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  1. lol, ok brain freeze. what the heck is this thing called: look - Nature
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  23. Variety under the deck: (B-29 Bombers followed by: ..P-51 Mustangs): turkey, noise - Nature
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  26. Is this the cutest damn lion cub on the planet?: pet, look - Nature
  27. Often Wondered Why Most Of Their Hopping Is Sideways. - Nature
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  29. Baleen - Nature
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  33. What to Plant Beneath Ash Trees: bug, look, Maine - Nature
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  36. Did You See The Bing Home Page For April Fool's Day? - Nature
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  38. Woman happened to have the patio door open during storm – steps back in and gets the surprise of her life: look - Nature
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  40. Endangered green sea turtles may be making a comeback in the U.S. Pacific: Hawaii - Nature
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  43. Nature: Forest of the Lynx: Florida
  44. Mountain Goats And Bighorn Sheep In Colorado - Nature
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  51. Yellowstone Visitor Hospitalized After Elk Attack - Nature
  52. The Eyes On An Eagle, The Hearing Of The Wax Moth, The Olfactory Sense Of The ...: dog, look - Nature
  53. Cobra Venom Nothing More Than A Mild Sedative To The Honey Badger?: snake, look - Nature
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  55. Never Saw This Before. Ant Pulling Off Diamond Heist. - Nature
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  57. evolutionary trend of tusklessness: snakes, snake, survive - Nature
  58. Cassowary -- Another Deadly Australian Creature: bird, snakes, spider - Nature
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  63. Cute rescue puppy turns out to be a coyote: dog, wildlife, tame - Nature
  64. Woman shocked when dog she raised turns out to be a fox.: pet - Nature
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  67. News, Now Wasps Are Forming Massive 'Super Nests' Because Life Just Isn't Scary Enough.: insects, look - Nature
  68. White Tail Twin Bucks, now 3 yrs old.. IDENTICAL TWINS! - Nature
  69. Well, I Didn't Know That: birds, raccoon, dog, chicken - Nature
  70. Mule deer doe gives birth to rare triplets- one a full albino in Montana: wildlife, wild - Nature
  71. Crickets in my house: bug, spider, spiders, pet - Nature
  72. British couple encounter talking crow at castle: look - Nature
  73. Wild Ponies having Medical Problems: bird, dog, bunny, pet - Nature
  74. Kelvin-Helmholst clouds: cold, look - Nature
  75. Egypt zoo accused of painting donkey to look like a zebra - Nature
  76. News, This copperhead found in Georgia looks so huge, people think it’s fake. Is it?: snakes, snake - Nature
  77. Super Mom duck takes care of 76 ducklings: dog, noise, look - Nature
  78. Broad-winged hawk whistle calls: birds, eagle, look - Nature
  79. Perfectly Timed Nature Photos Will Make You Laugh
  80. Bryozoans: raccoon - Nature
  81. Unusual spider: spiders, look, Maryland - Nature
  82. Dragonflies: look - Nature
  83. Giant squid captured on camera for the first time in the US: robin, robins - Nature
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  86. George the Snail, RIP: pet, wild, look, Hawaii - Nature
  87. Instagram model bitten by shark in the Bahamas: 'Next thing I knew I was underwater' - Nature
  88. Bug or fly identification?: look - Nature
  89. Luna moth and other lovelies: insects, toad, wild, look - Nature
  90. Entangled Humpback Whale freed from nets. Watch what she does once freed. - Nature
  91. something interesting about birds: feathers, eagle - Nature
  92. Improving a stream-: Oregon - Nature
  93. New Species of Killer Whales Discovered: look, Alaska, California - Nature
  94. Do animals in different countries all speak the same language?: birds, turkey - Nature
  95. Does A Pangolin Really Eat 70 Million Bugs A Night?: insects, ants - Nature
  96. overwhelmed with lady bugs in the house?: beetle, windows, cold - Nature
  97. Lightning Bugs??: insects, beetle, look, Florida - Nature
  98. Relocate squirrel from attic: raccoon, dog, look - Nature
  99. What's blooming at your house?: cold, pet, look - Nature
  100. Botanists Indian Pipe: birds, feathers, evolution, look - Nature
  101. A Murder of Crows: geese, eagle, quail, toad - Nature
  102. Stunning bald eagle photo goes viral: birds, dog, wildlife, wild - Nature
  103. Preferred topography to live around: insects, windows, look, Oregon - Nature
  104. Are people that feed wildlife liable?: birds, pigeons, raccoon - Nature
  105. Why do you think human women go through Menopause?: evolution, pet - Nature
  106. We have raccoons under the house: wild - Nature
  107. I just got sprayed by skunks: noise, pet - Nature
  108. Wehave baby seagulls again!: insects, birds, survive, wild - Nature
  109. Canada Geese ...No Passport... Gets Cooked :): bird - Nature
  110. Are you seeing a decline in the number of insects where you live?: bugs, bird - Nature
  111. Toilet paper vs. boreal forests: destructive, look, Oregon - Nature
  112. Another invasive insect, in this case a blood-thirsty one!: bug, insects, spider - Nature
  113. Moths in bird seed- OK for birds?: bugs, look - Nature
  114. Every year, this hummingbird comes back to the man who saved him: birds, wildlife - Nature
  115. New Species of wild cat discovered in Europe: eagle, pet - Nature
  116. What do you think is the best place to observe nature in the whole world?: insects, evolution
  117. How Does The Solitary Savanna Lion Survive?: birds - Nature
  118. Florida man attacked and killed by his cassowary, the ‘world’s most dangerous bird’: bug, birds - Nature
  119. Underwater Excursions?: windows, look - Nature
  120. Snakes....They get a bad rap.: bird, mouse, dog, evolution - Nature
  121. Chytrid fungus is decimating frog populations: bug, evolution, survive, pet - Nature
  122. No see ums, sand flies, whatever you call them...HELP: bugs, insects - Nature
  123. When Will the Baby Birds Leave?: feathers, dog, robin, pet - Nature
  124. Is this a Brown Recluse spider?: spiders, look, Kansas, Ohio - Nature
  125. Black squirrels everywhere.: bird, survive, pet, wild - Nature
  126. notice a reduction in no. of hummingbirds?: dog, wild, California - Nature
  127. So has been hit in the head by a bird?: birds, geese - Nature
  128. Why are deep sea fish so ugly?: spider, robin, look - Nature
  129. Backyard Birds: look - Nature
  130. My introduction to chiggers: bug, fleas, insect, dog - Nature
  131. This will make a lot of people angry, and it should: birds, turkey - Nature
  132. The Silence of the Bugs: fleas, insects, bird, beetle - Nature
  133. Crows, their intelligence: birds, feathers, chicken, eagle - Nature
  134. Do you have interesting turtle experiences?: Florida - Nature
  135. Caught on my security video: Is this a kitty cat or a cougar?: look, Oregon - Nature
  136. Does barking noise or other noise bother you?: birds, dog - Nature
  137. do not put red dye in hummingbird sugar water.: birds, look - Nature
  138. Why did Koalas evolve to be so dumb?: evolution, wildlife, wild - Nature
  139. Do You Have wonderful Walking Trails: Connecticut, Hawaii, Kentucky, New Mexico - Nature
  140. If You Could Make The Environment BETTER How Would You Like It ?: wildlife, wild - Nature
  141. Adorable snake with mom: snakes, evolution, survive, pet - Nature
  142. Mimics in nature: birds, feathers, dog, robin
  143. Getting Rid of Rat(s): birds, mouse, raccoon, wildlife - Nature
  144. The world of birds: feathers, geese, quail, pet - Nature
  145. Strange Animal Sounds - Sounds Like They are Working with Tools!: mice, noise - Nature
  146. Watching seagulls grow up: birds, pigeons, feathers, cold - Nature
  147. Do spiders have memories: bug, recluse, look - Nature
  148. Need monarch butterfly advice - urgent: survive, wild, look, Florida - Nature
  149. Noises heard in the last 24 hours outside..................: bugs, birds, geese - Nature
  150. Mother Nature is always prepared to show me a FIRST .......: rabbits, insects
  151. Eagle snatches away rabbit from fox: birds, snake, dog, wildlife - Nature
  152. How come there isn't talk about landscapes or plants?: wild - Nature
  153. Red next to yellow, kills a fellow: snakes, snake, look - Nature
  154. Bird (Robin): birds, windows, pet, wild - Nature
  155. How can I overcome my phobia of bees and wasps?: insect, Texas - Nature
  156. Crazy raccoon decides to scale a St. Paul skyscraper: wild, Minnesota - Nature
  157. Western North Carolina bird identification: birds, wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  158. Can someone help me with this baby bird??: birds, robin, wildlife - Nature
  159. One of the last Jaguars killed in Arizona: wild, look, Idaho - Nature
  160. Have seen only 1 butterfly on blooming butterfly bush...: insects, birds, robin - Nature
  161. Animals are shifting from day to night to avoid people: rabbits, insect - Nature
  162. Large cat: leopard, dog, coyote, wildlife - Nature
  163. How to best dry and store acorns: bird, destructive, look - Nature
  164. Bug takes a ride in car: bugs, spider, spiders, windows - Nature
  165. looking for a good quality bird seed: rabbits, birds, mice - Nature
  166. Can someone help identify this bird?: turkey, quail, survive, look - Nature
  167. Speaking of earthquakes...: birds, dog, Alaska, California - Nature
  168. Help. Bird nest with live birds and mother is gone now.: insects, feathers - Nature
  169. Why Do Only Humans Have Chronic Coughs & Moods?: birds, raccoon, dog - Nature
  170. What Happens To Animals In The Wild When They Get Too Old?: birds, wildlife - Nature
  171. Wood Peckers - My home; your home!:(: bugs, insects, birds - Nature
  172. The amazing intelligence of the crow: birds, windows, pet - Nature
  173. Seamonkeys: bird, look, Florida - Nature
  174. Man uses emotional support alligator: Wyoming - Nature
  175. guess what this is?: bird, feathers, chicken, cold - Nature
  176. A boy who was lost in the woods says a bear kept him company. No one can prove it didn't happen.: noise, cold - Nature
  177. Birds Eating Cat Kibble: pigeons, raccoon, dog, chicken - Nature
  178. A world without rats: insects, birds, mice, snake - Nature
  179. Beavers return to Italy after more than 500 years: wildlife, wild - Nature
  180. Why Don't Dogs Get Salmonella, When They Eat Rotten Food: chicken, coyote - Nature
  181. Why is Only Human Defecation Disease Producing?: birds, mouse, raccoon - Nature
  182. Bought a trail cam: birds, raccoon, turkey, dog - Nature
  183. Do You Think Plants Listen To You And To Touch?: birds, pet - Nature
  184. Saw SEVEN of tarantulas on our walk today: bugs, rabbit, dog - Nature
  185. Going To Bed With A Mosquito In The Room!: bug, noise, look - Nature
  186. Saved A Gopher: rabbits, bird, mouse, dog - Nature
  187. What do animals think about humans?: birds, dog, tame, wild - Nature
  188. Why Are Other Animals Superior to Humans in Ways: evolution, wildlife - Nature
  189. A turkey!!!: bird, wild, look - Nature
  190. No mosquitoes: bugs, insects, birds, windows - Nature
  191. News, Maine Cops Nab Runaway Pig: look - Nature
  192. News, Ohio man calls police to report he's being followed by a pig - Nature
  193. Asiatic Lions Making Comeback In Gujarat - Nature
  194. Changes related to wildlife in the immeadiate area surrounding my homesite (14ac) in 44 yrs.: coyote, quail - Nature
  195. The cedar gnats have begun to feast - Nature
  196. Citizen Science - Nature
  197. WI NPR Nature Podcasts
  198. Nature vs. television
  199. Ancient cliff trees: Wisconsin - Nature
  200. Effectiveness of InTice 10 bait granules: ant - Nature