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  1. Wounded African Elephant Asks If There's A Doctor In the House: wild - Nature
  2. A Hunting Crow: bugs, birds, mouse, robin - Nature
  3. What type of flying insect is this?: bug, look, Virginia - Nature
  4. Coyote Den in Backyard- s?: rabbits, snakes, raccoon, snake - Nature
  5. ........ Sly Fox or Cunning Fox ...... - Nature
  6. Weird songs from familliar birds. - Nature
  7. More Darwinism at Yellowstone Ntl. Park: look, Montana, Oregon - Nature
  8. My backwards theory on the future of human evolution...: Colorado - Nature
  9. Animals Never Cease to Amaze Me...Quail: birds, look - Nature
  10. Tick ID?: dog, look, Florida - Nature
  11. Fox Kit Plays with, then Steals Golfball - Nature
  12. Good lad!: insects - Nature
  13. Care for animals at The Farm Sanctuary - Nature
  14. Short Notice - PBS Wed 10/12 8pm Hummingbird Documentary: birds - Nature
  15. ......... Misumenoides Formosipes ..............: bugs, spider, spiders, look - Nature
  16. ........ Racoons ..........: raccoon - Nature
  17. Armadillos are bad news: wild, Florida, Oklahoma - Nature
  18. You lookin' at me?: snake, dog, wild, Florida - Nature
  19. Praying Mantis Dilemma: insects, cold, survive, miniature - Nature
  20. Mysterious underground shell grotto - Nature
  21. Video showing a larger alligator eating a smaller alligator: Florida - Nature
  22. Communicating with animals through music: pet - Nature
  23. .......... A Hyla Chrysoscelis ...............: toad, wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  24. More than just monkeys? - Nature
  25. Pouch picking : saving possum babies (VIDEO): wildlife, wild, Washington - Nature
  26. Zoo will be turned into ecologicaL PARK - Nature
  27. Fireworks: rabbit, birds, geese, dog - Nature
  28. Mockingbird cleaning car radiators.: insects - Nature
  29. What can killer whales teach us about menopause?: birds, chicken, wild - Nature
  30. ........ Duck & Dog Buddies ..........: rabbit, bird - Nature
  31. Cloning Trees - Nature
  32. animals could be twins: look - Nature
  33. What are mosquitos good for?: bug, insect, birds - Nature
  34. Spiders making webs across my staircase: bugs, dog - Nature
  35. Yes, birds can sleep in flight: noise - Nature
  36. ........ Birders & Buliders of Nest Box's .........: birds - Nature
  37. Look at this beautiful whale! - Nature
  38. Birds just have fun ...: geese - Nature
  39. Do we have moth aficionado's out there? - Nature
  40. Thanks for listening to my deer tale: bird, pet - Nature
  41. ....... Playing with Pterophylla Camelifolia .......: Georgia - Nature
  42. fossils of animals that lived before dinosaurs? - Nature
  43. 2 new litters of Mountain Lion babies in So Cal: survive - Nature
  44. Does Have A Birdcam for Hummingbirds (or birds in general)?: eagle, noise - Nature
  45. Dog in wire kennel & WT Deer surprise each other.: wild, look - Nature
  46. News, Texas Teen Committed Suicide by Cobra: pet - Nature
  47. Armadillo burrows in wrong place - need harmless deterrent: coyote, wild - Nature
  48. Goats as pets: dog - Nature
  49. Amazing Hummingbird Documentary - Magic in the Air: birds - Nature
  50. Best trail / game camera to see your critters: cam - Nature
  51. A small cub rushes to pull a dart out of another lion.: wildlife, wild - Nature
  52. Bee revenge privlige for Wasps?: insects, look - Nature
  53. animals before the dinosaurs: snake, cold, look - Nature
  54. damages on Tilia cordata - Nature
  55. Squirelly squirrel: rabbits, mice, look - Nature
  56. Glow Worms?: bugs, insects, beetle, look - Nature
  57. Turtle Laying Eggs…Very Cool: Florida - Nature
  58. Raccoon dogs are a thing and the Internet is freaking out: chicken - Nature
  59. Chirp! First of Two Baby Bald Eagles Hatches: cam, look - Nature
  60. Walking trees that move up to 60m per year discovered in Ecuador.: look - Nature
  61. Agroforestry - Nature
  62. Octopus kills shark - Nature
  63. Elevation tracker?: look - Nature
  64. Catchy new names for animals - Nature
  65. Birds getting zapped: feathers, noise, look - Nature
  66. Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years: bugs, insects, volcano - Nature
  67. Melanistic Downy woodpecker!: birds, California - Nature
  68. Mountain lion has bizarre growth on back of head- TEETH!: Montana - Nature
  69. World's oldest living animal: look - Nature
  70. Beautiful photos of baby polar bear's first outing with Mom - Nature
  71. Because Of The Canines, I Always Assumed That The Hippo Was Once A Carnivore: rabbits, wild - Nature
  72. Attack owl returns in Oregon, targeting government workers: bird, wildlife, wild - Nature
  73. Bald Eagles: rabbits, birds, mice, Montana - Nature
  74. Does Male Herbivore Try To Kill The Offspring Of Others ...: bugs, insects - Nature
  75. Wolf Therapy for PTSD Vets: Idaho - Nature
  76. Thousand Year-Old Iconic California Tree Topples During Weekend Storms: look - Nature
  77. A giant blanket of spiderwebs appeared in Tennessee, but don’t panic: bugs, insects - Nature
  78. Mountain Lion Freed After 20 YEARS in cruel Peruvian travelling circus: wild - Nature
  79. NJ Cop Saves Skunk with Juice Box Stuck on Its Head: wild, look - Nature
  80. how does nature do this?: birds, snakes, snake, evolution
  81. Age of the birds: evolution, wildlife, survive, wild - Nature
  82. Chimp Abandoned On Island Welcomes Rescuers With Open Arms: pet - Nature
  83. The mummified remains of an ancient puppy: dog, look - Nature
  84. Experience/Advice in Setting Up Critter Feeding Stations?: bird, wildlife, wild - Nature
  85. Whaling hiatus ends in the Antarctic: noise, pet, wild - Nature
  86. Wolfpack s: cold - Nature
  87. A fun day at the Zoo? There's nothing natural about it.: wildlife, bunny - Nature
  88. Do cows and elk improve pastures?: wildlife, wild - Nature
  89. come the cranes- thousands and thousands of them: bird, chicken, wildlife - Nature
  90. Growing trees into furniture: look - Nature
  91. Hummingbirds, heating pads and hair dryers: noise - Nature
  92. Chimps will no longer be used in research: Washington - Nature
  93. The World’s Oldest Bird: birds, wildlife, wild, Hawaii - Nature
  94. are wild BEARS like King of the Forrest?: wildlife - Nature
  95. 31,000 scientists say no to global warming: volcano, evolution, pet, look - Nature
  96. How do seeds know to grow UP?: look - Nature
  97. First birds you saw on New Year's Day: mice, turkey, dog - Nature
  98. why is nature classified as female: look
  99. Why do palm trees in nature/beaches not have skirts/maintenance?: birds, wild
  100. Which animals are actually evil?: insects, survive, pet - Nature
  101. We could be ''Knowing by heart,' scientists say - Nature
  102. Oh the squirrels have done it again !!!!: birds, dog, pet - Nature
  103. Raccoon removal/repellant advice: birds, dog, wildlife, pet - Nature
  104. Spider ID..: insects, spiders, look, Alabama - Nature
  105. How fast do moths eat clothes? - Nature
  106. What a moon: windows, look, Arkansas, Kansas - Nature
  107. Crawly critter I've never seen before.: bugs, insect, spider, spiders - Nature
  108. Amazing effect of returning wolves to Yellowstone Park: wildlife, survive, wild - Nature
  109. Mud Room Skunk: mouse, turkey, dog, eagle - Nature
  110. Backyard bird list. Do you keep one?: birds, eagle - Nature
  111. Rare White Hummingbird: birds, cam, California, Texas - Nature
  112. Penguin cheats on mate, brutal fight ensues. - Nature
  113. Can Donald Trump stop the wind power industry?: birds, eagle, wildlife - Nature
  114. What is a woodchuck?: bird - Nature
  115. s to keep lizards away?: bugs, insects, mice, dog - Nature
  116. Hawaiian volcano smiley face - cool or creepy? - Nature
  117. I'm an animal-lover, but I have raccoons in my attic. HELP!: bug, fleas - Nature
  118. How smart are mice, can they eat trough walls and avoid traps: mouse, snake - Nature
  119. Now it's a Shrew in the mudroom: mouse, raccoon, coyote - Nature
  120. Americans like scary animals more than they used to: dog, Yellowstone - Nature
  121. I saw a woman run over two geese with her pickup truck.: bird, dog - Nature
  122. Can ID this Animal?: coyote, look, Colorado - Nature
  123. Thousands of migratory snow geese killed in Montana: birds, cold, wildlife - Nature
  124. which is the worlds smartest animal?: bug, birds, dog - Nature
  125. Mouse feces fell on me, will it give me an infection ?: birds, survive - Nature
  126. Film about the Pine Barrens: insect, bird, snakes, snake - Nature
  127. Our resident song sparrow: insects, birds, mouse, dog - Nature
  128. This is a Coyote, right?: flea, dog, chicken, wild - Nature
  129. Man documents grizzly attack shortly after it occurs: Yellowstone, wild, Montana - Nature
  130. Snakes Fighting: pet, look - Nature
  131. Why do trees in North America look so prosperous?: bugs, beetle, cold - Nature
  132. Butterflies seem to be a little scarce this year in my neck of the woods: insect, look - Nature
  133. Field Cameras Catch Deer Eating Birds—Wait: pigeons, chicken - Nature
  134. Can I identify the type of spider by its web?: spiders, look - Nature
  135. SeaWorld to Stop Orca Breeding and Shows: birds, snakes, spider - Nature
  136. Predatory Animal Phobia: bug, snakes, raccoon, snake - Nature
  137. Getting rid of bird nests: bug, birds, raccoon, dog - Nature
  138. Birds nest found in seasonal wreath hanging on my front door: snakes, snake - Nature
  139. Before I enclose deck, how can i make sure animals are gone from underneath it?: raccoon, chicken - Nature
  140. Canadian seal butchering (graphic): chicken, look - Nature
  141. Cats and Birds: rabbits, insects, mice, dog - Nature
  142. Canadian Police escort ducks through city to river.: bird, pet, wild - Nature
  143. thin black snake with skinny yellow stripes/bands: snakes, mice, dog - Nature
  144. Are there individuals on who actually like wasps?: windows, wild - Nature
  145. inchworm or caterpillar?: bug, insects, look - Nature
  146. Spring has...: dog, look, Louisiana - Nature
  147. Do not put things out for birds to use in their nests: dog - Nature
  148. How dangerous are wild boars or feral hogs?: dog, destructive, pet - Nature
  149. Raccoon attacks boy walking to school with Mom: bird, dog, wildlife - Nature
  150. What wild animal lives in our backyard?: raccoon, dog, coyote - Nature
  151. Woman Survives Grizzly Attack, but...: dog, look - Nature
  152. Did you ever see a squirrel playing?: bird, snakes, snake - Nature
  153. Why don't we kill all monkeys since they've us HIV, Eboloa and now Zika virus? - Nature
  154. Bats in Austin, TX: bugs, Texas - Nature
  155. Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists Pass It Around For Selfies - Nature
  156. What is the best animal and environmental welfare organization to donate to?: bird, dog - Nature
  157. Jaguar in Arizona video: leopard, jaguars, pet, wild - Nature
  158. I've never heard of this bird before.: insects, wild, look - Nature
  159. what is or was the evolutionary purpose of mosquitos?: birds - Nature
  160. Which animals like to be gently stroked?: birds, ants, spider - Nature
  161. Defenders of Wildlife.: birds, eagle, New Mexico, North Dakota - Nature
  162. Baby Turkeys Fly!: birds, mice, dog, quail - Nature
  163. what happened to the ants?: insects, ant, look - Nature
  164. Most Beautiful Mountain in the U.S.?: wild, Colorado, New Mexico - Nature
  165. the strange thing about ancient dinosaurs: chicken, evolution, magnetic - Nature
  166. Do you leave water out for squirrels?: birds, geese, dog - Nature
  167. What Was This Bear Thinking When It Trapped Itself In A Subaru?: wild, Colorado - Nature
  168. Is the blob fish the ugliest creature on Earth?: look - Nature
  169. ............. Luna Moth ..............: look, Tennessee - Nature
  170. Help ID this critter -hornet, wasp, pterodactyl?: insects, birds, look - Nature
  171. Are yellow jackets actually beneficial?: bugs, insects, spider, spiders - Nature
  172. Help with IDing a giant yellow butterfly: insects, birds, dog - Nature
  173. Bird Feeders and Wild Animals: birds, raccoon, dog, wildlife - Nature
  174. Got Caught in a Honeybee Swarm... It Was Awesome!!!: bugs, noise, wild - Nature
  175. More Yellowstone jerks - Nature
  176. Hero Dog saves Owner from bear: bird, wildlife, wild, look - Nature
  177. Strange Bird Behavior: birds, windows, screens, look - Nature
  178. Snapping Turtle Laying Eggs?: raccoon, coyote, look, New Hampshire - Nature
  179. Encounters with bats can be fatal - Nature
  180. Bison calf euthanized after Yellowstone visitors 'rescued' it...: wildlife, wild, Montana - Nature
  181. How to feed a chipmunk without squirrels/birds getting it first: mice, chicken - Nature
  182. Screwworms in Florida: pet - Nature
  183. News, Rainbows Don’t Have Every Color of the Rainbow - Nature
  184. Terrific DIY Birdseed Wreath - Nature
  185. For that Want to Keep Mice & Rats as Pets Tame or Wild....: Illinois, Wisconsin - Nature
  186. Indonesian forest fires and orangutans - Nature
  187. Rare Bearded Vuture In Romania: bird - Nature
  188. Polar Bears And Hibernation - Nature
  189. hoot and annie Owls in Austin TX - Nature
  190. How to identify animal tracks - Nature
  191. Sad day at Louisville zoo: survive - Nature
  192. Another beautiful wild creature dies at the hands of humans: Washington - Nature
  193. The Honey Hunters of Nepal - Nature
  194. About Time For Comic Relief - Nature
  195. Screwworms in Florida: pet - Nature
  196. Rare White Hummingbird: birds, California - Nature
  197. Important on Copperhead Snakes - Nature
  198. ............... GOOD ! Dog :ok:: snake - Nature
  199. Do of you make up your own animal facility?: insects, birds - Nature
  200. Dogs vs. Chickens: pet - Nature