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  1. Charlotte v. Raleigh: Cary, Wake Forest, Morrisville: home, schools, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  2. Tornado in Wayne County: Goldsboro: weather, near, how to - North Carolina (NC)
  3. looking for good pre k programs, kindergarten and preschool in Fayetteville: fit in, relocating to - North Carolina (NC)
  4. Charlotte v. Raleigh: moving to, rich, cities - North Carolina (NC)
  5. Best scenic drive: Durham, NC to Nashville, TN: Greensboro, Asheville: construction, living in - North Carolina
  6. State IncomeTaxes: live in, moving, budget - North Carolina (NC)
  7. Looking for a field of sunflowers in NC: Asheville, Albemarle: fence, estate - North Carolina
  8. Shamrock Evangelical Methodist Church Times in Burlington, NC: telephone, time - North Carolina
  9. Asheville or Raleigh-Durham for someone single in their thirties?: Charlotte: transplants, apartments - North Carolina (NC)
  10. Cannot do my quarterly payment for NC-40. s?: credit card, income - North Carolina
  11. Hope Mills NC: Fayetteville: house, moving to, train - North Carolina
  12. Need help.: Charlotte, Wilmington, Hickory: low crime, homes, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  13. Battle of the NC Metros!!!!!!: Charlotte, Raleigh: insurance, condos, chapel - North Carolina
  14. Just moved to Raleigh NC ( Car Registration ): home, DMV - North Carolina
  15. My dream in NC, ideas?: Raleigh, Greensboro: chapel, home, buy - North Carolina
  16. Need advice on Hope Mills area!: Raleigh, Fayetteville: foreclosures, rentals, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  17. Location! Location! Location!: Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham: rent, houses, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  18. Gaston-Lincoln-Burke-Catawba-Iredell: Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville: low crime, homes, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  19. Cape Fear River: Fayetteville: rental market, condos, vacation - North Carolina (NC)
  20. Roanoke Rapids: Halifax: crime, house prices, schools - North Carolina (NC)
  21. The Police Spouse Academy: Raleigh, Durham: rent, home, law - North Carolina (NC)
  22. Asheville vs. Greensboro (moving from Florida): Charlotte, Raleigh: real estate, low crime, new home - North Carolina (NC)
  23. I had to smile.............: Charlotte, Asheville: transplants, insurance, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  24. Safe apartments in Fayetteville: house, schools, live - North Carolina (NC)
  25. Tornadoes and funnel clouds in Wilson & Nash Counties May 05, 09: home, tornado - North Carolina (NC)
  26. NC communities printing local currency??: Madison, Pittsboro: money, companies, small town - North Carolina
  27. HELP!!! calling all furniture lovers: entertainment, sofa, center - North Carolina (NC)
  28. Is North Carolina....'churchy'?: live in, store, cities (NC)
  29. Im moving to North carolina Help: Jacksonville, Hudson: homes, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  30. How did NC become such a popular place to live?: Charlotte: transplants, townhouse - North Carolina
  31. for NC Public School Teachers: Cleveland: requirements, child, students - North Carolina
  32. Am I crazy or what?: Charlotte, Greenville: low crime, home, job market - North Carolina (NC)
  33. Walking/Bike Trails: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro: chapel, to buy, to live - North Carolina (NC)
  34. Moving to Ft. Bragg, NC: Raleigh, Fayetteville: appointed, condos, townhouse - North Carolina
  35. southern pines beauty salon?: Pinehurst, Aberdeen: to rent, studio, village - North Carolina (NC)
  36. Help relocating from long island!!!!!: Charlotte, Raleigh: chapel, neighborhoods, schools - North Carolina (NC)
  37. 20 yr old. single woman graduate: Nashville: schools, to live in, to move - North Carolina (NC)
  38. Trip to: Small towns outside of sizable cities in NC: Charlotte: chapel, house - North Carolina
  39. Safest, most reputable NC cities/districts in which to teach?: Cary: crime, school districts - North Carolina
  40. Gov. Bev Perdue on Local TV News Yesterday - Carbon Motors: Charlotte: tax, live - North Carolina (NC)
  41. Neighborhoods near VA Fayetteville: Durham, Sanford: safe area, schools, gated - North Carolina (NC)
  42. Favorite NC Region #2: Western vs. Eastern North Carolina: Charlotte, Greensboro: to live in, beach
  43. Diversity of Raleigh/Durham/CH vs. Charlotte?: Greensboro: theatre, schools - North Carolina (NC)
  44. Car inspection!!: vehicle registration, DMV, exemption - North Carolina (NC)
  45. Trivia: Dutch, dog, state - North Carolina (NC)
  46. Handicapped Parking Tag: transfer, DMV, moving - North Carolina (NC)
  47. Children in car ??: Asheville, Statesville: inspector, law, legal - North Carolina (NC)
  48. Divorce in NC but I'm still a CA resident...: home, DMV - North Carolina
  49. Best time to visit Hickory: Lincolnton: activities, locations, summer - North Carolina (NC)
  50. Whats a good place to move in NC for a young couple ?: Charlotte: appointed - North Carolina
  51. teaching positions: Fayetteville: home, elementary schools, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  52. Whats a good place to move in NC for a young couple ?: Charlotte: buying a house - North Carolina
  53. FOUND - Jack Russell Terrier - Grace Chapel Area of Granite Falls: Charlotte: home - North Carolina (NC)
  54. Charlotte vs. Raleigh for recent college grad?: Durham, Chapel Hill: chapel, school - North Carolina (NC)
  55. Entertainment Near Mebane?: chapel, theater, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  56. Best area to live in NC if you have Allergies & Asthma: Wilmington: best cities - North Carolina
  57. Mountains and beach areas: vacation, best place, places to stay - North Carolina (NC)
  58. Parental Rights. Do we really have ??: renting, home - North Carolina (NC)
  59. Looking for executive chef position in eastern nc: Washington: job market, universities - North Carolina (NC)
  60. Where to live?: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro: city hall, high crime, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  61. job relocation to Salisbury. What would be a good place for a young family to live near Salisbury?: Charlotte: fit in - North Carolina (NC)
  62. If you could pick anywhere?: Charlotte: good schools, live in, law - North Carolina (NC)
  63. Miss North Carolina crowned Miss USA 2009: job, student, better (NC)
  64. Earn more than before as a real estate broker: professionals, office - North Carolina (NC)
  65. What's going on with you?: Fayetteville: home builder, to buy, bankrupt - North Carolina (NC)
  66. tell me about North Carolina.: Raleigh, Wilmington: chapel, neighborhoods, movies (NC)
  67. Car tags if I buy a NC second home....: insurance, homes - North Carolina
  68. Searching For Old Friends and Neighbors !: Charlotte, Mount Holly: live, summer - North Carolina (NC)
  69. NRA Working to Introduce “Castle Doctrine” Self-Defense Bills in North Carolina: felony (NC)
  70. Homeschooling in NC, restrictive or not?: theater, public school, law - North Carolina
  71. North Carolina bound.....: Bath: rental, condo, mobile home (NC)
  72. Communities In/Around Goldsboro: Raleigh, Havelock: lease, house, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  73. mortgage interest rate projections?: refinance, finance, invest - North Carolina (NC)
  74. Autism: Charlotte, Chapel Hill: chapel, school districts, move - North Carolina (NC)
  75. Relocation To Hickory: New Bern, Newton: hair salon, crime, homes - North Carolina (NC)
  76. North Carolina Unemployment Insurance Fraud.: attorney, income, living (NC)
  77. Looking to play ball-roller hockey! One Know Where I can??: Charlotte: parks, place - North Carolina (NC)
  78. House raffle in NC?: Lake Lure: lawyer, garden, annual - North Carolina
  79. Husband at Ft. Lee, studying at Duke: Durham, Henderson: public schools, safe - North Carolina (NC)
  80. Family friendly places in NC?: Charlotte, Raleigh: HOA fees, condos, low crime - North Carolina
  81. Winston or Durham?: Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Chapel Hill: best cities, real estate, apartments - North Carolina (NC)
  82. The North Carolina Education Lottery: to buy, construction, pre-school (NC)
  83. Undecided: Charlotte, Cary, Cornelius: real estate, unemployment rate, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  84. Fayetteville Area Bank or Credit Union: military, relocating to, money - North Carolina (NC)
  85. DMV: Blue-letter license plates return: sale, tax, law - North Carolina (NC)
  86. Leasing hunting/plinking land in NC: legal, club, housing - North Carolina
  87. Moving From Boston: Charlotte, Raleigh: find a job, moving to, nightlife - North Carolina (NC)
  88. Charlotte Vs Raleigh: Arlington: appointed, real estate, house - North Carolina (NC)
  89. Moving to nc from dc: Charlotte, Raleigh: to rent, chapel, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  90. N C License Tag: to buy, dryer, sticker - North Carolina (NC)
  91. Would it be too political to talk about the Easleys?: salary, tax - North Carolina (NC)
  92. Health Insurance: obgyn, price, relocating - North Carolina (NC)
  93. Car Insurance/Drivers License: Liberty: title, company, liability - North Carolina (NC)
  94. If you worked in Salisbury, would you...?: Charlotte, Concord: appointed, new home - North Carolina (NC)
  95. NC Real Estate disclosure laws: house, landscaping, buyer - North Carolina
  96. Qs about Goldsboro: extended stay, apartment, crime rate - North Carolina (NC)
  97. Look like we are not going anywhere at all!: Wilson: lawyers, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  98. Where's our NC tax refund?: taxes, budget, refunds - North Carolina
  99. Can Uhaul truck be driven with this route?: Winston-Salem, Salem: rent, house - North Carolina (NC)
  100. Where is the best place to live in NC?: Charlotte: rentals, houses - North Carolina
  101. What part of NC can i afford: Charlotte, Raleigh: sales, real estate market - North Carolina
  102. Colleges.: Charlotte, Kings Mountain, Belmont: house, university, to live - North Carolina (NC)
  103. Moving to North Carolina from New York...: Raleigh, Durham: chapel, transfer to (NC)
  104. genealogical research: John Williams of Rockfish Creek: Jackson: place, American - North Carolina (NC)
  105. Support H849! NC Sovreignty: Cleveland: sales, house, unemployment benefits - North Carolina
  106. Tax: credit, how much, calculator - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Purple blooming trees along the highway?: blossoms, great, cherry - North Carolina (NC)
  108. NC Passenger Rail Service: Asheville: Amtrak, places, between - North Carolina
  109. Parental responsibility for minor child's criminal behavior: schools, law - North Carolina (NC)
  110. Closing business (LLC): landscaping, property tax, bills - North Carolina (NC)
  111. State refund checks: calculating, tax, live in - North Carolina (NC)
  112. Moving from Chicago to N.C where to look stay close?: Cary: pharmacy - North Carolina (NC)
  113. construction work in NC: Fayetteville, Asheville: home, contractor, live in - North Carolina
  114. Hotel with covered parking near Fayetteville??: hotels, moving to, park - North Carolina (NC)
  115. indie scenes for single young professionals?!: Charlotte, Raleigh: apartment, rent, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  116. Hillsborough NC History: Alliance: city hall, house, pharmacy - North Carolina
  117. So this had to be a transplant right?: transplants, rental - North Carolina (NC)
  118. Visiting ... which are the must-see neighborhoods: Charlotte, Raleigh: HOA, chapel, house - North Carolina (NC)
  119. Passports: design, post office, location - North Carolina (NC)
  120. Safe-Warm stable weather -No natural disasters ?? can i find: Raleigh: 2015, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  121. Chrysler & General Motors in NC: Charlotte, Raleigh: car, property, metro - North Carolina
  122. Cultural differences between VA and NC: Raleigh, Greensboro: how much, homes, buy - North Carolina
  123. Smoking ban passed in the Senate!: Charlotte: transplants, home, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  124. Moving - Torn between North Carolina and Tennessee: Charlotte, Raleigh: for sale, real estate (NC)
  125. Where would a Seattleite most fit in?: Charlotte, Raleigh: transplants, sales - North Carolina (NC)
  126. Does the North Carolina State Board of Education Have a Clue?: Welcome: transporting, layoffs (NC)
  127. searching for progressive towns in NC: Charlotte, Raleigh: chapel, unemployed, school - North Carolina
  128. Life for a Puerto Rican living in North Carolina: Raleigh: transplants, chapel (NC)
  129. Smoking ban passes: Welcome: live, restaurants, clubs - North Carolina (NC)
  130. Moving from CA: Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro: middle-class, transplants, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  131. I'd like to move to NC, but don't know where to begin!: Raleigh: rental, chapel - North Carolina
  132. What do you know about Hickory?: Charlotte, Matthews: how much, buying a home, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  133. NC schools versus FL schools???: Salisbury, Dallas: middle schools, assessment, education - North Carolina
  134. Smoking Ban and WRAL Coverage: sale, insurance, house - North Carolina (NC)
  135. No Lowered Gas Tax: Charlotte, Raleigh: schools, taxi, income - North Carolina (NC)
  136. May 10th, Confederate Flag Day: Boone, Star: homes, to live, plantations - North Carolina (NC)
  137. NC going 100% smokefree-JAN. 2nd 2010!!: living, restaurants, bars - North Carolina
  138. I put in my two week notice, and my employer told me to go home, and didn't pay me for my last two weeks! Help!: Welcome: sales, employment - North Carolina (NC)
  139. Which is better: Raleigh or Greensboro?: Charlotte, Durham: house, theater, to live in - North Carolina (NC)
  140. Relocating to North Carolina, help!!: Charlotte, Raleigh: ski resorts, real estate, renting (NC)
  141. North Carolina Metropolitan areas according to U.S. Census: Charlotte: taxes, food (NC)
  142. Tag Renewal and Inspection: Raleigh, Asheville: vehicle registration, DMV, inspections - North Carolina (NC)
  143. Loser kills 7 at NC nursing home: appointed, condo, sex offenders - North Carolina
  144. Moving to Pinehurst, NC: Southern Pines, Aberdeen: crime rate, hotel, house - North Carolina
  145. smoking ban: Charlotte: appointed, house, high school - North Carolina (NC)
  146. PCS move to Fayetteville - s about neighborhoods: Fort Bragg, Sanford: transplants, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  147. Unemplyment rates - NC and NY: Charlotte, Gaston: transplants, real estate, unemployment rate - North Carolina
  148. Where should I live?: Raleigh, Chapel Hill: crime, chapel, loan - North Carolina (NC)
  149. Does it really matter what you vote for in North Carolina?: Asheville: transplants, home (NC)
  150. about NC Medicaid for pregnant women: rent, car insurance - North Carolina
  151. NC unemployment climbs to 10.7 percent in February: Raleigh, Durham: chapel, employment - North Carolina
  152. NC Unemployment: insurance, contractor, taxes - North Carolina
  153. 9.7 = wow: employment, statistics, business - North Carolina (NC)
  154. VACATIONING/VISITING NC in April, help!!!!: Charlotte, Raleigh: spring break, real estate - North Carolina
  155. Statesville will be our New Home: Charlotte, Winston-Salem: unemployment, buying, income - North Carolina (NC)
  156. Sex Offenders: transplants, how much, place to live - North Carolina (NC)
  157. Am I the only one confused? Can out there explain this to me?: how much, unemployment - North Carolina (NC)
  158. Where did you come from? Why?: Raleigh, Cary: crime, house, employment - North Carolina (NC)
  159. high population increases causing higher jobless rates.: Charlotte, Raleigh: insurance, home - North Carolina (NC)
  160. North Carolina's Most Beautiful Cities: Charlotte, Raleigh: homes, university, live in (NC)
  161. Fired = unemployement?: insurance, employment, wages - North Carolina (NC)
  162. Very young family wanting to move to NC ..but where?: Charlotte: lease, condos - North Carolina
  163. Is calling the right # hard: Asheville: school, area code, land - North Carolina (NC)
  164. Are people nice in north carolina: Raleigh, Asheville: transplants, home, college - North Carolina (NC)
  165. Census worker in my yard?: Charlotte, Columbia: sales, crime, home - North Carolina (NC)
  166. How do you like living in North Carolina?: Charlotte, Raleigh: how much, homes (NC)
  167. a move from NY to NC: Charlotte, Raleigh: fit in, apartment - North Carolina
  168. Teaching situation in North Carolina?: Charlotte, Raleigh: find a job, purchases, public schools (NC)
  169. NC Unemployment - for my husband: how much, employment - North Carolina
  170. Growth in North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh: house, wages, living (NC)
  171. NC Tax Refund - How long?: Liberty, Earl: tax return, refunds, money - North Carolina
  172. Linden Oaks- Spring Lake: Fort Bragg, Welcome: rental market, house, neighborhood - North Carolina (NC)
  173. Need Help: Charlotte, Concord, Salisbury: YMCA, best schools, living - North Carolina (NC)
  174. Public Opinion of Bev Purdue: Charlotte: home, exodus, county - North Carolina (NC)
  175. Rocky Mount, Wilson and Greenville, NC: Charlotte, Raleigh: chapel, how much, hotels - North Carolina
  176. Most land/home for $$- FL to NC or SC: Charlotte: real estate, chapel - North Carolina
  177. How southern is NC days?: Charlotte, Raleigh: transplants, moving to - North Carolina
  178. State Tax return refund: income, income tax, refunds - North Carolina (NC)
  179. Young couple Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham: Winston-Salem, Cary: apartments, crime, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  180. Looking for the best BBQ in North Carolina: Fayetteville, Chapel Hill: chapel, restaurants (NC)
  181. Central North Carolina: Is this the Desert of the U.S. South?: Durham: trees, areas (NC)
  182. Will taking a freelance job affect unemployment eligibility?: buy, wages - North Carolina (NC)
  183. Relocating from Florida: home, transfer, housing - North Carolina (NC)
  184. Looking for a Safe neighborhood in Ft. Bragg/Fayetteville area: to rent, safe neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  185. interested in NE NC areas: Washington: live, to move, farm - North Carolina
  186. Largest Construction Lenders in NC?: building, top - North Carolina
  187. where to live in Fuquay Varina: house, established neighborhood, schools - North Carolina (NC)
  188. prek and preschool in Lumberton, NC: Pembroke: relocate to, job, program - North Carolina
  189. Hunters around: Alamance: county, hunting - North Carolina (NC)
  190. Embarq and Time Warner try to cripple broadband initiative: Wilson: best, build - North Carolina (NC)
  191. Powder Coating: Mooresville: race, used - North Carolina (NC)
  192. Severn & Pendleton & Hamiltion North Carolina: Hamilton: live, great (NC)
  193. nursing jobs: move to, builder, hospitals - North Carolina (NC)
  194. Moore County - Utilities, cable, internet, who do you suggest?: Aberdeen: buying a house, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  195. Free bowling for kids this summer!!: Durham, Fayetteville: chapel, activities, locations - North Carolina (NC)
  196. Relocating to Harnett County: good schools, military, special education - North Carolina (NC)
  197. Tell me about Conover!: Lenoir: transferring to, schools, kindergarten - North Carolina (NC)
  198. Looking for a few Drs in Rocky Mount area: Tarboro: physicians, church - North Carolina (NC)
  199. Winston or Durham?: Wake Forest: transplants, to rent, home - North Carolina (NC)
  200. First time home buyer looking in NC for water access and outdoor activities.: buying - North Carolina