting frustrated in a team sport?: adult, people - Psychology
  94. At what age did you begin to feel like an adult?: parent, people - Psychology
  95. All kinds of trouble: anxiety, therapy, parent, issues - Psychology
  96. hypothetical but i can tell how ill you are: therapy, people - Psychology
  97. What types of people do you dislike?: psychologist, sociopath, narcissist - Psychology
  98. The psychology of deviant and weird fetishes: men, attracted, girls
  99. Habitual porn viewing/usage and it's effects on relationships and sexuality: psychologist, men - Psychology
  100. What mental illnesses link to stalking?: sociopaths, borderline - Psychology
  101. Disengaging/Distancing from Friends and Family: anxiety, thoughts, issues, problems - Psychology
  102. How would you define Hipster?: mentally, college, people - Psychology
  103. Checking if Someone is Behind You: problems, responsibility, people - Psychology
  104. Recovery from/Adjustment to BPD?: addiction, sociopaths, narcissists, anxiety - Psychology
  105. How wealth breeds narcissism: narcissistic, thoughts, parent, father - Psychology
  106. Why do people get upset when you say negative things about where you live?: husband, generation - Psychology
  107. Why do regard Asexuality as a nasty/negative thing?: psychologist, sociopath - Psychology
  108. Phichology of women who dye their hair blonde?: woman, attractive, people - Psychology
  109. Can You Become a People Person?: sociopath, therapy, husband - Psychology
  110. Psychology of privacy when pooping.: parent, humans, people
  111. How intelligent would you say you are?: psychologist, husband, college - Psychology
  112. Do you find it to be rude when one comments on anothers height?: dating, woman - Psychology
  113. Codependency: Not the bad kind: addict, girlfriend, husband - Psychology
  114. Hospitalization for mental illness: therapy, depressed, mentally, college - Psychology
  115. Psychology behind who pays on a first date: men, woman, generation
  116. Advice for Odd Behavior of a Child in My Summer Program: counselor, boyfriend - Psychology
  117. List 10 ways you are different from most people...: parent, issues, weight - Psychology
  118. Can you Break Your Nervous System?: therapy, men, issues, problems - Psychology
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  120. Never got to be a teen...: college, parent, adult, people - Psychology
  121. Studies alone don't fulfill me anymore: anxiety, girlfriend, attracted, parent - Psychology
  122. Is it guilt which makes gay politicians and leaders espouse strict anti-gay laws?: men, woman - Psychology
  123. Life in the closet: therapy, men, dating, woman - Psychology
  124. Vanity and Compulsion: counselor, narcissistic, attractive, generation - Psychology
  125. Boys more likely to be moochers than girls into middle age: parent, father - Psychology
  126. Are women who advertise on dating websites desperate?: men, relationship, people - Psychology
  127. Are you born shallow or created by your environment?: sociopaths, narcissists, mom - Psychology
  128. Transphobia - why is it acceptable?: discrimination, men, woman, college - Psychology
  129. Popularity at age 13 fades by age 22: parent, adult, relationship, people - Psychology
  130. If suicide is wrong, how can you not do it then: anxiety, thoughts - Psychology
  131. Intolerance of Intolerance: woman, parent, feelings, people - Psychology
  132. Emotionally manipulating your husband into sex: men, woman, girls - Psychology
  133. Empty and dead inside. THere are no pills for that.: therapy, depressed - Psychology
  134. How does one develop [a] passion?: depressed, girlfriend, college, thoughts - Psychology
  135. Why did all kids in one family turn out so wrong? Are kids just born bad?: counselor, mentally - Psychology
  136. Introversion: Innate or Acquired?: introvert, anxiety, therapy, issues - Psychology
  137. The Power of Expectation: depressed, mom, college, parent - Psychology
  138. Feeling so empty after separation from wife and kid -: psychologist, addiction, inability - Psychology
  139. I am tired of my student life. :(: depressed, college, humans - Psychology
  140. Is it accurate to say a marijuana high makes you more conscious , while being drunk on alcohol makes you less consciou: depressed, people - Psychology
  141. Are suburbanites the 21st century rednecks ?: people - Psychology
  142. The root of Elliott Rodger's extreme jealousy/anger: mentally, men, girlfriend - Psychology
  143. Hugging by a man: men, woman, husband, college - Psychology
  144. What do you live for and what keeps you going: addiction, husband - Psychology
  145. Technically being an adult, but not really an adult.: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  146. Is it healthy to get high every now and again?: addiction, anxiety - Psychology
  147. Malignant Narcissism: sociopath, narcissist, husband, college - Psychology
  148. how much of modern psychiatry is quackery?: psychologist, anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  149. What proof is there of that humans are picking on each-other because of an evolutionary mechanism?: men, woman - Psychology
  150. Message Board Addict - Is there such a thing?: addiction, mentally, thoughts - Psychology
  151. Is it tragic when an old person dies?: woman, mom, husband - Psychology
  152. Need advice, my wife is melting down, and I am far away: vindictive, blames - Psychology
  153. How to handle a close one guilting to 'borrow' money: issues, responsibility - Psychology
  154. How to be cool?: introvert, psychologist, therapy, men - Psychology
  155. Need Abusive Mother: mentally, mom, husband, characteristics - Psychology
  156. Lots of Crazies. A Very Serious Issue.: depressed, mentally, blames - Psychology
  157. Are you at least sometimes aro*sed by the idea of you as the opposite s*x/gender?: men, woman - Psychology
  158. I am so tired of pretending to be happy!: anxiety, thoughts, feelings - Psychology
  159. I confess that I feel unjustified anger towards women: woman, girlfriend, thoughts - Psychology
  160. Really, I think I need an intervention: psychologist, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  161. I Can't Take This Anymore! What Should I do?: woman, people - Psychology
  162. Why are so many of us afraid of being alone?: woman, husband - Psychology
  163. Yelping is bad for the psyche. Two stars.: woman, mom, problems - Psychology
  164. A single Trait does not a Disorder make: inability, sociopaths, narcissist - Psychology
  165. Something I've wondered about for many years...: mom, parent, adult - Psychology
  166. Do people come to make threads just to get reaffirmation?: dating, mom - Psychology
  167. How important are you?: girlfriend, animals, people - Psychology
  168. What goes on in the mind of someone who is absoulutely ugly?: adult, people - Psychology
  169. Does notice the level of technology addiction?: people, everything - Psychology
  170. Are introverts less interested in having kids?: introversion, anxiety, husband - Psychology
  171. I want to be a forum troll: mentally, people - Psychology
  172. Is it to have all the symptoms of a mental illness, but not have the mental illness?: anxiety, therapy - Psychology
  173. Advice sought on approaching lady to change a disturbing habit: psychologist, complex - Psychology
  174. What mental disorder causes obsessive regret about the past?: addiction, counselor, anxiety - Psychology
  175. Was Freud right about everything?: misogynist, psychologist, therapy, thoughts - Psychology
  176. Is is weird to not like eating other people's cooking: thoughts, everything - Psychology
  177. People refusing to move out of the way. - Psychology
  178. BPD: A Men's Health Failure On Every Front: therapy, dating, borderline - Psychology
  179. People who do things out of spite: men, woman, parent - Psychology
  180. Attitudes Towards Sex: Men and Women: woman, thoughts, attractive, issues - Psychology
  181. I like fast cars, why do people think I'm compensating for something?: woman, adult - Psychology
  182. Social Anxiety Disorder.: therapy, people - Psychology
  183. How to get invited to things?: counselor, college, passive, girls - Psychology
  184. Your opinion on going to therapy: psychologist, counselor, thoughts - Psychology
  185. Why do women gossip so much?: men, dating, girls, people - Psychology
  186. SO THIS is what internet forums have become?: parent, problems, responsibility - Psychology
  187. What do you think of motivational speakers/writers?: feelings, people - Psychology
  188. Why do guys walk around the locker room naked: men, weight, people - Psychology
  189. Have you ever worked for a psychopath?: sociopaths, narcissists, characteristics - Psychology
  190. Trollers on this blog: issues, emotion, relationship, people - Psychology
  191. Irrational fears: husband, emotion, people - Psychology
  192. Does place their self worth in their job title/company?: men, college - Psychology
  193. Lost all my enthusiasm for life: depressed, parent, issues, emotion - Psychology
  194. Do you hear voices when there is running-water. Am I the only one?: counselor, mom - Psychology
  195. Why do women work out?: men, woman, college, attracted - Psychology
  196. for counselors about SASSI assessments...: addiction - Psychology
  197. Scientists tie social behavior to activity in specific brain circuit: anxiety, projection - Psychology
  198. What does it mean to love your neighbor as your self: relationship - Psychology
  199. Adrenaline junkie - Psychology
  200. Study cracks how brain processes emotions: feelings, people - Psychology