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  1. Relocating to Youngstown,OH: Toledo, Boardman: crime rate, how much, high schools - Ohio
  2. Best Ohio Comedians: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Carey: great, fun, people (OH)
  3. Working in Austintown: Youngstown, Lima, Boardman: for sale, condos, crime - Ohio (OH)
  4. Cat Laws in Ohio: neighborhood, buying, law (OH)
  5. Can my Employer charge me for training if I quit?: attorney, home - Ohio (OH)
  6. the Serpent Mounds: Wilson: cabin, waterfall, place - Ohio (OH)
  7. Alliance ohio , safe to live in?: Akron, Canton: crime, neighborhoods, income - Ohio (OH)
  8. Driving north on I-75 into Michigan towards Detroit: Cleveland, Toledo: storage, moving - Ohio (OH)
  9. Athens, OH: Marietta, Washington, The Plains: apartment complexes, for rent, townhouses - Ohio
  10. Ohio symbol of beauty!!: live, pictures, square (OH)
  11. Where in Ohio would you be a landlord?: Columbus, Cleveland: real estate, rentals (OH)
  12. Sandusky Neighborhood OK?: Columbus, Cleveland, Toledo: apartment, high crime, houses - Ohio (OH)
  13. Moving to Columbus vs Cincinnati (Moving from Madison, WI): Dayton: apartment, for rent - Ohio (OH)
  14. Haunted Athens? Moonville train?: school, university, live - Ohio (OH)
  15. Things to do in North East OH - or an hour away- on Memorial Day Weekend?: Ashtabula: amusement park - Ohio
  16. Cabins in the Hocking Hills: appliances, gas grill, kitchen - Ohio (OH)
  17. Relocating to Shaker Heights, Ohio: Cleveland: to rent, neighborhood, to buy (OH)
  18. Lake Use Fee: pay, summers, free - Ohio (OH)
  19. Relocation Questions + Kids: Columbus, Cleveland, Akron: real estate market, 2014, apartment - Ohio (OH)
  20. Diversity in schools: Youngstown, Lakewood, Warren: high school, gated, incomes - Ohio (OH)
  21. Setting up LLC as an S-Corp: tax, costs, money - Ohio (OH)
  22. Move to Chillicothe--A Good Fit?: Sandusky, Piqua: for sale, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  23. moving soon to BGSU, getting to know the area: Bowling Green: apartments, rentals - Ohio (OH)
  24. News, For first time, Ohio town's moonshine fest will serve ... moonshine!: Columbus: 2014, best (OH)
  25. Is it easy to take driving test in Spring field exam center in clark County: parking - Ohio (OH)
  26. Moving from the boonies (Greentown, PA) to Findlay. What differences can I expect: Bowling Green: bank owned - Ohio (OH)
  27. Karma's a B****, natural gas leak right beside my apt: Columbus: apartment, house - Ohio (OH)
  28. Ohio utilities feel burned by solar-energy users: Columbus, Worthington: 2014, house (OH)
  29. Relocating to Coshocton County:: Columbus: leases, how much, houses - Ohio (OH)
  30. help with temporary relocation!: Boardman, East Liverpool: rental, house, good schools - Ohio (OH)
  31. Best Children's hospital-Ohio well represented: Cincinnati, Akron: 2014, renting, living (OH)
  32. Trying to find jobs in Ohio. Difficult.: Columbus, Cleveland: for sale, insurance (OH)
  33. Ohio Community's right to ban fracking challenged: Columbus, Warren: 2014, living in (OH)
  34. First time home buyer using 203k Loan?: Dayton: insurance, mortgage - Ohio (OH)
  35. Help: living, rating, best - Ohio (OH)
  36. Coming to Sandusky this weekend: swimming, summer, water - Ohio (OH)
  37. moving to Athens, Ohio for medical school...?: Columbus, Dublin: 2015, rentals (OH)
  38. Young family potentially relocating to Marietta, OH area: Columbus, Cleveland: for sale, house - Ohio
  39. Renting winter clothes in East Lansing: rent, buy, shop - Ohio (OH)
  40. USSC allows Ohio (Husted) to shorten early-voting period: Republic: 2014, people (OH)
  41. Encroachment garage: Ashtabula, Orwell: how much, attorneys, house - Ohio (OH)
  42. They're Burning Youngstown to the Ground: Warren, Riverside: 2014, rentals, homeowners insurance - Ohio (OH)
  43. Rezoning lot as unbuildable?: loan, house, to buy - Ohio (OH)
  44. Driving without insurance?: Toronto, Ontario: live, license, bill - Ohio (OH)
  45. Gatlinburg in Ohio - I-75 Exit 29: Cincinnati, Dayton: 2013, amusement park, college (OH)
  46. Radio Stations: Louisville: free, traveling, channel - Ohio (OH)
  47. Is Mansfield All It's Cracked Up To Be?: Bucyrus, Lexington: 2014, apartments - Ohio (OH)
  48. Ohio car title--when??: money, registered, certificate (OH)
  49. Sewage, beer and food scraps making Natural Gas in Ohio: Columbus: 2015, home (OH)
  50. Ohio Viridian Independent Associates: Columbus: 2014, area, climate (OH)
  51. Medina residents amp up their pipeline protests: Broadview Heights, Utica: 2014, attorneys - Ohio (OH)
  52. Ohio Solar Companies Ready to Take on Clean Power Plan: Columbus: 2014, house (OH)
  53. Athens on Halloween this year: deal, rain, party - Ohio (OH)
  54. Purple? Red? Blue? Where do you see Ohio heading politically?: Youngstown: live, best (OH)
  55. Lancaster oh: Columbus, Fairfield: schools, live, moving - Ohio (OH)
  56. Does care that a dump of hexavalent chromium sits 150 feet from Lake Erie: Cleveland: tax - Ohio (OH)
  57. May 2014 MSA Employment Figures: Columbus, Cleveland: metropolitan area, area, employers - Ohio (OH)
  58. New Madrid Fault - A Threat to Ohio: Cincinnati, Dayton: 2014, insurance (OH)
  59. Bugs in Findlay, OH/the rest of Hancock County?: dangerous, moving - Ohio
  60. Akron-Youngstown: Ravenna, Newton Falls: to relocate, properties, park - Ohio (OH)
  61. Appalachian Ohio Southern influenced?: Columbus, Cincinnati: live, moving to, manufacturing (OH)
  62. Wanting to move!: Toledo, Huntsville, Cumberland: low crime, home, living - Ohio (OH)
  63. If I quit a job bc of Continuous Harassment accept new employment and then laid off after 1 month can I collect UE?: school - Ohio (OH)
  64. What are consider to be the Worse Areas In Steubenville: neighborhoods, live - Ohio (OH)
  65. Smoking issue in a non smoking apartment: lease, insurance - Ohio (OH)
  66. Pittsburgh transplants: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati: low income, apartment, rent - Ohio (OH)
  67. Where to live in Cortland/Howland Ohio: Warren, Lakeview: apartments, for rent (OH)
  68. For third straight year, Ohio leads Midwest in Heathcare investment $$$: Cleveland: 2014, employment (OH)
  69. abandoned boat: Youngstown, Boardman: foreclosed, homes, live - Ohio (OH)
  70. Moving to the Mansfield or Ashland area: Columbus, Lexington: live in, restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  71. Venture Capital Finding Its Way to Ohio, Midwest: Cincinnati: 2014, loan (OH)
  72. Idk if it's just me or it's hard to find an affordable house for rent in warren?: Belmont: for sale - Ohio (OH)
  73. fairfield oh: Hamilton: how much, houses, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  74. Lost Shetland Sheepdog in Kent Ohio!!: Cleveland: hotel, station, photos (OH)
  75. Approximate cont of finishing a 21/2 garage into a apartment?: Warren: loft, home - Ohio (OH)
  76. Are there large state run mental facilities in North East Ohio?: Massillon: health (OH)
  77. Park place apartments in warren Ohio?: for rent, gated, income (OH)
  78. Applying for Ohio Unemployment: 2013, income, office (OH)
  79. Nice areas near Portsmouth, Ohio: Chillicothe, Ashland: employment, neighborhood, school (OH)
  80. Univ. student senate pres. arrest at bowl game: Athens, Marietta: 2013, hotel - Ohio (OH)
  81. Move To Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland: transfer, school districts, places to live (OH)
  82. Has Ohio Seen Its Population Growth Bottom?: Columbus, Dayton: transplants, 2013 (OH)
  83. Why does Ohio have the worst internet speed in the Midwest?: Cleveland: purchase, university (OH)
  84. Tesla opening first two stores in Ohio: Columbus: 2013, appliances (OH)
  85. Internet in Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland: 2014, live, price (OH)
  86. Marietta makes a best-of list (again): Lebanon, Salem: apartments, to rent, loft - Ohio (OH)
  87. How well does each of the 3 C's fit the archetypal Ohio image?: Columbus: live (OH)
  88. Location Between Blue Ash (Cinci suburb) and Circleville (South of Columbus): Cincinnati: rent, living in - Ohio (OH)
  89. Where to buy Youngstown postcards?: Riverside, Butler: shop, garden, park - Ohio (OH)
  90. What street in Cincinnati and Cleveland compare to High St. in Cbus: Columbus: university - Ohio (OH)
  91. Vacation B&B help: locations, reservations, offer - Ohio (OH)
  92. Painesville - semi-rural housing: Cleveland: to live in, suburban, area - Ohio (OH)
  93. Willard?: Hilliard, Green, Shelby: real estate, rent to own, houses - Ohio (OH)
  94. Wish to relocate back to Ohio: Cleveland, Lorain: health insurance, low crime, employment (OH)
  95. Buckeye Lake - questions: amusement park, bars, winery - Ohio (OH)
  96. Looking for confirmation of pay at Case Farms poultry processing plant: how much, unemployment rate - Ohio (OH)
  97. Verizon FIOS in Ohio: Cincinnati: DSL, cable, availability (OH)
  98. Waynesville- military friendly? Beavercreek rural neighborhoods?: Dayton, Oakwood: houses, new construction, school district - Ohio (OH)
  99. Boehner Give us a vote: Green, Cheshire: house, live, title - Ohio (OH)
  100. home loan sold not advised by banks: mortgage, loans - Ohio (OH)
  101. Ohio You're Next. Judge strikes down SSM Ban: Washington: to live in, moving (OH)
  102. Kid friendly places around Boardman ohio: Youngstown: farm, parks, metro - Ohio (OH)
  103. Need a nice reasonable restaurant open on Easter Sundayin the Waren/Youngstown area.: Warren: restaurants - Ohio (OH)
  104. looking for for place to stay in bowling green: Alger: apartment, neighbourhood - Ohio (OH)
  105. shared trees causing damage to my property: new house, fencing - Ohio (OH)
  106. : Wilson: insurance, how much, house - Ohio (OH)
  107. Ohio- bugs in summer?: Franklin, Millersburg: wedding, living, getaway (OH)
  108. Looking for places in winter: Boardman: store, places to visit, lessons - Ohio (OH)
  109. Overhill Road, Boardman, Ohio: Youngstown, Forest: houses, safe neighborhood, live (OH)
  110. Need an apartment in Dublin,Oh: apartments, live in - Ohio (OH)
  111. Legal on land ownership: felon, property taxes, property - Ohio (OH)
  112. Moving to Warren Ohio from PA: Youngstown, Girard: 2015, apartments, rentals (OH)
  113. Garretsville, Ohio fire: Garrettsville, Portage: 2014, consignment, theater (OH)
  114. Transportation service such as city bus in warren, oh????? I hope.: Youngstown: taxi, public transportation - Ohio (OH)
  115. Community college that offers Medical Coding certification near Salem, OH?: Columbus: 2013, bankrupt - Ohio
  116. Salem, OH - What's it like?: Columbus, Cleveland: city hall, Home Depot, good schools - Ohio
  117. Latino/Hispanic community in Salem, OH?: Cleveland, Youngstown: metro area, area, population - Ohio
  118. about Ohio Driver License: Columbus: transfer, moving, requirements (OH)
  119. how to rent my house at niles, ohio: real estate, neighborhood - Ohio (OH)
  120. Ford Invests $500M in Ohio Plant for F-150, Adds 300 Jobs: Lima: 2015, vehicles (OH)
  121. 24 reasons to not overlook Ohio: Dayton: 2014, shop, place (OH)
  122. Someone from Ohio University HELP! Life or death: home, doctor (OH)
  123. School Administrator: Columbus, Cleveland, Mansfield: high schools, college, title - Ohio (OH)
  124. Single late 20's guy from Pittsburgh offered Youngstown job: Cleveland: affordable apartments, crime - Ohio (OH)
  125. Fracking under the Ohio River (22 miles of it): Utica, Florida: 2014, leasing (OH)
  126. Youngstown Visit: Warren, Boardman, Austintown: sales, home, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  127. putting Marijuana on the ballot in Ohio soon?: Columbus: sales, 2015 (OH)
  128. Organized crime in Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland: unemployment, movies, college (OH)
  129. What major cities in Ohio have high hispanic populations?: Columbus: fit in, 2013 (OH)
  130. Houston to Findlay: Toledo, Lima, Kent: transfer, neighborhood, movies - Ohio (OH)
  131. Columbus vs Cinncy metro crime: Cleveland, Cincinnati: crime rate, neighborhood, most dangerous - Ohio (OH)
  132. Relocating to Ohio from Mi: Columbus, Cleveland: 2015, amusement parks, low crime (OH)
  133. What do Ohioans think about Minneapolis?: 2013, layoffs, university (OH)
  134. 10 Ways Kasich Hurts Ohioans: Columbus, Cleveland: 2014, how much, income (OH)
  135. Why the Tea Party is hurting Ohio: Columbus, Lima: middle-class, 2014 (OH)
  136. Sun in Ohio: Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown: taxes, living, moving (OH)
  137. Tell Me About Youngstown: Cleveland, Riverside: real estate, 2014, crime rate - Ohio (OH)
  138. Latest Ebola victim traveled to Ohio!: Cleveland: wedding, live, health care (OH)
  139. Do you think Ohio drivers have gotten faster?: Cincinnati, Dayton: construction, legally (OH)
  140. Strip malls and sprawal. Is there a way out?: Columbus: real estate, houses - Ohio (OH)
  141. No phones on the job: how much, home, college - Ohio (OH)
  142. July 1, 2013 City Population Estimates: Columbus, Cleveland: lofts, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  143. John Kasich (R) vs Ed FitzGerald (D) 2014 Governer...who wins?: Columbus: sales, credit - Ohio (OH)
  144. Does care that Ohio is a toxic dumping ground?: Columbus: 2014, how much (OH)
  145. with experience contesting speeding tickets in Ohio?: Berea: construction, gated (OH)
  146. More proof Gov Kasich is working for Big Oil?: 2014, house - Ohio (OH)
  147. Will the last young person out the door turn off the lights?: Columbus: job market, income - Ohio (OH)
  148. US Supreme Court approves lying to Ohioans in campaign ads: Russia: 2014, legal (OH)
  149. how is this area???: Youngstown, Boardman: 2014, apartment, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  150. A/C Temp in summer: house, clothes, humidity - Ohio (OH)
  151. Ohio Geologists Link Local Earthquakes Directly to Fracking: Dayton, Carroll: 2014, college (OH)
  152. 2013 County and Metro Area Population Estimates: Columbus, Cleveland: how much, houses, neighborhoods - Ohio (OH)
  153. Marblehead, OH. Whats it like?: Cleveland, Toledo: homes, gated, camping - Ohio
  154. I've been accepted by kent state...: Warren, Athens: credit, loan, how much - Ohio (OH)
  155. Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus vying for 2016 Political Conventions: Lebanon, Republic: 2014, living in - Ohio (OH)
  156. How is Columbus a more modern metro than Cleveland or Cincinnati?: Kent: rental car, rental - Ohio (OH)
  157. State most similar to Ohio?: Cleveland, Cincinnati: suburbs, areas, cities (OH)
  158. How does OSU rate other state schools on difficulty getting accepted?: Akron: 2013, transfer - Ohio (OH)
  159. Job market in Ohio: Columbus, Cleveland: houses, college, live in (OH)
  160. Movies that are set in Ohio?: Columbus, Cleveland: 2014, neighborhood, Irish (OH)
  161. I-70 vs I-80/I-90 across Ohio and Indiana: Columbus, Cleveland: construction, calculated (OH)
  162. Worst Counties in Ohio - 2014: Hamilton, Marion: low income, crime rate, unemployment (OH)
  163. Best Nature/state parks along I-80 and/or PA turnpike?: Columbus: buy, construction - Ohio (OH)
  164. Moving from SoCal: Cleveland, Akron, Lorain: power lines, rentals, amusement park - Ohio (OH)
  165. Favorite Smaller Ohio City: Cleveland, Hamilton: crime, houses, public school (OH)
  166. Where to live - near Oxford, OH/Miami U: Columbus: low income, section 8 - Ohio
  167. Relocating to Youngstown?: Boardman, Austintown, Campbell: 2014, insurance, crime - Ohio (OH)
  168. Ohio Towns on Eastern Border - Most Depressing and Old Looking? Film Shoot: Youngstown: crime, houses (OH)
  169. What should Kasich's Slogan be?: Toledo, McDonald: employment, buy, organic - Ohio (OH)
  170. Which of the three C's do you think will be the most dominant power in all of Ohio by 2050?: Columbus: 2013, live (OH)
  171. Why are there so many houses for sale in Ohio?: Columbus: real estate market, cliquey (OH)
  172. Ohio making it easier to bring more fracking waste: Columbus: 2014, credit (OH)
  173. 2-Part A) Why Did You Leave Ohio or Move to Ohio B) What area did you leave/move to, and why?: Columbus: for sale, real estate (OH)
  174. Setback Changes Will End New Wind Farms in Ohio: Cleveland: college, live in (OH)
  175. Moving to Lima, OH -What should I know?: Columbus, Toledo: fit in, crime rate - Ohio
  176. Ohio Waterways ranked 10th highest in toxic chemicals in US.: Cleveland: 2014, live (OH)
  177. Why so many sex offenders around the Lima, Ohio area?: Oakwood: apartments, rental (OH)
  178. Favorite Ohio Major City: Columbus, Cleveland: university, architecture, rated (OH)
  179. Moving to lorain??? Need advice.: Heath: elementary school, stores, safe - Ohio (OH)
  180. The Chalks of Gustavus: about, information - Ohio (OH)
  181. Places for rent with felonies in col Ohio? (OH)
  182. ROMANI din Dover,Ohio...un pic de ajutor,va rog: address, young (OH)
  183. Niles: Warren: apartments, where to live, safe - Ohio (OH)
  184. (Beautiful) Ohio Photo Contest: Green: tickets, membership, market (OH)
  185. Condominium Special Assessment: insurance, maintenance, live in - Ohio (OH)
  186. 3 OH Cities are Ranked as Top 10 most Budget-Friendly: Columbus, Cincinnati: 2014, apartment - Ohio
  187. FYI: Algae bloom closes Norwalk's upper reservoir: Sandusky: 2014, approval - Ohio (OH)
  188. Smoke Rise Ranch/RootsFest (Athens County): Glouster, Trimble: crime, camper, safe - Ohio (OH)
  189. in need of real estate agent!: for rent, home, live - Ohio (OH)
  190. kraftmaid outlet - Ohio (OH)
  191. Campaign Lies now legal in the great state of ohio: 2014, law - Ohio (OH)
  192. How bad is the pollution in Ohio?: Columbus, Cleveland: live in, to move (OH)
  193. Fracking water use may lead to droughts (yes, in Ohio): Zanesville: 2014, agriculture (OH)
  194. Constitutionality of Ohio law governing political falsehoods.: Congress: appointed, live in (OH)
  195. Moving to lorain?: elementary school, stores, food - Ohio (OH)
  196. Good places to eat that are open on Easter in North East Ohio?: Niles: live in (OH)
  197. New comer to the area: Cleveland: activities, places, addresses - Ohio (OH)
  198. Looking For Adult Basketball Team - Ohio (OH)
  199. new at Bowling green Univesity- grad student: prices, moving to - Ohio (OH)
  200. Ohio Tenant Rights??: apartments, lease, hotel (OH)