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  1. Stillwater Gets It's First Roundabout: Tulsa, Howe: construction, live, legally - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. Ardmore area: Norman, Noble, Grove: sales, lease, crime rate - Oklahoma (OK)
  3. Glad to be coming back: Tulsa: quality of life, to live in, vacation - Oklahoma (OK)
  4. May be moving to Woodward or Altus, or Clinton, on WHich has best Health Care, Home prices, thanks!: Elk City: living - Oklahoma (OK)
  5. paying child support if my ex is on welfare?: attorney, law - Oklahoma (OK)
  6. wheres great places to retire: about - Oklahoma (OK)
  7. Tulsa is ninth on the list of worst cities for education...: Oklahoma City: car, teachers (OK)
  8. OK cities nationally ranked in Best 100: Norman, Chickasha: rentals, neighborhoods, best schools - Oklahoma
  9. Greatest Teams Of All Time: Tulsa, Norman: 2015, credit, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  10. Okies have good grammar. I knew this.: schools, ranked - Oklahoma (OK)
  11. Speaking of idiots.....: Sallisaw, Redbird: home, shop, garage - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. Can Oklahoman explain why Oklahoma has so many incarcerated women?: felony, shop (OK)
  13. Isn't this special...............: 2015, earthquake, activity - Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Best Route from KS to TX and toll expenses: Oklahoma City: hotel, buy (OK)
  15. lake eufaula NO water?: McAlester, Longtown: vacation home, live in, vacation - Oklahoma (OK)
  16. Need advice...: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lawton: crime, find a job, college (OK)
  17. Nervous about moving to Enid this fall!: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: best neighborhood, neighborhoods (OK)
  18. I need help with this: allergy, yard, businesses - Oklahoma (OK)
  19. For first time visitors to Oklahoma: Eufaula, Crowder: budget, driving, small towns (OK)
  20. OU Men & Women win National Championships: school, photos - Oklahoma (OK)
  21. About Medical Thru The State: Norman, Lawton: sales, 2014, attorney - Oklahoma (OK)
  22. What's with tall buildings in Bartlesville?: Tulsa, Stillwater: sales, 2014 - Oklahoma (OK)
  23. building permits in Leflore County: Tulsa, Poteau: mobile home, buying, contractor - Oklahoma (OK)
  24. Best Public School in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Norman: 2014, magnet school, colleges (OK)
  25. OU Men & Women win National Championships: school, yard - Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Moving to Ardmore quick. Rent help needed!: Grove, Lone Grove: apartments, rental - Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Bass&Catfish...: Poteau, Madill, Kingston: house, living, eat - Oklahoma (OK)
  28. Fishing in Oklahoma: school, eat, rain (OK)
  29. Congratulations Cherokee: 2015, dermatology, schools - Oklahoma (OK)
  30. City Code Information: Oklahoma City, Seminole: renting, felon, house (OK)
  31. cities to live in between Tulsa and OKC: Edmond, Stillwater: college, living - Oklahoma
  32. Miss Oklahoma is Miss USA: 2015 (OK)
  33. Perhaps the greatest scene in TV History: Howe: required, kids - Oklahoma (OK)
  34. This day is good.: place, sunny, music - Oklahoma (OK)
  35. Time for Christmas music: Tulsa: retire, metro, build - Oklahoma (OK)
  36. 2015 Oklahoma's wettest year...: Pensacola: live, yard, area (OK)
  37. KFOR 4.2 Antenna TV - January 1, 2016 - Johnny Carson Show: Alva: 2015, purchasing - Oklahoma (OK)
  38. River Otters in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Norman: moving, eat, swimming (OK)
  39. gettin close: Stillwater: baptists, water, year - Oklahoma (OK)
  40. a about Oklahoma: living, trailer, property (OK)
  41. Unemployment Benefits- How long til I get paid: employment, bills - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. Schools for special needs: Oklahoma City, Putnam: homes, middle school, activity (OK)
  43. A word to the not always so wise: ranked, interior - Oklahoma (OK)
  44. Stillwater Gets Passenger Jet Service Starting August: Tulsa, Lawton: 2015, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Wetumka Oklahoma Would like to hear from there or was there.: to live (OK)
  46. move to Enid, OK?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: elementary school, university, subdivisions
  47. Happy New Year!: Durant: live in, area, visit - Oklahoma (OK)
  48. Creative Creatures, Carney, OK: phone number, young, about - Oklahoma
  49. There really is an Oklahoma!: salon, home, title (OK)
  50. Durant gets new micro mill project to add jobs: electricity, metro area - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Can a RV park owner curse your company: landlord, to move - Oklahoma (OK)
  52. Stillwater Ranked 96th Best Place To Live: Tulsa, Francis: 2015, homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Child support modification: rent, utilities, income - Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Great picture of our red moon: photos, love - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. Dallas comes from behind..........: Jones: move, team, financial - Oklahoma (OK)
  56. Rental discrimination?: renter, month to, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  57. Need Help for Finding accomadation: Tulsa: house, floor, budget - Oklahoma (OK)
  58. Really good real estate lawyer in OKC?: legal, area - Oklahoma
  59. $300 million new steel reprocessing plant in Durant: Choctaw, Cardin: construction, casino - Oklahoma (OK)
  60. Cults in Oklahoma: Tahlequah: buy, children, selling (OK)
  61. Tulsa or Oklahoma City for vacation?: Watonga, Howe: spring break, 2013, hotel (OK)
  62. Ravens: coop, home, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  63. give a smooth shout out.................: Moore, Howe: military, company, drain - Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Oklahoma civil forfeiture reform bill refused in Senate committee: law, property (OK)
  65. Oklahoma-second in the nation for turnpikes, working hard to be #1: Tulsa: authority, budget (OK)
  66. Help! Moving to Oklahoma,Teen Son with Asperger's: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: best schools, college (OK)
  67. Bokoshe Oklahoma history?: Tahlequah, Miami, Cherokee: house, electricity, parks (OK)
  68. Which way is best to go from north of Dallas to Missouri.: McAlester: famous - Oklahoma (OK)
  69. live in the richest county in Oklahoma,: Stillwater, Yukon: safest, money (OK)
  70. Indian community in Norman OK: apartments, university, live in - Oklahoma
  71. I didn't know this about Tulsa: real estate, 2015, attorney - Oklahoma (OK)
  72. US Air Force Reserve or Guard?: school, university, military - Oklahoma (OK)
  73. I'm from Philadelphia and trying to help my friend from OKC: Oklahoma City: apartment, transporting
  74. My great great great great grandmother was an Irish Princess: live, pub - Oklahoma (OK)
  75. Osu: college, engineer, market - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. 5 types of Oklahomans: mattress, house, tornado (OK)
  77. Are women in Oklahoma more down to earth?: Bell: live, shop (OK)
  78. Phone call from IRS is a scam: lawsuit, about - Oklahoma (OK)
  79. Thinking about the weekend..........: Friday - Oklahoma (OK)
  80. Are there big red dirt festivals in Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City: live, vacation (OK)
  81. Happy Happy Happy...: Skiatook, Osage: home, casino, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  82. Cushing oil pipelines: tanks, town - Oklahoma (OK)
  83. Internet Options for Tulsa Area: Bixby: moving to, high speed Internet, advertise - Oklahoma (OK)
  84. Is a fan of Legend of Dragoon?: station, ratings - Oklahoma (OK)
  85. Water Quality in Lone Grove (by Ardmore): Stillwater, Sulphur: for sale, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  86. Moving to Eastern OK need help.: McAlester, Tahlequah: fit in, mobile home, purchase - Oklahoma
  87. Waterline insurance: houses, to buy, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Seeking Therapist/Counsellor SE Oklahoma: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: area, affordable, town (OK)
  89. Getting Mail Delivered to Newly Created Address: Luther: house, moving to - Oklahoma (OK)
  90. every now and then it's time to eat: Allen: 2015, prices - Oklahoma (OK)
  91. Moving to Weleetka OK area, need: Stillwater, McAlester: for sale, real estate - Oklahoma
  92. The Republic of Texas: Mangum, Kansas: home, elementary school, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  93. Electricity cuts off: May: house, electric, tree - Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Does Oklahom offer many social work jobs?: Cherokee: find a job, budget - Oklahoma (OK)
  95. Tell me about Mcalester and southeast Oklahoma: Tulsa: crime, home (OK)
  96. Blue Clay: buy, school, university - Oklahoma (OK)
  97. OU on notice for animal abuse: Howe, May: 2013, university, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Moving to edmond ok: groceries, stores, foods - Oklahoma (OK)
  99. Hope you had: Strang: sales, tax, to move - Oklahoma (OK)
  100. Alva and surrounding area: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: fit in, apartment complexes, rental (OK)
  101. West Nile shows up early: Tulsa, Howe: professionals, health, mosquito - Oklahoma (OK)
  102. think she's good now?: rain, time, women - Oklahoma (OK)
  103. Oklahoma's baby birds are in trouble: May: donated, rainfall, insects (OK)
  104. The Nine Nations of North America: Washington, St. Louis: live, military, club - Oklahoma (OK)
  105. Look for venomous Flying Spiders.......: 2015, move, yard - Oklahoma (OK)
  106. Devon Tower: living, gardens, to move - Oklahoma (OK)
  107. Is Your Grandma Hungry and You Don’t Know It? Senior/Elder Hunger ~ The Hidden Epidemic in America.: Oklahoma City: 2015 (OK)
  108. It's time for a change: May: 2015, felony, taxation - Oklahoma (OK)
  109. Redbird......found this, of you: Shawnee, Duncan: 2015, high school, casino - Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Stillwater Still Seeing More People, More Development: Perry, Perkins: apartment, mattress - Oklahoma (OK)
  111. Old blackboards found: Tulsa: buy, school, paint - Oklahoma (OK)
  112. Jobs needed in Stillwater Okla.: designs, to relocate, education - Oklahoma (OK)
  113. Norman vs Edmond?: Howe: schools, congested, cities - Oklahoma (OK)
  114. Last 48 hours of tornado activity....: Norman: business, weather, history - Oklahoma (OK)
  115. Good website to get bare lands in OK: Howe: homes, camper - Oklahoma
  116. broken arrow sewer bill: how much, house, calculated - Oklahoma (OK)
  117. Oklahoma City is Seattle's savvier nemesis: May: appointed, tornado, wages (OK)
  118. Congratulations OU women's softball team: good, love - Oklahoma (OK)
  119. Law against texting and driving: Bell: dangerous, legal, store - Oklahoma (OK)
  120. More Good News Tulsa: May: best city, best, business - Oklahoma (OK)
  121. This is from 2013, but I never saw it: Oklahoma City, Lahoma: tornadoes, earthquakes (OK)
  122. Quiet, Old Cemeteries: Stillwater, Yale, Glencoe: homes, landscaping, maintenance - Oklahoma (OK)
  123. Toll Information: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Muskogee: shop, cabin, safe (OK)
  124. Rental houses in Enid: Stillwater, Perry: extended stay, apartment complexes, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  125. Oklahomans are the #1 best tippers: Tulsa, Kansas: income, live, restaurant (OK)
  126. Oklahoma City OK or Tulsa OK: Norman, Edmond: credit, home, employment
  127. OKLa going liberal?: Owasso, Guthrie, Loyal: house, high school, to live - Oklahoma
  128. Things to see/places to camp Northern, Northeastern Oklahoma: Stillwater: 2015, camping (OK)
  129. Ok vs Tx: Ardmore, Commerce, May: sales, renters, buyers - Oklahoma (OK)
  130. Cost of Living/Weather Questions: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: sales, vehicle registration, house insurance (OK)
  131. We lost a great Okie today. Merle Haggard passed away at 79.: Muskogee: how much, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  132. I like Oklahoma and think it's underrated: Poteau, Noble: garden, swimming (OK)
  133. Road trip through Oklahoma- looking for distilleries to visit: Norman: buy, price (OK)
  134. Had a fall.: home, income, military - Oklahoma (OK)
  135. Is Lawton a decent place to live?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: low income, 2014 (OK)
  136. How can I get a photo of my father's headstone in McAlester?: high school, upkeep - Oklahoma (OK)
  137. Ponca City is Brown Recluse central.: Guymon, Boise: house, go bankrupt, disposal - Oklahoma (OK)
  138. alabama to Oklahoma: fit in, moving, Walmart (OK)
  139. Are there places in OK that doesnt get tornadoes?: Norman: 2015, motorhome - Oklahoma
  140. situations are silly..................: Tulsa, Howe: 2015, bankruptcy, garage - Oklahoma (OK)
  141. Black Lives Matter-- race riots: Tahlequah, Cherokee: fit in, employment, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  142. What places in oklahoma get hit the most with Tornados?: Norman: how much, mobile home - Oklahoma (OK)
  143. Moving to Oklahoma, where is a good place to live?: Tulsa: real estate, crime (OK)
  144. Fracking Oklahoma: Tulsa, Stillwater, Guthrie: 2015, apartment, homeowners insurance (OK)
  145. Would you have to be an idiot to be gay and move to Oklahoma?: Oklahoma City: fit in, attorney (OK)
  146. Ten Most Beautiful Places in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: home, camping, living in (OK)
  147. I think it's the water............: Stillwater, Redbird: 2014, to buy, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  148. Statue Removal: Justice: 2015, deed, garden - Oklahoma (OK)
  149. don't start a fuss or argument or anything,: live, legal - Oklahoma (OK)
  150. Preferred concealed carry ?: Howe, Dennis, Atwood: real estate, houses, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  151. Important notice for men!!!!!: Howe, Bell: dangerous, percentage, good - Oklahoma (OK)
  152. Internet options - rural Oklahoma: Tulsa, Grove: home, movie theater, high school (OK)
  153. Drive thru Oklahoma on way to Buffalo: Tulsa, McAlester: 2013, scorpions (OK)
  154. My older brother: sale, loan, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  155. Making the move from Central CA to Broken Arrow area: Oklahoma City: best neighborhoods, rentals (OK)
  156. Oklahoma=scenically underrated: Tulsa, Grove, Cherokee: credit, home, to buy (OK)
  157. Japanese hibachi grill and sushi bar: Muskogee: transplants, coupons, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  158. Thoughts on Transhumanism: Howe: food, title, medical - Oklahoma (OK)
  159. How many okc and Tulsa residents ever visit far SE OK: Oklahoma City: 2014, hotels
  160. I understand congratulations are in order Howest: Francis, Redbird: 2015, condo - Oklahoma (OK)
  161. Driving across I-40 during tornado season: Tulsa, Moore: motel, mobile home, to live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  162. Just for Howest: live, prison, women - Oklahoma (OK)
  163. Relocating from East coast to!: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: rental, motels (OK)
  164. Things are getting serious out there: price, market, kids - Oklahoma (OK)
  165. New Report Put Oklahoma's Risk of Earthquakes In Plain Lanquage: Oklahoma City: house, university (OK)
  166. 50 Safest Cities in Oklahoma: Tulsa, Norman: home security, live, legal (OK)
  167. Acreage, hunting and risks to domestic animals: Talihina, Howe: crime, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  168. Okie1962....: Howe: 2015, health, lawnmower - Oklahoma (OK)
  169. The Most Conservative And Most Liberal Cities In America: Oklahoma City: 2014, high crime (OK)
  170. For Howest and other tech challenged people: Redbird: university, medical - Oklahoma (OK)
  171. Where is there a romantic getaway near Tulsa: Guthrie, Grove: appointed, 2014 - Oklahoma (OK)
  172. A new grocery store opened yesterday.: May: to buy, live, prices - Oklahoma (OK)
  173. Got a for everyone..........: Clinton, Slick: bill, place, replacement - Oklahoma (OK)
  174. relocating to Oklahoma from springfield, Mo: Norman, Lawton: apartments, power lines, rent (OK)
  175. Thinking on making Oklahoma our final destination to live, need !: Tulsa: for sale, real estate (OK)
  176. Historic Visit by U.S. President: Tulsa, Stillwater: 2015, homes, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  177. The Best Main Streets In Oklahoma: Enid, Stillwater: neighborhood, construction, camp (OK)
  178. OKC or Tulsa???: Norman, Stillwater: health insurance, new home, good schools - Oklahoma
  179. Paul's Valley: Tulsa, Norman, Stillwater: sale, apartment complexes, foreclosure - Oklahoma (OK)
  180. Durant: dangerous?: Stillwater, May: sales, crime rate, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  181. Lawton Born & Raised: Oklahoma City, Stillwater: best towns, 2013, crime (OK)
  182. Rick Perry, UT.......: Stillwater: university, yard, clothes - Oklahoma (OK)
  183. OU Health Sciences Center, OKC: school, design, donating - Oklahoma
  184. Terrible dealerships: buy, legal, vehicle - Oklahoma (OK)
  185. Need Accomdation in Bartlesville- Oklahoma near to ConocoPhilips: offer, temporary (OK)
  186. Why are so many people in Edmond, Oklahoma so antagonistic?: to live, hospitable (OK)
  187. Looking for entry level claims executive from Healthcare backgound: adjudication, working - Oklahoma (OK)
  188. Top 'micropolitian' site selection award goes to durant: deal, recycling - Oklahoma (OK)
  189. child custody lawyer: good, recommendation - Oklahoma (OK)
  190. Oklahoma Fundraiser to help Rebuild homes: Sand Springs, Cleveland: sales, tornado, to live in (OK)
  191. Tornados at once - Oklahoma (OK)
  192. Uber or Lyft in Tulsa: income, businesses, average - Oklahoma (OK)
  193. Billionaires in Oklahoma: Tulsa: 2015, weather, year (OK)
  194. New report on best schools in Oklahoma: Norman, Edmond: top, news (OK)
  195. Have you heard Oklahoma's new State Song? (OK)
  196. Grad student looking for housing in Stillwater - Decent places?: apartments, rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  197. What Oklahoma did: 2015, conservative, criminals (OK)
  198. People come to Oklahoma from all over the globe: Oklahoma City: college, live (OK)
  199. OSU vs Central Mich: team, practice - Oklahoma (OK)
  200. Kenton Mercantile: area, abandoned, history - Oklahoma (OK)