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  1. Recommendations for scenic coastal drive, beaches?: Lincoln City, Seaside: beach, train, bike - Oregon (OR)
  2. Hispanics and Whites in Oregon?: how much, income, permit (OR)
  3. Decent salary in Oregon: Portland, Medford: real estate, rent, car insurance (OR)
  4. Help us pick a city in Oregon!: Portland, Eugene: for sale, foreclosure (OR)
  5. HELP relocating to Gresham: Portland: apartments, townhouse, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  6. Thanks For a Fantastic Vacation: Bend, Coos Bay: friendly, small town, moved - Oregon (OR)
  7. moving to Pendleton! ??? about housing: Portland, Medford: real estate, rentals, house - Oregon (OR)
  8. Salem or Portland??: Eugene, Lake Oswego: insurance, crime rates, employment - Oregon (OR)
  9. What is the winter like really in Medford?: Eugene, Bend: live in, winters - Oregon (OR)
  10. Moving to Medford Ashland Area: Talent, Phoenix: RV park, motorhome, living - Oregon (OR)
  11. Hermiston area and fishing along with rental homes?: Portland, Pendleton: unemployed, school - Oregon (OR)
  12. Safe schools in Medford.: title, residential, place - Oregon (OR)
  13. I need a questioned answered from u lovely Oregon people: Portland: apartment, employment (OR)
  14. Relocating from Long Beach to North Bend: best neighborhood, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  15. Fort Hill Gas Station and Restaurant (Near Grande Ronde): Portland: find a job, casino - Oregon (OR)
  16. Corvallis and college towns...: Portland, Eugene: unemployment rate, school, university - Oregon (OR)
  17. Relocating Between Klamath Falls and LaPine: Bend, La Pine: how much, houses, schools - Oregon (OR)
  18. State economist update 8-27-09: Salem: 2013, house, employment - Oregon (OR)
  19. Moving from San Diego which PDX area?: Portland, Hillsboro: houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  20. oil tank location: Portland, Salem, Seaside: bank owned, real estate, lender - Oregon (OR)
  21. Monmouth, OR helP!: Salem: apartments, find a job, school - Oregon
  22. Hwy 39: Joseph, Wallowa: bike, area, pay - Oregon (OR)
  23. Help pick city to move to in Oregon: Bend, Corvallis: employment, live in (OR)
  24. thinking about moving to oregon: Portland, Eugene: apartments, how much, job market - Oregon (OR)
  25. Sandboarding on Oregon Coast: Bend, North Bend: beach, park, area (OR)
  26. Long Term Rental in Cannon Beach, Oregon: Seaside: live, moving to (OR)
  27. going to our 1st osu football game: restaurant, bars - Oregon (OR)
  28. hello: Bend, Coos Bay, North Bend: living in, restaurants, places to eat - Oregon (OR)
  29. Should I move to Portland, Eugene or: Bend: rent, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  30. Interested in Oregon...a few questions!! :): Portland, Eugene: Valentine's day, house, living (OR)
  31. How much did your well cost?: Lakeview: home, costs, estimate - Oregon (OR)
  32. is ne kristin court area: Bend: fit in, transplants, lease - Oregon (OR)
  33. Oregon Emergency Unemployment Compensation: apartment, lease, unemployment benefits (OR)
  34. Relocating from CT: Eugene, Salem, Medford: crime, private school, university - Oregon (OR)
  35. Fishing coos bay: Florence, Reedsport, Winchester Bay: area, clothes, coastal - Oregon (OR)
  36. ? Which Corvallis neighborhoods close to walks/hikes for stay-at-home Mom: Albany: rental, house - Oregon (OR)
  37. Details on Newport, OR?: weddings, movie theaters, high school - Oregon
  38. Help..looking for land in a oregon: Eugene: home, live - Oregon (OR)
  39. Places around the world that resemble the Willamette Valley?: Portland: home, yard - Oregon (OR)
  40. What percent of Oregon is desert?: Hood River, Wallowa: appointed, estimate, horses (OR)
  41. What are the Blue Mountains like?: Pendleton, La Grande: how much, home, camping - Oregon (OR)
  42. Veterinarian and Methodist Preacher from Arkansas: home, educational, areas - Oregon (OR)
  43. Is Oregon a good choice for teenagers?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, real estate market (OR)
  44. Moving back home....: Portland, Eugene, Medford: to rent, homes, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  45. Looking to rent a home what about Beaverton?: Portland, Cedar Hills: rental homes, homes - Oregon (OR)
  46. Help Moving Out West: Eugene, Bend: low crime, to buy, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  47. Rentals in Ashland/Jacksonville.: Medford: living in, move to, friendly - Oregon (OR)
  48. The Roseburg Blast: camp, live, store - Oregon (OR)
  49. Newport, Oregon, will be NOAA's home port: universities, live in (OR)
  50. Hello Coos Bay Residents!: Bend, Dallas: for sale, home, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  51. help me avoid Coos Bay bad neighborhoods...: Eugene, Bend: rent, crime - Oregon (OR)
  52. Where to take my sister on the southern Oregon coast: Portland: hotel, home (OR)
  53. Rust on Oregon Coast: Coos Bay, Astoria: live in, floor, deposits (OR)
  54. Thoughts on NE Oregon: Portland, Salem: houses, university, living (OR)
  55. Frequency and severity of ice storms in Oregon?: Portland, Pendleton: house, find a job (OR)
  56. State income tax address: Salem: live in, friendly, venue - Oregon (OR)
  57. Schools in West Linn: elementary schools, property taxes, living in - Oregon (OR)
  58. White City Dom vets...: I.T. jobs, movie theater, minimum wage - Oregon (OR)
  59. Cheap safe place to live for 6 months for residency: Salem: RV parks, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  60. Finder's fees legal in Oregon: real estate, attorney, house (OR)
  61. Trail Riding in Oregon Guided and not: Portland, Salem: low income, rental (OR)
  62. Has taken the Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments (ORELA) test?: Bend: home
  63. Oregon?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: employment, college, to live in (OR)
  64. wisconsin weather vs. Corvallis, OR weather: Portland: house, live, cabin - Oregon
  65. Midge season in Klamath Falls/Lakeview?: home, car, hot - Oregon (OR)
  66. Commuting to Hermiston?: Umatilla: live in, horse, area - Oregon (OR)
  67. moving to western oregon from cental illinois...: Portland, Eugene: sales, rent - Oregon (OR)
  68. State of Oregon employees our there?: to move, office (OR)
  69. Special Needs School: Portland, Salem: public schools, costs, move to - Oregon (OR)
  70. John Day Area: Prairie City, Joseph, Canyon City: income, living, airport - Oregon (OR)
  71. Teaching in Oregon?: Salem, Bend, Keizer: layoffs, school districts, universities (OR)
  72. Horse boarding in Coos Bay: for sale, moving to, property - Oregon (OR)
  73. Roseburg vs. Grants Pass: Portland, Eugene: houses, neighborhood, buy - Oregon (OR)
  74. Where in Oregon..: Portland, Medford, Springfield: real estate, low crime, neighborhoods (OR)
  75. What's the Deal with Coquille?: Roseburg, Coos Bay: for sale, homes, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  76. Good Oregon Coast towns for kids? personal experiences?: Portland: new home, theater (OR)
  77. Substitute Teaching in Rural/Suburban Oregon: Portland: unemployment rate, school districts, income (OR)
  78. Ashland Newcomers Club: summer, senior, community - Oregon (OR)
  79. get out of the Midwest... How about Oregon?: Portland: fit in, job market (OR)
  80. Cannon Beach Rental 2bdrm, Walk To Beach: condo, townhouse - Oregon (OR)
  81. East of Cascades Oregonians, your: Bend: move to, area (OR)
  82. top off law: store, safe, design - Oregon (OR)
  83. High Speed Internet along the Coast (HWY 101): Portland, Newport: home, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  84. homeschooling in brookings?: school district, live, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  85. Texas vs Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, daycares, house (OR)
  86. They made it!: ride, good, sound - Oregon (OR)
  87. Do photo radar speeding tickets go on your driving record?: Portland: DMV, car - Oregon (OR)
  88. 55+ communities: Eugene, Salem, Corvallis: house, buy, living - Oregon (OR)
  89. best place in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: low crime, university, place to live (OR)
  90. Grant county: Prineville, John Day, Prairie City: best town, mover, pros and cons - Oregon (OR)
  91. small coastal town in oregon for hermits,cc: Bandon, Yachats: for rent, month to - Oregon (OR)
  92. 1 nite Oregon Coast?: Bend, Grants Pass, Coos Bay: hotel, live in, shops (OR)
  93. Portland, OR vs. Vancouver, WA?: Salem, Beaverton: appointed, sales, condo - Oregon
  94. Scio Oregon?? Qustions about mixed family.: Salem, Tillamook: cliquey, crimes, high school (OR)
  95. Rural Affordable Places Between Portland & Salem?: Woodburn, Canby: to rent, employment - Oregon (OR)
  96. West Linn, Lake Oswego 'best places to live': Tualatin: crime rates, homes - Oregon (OR)
  97. Air Pollution in Forest Grove: Hillsboro: home, allergy, organic - Oregon (OR)
  98. Moving from TX to Beaverton: Hillsboro, Cedar Hills: apartment complex, for rent, townhome - Oregon (OR)
  99. christian schools/public school coos bay: Bend, North Bend: home, elementary school, club - Oregon (OR)
  100. Northeast Oregon?: Bend, Pendleton, La Grande: home, employment, university (OR)
  101. Weather in Sandy: statistics, move to, areas - Oregon (OR)
  102. moving to Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, real estate, home sales (OR)
  103. Moving Back To Oregon....Wanted More On Coos Bay!: houses, neighborhoods (OR)
  104. Does the truck speed limit apply to vehicle towing?: home, vehicles - Oregon (OR)
  105. Would like about Brookings OR: Medford, Ashland: house, buy, live in - Oregon
  106. Torn Btwn Grants Pass and Cottage Grove: Portland, Eugene: fit in, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  107. Oregon State University: Portland, Eugene, Salem: apartment, rentals, dorms (OR)
  108. PK-K questions for Forest Grove area: Portland, Salem: school district, kindergarten, education - Oregon (OR)
  109. Oregon Coast web cams: house, to live, worth (OR)
  110. Oregon OK for librarian and accompanying salary: Portland, Eugene: promotional, unemployment (OR)
  111. SE vs SW Portland cities/towns: Gresham, Tigard: live, shop, suburban - Oregon (OR)
  112. Roseburg blast anniversery: Portland, Grants Pass, Sutherlin: living in, windows, fertilizer - Oregon (OR)
  113. Need on Sandy: Portland: buying, live, prices - Oregon (OR)
  114. 80 inchs of rain in Sandy: Portland, Bend: home, live in, stats - Oregon (OR)
  115. about Roseburg: Eugene: rentals, home, job market - Oregon (OR)
  116. Rentals on acreage?: Portland, Wilsonville, Canby: credit check, schools, landlord - Oregon (OR)
  117. Looking for Outdoor Activity: Portland, Forest Grove: home, job openings, schools - Oregon (OR)
  118. Oregon Coast Pictures I took Awhile Ago. Very Very Nice: Salem: camper, live in (OR)
  119. Someone tell me about Cottage Grove,: Portland, Eugene: buying a house, safe neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  120. where is this?: Portland: area, building, Episcopal - Oregon (OR)
  121. I am moving back to Oregon!: Coos Bay, Green: spring break, condos, home (OR)
  122. Oregon trail card issues: insurance, mortgage, home (OR)
  123. If I see another pair of fake boobs, I'm going to throw up: Bend: to buy, to live - Oregon (OR)
  124. Nike World Headquarters tours?: Portland, Beaverton: transfer, to buy, camps - Oregon (OR)
  125. HELP. Trying to camp cheap in Oregon in November: Portland: rentals, motel (OR)
  126. Gas stations are asking may I see your ID for credit card? I say..No, you may not.: Portland: insurance, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  127. How is everyone handling the heat?: Portland, Medford: motorhomes, living, gardening - Oregon (OR)
  128. Safe and hot: Portland, Medford, Roseburg: floor, safest, retired - Oregon (OR)
  129. Know if Spanish Interpreters are NEEDED In Oregon Police Departments?: Portland: fit in, apartments (OR)
  130. Can tell me about Prineville?: Eugene, Bend: home, employment, movie theaters - Oregon (OR)
  131. Where in Oregon is right for 2 down to earth teachers?: Portland: for sale, house (OR)
  132. We Are So Ready To Move...: Newport, Lincoln City: real estate, apartment, health insurance - Oregon (OR)
  133. Is it true that Oregon is like the redneck/hillybilly version of the West without city vibe of Seattle?: Portland: middle-class, for sale (OR)
  134. Hating on Ca people: Portland, Eugene: fit in, transplants, how much - Oregon (OR)
  135. Activities on rainy days??: Portland, Eugene: schools, college, live in - Oregon (OR)
  136. Looking to relocate to a coastal town in Oregon from Michigan: Portland: rent, homes (OR)
  137. NYT's Unemployment Data: Portland, Gresham: transplants, how much, townhome - Oregon (OR)
  138. More Ashland thoughts.: Portland, Eugene, Salem: middle-class, fit in, sales - Oregon (OR)
  139. Southern Oregon vs. Portland= Enough of a sun/rain difference to move?: Salem: fit in, rent (OR)
  140. Most Beautiful Historic Residential Neighborhood in Oregon: Portland, Salem: houses, neighborhoods (OR)
  141. How much do utilities and other cost in OR?: Salem: homeowners insurance, mattress - Oregon
  142. Best Oregon City for Young, Artistic Couple?: Portland, Eugene: apartments, co-ops (OR)
  143. Roseburg, Yoncalla, Drain,: Cottage Grove, Winston: apartment, renting, houses - Oregon (OR)
  144. Jobs for qualified teachers from OS: Portland, Eugene: home, job openings, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  145. another thinking of a move . sorry :): Portland, Corvallis: house, job market - Oregon (OR)
  146. Swimming Warm(ish) on the OR Coast: Eugene, Coos Bay: rentals, beach - Oregon
  147. Goodbye Corvallis: Employment observations: Portland, Eugene: fit in, rent, house - Oregon (OR)
  148. ??? about coos bay!: Portland, Medford, Bend: crime, houses, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  149. Looking for Best coastal city to live in.: Eugene, Corvallis: fit in, job market - Oregon (OR)
  150. Culture of Corvallis OR: Portland, Eugene: co-ops, how much, house - Oregon
  151. How are we all enjoying the Great Oregon Heat Wave of 2009?: Portland: house, moving to (OR)
  152. Best nightlife in Oregon besides Portland & Eugene: Medford, Bend: college, restaurants (OR)
  153. Sun and Seasons?: Portland, Eugene, Bend: new home, community college, camping - Oregon (OR)
  154. McMinnville crime?: Portland, Gresham, Bend: living in, price, law - Oregon (OR)
  155. How would you describe Grants Pass?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, houses, university - Oregon (OR)
  156. Is Grants Pass, OR a good place to live?: Portland: renting, low crime - Oregon
  157. Our rainy weekend at the coast: Portland: how much, house - Oregon (OR)
  158. Roadtrip: Portland, Pendleton, La Grande: college, car, best - Oregon (OR)
  159. I'm extremely upset dangit ... I'm almost out of time to move to Oregon this year: Portland: real estate, apartment (OR)
  160. relocation to Brookings: Portland, Medford: rent, how much, motorhome - Oregon (OR)
  161. RELOCATING! Moving from Boston to Oregon! Need Advice!: Portland, Eugene: rent, crime (OR)
  162. Living in Eastern Oregon - What is it like?: Bend: sales, apartments (OR)
  163. Information Gathering: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, big house, employment - Oregon (OR)
  164. Is Pendleton Safe?: Eugene, Hermiston, La Grande: real estate, apartment, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  165. Rural Rentals in Corvallis Area?: Albany, Monmouth: real estate, coop, house - Oregon (OR)
  166. Retiring to Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Salem: sales, condo, motorhome (OR)
  167. What is it like to raise kids in Brookings, OR?: Portland: real estate, home - Oregon
  168. Oregon Pines Subdivision advice: Klamath Falls, Chiloquin: motorhome, buying, inspection (OR)
  169. Feral Pigs in Oregon: Eugene: live, fence, farm (OR)
  170. What happened in Parkdale?: Portland, Hood River: to buy, live, land - Oregon (OR)
  171. Elk hunting-republican cross reference.: Portland, Eugene: restaurant, area, cities - Oregon (OR)
  172. Oregon or Washington: Portland, Eugene, Springfield: sales, low crime, home (OR)
  173. Is State Route 38 or 42 to I-5 from the Coast worse?: Portland: camping, bus - Oregon (OR)
  174. Is it REALLY that cloudy for that long?: Salem, Medford: house, high school - Oregon (OR)
  175. 25 just married and moving from Phoenix to Oregon: Portland, Salem: rental, daycare (OR)
  176. Jacksonville makes Top 10 list of cool small towns: Portland: house, high school - Oregon (OR)
  177. Wooded land?: Portland, Eugene, Salem: to buy, zoning, price - Oregon (OR)
  178. Hermiston questions: Bend, Pendleton, Umatilla: apartment, for rent, high crime - Oregon (OR)
  179. I LOVE OREGON - help me choose a city to live...: Portland: home, job market - Oregon
  180. what cities closest to emanual legacy hospital north portland?: Forest Grove: leases, homes - Oregon (OR)
  181. Warner Creek Correctional Facility in Lakeview: fit in, transplants, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  182. Oregon homeless figure tops nation (July 13): Portland, Bend: unemployment rate, bankruptcy, living in (OR)
  183. Joseph, Oregon?: Portland, Wallowa, Cove: camping, living, horse (OR)
  184. In Search of Rain, Thunderstorms, and Greenery North of the Equator! Does Oregon Have What We Want?: Portland: home, employment (OR)
  185. Do you know of Oregon beach towns with a good bus system?: Portland: how much, unemployment (OR)
  186. s on Mental Health Treatment at Bay Area Hospitall: good - Oregon (OR)
  187. best cellphone coverage in corvallis?? (gsm): should - Oregon (OR)
  188. Need help finding a campground!!!: Bend, Lebanon: camping, live in, swimming - Oregon (OR)
  189. Coming to Oregon? Check for FAQ s before posting: Portland: sales, new home (OR)
  190. Advice on Meeting People? (Out of State Recent Grad back in PDX): Portland: moved - Oregon (OR)
  191. Miraval at Villebois?: Portland: apartment, schools, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  192. Young People in Brookings, Oregon?: Portland: live in, moving to, retiree (OR)
  193. Cottage Grove area: homes, quality of life, live in - Oregon (OR)
  194. Is there a camera club in the Roseburg area?: Eugene: live in, move to - Oregon (OR)
  195. Raised in Eugene, left in the 80's, retire in Or./Wa?: Albany: unemployment rate, income - Oregon (OR)
  196. Teaching of Non Profit Jobs: employment, teachers, secondary - Oregon (OR)
  197. Comparing Portland, Eugene, Corvallis,: Salem, Bend: job openings, school, university - Oregon (OR)
  198. affordable fishing/rafting trip on the Rogue?: Medford, Aloha: renting, living in - Oregon (OR)
  199. Medford area water/trails and other questions: Jacksonville: how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  200. Police Officers/Dispatchers in Oregon: relocate to, location, working (OR)