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  12. Horses use eyes and ears to communicate: dog - Nature
  13. Piebald Squirrel - Nature
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  19. Bird Houses in the Country: birds - Nature
  20. ban coastal seismic testing for sake of marine life: noise, wildlife, survive - Nature
  21. Chimps at the movies - Nature
  22. Where did all the water go? - Nature
  23. Video, Bear Digs Through House Siding to Get His Honey: Alaska - Nature
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  25. When Captive Animals Have Had Enough: pet, wild, Oklahoma - Nature
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  28. News, Woman Hops Zoo Barrier To Sing To Lions, Feed Them Cookies - Nature
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  30. New Species Looks Like Mouse, Is More Similar to Elephant: insects, wild - Nature
  31. Would you like a fishcake for your birthday?: look - Nature
  32. Baby rhino orphan afraid to sleep alone: look - Nature
  33. Skunk population explodes nationwide: bird, windows, pet, look - Nature
  34. Incredible effort to rescue 12 ducklings: pet - Nature
  35. pbs documentary orphaned baby elephant: wild - Nature
  36. Another Canine Rescue: dog, coyote - Nature
  37. Hold the anchovies - or don't! - Nature
  38. News, Why Pigs Don't Have Sex Anymore. - Nature
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  41. Raising a found song bird from birth to release: birds - Nature
  42. Wikipedia refuses to delete photo as 'monkey owns it' - Nature
  43. Hello Dreadnoughtus: pet, Washington - Nature
  44. Fur versus. Leather: dog, coyote, survive, pet - Nature
  45. Ancient Swamp Creature Sported 'Mick Jagger' Lips: chicken - Nature
  46. News, 'Stay of execution' for bird living in store: birds - Nature
  47. Tavurvur Volcano eruption - Nature
  48. Do you love HIPPOS?: look - Nature
  49. New Direction for Florida Acquarium - Nature
  50. News Video, Excited Lion Gives Her Rescuer a Giant Hug: wildlife, wild - Nature
  51. 2 women Attacked by Shark: look, Hawaii, Texas - Nature
  52. A walk in the park?: look - Nature
  53. The Most Incredibly Beautiful Birds: eagle - Nature
  54. Nature winning the battle over civilization: Michigan
  55. News, Group Trying to Save Ponies Recommends ... Eating Them: wild, look - Nature
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  58. Why did the wolf and the donkey become friends?: look - Nature
  59. Bar Harbor Maine, whale rescued from entangled fishing gear - Nature
  60. Small White Butterfly/Moth: look, Illinois - Nature
  61. World's Largest Beaver Dam: wild, New Jersey - Nature
  62. Albina Cobra on the loose near LA: dog - Nature
  63. News, Hummingbird Wings Generate Lift More Efficiently Than The Best Micro-Helicopter Blades: birds - Nature
  64. : bug, insect - Nature
  65. Glass-Free Menagerie: New Zoo Concept Gets Rid Of Enclosures: windows, wild - Nature
  66. Glad I looked around the car before I got back under it.: bird, snakes - Nature
  67. Protection from sharks for swimmers: look - Nature
  68. A new and unusual friend.: wild, look - Nature
  69. Animal hybrids - Nature
  70. Happy 70th! Smokey - Nature
  71. Where are the bugs??? - Nature
  72. Man strangles rapid raccoon: tame - Nature
  73. Game Cameras: raccoon, dog, cam - Nature
  74. Have you ever heard of acorn woodpeckers?: bug, birds - Nature
  75. Large group of geese in mall parking lot: bird, look, Michigan - Nature
  76. Patrick the Oldest Living Captive Wombat: look - Nature
  77. Harassment and feeding of wild dolphins puts them in danger: pet, Alaska - Nature
  78. Owl flies in 10th story window and kills pet birds: pigeons, dog - Nature
  79. News, A smart move by SeaWorld: survive, pet, Florida, Texas - Nature
  80. Record breaking alligator caught in Alabama: Texas - Nature
  81. Giant Fish - Nature
  82. Down to the last minute rescue of an injured deer: look - Nature
  83. The mystery of Poland's Crooked Forest - Nature
  84. And Watch This Mama Save Her Baby: look - Nature
  85. What a wonderful story...Lion , Tiger and Bear: pet - Nature
  86. Up close and personal with a lion pride and Hyenas... - Nature
  87. Fog rolling in - Nature
  88. Dinosaur Unearthed in Argentina Breaks Record for Largest Ever Discovered: dinosaurs - Nature
  89. Leave me alone: bug, bird, bunny, wild - Nature
  90. 52 Volcanoes in One Picture: Alaska - Nature
  91. Legendary 6 ton Kenyan elephant found dead from poachers - Nature
  92. Two Friends are Reunited: pet - Nature
  93. Cold blooded moths: insects, look - Nature
  94. News, Bear In A Hammock: Hammock Later Removed By Owner: Florida - Nature
  96. can explain this bluejay behavior?: bug, birds, snakes, snake - Nature
  97. Bear Lies Down for a Break in Hammock in Florida Backyard: look - Nature
  98. Honeybees protect humanity - Nature
  99. News, Deer falls from sky and crashes through windshield of minivan in Illinois: look, Texas - Nature
  100. Watch Danish Swans and Storks + Babies: bird, feathers, screens - Nature
  101. This bird gives its babies names: pet - Nature
  102. predator says 'ouch' not worh it.: leopard - Nature
  103. Bird babies in my atrium...cannot get out: birds, survive, Michigan - Nature
  104. climbing bears! - Nature
  105. The world of pollination - Nature
  106. The largest moth in the world: bird, survive, wild, look - Nature
  107. News, Town Fears Dead Whale Might Soon Explode.: Oregon - Nature
  108. News, Behold: Hamster-Size Deer Born in Spain: rabbits, mouse, look - Nature
  109. What kind of cockroach is this?: bugs, insects, pet, look - Nature
  110. Ever Seen a Zonkey?: look - Nature
  111. Cool underwater footage(Catalina Island) - Nature
  112. Why you shouldn't take a selfie with a squirrel: wild - Nature
  113. idea what this thing is? a millipede) - Nature
  114. Rescuing a baby fox - Nature
  115. Wolf on Zoo Walks Attacks Two yr-old Girl - Nature
  116. Deep sea submarine implodes: wild - Nature
  117. Beautiful Orioles!: birds, feathers - Nature
  118. News, Town Can't Use Fire Alarm Because of ... Osprey Nest: birds, feathers - Nature
  119. Can you identify this tree?: look, North Dakota - Nature
  120. Two lynx having a conversation: noise - Nature
  121. Don't feed or water manatees: tame, wild - Nature
  122. The wedding crasher - Nature
  123. 19 Breathtaking Patterns Found on Earth’s Surface, Using Google: look - Nature
  124. What kind of dogs?: coyote, wild, look - Nature
  125. Best deer rescue ever: wildlife, wild - Nature
  126. Did the Bald Eagle population suddenly explode?: California, North Dakota - Nature
  127. Baby rhino traumatized by witnessing mother's butcher: wildlife, wild - Nature
  128. Bald spots, crooked teeth and hunchbacks: The World's Ugliest Dog Contest is back: pet, look - Nature
  129. close encounter of the Bruin kind: Alaska - Nature
  130. Incredible breaking wave photography - Nature
  131. 100 Dolphins Surfing? - Nature
  132. The Swiffer people didn't really have this in mind for their mop: pet, wild - Nature
  133. What kind of animal bones are: look - Nature
  134. Another big cat purring: leopard, pet, wild, look - Nature
  135. Tree cannibalism in Vietnam: beetle, look, Connecticut, Michigan - Nature
  136. Cardinal attacking his reflection in my car's mirrors: birds, robin, look - Nature
  137. Epic gathering of Rays: tame - Nature
  138. Brave man saves drowning tranquilized 375 Lb Bear - Nature
  139. Tiger Release in Russia: wild - Nature
  140. Coral reefs amazing!: Hawaii - Nature
  141. Dragon fly?: bug, insects, birds, spider - Nature
  142. Have you ever been attacked by a moose?: noise, Yellowstone, tame - Nature
  143. Fox hit by car-left for dead on side of the road: raccoon, dog - Nature
  144. Humans no longer know how to act with the natural world: birds, pigeons - Nature
  145. Emerald Ash Borer spread: look, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts - Nature
  146. Mama whale lifts up her baby to show it off to tourists: pet, wild - Nature
  147. Giant wasps' nest found growing on single bed in spare bedroom: bug, insects - Nature
  148. Pave Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot: rabbit, birds, destructive - Nature
  149. Identify this skull - what is this? (Pics): dog, coyote, wild - Nature
  150. Backyard Critters: mouse, look - Nature
  151. Longest time you have been out in the middle of nowhere?: snakes, snake - Nature
  152. Ducks experience water for the first time: cold, wildlife, wild - Nature
  153. Humming bird feeder: birds, look, Louisiana - Nature
  154. Do you believe whales and dolphins should be on public display?: birds, dog - Nature
  155. Mate For Life?: insects, birds, pigeons, feathers - Nature
  156. Woo-woo-hoo bird - Nature
  157. Robin's egg: rabbits, birds, dog, cold - Nature
  158. Chimp builds fire and roasts marshmallows....: dog, evolution, look - Nature
  159. Giant Mola Mola. Ocean Sunfish. WOW!!: fleas, look - Nature
  160. Chef dies after spitting cobra he was cooking bit him on the hand - 20 minutes after he had cut its head off: snake, chicken - Nature
  161. Why you don't want to kill Black Snakes: insects, birds, mice - Nature
  162. Cat protects boy by fighting off dog: bird, noise, pet - Nature
  163. Man swims with gators and feeds them from his mouth: Louisiana - Nature
  164. Tortoise comes when called: raccoon, dog, tame, pet - Nature
  165. Too many hippos!: pet, wild, look - Nature
  166. Porcupines: turkey, dog, wildlife, survive - Nature
  167. Spiders Deserve Respect: bug, bird, ants, beetle - Nature
  168. Assistance Identifying This Snake: snakes, dog, pet, wild - Nature
  169. birders in the house?!: birds, turkey, Yellowstone, pet - Nature
  170. Would the Antarctic Bedrock rise above sea level if the glaciers melt?: eruption, volcano - Nature
  171. Wolves!: dog, noise, wild, Minnesota - Nature
  172. Found Snapping Turlte - May be sick: look - Nature
  173. What is it about Yellowstone that attracts the morons to it...?: wildlife, tame - Nature
  174. Identify this bug?: bugs, look - Nature
  175. Deadly Burmese pythons in the Everglades: snakes, snake, feathers, pet - Nature
  176. Gecko in my apartment....: bugs, insects, spider, spiders - Nature
  177. Incredible leap by leopard - Nature
  178. Lynx has pet cat - Nature
  179. Do you know about the work of John Dunstan?: look - Nature
  180. The animals of Necker Island - Nature
  181. THE LITTLE WATTLEBIRD .......and a taste of honey: insect, birds, evolution - Nature
  182. Ain't Ma Nature Awesome?
  183. Horse rescues are really hurting: California - Nature
  184. Clever bird tricks others into hatching and raising its young: birds, evolution - Nature
  185. Knowing Where You Are Is Important. - Nature
  186. vampire squirrel that hunts deer: birds - Nature
  187. 30 hornets vs 30000 honeybees!! - Nature
  188. Rare blue crab - Nature
  189. Photos of old living plants - Nature
  190. Video: Meet the hilarious dancing frogs as scientists discover new species. - Nature
  191. Jupiter and Venus align for kiss! - Nature
  192. Rare Grey Wolf in Iowa shot dead - Nature
  193. Wildlife photos of the year for 2014: pet, look - Nature
  194. Rare genetic mutations - Nature
  195. Mantis shrimp have natural sunscreen. You jelly? - Nature
  196. gator fight on a golf course in florida - Nature
  197. Bumblebee Video (My nature observation today)
  198. Radios interfering with Nature?: birds, robin, magnetic, robins
  199. Too cute--baby squirrel and little klipspringer - Nature
  200. Huge solar storm due tonight. - Nature