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  1. Choctaw verses Shawnee?: Midwest City, Ada, Seminole: real estate, sex offenders, homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. on Broken Bow: Idabel, Commerce: rent, how much, income - Oklahoma (OK)
  3. 5 Technicians Needed immediately in Wynnewood, OK: living, oil, working - Oklahoma
  4. News, Teen Mayor Talks Politics, Roommate.: Muskogee, Hammon: college, town, good - Oklahoma (OK)
  5. The elders who survived over 100 yrs recognized: Choctaw, Purcell: live, exodus - Oklahoma (OK)
  6. Moving to Langley, OK --- New Member: Cherokee, Disney: live, restaurants - Oklahoma
  7. Going south for a bit: Sallisaw, Wagoner: shop, work, surgery - Oklahoma (OK)
  8. lost car: Tulsa: office, area, company - Oklahoma (OK)
  9. Storm Watch: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lawton: house, safe, health (OK)
  10. roland, ok: real estate, renting, sex offenders - Oklahoma (OK)
  11. Rental Houses in the Weatherford area: great, providers, cable - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. For Memorial feelings: bill, best, building - Oklahoma (OK)
  13. What to do in Bartlesville: Stillwater, Phillips: home, price, Wal-mart - Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Oklahoma,dirt and bobwire.: Muskogee, Tahlequah: how much, house, Mennonites (OK)
  15. non expenisive place in OKC: Norman, Edmond: apartments, rentals, daycare - Oklahoma
  16. Is there anything to do in Waurika?: Duncan, Cole: motel, shops - Oklahoma (OK)
  17. Academics at Oklahoma State, .......: Tulsa, Stillwater: how much, construction, university (OK)
  18. Internet service providers around Kingston area: best, plans, connection - Oklahoma (OK)
  19. Moving to Kingston, Oklahoma Area: Durant: how much, safe, shelter (OK)
  20. Lodging in Henryetta: Oklahoma City, Okmulgee: where to stay, hotels, restaurant (OK)
  21. (LOL) Too close for comfort: rental, loan, move - Oklahoma (OK)
  22. Ardmore area: May: RV park, apartments, lofts - Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Jobs in OKC?: high school, college, office - Oklahoma
  24. getting to stillwater: Tulsa, Edmond, May: rent, taxi, bus - Oklahoma (OK)
  25. Bixby BBQ & Blues Festival: club, good, fun - Oklahoma (OK)
  26. oilfield job: Tulsa, Woodward, Skiatook: unemployment, shop, oil - Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Durant area summer weather/humidity: Lawton, Enid: college, mosquitoes, place - Oklahoma (OK)
  28. Internet Providers in Norman ?: May: moving to, budget, required - Oklahoma (OK)
  29. Everybody OK?: tornado, weather, worth - Oklahoma
  30. Wa****a River?: safe, humidity, student - Oklahoma (OK)
  31. Churches in Duncan/Chickasha/Lawton area?: Norman, Davis: school, live in, moving to - Oklahoma (OK)
  32. Check this out!: car, drivers, dog - Oklahoma (OK)
  33. Kingston,Ok. Vacation ?'s: places to eat, best to, places - Oklahoma (OK)
  34. Stillwater Arts and Heritage Festival in Pictures: weather, town - Oklahoma (OK)
  35. Humidity in Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: how much, high school, where to live (OK)
  36. mineral rights (Stephens Co): Arkoma, Pittsburg: sale, leases, how much - Oklahoma (OK)
  37. OK mapstencil: working, kids, elementary - Oklahoma
  38. my friend is neglected, under nurished..what do i do!!!: house, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  39. costs of different counties?: Ada, Cherokee: insurance, mortgage, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  40. Vacation- Winding Stair Mtn.?: Ardmore, Chickasha: taxi, shop, parks - Oklahoma (OK)
  41. Too Many Sticky Threads: food, senior, music - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. we go again: Lawton, Seminole: moving, area, counties - Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Okeene, Oklahoma: Oklahoma City, Watonga, Kansas: homes, campground, cabin (OK)
  44. I guess a cousin is thinking about changing jobs...........: buy, trailer - Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Future transportation is: Jet, May: military, Swiss, news - Oklahoma (OK)
  46. My son will turn 16 and will need to get his license as soon as we move to OK: drivers license - Oklahoma
  47. I am looking for an oil field job in Oklahoma: Broken Arrow: for sale, houses (OK)
  48. Relocating to Clinton, OK: locations, summer, driving - Oklahoma
  49. Spring time brings the best out of you.: Duncan, Ada: sales, unemployed - Oklahoma (OK)
  50. Stillwater: Edmond: real estate, apartments, to rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Seeking advice on small NE Oklahoma towns: Tulsa, Meeker: tax lien, transplants (OK)
  52. Family of 4, 4 Oklahoma?: Edmond, Tahlequah, Seminole: rentals, construction, school districts (OK)
  53. Norman Real Estate: Edmond, Midwest City, Moore: rentals, condominiums, townhouses - Oklahoma (OK)
  54. Sand Dunes - Dune Buggy rental ?: Beaver: rentals, money, parks - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. Hulbert & Poteau: Tulsa, Owasso, Tahlequah: houses, tornado, disposal - Oklahoma (OK)
  56. Agriculture; Gardens; hunting(Camera): home, garden, rich - Oklahoma (OK)
  57. Relocating to Ponca City about the city and surrounding?: Tulsa: apartment complexes, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  58. Need Internet Service Provider in Ada: homes, live, installation - Oklahoma (OK)
  59. New Photography Contest: Lexington: home, land, park - Oklahoma (OK)
  60. moving to Ada: Tishomingo: home, high schools, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  61. Kenefi/Kenefick,OK Need your help: Muskogee, Durant: live in, place, pictures - Oklahoma
  62. Non-Profit Funds in Oklahoma?: fit in, insurance, quality of life (OK)
  63. Moving To Lawton, Ok: Oklahoma City, Francis: restaurants, shops, rated (OK)
  64. Looking for Shattuck or ex-shattuck residents.: Beaver, Laverne: to live in, department store, cabin - Oklahoma (OK)
  65. Shootings at the U of Oklahoma ?: university, safe, best (OK)
  66. Cost of removing trailer: buy, price, manufactured - Oklahoma (OK)
  67. Redbird Baby Pictures!!!: May: health, great, about - Oklahoma (OK)
  68. Happy Birthday ComputerGuy: Tahlequah, May: title, year, good - Oklahoma (OK)
  69. Tornados 05/7/2008: Tulsa, Mustang, Kansas: transplants, tornado, law - Oklahoma (OK)
  70. Happy Belated, Synopsis AKA Tex: May: buy, title, rated - Oklahoma (OK)
  71. What are the WORST things about Norman?: Stillwater, Kansas: best cities, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  72. Nameless?: Mustang: top, rain, senior - Oklahoma (OK)
  73. A Birthday for Schousse!: Davis, Beaver: calculator, food, discounts - Oklahoma (OK)
  74. Oklahoma gardeners: Prague, Buffalo: sale, condo, co-op (OK)
  75. Moving to New Jersey: Stroud, Morris: homeowners insurance, house, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. OSU and Stillwater questions: Tulsa, Norman: apartment complexes, good schools, universities - Oklahoma (OK)
  77. Osyio Redbird.....You haven't shared this with us?: Anadarko, Haskell: home, university - Oklahoma (OK)
  78. Central OK: Ada, Seminole, Holdenville: house, elementary school, casino - Oklahoma
  79. Hello, My Name is: Redbird: live, delivery, pictures - Oklahoma (OK)
  80. Mr and Mrs Computer Dood: phones, accent, work - Oklahoma (OK)
  81. May Events!: Henryetta, Checotah, Stilwell: for sale, home, high school - Oklahoma (OK)
  82. Nowata Oklahoma, information: Tulsa, Lawton, Bartlesville: for sale, city hall, crime rate (OK)
  83. It's happening, CG: date, good, baby - Oklahoma (OK)
  84. E85 Auto Fuel: for sale, costs, cars - Oklahoma (OK)
  85. If you could: Lawton, Gate, Leon: loan, high school, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  86. Severe Weather in Oklahoma: Lawton, Mustang: safe, moving, teaching (OK)
  87. Infamous phrases: Norman, Gore, Washington: crime rates, how much, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Hot Enough For Ya CG?: Lawton, Duncan: friendly, deal, humidity - Oklahoma (OK)
  89. I'm getting tired of this........: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: real estate, house, unemployment rate (OK)
  90. Where is Karibear?: Holdenville: new home, camp, closing - Oklahoma (OK)
  91. I might have to move back to Oklahoma: Laverne: attorney, school (OK)
  92. Where to go? Edmond, Norman, Tulsa, OKC?: Guthrie, Langston: condos, consignment - Oklahoma
  93. Biplane Expo-Air Show in June: Tulsa, Moore: home, college, airplane - Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Where did he go?: Amber, May: campers, live, property - Oklahoma (OK)
  95. Rockhounds: hills, museum, collecting - Oklahoma (OK)
  96. Stephen King's The Stand: Tulsa, Shawnee: real estate, apartments, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  97. Pictures of Cushing: Stillwater, Waurika: city hall, lease, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Dog Massacre At Liberty Lake.: Oklahoma City, Guthrie: attorney, homes, camper (OK)
  99. Memorial Weekend: home, live, military - Oklahoma (OK)
  100. You should be in Eufaula today..: Tulsa, Muskogee: home, buy, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  101. NAFTA Superhighway: Freedom: home, live, vs - Oklahoma (OK)
  102. Driving around Oklahoma (Road Trip Pics): Norman, Moore: apartment, daycare, houses (OK)
  103. Need a Job? Move to Oklahoma: credit, unemployment rate, place (OK)
  104. Bonsai: Blanchard, Kingston, May: restaurant, clubs, design - Oklahoma (OK)
  105. My hubby is whining about the weather!!: Stillwater: homes, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  106. Is from Oklahoma that lives: Tulsa, Duncan: transplants, live in (OK)
  107. Congrats Grampa Goodpasture: restaurants, food, pictures - Oklahoma (OK)
  108. Italian Festival May 17th and 18th: McAlester: move, job, drive - Oklahoma (OK)
  109. Six Possibly Dead In Picher: Tulsa, Enid: house, school, tornado - Oklahoma (OK)
  110. Too many wildfires today...: Lawton, Duncan: houses, asbestos, safe - Oklahoma (OK)
  111. The Passing of Picher: Cherokee: high school, tornado, closing - Oklahoma (OK)
  112. The Three Stooges if They Were Alive Today.: vacation, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  113. How many zeros are in a Billion?: Washington: sales, real estate - Oklahoma (OK)
  114. The Crooked Man Himself, Gene Stipe: Muskogee, Lahoma: insurance, crimes, felony - Oklahoma (OK)
  115. Ride a Bike to Work kicks off on Friday: Tulsa: home, to live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  116. Oklahoma tornadoes and shelters?: McAlester, El Reno: mattress, houses, buy (OK)
  117. Just back from Texas: Durant, Howe: home, buy, pharmacy - Oklahoma (OK)
  118. Can I ask about the dirt?: Oklahoma City, Bartlesville: houses, buying, inspection (OK)
  119. NBA Team...: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Jenks: house, high school, college (OK)
  120. Happy Mother's Day: Redbird: living in, best, children - Oklahoma (OK)
  121. Best way to make airline reservations?: Tulsa, Strang: credit card, how much, buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  122. Can a gay, black, atheist, city bred woman survive in Grove, OK?: Tulsa: fit in, living in - Oklahoma
  123. Has been in touch with necabin??: Duncan: live, safe - Oklahoma (OK)
  124. Cali-Okie Girl!: Hanna, May: home, to live in, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  125. Salute to Veterans: Howe, Long: house, live in, health - Oklahoma (OK)
  126. Vacation Advice: Tulsa, Muskogee, Mustang: waterpark, motorhome, buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  127. Coffee on Tues March 25: Meridian, May: restaurants, eat, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  128. Road Trip Pics: Tulsa, Sawyer: home, purchase, construction - Oklahoma (OK)
  129. Looking for Shawnee real estate: Grove, Bethel Acres: homes, water heater, school district - Oklahoma (OK)
  130. Me, Myself and I!: Long: beach, park, dinner - Oklahoma (OK)
  131. The Countdown!: Wynona: homes, safe, eat - Oklahoma (OK)
  132. oil and gas leases in Wood county, oklahoma: Jay, Haskell: mineral rights, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Leap of Faith: for sale, house, high school - Oklahoma (OK)
  134. Set up a meeting?: Norman, Duncan: house, cities, top - Oklahoma (OK)
  135. Severe Weather News??: Tulsa, Lawton, Seminole: tornado, office, station - Oklahoma (OK)
  136. Moving: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman: rentals, homeowners insurance, houses (OK)
  137. Smoking a House: Miami: houses, college, tornado - Oklahoma (OK)
  138. Karibear's Trip to OK: buying, camp, safe - Oklahoma
  139. Illegal immigration bill needed: Justice, Lahoma: section 8, felony, attorney - Oklahoma (OK)
  140. Easter !: Meridian: coupon, hotel, restaurants - Oklahoma (OK)
  141. Enjoy the Nice Weather...: Panama, Pensacola: scorpions, tornadoes, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  142. fiiiinally Baaaack: Cleveland: home, office, place - Oklahoma (OK)
  143. What do you drive?: Lahoma: mobile home, to buy, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  144. Corporal punishment in school: May: schools, maintenance, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  145. My Somewhat Hilarious Move: Mustang, Howe: renting, movers, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  146. Far fewer properties on the market?: Tahlequah, Poteau: for sale, real estate market, foreclosures - Oklahoma (OK)
  147. midwest not tornado alley anymore!: buy, earthquakes, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  148. April trip to OK - travel suggestions?: Tulsa, Lawton: mattresses, home - Oklahoma
  149. Okmulgee, OK: Stillwater, Chickasha, Henryetta: to live in, restaurant, eat - Oklahoma
  150. Protecting the pets( like Dogs): house, neighborhood, to buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  151. Sally Kerns...? Representing Oklahoma...?: Oklahoma City, Commerce: house, school, university (OK)
  152. Me and Oklahoma: Howe: high school, college, to live in (OK)
  153. Help Relocating to Ponca City: Stillwater, Tonkawa: apartments, rental, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  154. know about Healdton?: Ardmore, Ringling: home, to live in, shop - Oklahoma (OK)
  155. Tornado Questions: Mustang, Canadian, May: house, neighborhood, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  156. Gas tips(how, when and where to get your money's worth): Tulsa: how much, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
  157. Necabin says,: Tulsa, Idabel: for sale, rental, credit card - Oklahoma (OK)
  158. possibly moving near Norman (questions): Tulsa, Midwest City: apartments, rentals, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  159. Memories to Burn: Redbird: school, tornado, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  160. A guy I know is moving to Oklahoma........: Redbird: tornado, to live (OK)
  161. Severe Weather: Tulsa, Holdenville: house, tornado, garage - Oklahoma (OK)
  162. Executions to resume in Oklahoma: McAlester: violent crime, lawyers, gated (OK)
  163. New calf: house, living, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  164. I'm Choctaw...Now What?: Picher, Cherokee: high school, casino, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  165. Where does it go?: Stillwater: for sale, how much, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  166. Tahlequah's Friendliness: Muskogee, Grove, Cherokee: house, university, tornado - Oklahoma (OK)
  167. Everyone: Tulsa: insurance, live, stations - Oklahoma (OK)
  168. travel to/from OK by train?: May: how much, buy, cost of - Oklahoma
  169. drift: Enid, Stillwater, Duncan: mobile home, buying, high school - Oklahoma (OK)
  170. Uncle Don .... good luck: Redbird: live, move, medicine - Oklahoma (OK)
  171. Ada, OK: Justice, Dennis, Gerty: extended stay, crime, Home Depot - Oklahoma
  172. Relocating to McAlester Oklahoma Area: Duncan, Eufaula: attorney, homes, living in (OK)
  173. Its HOT!: Watonga: home, living in, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  174. Prayers?: Norman, Howe, May: to live, health, transit - Oklahoma (OK)
  175. Tornado insurance?: Norman, Mustang, Howe: homeowners insurance, house, purchase - Oklahoma (OK)
  176. Vehicles and corrosion?: Tulsa, Fort Gibson, Oologah: fit in, to buy, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  177. Where's CG??????: Redbird, May: school, clothes, warm - Oklahoma (OK)
  178. Fort Sill bound: Lawton, Edmond, Duncan: to rent, crime, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  179. Laws and such in Oklahoma: Mustang, Canadian: sales, school, income (OK)
  180. Relocating to Norman area - quick questions: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: apartments, rentals (OK)
  181. State Employee Benefits: health insurance, costs, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  182. In praise of the young folks.: school, college, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  183. Similarities: Weatherford, Alva: health insurance, mover, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  184. A for MK: May: transfer, buy, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  185. Is Oklahoma water being contaminated by salt water due to oil well drilling?: Shawnee: real estate, maintenance (OK)
  186. Bittersweet.... (Updated): Duncan: employment, neighborhood, wages - Oklahoma (OK)
  187. Mom (Kathy) says....: Redbird, Hanna: work, single, accepted - Oklahoma (OK)
  188. For Nameless: Mustang: legally, top, warm - Oklahoma (OK)
  189. Who Wants To Meet Nh Mike: Redbird: headhunters, unemployed, college - Oklahoma (OK)
  190. Back from the trip: Norman: house, school, moving - Oklahoma (OK)
  191. Film Festival in Muskogee: worth, music, event - Oklahoma (OK)
  192. Durant, OK: May: house, to move, place - Oklahoma
  193. Elk River/Grand Lake flooding?: Kansas: rain, water, news - Oklahoma (OK)
  194. Banks/Credit Unions: transfer, good, recommendations - Oklahoma (OK)
  195. Cherokee 2008 Troop Supply Drive – May 14 – June 2: casino, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  196. new lists: Poteau, Cherokee: crime, prices, housing - Oklahoma (OK)
  197. vacation!: house, shop, money - Oklahoma (OK)
  198. wrong forum...sorry - Oklahoma (OK)
  199. Call your elected officials...: Washington: buy, prices, gas - Oklahoma (OK)
  200. More NAFTA Eminent Domain BS: oil, business, lawn - Oklahoma (OK)