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  1. Is There More to Believe: Earth, light, black hole, theory - Space
  2. There has been a resurgence in space sci fi and a renaissance in astronaut movies: Earth, seen
  3. SpaceX's Starship SN5 prototype soars on 1st test flight! 'Mars is looking real,' Elon Musk says: spacecraft, see
  4. Sky Observing and Astronomy: stars, light, Sun, solar - Space
  5. Mars 2020 launches!: Earth, light, spacecraft, rover
  6. Has society become too hedonistic to be interested in space and the future?: Earth, theory
  7. James Webb telescope ready to launch: Earth, moon, Milky Way - Space
  8. Breathtaking Hourly Time Lapse of The Moon's Phases in 2020 by NASA: telescope - Space
  9. Gravitational Lensing and the Einstein Ring: Earth, stars, light, Sun - Space
  10. Lunar spacesuits won’t be ready in time for 2024 landing: light, see
  11. More artistic space images appearing in the media: Earth, light
  12. TIE Fighter Galaxy: new - Space
  13. Black Dwarf Supernova: stars, Sun, black hole, Milky Way - Space
  14. Inspiration 4: Earth, light, Mercury, Apollo - Space
  15. Elon Musk should go to Disneyland: sound - Space
  16. VIPER lunar rover 2023 landing site selected: Earth, spacecraft, Apollo, moon
  17. Asteroid late december 2021 JP news.: Earth, moon - Space
  18. First Space Tourism to begin in just about 3 years!: Earth, light, see
  19. RocketLab Neutron Rocket: aliens, new - Space
  20. In a shrunken universe where sun is an Orange and earth is a Bibi: light, solar - Space
  21. News, SpaceX Gives Mission a New Look
  22. 5/27: light, seen - Space
  23. Mechazilla and the chopsticks: stars, crash - Space
  24. Lucy Mission: solar, spacecraft, Jupiter, new
  25. What would we see if we fell into a Black Hole? - Space
  26. Observing Comet NEOWISE: light, telescope, visible, life - Space
  27. Double Asteroid Redirection Test: Earth, light, solar, spacecraft
  28. Scientists found the center of the solar system, and it's not where you think: Earth, Sun - Space
  29. What happens to planets when a sun collapses?: Earth, stars, solar - Space
  30. New book from Brian Binnie (SpaceShipOne): light
  31. 2021 Perseid meteor shower peaks Aug. 12 to 13: stars, light, moon, visible - Space
  32. Rubin Observatory: light, solar, Milky Way, telescope - Space
  33. NASA picks SpaceX to launch SphereX telescope: light, universe
  34. Could a planet with a Venus-like atmosphere and a red dwarf star support life?: Earth, stars - Space
  35. News, First Private Space Station Crew Will Pay $55M Each: Earth, light
  36. Singularity: stars, Sun, black hole, theory - Space
  37. NASA will launch 2 new missions to Venus by 2030 to return to Earth's hellish twin: Sun, Mars - Space
  38. Communication satellites: stars, Sun, satellite, moon - Space
  39. Historic Day. If It Doesn't Blow Up.: light, see - Space
  40. 40th anniversary of STS-1 today: light, Apollo - Space
  41. Elon Musk: I am an alien: Earth, theory, Mars, universe - Space
  42. How do you feel about the merch of the modern space industry?
  43. China launches core module of its own space station Tiangong: Earth, light
  44. NASA plans to send a spacecraft 1000 AU from the Sun: light, Milky Way
  45. The International Space Station can’t stay up there forever. Will privately run, commercial replacements be ready in tim: new
  46. Roman Space Telescope: light, new
  47. Largest Comet Discovered: light, saturn, seen - Space
  48. Another nail in SLS' coffin - Europa Clipper to launch of Falcon Heavy: stars, light - Space
  49. Boeing: Over the last 4 weeks, we fitted 4 RS-25 engines to the SLS. SpaceX: Hold my beer.
  50. Amazing new pictures from Popular Mechanics website - NASA: universe, telescope, see - Space
  51. When is the earth's birthday ?: Sun, Milky Way, find - Space
  52. Space junk!: Earth, Kessler, new
  53. Worried About Blue Origin Non-Circular Windows: light, vacuum - Space
  54. Still for a Hubble telescope fix: Earth, light, visible - Space
  55. The first Orion capsule has a problem.: light, spacecraft, Apollo
  56. NASA's Webb sunshield unfolds and tensions in final tests: telescope, new - Space
  57. Where No Plywood Has Gone Before: A Space Agency Will Launch A Tiny, Wooden Satellite: Earth, vacuum
  58. Telescope vs Binocular telescope Are they worth it?: Earth, stars - Space
  59. SpaceX Crew-1: stars, light, spacecraft
  60. A Huge Piece of Space Debris Falls to Earth Uncontrolled.: new
  61. Starship test goes - not that great, actually.: Mars - Space
  62. Warp Speed Comparison. Just for fun.: satellites, rover, moon, Mars - Space
  63. LOTS to look forward to in 2020 with Space: Earth, light, satellites
  64. First visible light images of Venus' surface: Earth, solar, spacecraft
  65. Looking at exoplanets in more detail - European Space Agency's CHEOPS: satellite, moon
  66. Stars which blink out and then blink on again years later: light, Milky Way - Space
  67. Boeing Starliner unmanned mission fails.: light, black hole, spacecraft, Apollo
  68. Proxima Centauri may have three planets: Earth, light, dwarf, telescope - Space
  69. Neutron Star Magnetism: stars, sound - Space
  70. Moon rotation equals revolution - coincidence or destiny?: Earth, light, satellites - Space
  71. Phobos lander & sample return mission: Earth, solar, moon, Mars - Space
  72. Obvious Reason for Fermi Paradox: Earth, stars, light, Sun - Space
  73. Another great look at our star: satellites, solar, see - Space
  74. Falcon 9 recently surpassed the space shuttle in total flights: stars, satellites
  75. Look at the Sun: light, solar, telescope, new - Space
  76. News, Beer in orbit: Why space is the next frontier for alcohol: see
  77. December ‘cold’ full moon is the decade’s last: Earth, Milky Way - Space
  78. Mercury transit today!: Earth, Sun, solar, Venus - Space
  79. Supernovae: Earth, stars, Sun, Milky Way - Space
  80. Flat Universers can join Flat Earthers!: black hole, moon, Milky Way, telescope - Space
  81. Early morning planetary alignmentsin April: Earth, saturn, Venus, Mars - Space
  82. India's crashed Moon lander not found by NASA..: Earth, theory, spacecraft
  83. Five things we’ve learned since Voyager 2 left the solar system: Sun, spacecraft
  84. Meteor over St. Louis tonight...caught on a lot of: aliens, life - Space
  85. Recent extremely large ground telescopes for exoplanets vs Space ones: Earth, stars
  86. Fifth Force?: light, theory, see, new - Space
  87. Psyche mission: Earth, light, Sun, solar - Space
  88. If you take the photo of sun with a camera and you look at the picture of Sun: light, solar - Space
  89. Super-Eddington star formation?: stars - Space
  90. Next supernova in the Milky Way: Earth, stars, light, Sun - Space
  91. Astronauts found to have blood circulation problems in space: Earth, Mars, Milky Way
  92. Beautiful SpaceX launch of Space Force satellite.: seen
  93. Space Force says Russian satellites are following American satellite
  94. South Atlantic Anomaly: Earth, Sun, satellite, solar - Space
  95. Perseverance Rover: Mars, Milky Way, new - Space
  96. SpaceX to reach the Moon in two months, March 2022: Earth, satellite, new
  97. Astronomers have found the edge of the Milky Way at last; Our galaxy spans 1.9 million light-years, a new study finds: satellites, dwarf - Space
  98. Ancient Shell Has Revealed Exactly How Much Shorter Days Were 70 Million Years Ago: Earth - Space
  99. Point-to-point rocket technology: light, new - Space
  100. Optimum stellar mass range for life: Earth, stars, light, universe - Space
  101. Robotic satellite repair: Earth, life, sound, new - Space
  102. Missions to watch in the coming year: stars, light, satellite - Space
  103. Mars Sample Return Mission: Earth, light, solar, spacecraft
  104. NASA selects crewed lunar landers: stars, light, Apollo, moon - Space
  105. Two questions about space: Earth, stars, light, Sun
  106. Size of the Universe: theory, see - Space
  107. Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing unidentified aerial phenomena: aliens, new - Space
  108. Limits Of Humanity: stars, light, black hole, theory - Space
  109. We Actually Live Inside a Huge Bubble in Space, Physicist Proposes: universe, new
  110. An Unknown Space Object is Sending Out Radio Signals Every 18 Minutes: dwarf, bright
  111. Can we kiss a permanent surface Moonbase goodbye ?: Earth, light, spacecraft
  112. Unlike NASA scientists, Chinese scientists stop to investigate: rover, moon, Mars - Space
  113. NASA plans to take International Space Station out of orbit in January 2031 by crashing it into 'spacecraft cemetery': Earth, black hole
  114. The antimatter factory about to solve the universe's greatest mystery: see, new - Space
  115. Haze around holes on Mars ?: Earth, light, satellite, overhead - Space
  116. Scientists Are Building a Quantum Teleporter Based on Black Holes: seen, new - Space
  117. Protein discovered inside a meteorite: Earth, life, seen, new - Space
  118. Interesting. The Milky Way may presently be in the process of absorbing the dwarf galaxy Sagittarius.: Earth, see - Space
  119. Mile-wide asteroid to fly by Earth next month, according to Nasa tracking data.: light, meteorite - Space
  120. SpaceX just launched another 4 astronauts...: Apollo, life, see
  121. Why is NASA so timid?: Apollo, moon, Mars, see - Space
  122. NASA has chosen SpaceX for its moon lander: Earth, spacecraft, Apollo
  123. James Webb Space Telescope Launch just days away now.: Earth, spacecraft, meteorite
  124. Really? - NASA halts SpaceX work on lunar lander after Blue Origin suit: light, see
  125. New Study of Ninth Planet: Earth, light, black hole, satellite - Space
  126. asteroid passes within 3000Km of Earth - another one we missed.: light, Sun - Space
  127. Russia's Space Chief Threatens US with crashing Space Station into US, Europe, India or China: light, life
  128. Rolling Stone Ends Up Vertical: Earth, light, Sun, theory - Space
  129. Do you believe we would be told of a 'killer' asteroid?: Earth, light - Space
  130. spacecraft emergency as ISS goes out of control: Earth, light
  131. Nice picture of a huge crater on Mars filled with water ice: Earth, spacecraft
  132. Would you go on a Virgin Galactic space flight?: Earth, see, new
  133. Phosphine gas has been found in Venus’s atmosphere.: Earth, light, Sun - Space
  134. 3 astronauts enter a black hole: light, see, new - Space
  135. The Birth of the Universe: Cracking the Cosmic Egg .: Earth, light - Space
  136. Scientists estimate alien civilizations: Earth, stars, solar, Milky Way - Space
  137. NASA/Space X launch successful!: moon, new
  138. Launcher One: Plop: Earth, light, Mercury, crash - Space
  139. amp;a: Earth, stars, light, satellites - Space
  140. Manned Space Flight: The Human Element: Earth, spacecraft, moon, Mars
  141. Do you think we'll ever reach a level where we can Terraform and colonize other planets?: Earth, solar - Space
  142. Oh, great: NASA says an asteroid is headed our way right before Election Day: Earth - Space
  143. Buying Telescope On EBay?: stars, light, Sun, saturn - Space
  144. Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley Return to earth this Sunday: stars, light - Space
  145. Why no Moon Base?: Earth, solar, spacecraft, rover
  146. NASA and SpaceX set historic first astronaut launch for May 27: stars, spacecraft
  147. Insects on Mars? Ohio scientist claims NASA images show life on Red Planet.: Earth, light - Space
  148. Huge triangular and cigar-shaped craft - Are they military projects?: stars, spacecraft
  149. Crew Dragon launch abort test successful: stars, light, life, see - Space
  150. NASA just opened an untouched Moon rock sample: Earth, Apollo, Mars - Space
  151. An old and theories to: Our we alone in this Universe?: Earth, stars - Space
  152. Space Force: Earth, stars, satellites, solar
  153. Moondoggle: SLS Overbudget and Behind Schedule: light, saturn, Mars, new - Space
  154. Boeing's Starliner dilemma - interesting to see what they decide: light, spacecraft
  155. Betelgeuse dimming: Earth, stars, light, solar - Space
  156. Most accurate space movies: stars, light, solar, Apollo
  157. The Emperor Has No Clothes! (Another SLS Death Knell): visible, see, new - Space
  158. Another milestone for China's space program: rover, moon, Mars, see
  159. Spacex and the practicalties of a Voyage to/from Mars: Earth, stars
  160. NASA'S Bridenstine post-Election Day: Earth, Sun, solar, moon - Space
  161. How many alien civilizations are out there? A new galactic survey holds a clue.: Earth, stars - Space
  162. NASA to announce 'exciting' new discovery about the moon: Earth, stars, Mars - Space
  163. SpaceX landing 2/2/21: Sun
  164. China's Chang’e 5 docks with orbiter to return moon samples to Earth: stars, light - Space
  165. FAA vs SpaceX and the Future of Humanity: light, moon, Mars
  166. How did the HUBBLE DEEP FIELD images effect you?: Earth, Sun, solar - Space
  167. I can see the great conjuncture: light, saturn, moon, Mars - Space
  168. NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has touched down on the asteroid Bennu: Earth, solar
  169. Mars 2020 landing! 2/18/2021: Earth, rover, life, find - Space
  170. New Netflix Series - Away: light, moon, Mars, seen - Space
  171. NASA to test fire the SLS (Space Launch System) today at 3 PM Eastern time: stars, light
  172. SN10 Stuck a perfect landing: stars, moon, crash, see - Space
  173. Why is Space black?: Earth, stars, light, Sun
  174. China releases 3 new orbiter images of Mars: Earth, solar, rover - Space
  175. Space hotel to open in 2027 with simulated gravity: Earth, light, rover
  176. Speed of light: Earth, theory, vacuum, seen - Space
  177. Earth has acquired a brand new moon that's about the size of a car - Space
  178. Difference between the Moon's near and far sides: Earth, see, new - Space
  179. Beneath the Moon's far side: Sun, rover, meteorite, new - Space
  180. Feud over the Nebra sky disk: new - Space
  181. Mysterious Structures Dangling in Space: light, Milky Way, telescope, unsolved
  182. Astronaut christina koch breaks women’s record for longest time in space: light, life
  183. s a new image of the black hole at the center of galaxy M87. This time in polarized light. - Space
  184. Brittany Boyer and Geoffrey Cornish got the chance to talk with Professor Lynn McMurdie, who is currently working with N: mysteries, new - Space
  185. Jet engine fuelled by air plasma: light, see - Space
  186. Rocket Launch As Seen From the Space Station
  187. Beautiful night time photos of earth and stars from the ISS - Space
  188. Historic Moon Landing Footage Has Been Enhanced by AI: Apollo, life, new - Space
  189. Rotating detonation engine tested in space: light, sound
  190. Geomagnetic Intensity At The Earth's Surface & The Core Mantle Boundary from 2015 through 2025 - Space
  191. The Current Systems Formed Around Mars as a Result of a Solar Wind Driven Convective Electric Field - Space
  192. Astronomical Watch Accurately Shows The Solar System’s Movements On Your Wrist: saturn, see - Space
  193. The Hidden Magnetic Universe Begins to Come Into View: Earth - Space
  194. Space-X Starship status
  195. Scientists discover extraterrestrial superconductivity in meteorites: new - Space
  196. Curiosity deposits: rover - Space
  197. Secret Ingredient Found to Power Supernovas - Space
  198. Another overlap in space series
  199. UY Scuti Loses Title of Largest Star: new, find - Space
  200. Scientists Claim to Have Found The First Known Extraterrestrial Protein in a Meteorite: life - Space