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  2. Legislature Compensation for Sterilization Victims: crimes, living, bill - North Carolina (NC)
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  14. North Carolina Low Crime Rates: Charlotte, Raleigh: chapel, house, school (NC)
  15. Rep. Byran Holloway supports NC H.R. 982 to Oppose NDAA thanks to Nullify-NDAA: Raleigh: house - North Carolina
  16. Welcome message: directions, products, direct - North Carolina (NC)
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  18. Buying car in VA before moving to NC: Charlotte, Salisbury: deductible, taxes - North Carolina
  19. Nc drivers license: DMV, learners, permit - North Carolina (NC)
  20. about taxable 2010 NC state refund on 2011 Federal return: income, income tax - North Carolina
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  22. Greenville, NC Pet care?: Winterville, Hoffman: home, place, affordable - North Carolina
  23. Rent increase notification period???: apartment complex, leasing agent, how much - North Carolina (NC)
  24. North Carolina taxman sure gets his pound of flesh: low income, credit (NC)
  25. equestrian village: pine, near, green - North Carolina (NC)
  26. buying a used car from private party - mandatory bank notary envolvement?: attorney - North Carolina (NC)
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  28. North Carolina Gained Manufacturing Jobs Over Past Year: home, employment (NC)
  29. North Carolina Resident...soon: Charlotte, Raleigh: apartment, renting, how much (NC)
  30. 3 police officers sue NC town, allege corruption: Davidson, Mocksville: tenant, lawsuit - North Carolina
  31. Breakdown of initiation fees private clubs: New Bern, Pinehurst: living in, prices, club - North Carolina (NC)
  32. North Carolina state income tax forms are very complicated: Bailey: military, retirement (NC)
  33. Full auto shooting ranges in NC?: Cary, Belmont: rent, place, outdoor - North Carolina
  34. NC: Which Came First, Poor Service or Bad Tipping?: Charlotte: student loans, hotel - North Carolina
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  41. New Yadkin River bridge opens on northbound I-85: Charlotte, Concord: 2013, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
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  43. Health insurance recommendations?: employment, buy, move to - North Carolina (NC)
  44. NC residential/building code help!!!: appointed, new house, to buy - North Carolina
  45. Why no Public Basketball courts in Mebane North Carolina?: live, parks (NC)
  46. IT Professional moving to NC from FL: Charlotte, Raleigh: unemployment rate, public schools - North Carolina
  47. Car from NY needs to be registered in NC: insurance, DMV - North Carolina
  48. North Carolina UI: new home, find a job, buy (NC)
  49. NC Ranks 47 in States Unemployment Rate: moving, beaches, money - North Carolina
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  51. lists NC as 3rd best place for business: Wilmington: attorney, income - North Carolina
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  53. who say there are nice places in Fayetteville..: Raleigh: condo, townhome - North Carolina (NC)
  54. meeting people in Hope Mills: Fayetteville: apartment, restaurants, law - North Carolina (NC)
  55. Look for a single house in NC: living in, move to - North Carolina
  56. Best place to relocate in North carolina?: Charlotte, Raleigh: crime, homes - North Carolina (NC)
  57. NC Dept Revenue Tax Refund Notice with Due Date of 45 Days Ago: refunds - North Carolina
  58. Haitians come toin rural America.: Mount Olive: crime, live, legal - North Carolina (NC)
  59. NC Quick Pass: Sticker vs Hard Case?: buy, pros and cons - North Carolina
  60. Nurse relocating to Fayetteville NC .. HELP: Morganton, Hope Mills: apartment complex, to rent, place to live - North Carolina
  61. The Lost Colony might have been found: Albemarle, Manteo: landscaping, construction - North Carolina (NC)
  62. Best insurance for individual coverage in NC: health insurance, buy - North Carolina
  63. moving in a house in Fayetteville: neighborhood, utilities, military - North Carolina (NC)
  64. the infamous driver's license written test: Durham: home, DMV, move to - North Carolina (NC)
  65. Cherry Point Air Show This Weekend - May 4th, 5th, and 6th: free - North Carolina (NC)
  66. Charlotte vs Raleigh, NC: apartment, to rent, insurance - North Carolina
  67. Another: Fayetteville, Wake Forest, Raeford: moving, area, to work - North Carolina (NC)
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  70. NC Government Debt Hole: school, taxes, budget - North Carolina
  71. British Citizen NC Driver License Advice: rental car, appointed - North Carolina
  72. Best places to live in North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh: mortgage, how much (NC)
  73. Issue with Apartment Complex's Parent Company: Raleigh: section 8, rental, credit rating - North Carolina (NC)
  74. Interstate On Ramp: Left Turn Yields to Right Turn Traffic?: High Point: live, law - North Carolina (NC)
  75. U.S. Rep. Ellmers most conservative in N.C. House delegation: Winston-Salem: ranked, counties - North Carolina (NC)
  76. Need help identifying safe localities near Whitakers: Raleigh, Greenville: college, living - North Carolina (NC)
  77. Fayetteville,NC Realtors willing to Show Rentals on Sunday?: apartments, rental homes - North Carolina
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  79. Where to look for GEM STONES?: Franklin: buying, live, club - North Carolina (NC)
  80. Snakes/Mosquitos in Vass/Southern pines/Pinehurst: Fayetteville, Davidson: military, safe - North Carolina (NC)
  81. Ready for the new neighbors!: Raleigh, Fayetteville: apartment complex, rental, houses - North Carolina (NC)
  82. Mebane furniture manufacturer closing: homes, buying, price - North Carolina (NC)
  83. Expired Registration and Inspection. Help, Tricky Situation!: insurance, DMV - North Carolina (NC)
  84. Ryan Town Homes in the Stonewater sub division: Raleigh, Durham: month to, house - North Carolina (NC)
  85. help needed (landlord, Tenant: rental, month to, attorney - North Carolina (NC)
  86. 'Friends of the Great Smokies' plate is back: Greensboro: cost, license plates - North Carolina (NC)
  87. My legal rights: sale, lawyer, home - North Carolina (NC)
  88. Mid-20s and looking to move to North Carolina: Charlotte: teaching jobs, school districts (NC)
  89. Furniture marts, outlets, in NC - worth the drive from Raleigh? Which ones?: Charlotte: appointed - North Carolina
  90. American Idol NC contestants: Durham, Fayetteville: celebrity, county, map of - North Carolina
  91. Move from NY to NC: Raleigh, Durham: best city, unemployment, move to - North Carolina
  92. Best Schools in Cumberland County?: Fayetteville, Sanford: stats, relocate to, farms - North Carolina (NC)
  93. looking to move to nc......: Fayetteville, Wilmington: home, school, college - North Carolina (NC)
  94. Nursing Assistant jobs in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC: Durham: job market, health - North Carolina
  95. Sandwich Generation: Charlotte: cul-de-sac, real estate, house - North Carolina (NC)
  96. Pediatric ENT, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, surrounding: King: area, child - North Carolina (NC)
  97. Is it illegal in North Carolina.... daycare: Charlotte: insurance, income (NC)
  98. Moving to NC.. friendly comments/advice?: Charlotte, Raleigh: rent, insurance - North Carolina
  99. farm lifestyle in NC? area recommendations?: Greensboro, Winston-Salem: house, living - North Carolina
  100. Roof repairing, give an: Charlotte, Raleigh: firm, repair, near - North Carolina (NC)
  101. Can I buy a car without NC licence?: buying, DMV - North Carolina
  102. about NC State parks: mattresses, to buy, camping - North Carolina
  103. Moving out of Western PA: Charlotte, Raleigh: crime rates, employment, camping - North Carolina (NC)
  104. Downloadable North Carolina City/County/Zip Information: zip codes, post office (NC)
  105. Apple seeks permits at data-center site in Maiden: Hickory, Lincolnton: construction, contractor - North Carolina (NC)
  106. Mecklenburg Unemployment soars as Triangle Unemployment plummets: Charlotte: unemployment rate, county - North Carolina (NC)
  107. Cell phone service/plans in Sanford: best, areas, contract - North Carolina (NC)
  108. Title and Registration: car registration, insurance, house - North Carolina (NC)
  109. Pope AFB/Ft Bragg assignment:where to live.. help: Fayetteville: to rent, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  110. Looking for just the right place.: Asheville, Gastonia: home, colleges, move - North Carolina (NC)
  111. Moore County NC: Pinehurst, Aberdeen: homes, schools, living in - North Carolina
  112. My grand daughter is Autistic, help with on best care in NC!: Garner: public schools - North Carolina
  113. Dept of commerce Unemployment rates per NC counties: unemployment benefits, incomes - North Carolina
  114. Moving to NC RALEIGH OR GREENSBORO: Chapel Hill, Carrboro: chapel, best schools, live - North Carolina
  115. It costs money to educate.... But If you think MC schools are good think again..: Raleigh: how much - North Carolina (NC)
  116. Briefly licensed out of state and then back to NC - what to expect at DMV: living - North Carolina
  117. Fayetteville short term rental, low homicide rates: King: extended stay, gated community - North Carolina (NC)
  118. jobs in Higher Ed. Admin/College Student Personnel?: employment, school - North Carolina (NC)
  119. NC Taxation Guru's - Advice: tax, exemption - North Carolina
  120. Name change: Raleigh, Fayetteville: legal, county, courthouse - North Carolina (NC)
  121. NC State Government Integrity Investigation Grades: Cleveland: university, budget, title - North Carolina
  122. Marriage Amendment having an impact...: Winston-Salem, Asheville: insurance, living in, costs - North Carolina (NC)
  123. whats with all the fayetteville hate?: Charlotte, Raleigh: condo, crime rate, loan - North Carolina (NC)
  124. Teen’s truck décor sparks Confederate flag controversy in high school parking lot: safety, move - North Carolina (NC)
  125. Legislature passes annexation measure: Charlotte, Raleigh: renters, house, quality of life - North Carolina (NC)
  126. Perdue rated the least popular governor in the nation.: Charlotte: home, approval - North Carolina (NC)
  127. Sorry to inform you, but it's time we put our foot down.: Cleveland: transplants, home - North Carolina (NC)
  128. Glorious, Crisp June Weather: Asheville: sales, camp, live - North Carolina (NC)
  129. Relocating to Forest City: Where to live?: Charlotte, Asheville: crime, job transfer - North Carolina (NC)
  130. Why are so many still relocating to North Carolina?: Charlotte: appointed, transplants (NC)
  131. Interesting...Fed Appeals Court declares DOMA unconstitutional: Washington: law, legal - North Carolina (NC)
  132. Amendment One exposes religious violence threats to LGBT people in NC: Charlotte: gated, tax - North Carolina
  133. Gov. Perdue proposes taxing sweepstakes games: school, casinos, taxes - North Carolina (NC)
  134. GOP Legislature tries to gut Racial Justice Act: Raleigh: crime, school - North Carolina (NC)
  135. Jewish/Atheist/Liberal mom of 2 new to the Bible Belt. Help!: Charlotte: to rent, mortgage - North Carolina (NC)
  136. How Restrictive Annexation Laws can HELP cities: Charlotte, Raleigh: sales, apartments - North Carolina (NC)
  137. Employment in teaching?: Durham: teaching jobs, transfer, middle schools - North Carolina (NC)
  138. Where should we live in North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh: middle-class, crime (NC)
  139. Help me find a town in NC that'd suit my needs??: Charlotte: ski resorts, homes - North Carolina
  140. Best Downtown/CBD in NC?: Charlotte, Durham: chapel, live, cities - North Carolina
  141. From northern california to north carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh: transplants, chapel, house - North Carolina (NC)
  142. 2012 on Fayetteville Area: Hope Mills, Raeford: rentals, crime, unemployment - North Carolina (NC)
  143. It's Official: The NC GOP supports discrimination: buy, taxes - North Carolina
  144. Bill propose allowing to drink & carry a gun at restaurant: Charlotte: crime, restaurants - North Carolina (NC)
  145. North Carolina and fracking: Raleigh, Star: live, prices, legal (NC)
  146. NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud: stats, required - North Carolina
  147. Moving to nc ?!? of questions: Greenville, Sparta: how much, unemployment rate, income - North Carolina (NC)
  148. Best Town to Live Between Raleigh and Tarboro: Fayetteville, Greenville: low crime, movies - North Carolina (NC)
  149. Which is best Democrat for Governor of North Carolina: Charlotte: moving, bill (NC)
  150. Moving to NC from Virginia: Asheville, Lenoir: lease, job market, transfer - North Carolina
  151. Lottery money not a boon for schools: Asheville: tax, live - North Carolina (NC)
  152. N.C. police plan stepped-up patrols to nab speeders: buy, safety - North Carolina (NC)
  153. Urbanized Areas released: Charlotte: design, metropolitan area, island - North Carolina (NC)
  154. DR Horton retains mineral rights for fracking in home sales: Raleigh: real estate, chapel - North Carolina (NC)
  155. Relocating from Colorado Springs to Rocky Mount...HELP!: Raleigh, Cary: apartment complex, high crime - North Carolina (NC)
  156. Looking to find out what kind of snake this is.: Havelock: live, to move - North Carolina (NC)
  157. What do you Love/Hate about living in NC?: Charlotte: neighborhood, closing - North Carolina
  158. Sun Valley, NC: Charlotte, Wilmington: movie theater, new construction, high school - North Carolina
  159. Trash all over the place: Star: school, DMV, transportation - North Carolina (NC)
  160. Best School System????: Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro: real estate, chapel, best schools - North Carolina (NC)
  161. rank NC cities skylines: Charlotte, Raleigh: apartments, hotels, suites - North Carolina
  162. North Carolina Amendment 1- May 8th, your feelings towards it? (merged threads): insurance, law school (NC)
  163. Wanting to move to North Carolina in the near future.: Charlotte: colleges, living (NC)
  164. seat belt ticket in nc: Welcome, Franklin: lawyer, taxes, living in - North Carolina (NC)
  165. where city meets country in NC...?: Charlotte, Raleigh: for sale, chapel, new home - North Carolina
  166. What caused the drastic shift in North Carolina's voting patterns: Charlotte: transplants, chapel (NC)
  167. Looking into moving to North Carolina Need advice: Charlotte, Raleigh: 2014, home (NC)
  168. N.C. gains reputation as 'little Hollywood': Wilmington: how much, movies - North Carolina (NC)
  169. College Grad looking for a collegetown: Charlotte, Raleigh: chapel, home, neighborhoods - North Carolina (NC)
  170. Has received their NC Tax Refund for 2011?: taxes, deposits - North Carolina
  171. Car Accident- Uninsured driver at fault- Advice: Asheville, Mooresville: rental car, rental - North Carolina (NC)
  172. Tomorrow (4/13) is the last day to register to vote before primary: Earl: high schools, DMV - North Carolina (NC)
  173. Family Move to Fayetteville, nc ?: Sanford, Hope Mills: homes, neighborhoods, new construction - North Carolina (NC)
  174. How come NC doesn't have a Organ Donor license plate?: Asheville: universities, DMV - North Carolina
  175. Lakes to Retire on in or near NC: Raleigh, Durham: for sale, houses - North Carolina
  176. We look like Mississippi' after vote: Asheville, King: racist, paint, career - North Carolina (NC)
  177. Jon Stewart on NC: school, live, budget - North Carolina
  178. Thank you people of North Carolina: Charlotte, Liberty: high school, college, to live in (NC)
  179. HELP!!! Looking to relocate to NC,: Charlotte, Raleigh: rentals, sex offender, home - North Carolina
  180. Looking for a charming area in North Carolina: Wilmington, Boone: low crime, employment (NC)
  181. Buying a rifle as a gift: transporting, transfer, live - North Carolina (NC)
  182. Oh dear, look who made the 12 worst supermarkets in America list: sale, buying - North Carolina (NC)
  183. Charlotte-Concord V.S. Raleigh-Durham V.S. Greensboro-Winston Salem: Winston-Salem, Star: hotel, places to live - North Carolina (NC)
  184. Can tell me anything about Littleton, N.C.?: Durham: houses, to buy - North Carolina (NC)
  185. Rocky Mount is the most dangerous city in North Carolina: Durham: crime, neighborhoods (NC)
  186. whats happened to the southern accent in NC: Charlotte, Fayetteville: transplants, home - North Carolina
  187. NC Inclusive Health - state high risk pool health insurance: Raleigh: house, bankrupt - North Carolina
  188. Manufacturer bringing 54 jobs to Rutherford County: Spindale, Alliance: wage, company, average - North Carolina (NC)
  189. aspiring screenwriters Near Mebane NC?: Graham: live in, town, about - North Carolina
  190. Racing to resume at Cleveland County fairgrounds: drivers, event - North Carolina (NC)
  191. Flags at Half Mast - Peace Officer Memorial Day - May 15th: Charlotte: live - North Carolina (NC)
  192. Relocating Advice - Fairfax to Mooresville: homes, employment - North Carolina (NC)
  193. Saxapahaw Makes Big News: Alamance: loft, home, schools - North Carolina (NC)
  194. Rockingham prepares for Nascar's return: Speed: estimated, race, historic - North Carolina (NC)
  195. Frozen Lemon Raspberry Pie - Harris teeter: purchase, store - North Carolina (NC)
  196. building log cabin: countertops, roofing, cabinets - North Carolina (NC)
  197. Another NC unemployment benefits: rating, employers, application - North Carolina
  198. Looking to rent home in hunter oaks/somerset area: school districts, contractor - North Carolina (NC)
  199. Late 20's Travel RN moving to Greenville in two weeks!: day care, home - North Carolina (NC)
  200. Benefits of self-employment in NC?: health insurance, home, tax - North Carolina