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  1. Same-sex marriage officiant in Iowa City: wedding, gay friendly, gay - (IA)
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  7. Going rate for nanny/babysitter?: Iowa City: daycare, employment, minimum wage - (IA)
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  9. Needed crops in and around Iowa City/Coralville: organic, farms - (IA)
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  12. near univeristy of iowa: apartments, rental, loans - Iowa City, (IA)
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  16. Hawkeye minority at the University of Iowa: Iowa City, Ames: home, high schools - (IA)
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  18. Are there really jobs available in Iowa City?: Cedar Rapids: find a job, university - (IA)
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  23. barbershop in iowa city: college, cost, building - (IA)
  24. Coralville, Iowa Photos: Des Moines, Iowa City, Dubuque: condos, home, restaurants - (IA)
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  40. Have a cow, man: Iowa City, Coralville: coop, how much, to buy - (IA)
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  43. The Press-Citizen: live, area, pay - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
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  50. need a companion for my daughter: university, live, garden - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
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  55. Piano lessons for a 6yo: teacher, place, kids - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
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  59. knows about Regina Catholic Elementary School in iowa city?: North Liberty: to rent, house - (IA)
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  69. Fastest, most reliable broadband provider in Iowa City/Coralville: Des Moines: appointed, sales - (IA)
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  77. Auto Body Painting Shop in Coralville: Iowa City: places, market, road - (IA)
  78. Areas/Apt. complexes to avoid in IC and a ? about IA apt. laws: Iowa City: apartment complex
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  80. Less expensive veterinary care in IowaCity/Coralville area: live, price - Iowa City, (IA)
  81. Moving to Iowa City: Coralville, North Liberty: home, school district, childcare - (IA)
  82. Ely, Solon, Swisher or North Liberty?: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: rentals, houses, to buy - (IA)
  83. Internet: Iowa City: living, moving to, best - (IA)
  84. Iowa City area runners: Coralville: how much, university, registered - (IA)
  85. Tornado siren testing in Iowa City??: weather, fire department, outside - (IA)
  86. on Eastside Iowa City Neighborhood Wanted: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: to rent, houses - (IA)
  87. competition for jobs at U of Iowa-Iowa City?: Cedar Rapids: job market, university - (IA)
  88. Univeristy of Iowa & Big Ten: Des Moines, Iowa City: renter, home, high schools - (IA)
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  98. blue collar jobs and bicycling in Iowa City: high school, university - (IA)
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  103. Bathtub Refinishing?? (Coralville): Des Moines: prices, property, companies - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
  104. Iowa City Preschools: preschool, university, price - (IA)
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  108. Is the snow staying on the ground in Iowa City?: Coralville: live, car - (IA)
  109. Congrats to Iowa City - nations lowest unemployment rate: Melrose: for sale, home sales - (IA)
  110. professional apartment locators in IC?: Iowa City, Craig: apartments, rentals, transfer - (IA)
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  112. Iowa City: Public transportation? Cabs?: Cedar Rapids, Coralville: credit card, university, casino - (IA)
  113. Mason city in Iowa: skateboarding, skatepark, day care - Iowa City, (IA)
  114. Iowa City for carless older future grad student: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: apartment complexes, rental - (IA)
  115. Iowa City neighborhoods: Coralville, University Heights: real estate, rentals, house - (IA)
  116. Solon is the name of the town not Ely, sorry: Cedar Rapids: to live in, shop - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
  117. What's the predominant scene in IC? .: Iowa City: fit in, school - (IA)
  118. Relocating from SoCal to Johnson County: Iowa City, Dubuque: for sale by owner, real estate, lease - (IA)
  119. Iowa City Real Estate: Coralville, North Liberty: sales, rentals, mortgages - (IA)
  120. Renting in IC -- is May too late to wait to look for Aug. lease?: Des Moines: apartments - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
  121. move to Iowa City: Coralville, Craig: co-op, home, find a job - (IA)
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  125. Iowa City: where are the retirees living?: Muscatine, Coralville: condos, neighborhood - (IA)
  126. Travel time to Minn/StP from Iowa City: costs, mall - (IA)
  127. move to Coralville: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City: low income, condo, crime - (IA)
  128. Johnson County (Iowa City, Coralville, Lone Pine, North Liberty, Solon): Lone Tree: to rent, low crime - (IA)
  129. Crime and areas to avoid near Iowa City: Coralville: section 8, apartment complex - (IA)
  130. Iowa City Schools: Coralville, North Liberty, Solon: fit in, school district, live in - (IA)
  131. moving to Iowa city from Toronto Ontario: Coralville, North Liberty: for rent, insurance - (IA)
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  133. best neighborhoods to live in Iowa City: Riverside, Lincoln: foreclosures, rentals - (IA)
  134. Sat. breakfast in Iowa city: Kalona, Hamburg: house, neighborhood, restaurant - (IA)
  135. Lake City, Iowa?: Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Dayton: car insurance, house, good schools - Iowa City, (IA)
  136. Affordable housing for first time homebuyer?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: real estate market, condo, crime - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
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  138. Last Minute Rental in Iowa City?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: apartment complexes, rental market, law school - (IA)
  139. Help! Iowa City vs. Chicago Suburb: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: coop, how much, house - (IA)
  140. Moving to Iowa City, working in Marion: Cedar Rapids, Muscatine: apartment, rentals - (IA)
  141. what about solon?: Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville: renters, houses, landscaping - (IA)
  142. Iowa City-Chicago rail link: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: insurance, crime, how much - (IA)
  143. iowa City - Grant Wood Elem - Issues and concerns?: Des Moines: houses, neighborhood - (IA)
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  146. Indians in Iowa City: Coralville, Ryan: rental, low crime, townhome - (IA)
  147. Iowa City neighborhoods...: Clinton, Burlington, Britt: apartments, loft, houses - (IA)
  148. How are Iowa City winters?: Des Moines, Nevada: credit, how much, modular home - (IA)
  149. Best Iowa City/Coralville Neighborhood for Male Gay Couple with Kids: North Liberty: apartment complexes, houses - (IA)
  150. Iowa City stores: Des Moines, Dubuque, Coralville: coop, buy, university - (IA)
  151. How was Iowa City affected by the flood awhile back?: Cedar Rapids: for sale, apartment - (IA)
  152. New Englander Moving to Iowa City...Advice?: Des Moines, Coralville: school, university - (IA)
  153. current/recent U of I students out there?: Iowa City: university, live in - (IA)
  154. Is this neighborhood in Iowa City ok?: Newton, Coralville: apartments, rentals - (IA)
  155. Rentals for grad student: Iowa City, Clinton: apartments, coop, school - (IA)
  156. Iowa city, Coralville or North Liberty: Cedar Rapids, Hawkeye: middle-class, apartments, home - (IA)
  157. What's the difference between West and City High Schools in IC?: Iowa City: theater, school district - (IA)
  158. Whole Foods type grocery store in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City?: Coralville: co-op, buy - (IA)
  159. skyways in an Iowa city?: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: apartments, condos, credit - (IA)
  160. Why do IC renters have such a negative view of pet owners?: Iowa City: hardwood floor, apartments - (IA)
  161. Life in IOWA City..???: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: fit in, rent, crime - (IA)
  162. Council Bluffs, an Iowa boom city: Des Moines, Hills: best cities, condo, hotel - Iowa City, (IA)
  163. Iowa City vs. Nashville: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids: apartment, high crime, job market - (IA)
  164. Iowa City 2008 crime, 2009: Waterloo, Dubuque, Ames: section 8, apartments, house - (IA)
  165. Iowa City or Coralville area?: Cedar Rapids, Muscatine: apartments, rental, condos - (IA)
  166. air quality(pesticides) in Iowa City/Coralville area: Washington: homes, neighborhoods - (IA)
  167. Boycott Cocaine: Iowa City, Colo, Orient: buying, storage, legal - (IA)
  168. Relocating to Mt. Vernon, IA or Iowa City: Cedar Rapids, Clinton: fit in, rentals
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  171. Iowa City: Coralville, North Liberty, Victor: crime, landscaping, neighborhoods - (IA)
  172. Dilemma: University of Iowa vs Texas (San Antonio): Davenport, Iowa City: credit, student loans - (IA)
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  174. Californian got into The University of Iowa !!!!!: Iowa City: school, bars - (IA)
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  177. Sustainability in Iowa City: Dubuque, Coralville: 2014, homes, neighborhood - (IA)
  178. Thinking about Iowa City? are pics if s interested: Des Moines: best town, crime - (IA)
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  180. Kcjj: Iowa City: radio - (IA)
  181. University of Iowa Children's Hospital expansion, $292 million: building - Iowa City, (IA)
  182. Iowa City suitable for Film/Video Grad?: Craig: how much, university - (IA)
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  186. Dentist work gone wrong!: year, dollars, appointment - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
  187. Suggestions on Iowa City/Coralville neighborhoods: for rent, condo, college - (IA)
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  189. Gaslight Village- What's it like to live there?: Iowa City: rentals, dorm - (IA)
  190. Brown Deer Golf Course: Iowa City: great, Sunday - (IA)
  191. horses and trail riding around Iowa City: to rent, camping - (IA)
  192. Seeking country rental Iowa City area: Walford, Oxford: home, place, work - (IA)
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  195. Crane moves material on new building near University of Iowa Spring 2012: Iowa City: construction, campus - (IA)
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  197. The 'What ya Doin: yard, area, dry - Iowa City, Iowa (IA)
  198. Iowa City Landfill Fire: live, rating, - (IA)
  199. Counterculture in Iowa City: school, college, live - (IA)
  200. University or Iowa and Christmas: house, tree, union - Iowa City, (IA)