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  1. May be moving to Jamestown..Feedback: Fargo, Bismarck: real estate, apartment complex - North Dakota (ND)
  2. Is this weather weird?: Fargo: swimming, summer, kids - North Dakota (ND)
  3. I'm moving on from Fargo: Bismarck: job transfer, job, offer - North Dakota (ND)
  4. Congrats North Dakota hockey -- natl champs: Grand Forks: drought, community (ND)
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  6. Possibly moving to Grand Forks, ND: Fargo, Lincoln: for sale, apartments, rentals - North Dakota
  7. NDSU Ad: schools, universities, land - North Dakota
  8. Looking for an extremely isolated Mountain top cabin help!: rentals, camping - North Dakota (ND)
  9. Excutive Assistant looking for work in ND: Minot: camper, salary - North Dakota
  10. Moving to Grand Forks: Lincoln: apartments, rentals, townhomes - North Dakota (ND)
  11. Grocery shopping - Grand Forks: Fargo, Hope: co-op, allergies, organic - North Dakota (ND)
  12. Moving to Bismark, ND: Fargo, Bismarck: college, living, prices - North Dakota
  13. Preferred cellular provider in Minot/Carpio: Fargo, Dickinson: buy, bars, transit - North Dakota (ND)
  14. Oil tanker derailed: train, cars, rain - North Dakota (ND)
  15. Family-friendly Bismarck?: Mandan, Lincoln, Center: waterpark, hotels, houses - North Dakota (ND)
  16. Moving to North Dakota for College (1st time living on my own): Fargo: apartment (ND)
  17. railroaders out there.: Bismarck, Devils Lake: transfer, maintenance, living in - North Dakota (ND)
  18. Northeast ND: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks: for sale, real estate, 2013 - North Dakota
  19. on Dickenson: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks: transplants, rentals, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  20. Moving to bismarck, block heater?: 2014, buy, cost - North Dakota (ND)
  21. Tell me about Bismarck: Fargo, Dickinson: middle-class, fit in, 2013 - North Dakota (ND)
  22. So is this correct?: Fargo, Bismarck: live in, friendly, racism - North Dakota (ND)
  23. Moving to Minot: house, buying, catholic schools - North Dakota (ND)
  24. Did North Dakota get more diverse after oil boom?: Fargo: crime, unemployment rate (ND)
  25. Luxury Apartments in Grand Forks: Crary: for rent, lofts, appliances - North Dakota (ND)
  26. Moving to Goodrich N.D. Want to know about working on a farm. I'm good with a wrench and most gas and diesel engines.: Napoleon: house - North Dakota (ND)
  27. How to find work in ND?: Fargo, Bismarck: fit in, 2014, crime - North Dakota
  28. Just back from Williston: Bismarck, Minot: layoffs, construction, prices - North Dakota (ND)
  29. Computer Science Jobs in Bismarck: Fargo, Grand Forks: school, contractors, university - North Dakota (ND)
  30. Have Things Slows Down in ND: Williston: prices, jobs, around - North Dakota
  31. December weather: moving, office, transit - North Dakota (ND)
  32. Do you get your Drivers License the same day in ND?: military, passport - North Dakota
  33. So the weather will be nice for a few days: car, around - North Dakota (ND)
  34. Heading to Grand Forks and looking for decent companies to apply to.: Center: rentals - North Dakota (ND)
  35. Illinois: Fargo, Bismarck, Dickinson: rent, hotel, employment - North Dakota (ND)
  36. Good local non-chain restaurants in Bismarck: Fargo, Mandan: appointed, prices, pub - North Dakota (ND)
  37. Most common road signs in ND: Fargo: vehicle, areas, place - North Dakota
  38. Most Dangerous towns in North Dakota: Minot: assault, cities, place (ND)
  39. Moving to Minot ND on January! Help on hotels and cabs...: Williston: to rent, taxi - North Dakota
  40. New Diesel Refinery near Columbus, Burke County planned: Dickinson, Devils Lake: cost, approval - North Dakota (ND)
  41. Re wiring: Hope: daycare, inspector, basement - North Dakota (ND)
  42. Detailed information for Minot: Bismarck, Grand Forks: fit in, transplants, sales - North Dakota (ND)
  43. John Oliver Takes Aim at North Dakota: oil, companies (ND)
  44. Grand Forks needed: Mayville, Larimore: home, school district, living in - North Dakota (ND)
  45. Working as Industrial Electrician (newcomer): Grand Forks: transfer, utilities, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  46. How is Bismarck doing economically?: real estate market, buying a house, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  47. Is Minot a writer friendly community?: Fargo, Bismarck: home, transfer to, university - North Dakota (ND)
  48. Bismarck drivers: York: unemployed, live in, law - North Dakota (ND)
  49. West Fargo in the 50's: Valley City, Sheyenne: school, residential, yard - North Dakota (ND)
  50. music scene wise, does ND have a Seattle ?: Fargo: live, cities - North Dakota
  51. Should we move to Minot?: Fargo, Bismarck: crime rate, public schools, university - North Dakota (ND)
  52. Job Offer In Pembina: Grand Forks, Minot: camping, living in, shop - North Dakota (ND)
  53. Drop-in daycare - Grand Forks, ND - Need opinions!: reviews, place - North Dakota
  54. Grand Forks or No Grand Forks?: Fargo, Bismarck: real estate, 2014, apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  55. Why is Minot so dirty?: Fargo, Bismarck: homes, neighborhoods, live - North Dakota (ND)
  56. done with the dirty douth: Bowman: weather, to work, drive - North Dakota (ND)
  57. Grand Forks Airport - pet transportation: Fargo: company, pets, shipping - North Dakota (ND)
  58. Lake Metigoshe border: How does it work?: Fargo, Souris: houses, buy - North Dakota (ND)
  59. Establishing Residency in North Dakota: lease, eviction, lawyer (ND)
  60. looking for a mentor: to live in, mechanic, farm - North Dakota (ND)
  61. Save Antler!: Bottineau, Gwinner, Leith: house, land, racist - North Dakota (ND)
  62. Living in Stanley,ND: for rent, hotel, houses - North Dakota
  63. El Nino and North Dakota: estate, winter, work (ND)
  64. Medora in late September: Dickinson: shop, places to eat, places - North Dakota (ND)
  65. Looking to relocate, need work: Dickinson, New Town: construction, contractors, camps - North Dakota (ND)
  66. best brand of winter campers: Minot, Max: RV park, 2015, apartment - North Dakota (ND)
  67. Moving from Denver to Bismarck: Fargo, Grand Forks: rent, house, job outlook - North Dakota (ND)
  68. Moving to Bismarck, ND: Columbus: apartments, co-op, college - North Dakota
  69. Perks and Problems of ND?: Fargo, Grand Forks: crime rates, house, schools - North Dakota
  70. ND weather?: Bismarck, Dickinson, Marion: house, tornado, living in - North Dakota
  71. High school grads to get free rides at two-year college in North Dakota oil patch: Williston: 2015 (ND)
  72. in Devils Lake?: cemetery, county, photos - North Dakota (ND)
  73. Living in a camper: Harvey: apartment, renting, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  74. Bismarck is getting famous!: Carson: title, Dutch, job - North Dakota (ND)
  75. Do North Dakotans consider themselves Midwesterners?: Fargo, Grand Forks: transfer, living in, bus (ND)
  76. about getting a trucking job in ND: home, school - North Dakota
  77. Brewpub leaves AZ to locate in Watford City: Buffalo: 2014, centers - North Dakota (ND)
  78. City pet ordinance(s): Fargo, Bismarck: crime, townhome, buying - North Dakota (ND)
  79. News, North Dakota's Latest Fracking Problem: Watford City: 2014, oil, title (ND)
  80. Need help figuring Valuation of Building: Minot, Crosby: comparable sales, hotel, income - North Dakota (ND)
  81. North Dakota plates in the Twin Cities: Fargo: home, neighborhood (ND)
  82. I have a job offer in Bismarck, need advice: Mandan: rent, find a job - North Dakota (ND)
  83. Electrical Work in ND?: Dickinson, Williston: apartment, new house, contractors - North Dakota
  84. Texas to ND: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks: houses, find a job, construction - North Dakota
  85. Devils Lake (Lake Region State College): Bismarck, Grand Forks: school, casino, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  86. Deleting my account: move, questions - North Dakota (ND)
  87. David Kuhn - Blind runner in Dickenson, need running partners: money, area - North Dakota (ND)
  88. HELP! Location ... about Dickinson: Hope, Alice: apartments, rental, crime - North Dakota (ND)
  89. Social services work in western ND: Bismarck, Minot: crime, homes, gated - North Dakota
  90. Chemical Engineering--Williston vs the Other part of ND: Grand Forks, Minot: apartment, rent - North Dakota
  91. Walmart paying $17 and up in Williston: 2015, apartment, job market - North Dakota (ND)
  92. Northrop Grumman in New Town: Berthold: camps, place to live, eat - North Dakota (ND)
  93. Wireline companies that hire cdl a graduates?: professionals, train - North Dakota (ND)
  94. IT Jobs in the Belcourt area: Fargo, Bismarck: job market, university, live in - North Dakota (ND)
  95. Highway 85 traffic: Hope: oil, rated, road - North Dakota (ND)
  96. Shale Oil saved the US Economy: 2014, construction, manufacturing - North Dakota (ND)
  97. National Geographic - June 2014 - Bakken: oil, pictures, landscape - North Dakota (ND)
  98. Archeologist job bonanza in ND: 2014, homes, oil - North Dakota
  99. Need on breaking apartment lease cause of fire next door: hotel, attorney - North Dakota (ND)
  100. Was northeast North Dakota ever considered part of the North Woods?: Pembina: homes, camps (ND)
  101. New Town ND, Comments From Current Residents If: Fargo: crime, theatre - North Dakota
  102. Possibly Moving to North Dakota: Fargo, Bismarck: transplants, houses, safe neighborhoods (ND)
  103. New CDL driver jobs?: transfer, license, trailer - North Dakota (ND)
  104. cheerleading jobs in the oil fields for active women?: camps, dangerous - North Dakota (ND)
  105. possibly moving to Walhalla area: Cavalier: apartment, renting, house - North Dakota (ND)
  106. Looking for rental housing near Cavalier ND: Langdon, Walhalla: for sale, real estate - North Dakota
  107. Bismarck - Where is the best place to live for young professionals?: Fargo: apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  108. My One Year Update: Minot, Williston: 2015, apartments, leases - North Dakota (ND)
  109. Area I could fit in?: Fargo, Grand Forks: transplants, rentals, house - North Dakota (ND)
  110. Fuel's Gold: Paddling the Missouri River: oil, vehicle, clothes - North Dakota (ND)
  111. cell phones and computer repair buisniee in williston nd: Bismarck: rent, buy - North Dakota (ND)
  112. Bismarck ND or Billings MT: Fargo, Mandan: neighborhoods, schools, universities - North Dakota
  113. Winter roads in Richardton: live in, area, county - North Dakota (ND)
  114. Valley City????: Fargo: stats, move to, expensive - North Dakota (ND)
  115. New on Williston? Veteran seeking employment: Watford City: home, construction - North Dakota (ND)
  116. Good Gastroenterologist in Jamestown/Fargo/Bismark??: Bismarck, Douglas: law, moving to, eat - North Dakota (ND)
  117. Oil Jobs in North Dakota: rent, student loans, housing (ND)
  118. Fargo crop dusting?: Grand Forks, West Fargo: homes, to live in, shopping centers - North Dakota (ND)
  119. Water transfer laborer or flowback operator, have ?: Minot: hotels, house - North Dakota (ND)
  120. Schlumberger pre-employment physical.: medical, company, required - North Dakota (ND)
  121. Yes on Measure 7: Fargo, Marion: insurance, pharmacist, costs - North Dakota (ND)
  122. Why do you live in ND? Job opportunity, family, rural setting?: Fargo: school, living - North Dakota
  123. Marcellus Shale vs Bakken Biggest Richest Rush?: Minot, Dickinson: live, stores - North Dakota (ND)
  124. North Dakota 2016 Governor's Race and Trump for President: Fargo, Dickinson: living in, moving to (ND)
  125. Devils Lake: school, live, residential - North Dakota (ND)
  126. African American Hair Stylists - Bismark, ND??: Bismarck, Minot: hair salon, transfer - North Dakota
  127. Is there a forum specific to truck driving: Williston: home, find a job - North Dakota (ND)
  128. Which of ND attractions have you been to?: Fargo: farms, trees - North Dakota
  129. Flying home from Williston: Bismarck, Minot: price, buses, train - North Dakota (ND)
  130. Norwegians looking for activities, Minot, end of August.: Bismarck, Mandan: apartment, rental - North Dakota (ND)
  131. Are North Dakotans socialist? Are they more collectivist like Norwegians?: Fargo: credit, houses (ND)
  132. GIS jobs in Bakken region?: New Town: live in, professionals, move - North Dakota (ND)
  133. Questions for working in the Oil Boom In North Dakota: Dickinson: apartment, to rent (ND)
  134. Relatives to a swedish man: live, children, state - North Dakota (ND)
  135. North Dakota: Legendary States Residents highly satisfied with economy, education, air quality: 2014 (ND)
  136. Wahpeton: Fargo: apartments, rentals, houses - North Dakota (ND)
  137. How come Fargo, Bismarck and Grand Forks are overlooked?: best cities, moving - North Dakota (ND)
  138. Bismarck residents - Gun stores in your city?: Mandan, Carrington: transfer, live - North Dakota (ND)
  139. Northern Lights Tonight and Tommorow Night: Fargo, Devils Lake: theater, live, activity - North Dakota (ND)
  140. What is winter driving like in Bismarck?: Fargo, Grand Forks: home, college - North Dakota (ND)
  141. $3 Billion fertilizer plant for Jamestown: Fargo, Bismarck: construction, camps, live - North Dakota (ND)
  142. Concerns about ND: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks: home, job market, buy - North Dakota
  143. Job offer in Grand Forks: sale, real estate, apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  144. Pheasant hunting in ND: land, town, roads - North Dakota
  145. Just showing up: Fargo, Bismarck: job market, buying, construction - North Dakota (ND)
  146. Your favorite ND city: Fargo, Bismarck: school, living, airport - North Dakota
  147. Stay away from North Dakota!! Difficult finding professional employment: Fargo: credit, lawyer (ND)
  148. Pipeline protestors: Boycott Bismarck Businesses: Mandan, Hope: homes, camps, living - North Dakota (ND)
  149. Why does ND have two time zones?: Fargo, Bismarck: 2015, live - North Dakota
  150. Vaccinations for children: 2015, insurance, home - North Dakota (ND)
  151. Show the best of Grand Forks: Fargo, Lincoln: real estate, apartments, car registration - North Dakota (ND)
  152. Clothing for winter: Fargo, Grand Forks: sales, apartment, how much - North Dakota (ND)
  153. What's your favorite thing about living in ND?: Fargo, Grand Forks: apartment, house - North Dakota
  154. What do the kids do in weather like this?: Fargo: low crime, house - North Dakota (ND)
  155. Moving To North Dakota Soon!!! Need Urgent Advice!: Fargo, Bismarck: rent, crime (ND)
  156. where in ND is cheap to find rentals?: Fargo, Bismarck: apartments, motels - North Dakota
  157. Jewish Life in small town North Dakota: Fargo, Bismarck: public school, safety (ND)
  158. Grand Forks, schools (gifted program?) and 4 wheel drive!: Thompson: real estate, 2015 - North Dakota (ND)
  159. might be moving to grand forks: Fargo, Lincoln: apartments, rentals, townhome - North Dakota (ND)
  160. winter questions: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks: power lines, house, transfer - North Dakota (ND)
  161. The price oil: Fargo, Bismarck, Williston: fit in, mineral rights, 2014 - North Dakota (ND)
  162. Crime Due to Oil Boom?: Fargo, Bismarck: 2014, crime rates, salaries - North Dakota (ND)
  163. Another HUGE economic investment coming to North Dakota: Fargo, Bismarck: 2015, new construction (ND)
  164. My life inside of a North Dakota man camp and surrounding areas.: Dickinson: camps, lodge (ND)
  165. Moving to Langdon, ND: Grand Forks, Walhalla: leasing, insurance, buying - North Dakota
  166. Young Couple new to Fargo: Grand Forks, West Fargo: apartments, rentals, lofts - North Dakota (ND)
  167. Are white collar jobs booming in ND: Fargo, Grand Forks: for sale, unemployed - North Dakota
  168. Does North Dakota have snowmageddons like the Northeast?: Bismarck: live in, land (ND)
  169. Young black female moving to Minot, ND... racism/concerns?: Bismarck: transplants, hair salon - North Dakota
  170. Current status of Bakken?: Bismarck, Minot: real estate market, 2015, apartments - North Dakota (ND)
  171. Where is North Dakota's most Liberal Leftwing hipsterest city?: Fargo: move to, sushi (ND)
  172. North Dakota weather?: Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot: for sale, real estate market, 2013 (ND)
  173. Best trade to learn before coming to ND: motels, houses - North Dakota
  174. a move to Fargo or Grand Forks - help!: Minot: low income, rent - North Dakota (ND)
  175. Where in North Dakota?: Fargo, Bismarck: mortgages, how much, houses (ND)
  176. moving to Kenmare or Bottineau: Grand Forks, Minot: to rent, house, transferring to - North Dakota (ND)
  177. Need Minot storage facility advice: places, cameras, looking for - North Dakota (ND)
  178. Logs and 100m radius: drivers, run - North Dakota (ND)
  179. Looking for an apartment/room in Grand Forks, ND: to rent, credit card - North Dakota
  180. Kathryn ND: county, town, historical - North Dakota
  181. Places to shoot guns: Minot: looking for, around, range - North Dakota (ND)
  182. Motorcycle rentals near Minot: vacation, area, husband - North Dakota (ND)
  183. 2nd ..: Williston: how much, oil, Wal-mart - North Dakota (ND)
  184. Lawyer for Help with Mineral Rights in ND: law, office - North Dakota
  185. Employment in Dickinson: college, jobs, hired - North Dakota (ND)
  186. CNA pay in Minot: hourly - North Dakota (ND)
  187. scaffold and insulation: projects - North Dakota (ND)
  188. Friends in North Dakota: Bismarck: live in, shop, working (ND)
  189. Housing in Minot? I know, I know ...: Grand Forks: to rent, where to live - North Dakota (ND)
  190. ancestor: Hope, Portal, York: live, rain, hired - North Dakota (ND)
  191. What's going on in Bismarck economy-wise?: area, job, opportunities - North Dakota (ND)
  192. snakehunt: near - North Dakota (ND)
  193. Happy New Year North Dakota!: Hope: to relocate, good, future (ND)
  194. Trinity Health: Minot: moving to, working, moved - North Dakota (ND)
  195. NY developers to build office/retail/aparts in WC: Watford City: apartment, daycare - North Dakota (ND)
  196. Moving back to Minot: Bismarck: how much, mobile home, job market - North Dakota (ND)
  197. Will it be fairly easy to get a job working for Target Logistics directly?: camps - North Dakota (ND)
  198. Mothers day out: schools, moving to, housing - North Dakota (ND)
  199. Moving to Bismarck, ND end of November: apartment, homeless - North Dakota
  200. The Northern Lights Railroad Museum LARGE HO Layout!: Grand Forks: trains, place - North Dakota (ND)