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  1. Wedding venues in central Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: rental, chapel, hotel (OR)
  2. Unemployment 2007 to May 2010: Toledo: dropout, color - Oregon (OR)
  3. Looking to move to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: renting, low crime, unemployment (OR)
  4. Hood River---where is our rental??: Portland, Cascade Locks: section 8, foreclosed, renter - Oregon (OR)
  5. Cell phone coverage in Newport: Corvallis, Waldport: house, living, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  6. Looking For Rental In Roseburg That Will Allow Pets: Glendale: renters, house - Oregon (OR)
  7. Medford Church: moving to, non-denominational, community - Oregon (OR)
  8. Medford, OR from Columbus, OH: Portland, Ashland: ski resort, apartments, car registration - Oregon
  9. Which cities have a zone of influence where you live?: Portland: appliances - Oregon (OR)
  10. on Coastal Move...: Medford, Grants Pass: incomes, costs, move to - Oregon (OR)
  11. Straw Bale Building Permit: how much, house, buy - Oregon (OR)
  12. Broken Top: Green, Sisters, Halfway: deal, area, phone - Oregon (OR)
  13. Would love to be closer to my Adult Children n Granbabies!!!: Bonanza: rental, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  14. Troutdale Vs Aurora Oregon: Portland, Gresham: renting, buying, living (OR)
  15. Brownsville, Oregon: Sweet Home: rentals, homes, to live (OR)
  16. Astoria? My new home?: Portland, Eugene: sales, rentals, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  17. Dr Horton Homes: Albany, Newberg: townhouses, crawl space, water heater - Oregon (OR)
  18. baker city: hotels, pub, swimming pool - Oregon (OR)
  19. Ashland: Portland: winter, spring, loud - Oregon (OR)
  20. Future move to Oregon: Portland, Corvallis: transplants, oceanfront, renting (OR)
  21. Medford Schools?: Beaverton, Grants Pass, Ashland: neighborhoods, bankrupt, school district - Oregon (OR)
  22. relocation from East Coast...suggestions,: low crime, houses - Oregon (OR)
  23. need help in relocation near hillsboro: Beaverton, Forest Grove: good schools, college, live in - Oregon (OR)
  24. Would it be to commute from Corvalis to Newport?: Corvallis: construction, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  25. What will the weather be like end of September?: Bend: live in, station - Oregon (OR)
  26. Apartments in Ashland Or??: to rent, prices, to move - Oregon (OR)
  27. which oregon coast communities have the most sunny days...: Astoria: to live, statistics - Oregon (OR)
  28. Nice Klamath Falls area restaurants?: wedding, theater, live - Oregon (OR)
  29. Oregon's commercial airports - flights and figures: Portland, Eugene: car rental, rental (OR)
  30. Roseburg, OR: car registration, movies, property taxes - Oregon
  31. Lincoln City Loves Dogs: inspector, place to live, beach - Oregon (OR)
  32. Tired of Wisc weather- time for a Pacific NW move: Portland: renting, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  33. What's the leftest sunny green town? Medf., Ash.,: Portland: transplants, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  34. Moving to North Bend?: Coos Bay: school districts, districts, state - Oregon (OR)
  35. Outlets for shopping: Portland, Woodburn, Troutdale: sales, outlet malls, discounts - Oregon (OR)
  36. Help me pick!: Portland, Eugene, Beaverton: apartment, rent, crime rates - Oregon (OR)
  37. Difficulty in finding sites on same day of travel??: Silverton: RV parks, how much - Oregon (OR)
  38. hope for re-locating Graphic Designer: Portland, Eugene: home, find a job, living - Oregon (OR)
  39. Child's Way Charter School: schools, best, good - Oregon (OR)
  40. $40 K in Klamath Falls?: Portland: to rent, income, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  41. Monmouth vs Silverton: Portland, Salem, Bend: crime rate, school district, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  42. Tennessee Girl: Salem, Roseburg, Canyonville: house, buy, live in - Oregon (OR)
  43. Myrtle Creek, Or: Myrtle Point, Riddle, Glendale: how much, casino, living - Oregon (OR)
  44. Beaverton Middle schools: Stoller vs Cedar Park: Portland, Hillsboro: houses, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  45. South Sister: Bend: home, nicest, phone - Oregon (OR)
  46. Medford relocation: Portland, Salem, Grants Pass: rentals, house, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  47. Want to relocate from Calif to Medford Ore: Portland, Central Point: crime, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  48. Wildfires in Ashland's Oak Knoll neighborhood burn at least 12 homes: houses, construction - Oregon (OR)
  49. Huckleberry time: Pendleton, Rogue River: campground, living, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  50. Trail System - Medford: Ashland, Central Point: home, to live, relocate to - Oregon (OR)
  51. Football Lineman Found Naked In Stranger's Home: Corvallis, Beaver: college, bars - Oregon (OR)
  52. Moving Soon help: Portland, Beaverton: hair salon, apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  53. Exploding Whale Redux: to move, beach, transportation - Oregon (OR)
  54. Obsessed with moving to Pacific Northwest area.. ideas of where?: Portland: living, beach - Oregon (OR)
  55. Extended response about trucking for HateHumidity: fit in, lawyers, house - Oregon (OR)
  56. Loss Prevention Certification: employment, wages, military - Oregon (OR)
  57. brookings or crescent city?: sales, property taxes, standard of living - Oregon (OR)
  58. Looking for 'our town' in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: credit, homes, job market (OR)
  59. Corvies, do you think the Corvallis Police are crooked cops?: Portland: attorney, law - Oregon (OR)
  60. Wanting to Move to Oregon, Suggestions? Thanks!: Portland, Eugene: low crime, how much (OR)
  61. Mounting an outboard motor: place, boating, better - Oregon (OR)
  62. air quality ~ It came to my: Portland, Medford: crime rate, living in - Oregon (OR)
  63. Arizonan looking for a change: Portland, Eugene: houses, job market, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  64. moving to Oregon: Portland, Gresham: apartment complexes, safe neighborhood, places to live (OR)
  65. Want to live near/on coast but need acreage?!: Portland: home, buying - Oregon (OR)
  66. I'm going to visit Brookings, Oregon: skatepark, legal, bars (OR)
  67. Enforceable ARC Rules ??: Bend: renter, HOA, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  68. New prison/mental hospital planned for Junction Eugene: moving to, housing - Oregon (OR)
  69. website designer in Southwestern Oregon?: Eugene, Medford: home, employment, to live in (OR)
  70. Calif Plumber moving to Southern Oregon: credit, transfer, construction (OR)
  71. Scandinavian Festival Junction City did you ever go to it?: Corvallis: school - Oregon (OR)
  72. Mt. Bachelor Winter Sports: Bend: ski resort, how much, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  73. Best OR area for healthcare jobs: Portland, Eugene: job market, to live in, to move - Oregon
  74. Condon, Oregon: home, school, earthquake (OR)
  75. If you had to choose?: Portland, Eugene: daycare, job openings, college - Oregon (OR)
  76. good classifieds sites?: buying, selling, news - Oregon (OR)
  77. tenants rights-speach and family: Portland: apartment complex, rental, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  78. looking to relocate to northwest Oregon: Portland: job market, schools, live in (OR)
  79. Looking seriously at Canby, OR.: Molalla: homes, income, property taxes - Oregon
  80. Broadband options on Hwy 53: Nehalem: houses, living, to move - Oregon (OR)
  81. Garibaldi, Oregon: Portland, Astoria, Tillamook: homes, transfer, buying (OR)
  82. iam wanting to move to medford oregon: Portland, Ashland: low income, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  83. Interactive Map: Where Americans Are Moving: Portland, Bend: statistics, moving to, housing - Oregon (OR)
  84. Fast growing coastal town(s)?: Coos Bay, Astoria: moving, estimates, best - Oregon (OR)
  85. Information on Corvallis,: rental, insurance, university - Oregon (OR)
  86. Sacramento to Seattle I5 winter: Eugene, Medford: rental, to buy, stores - Oregon (OR)
  87. Best Lake Town - Forest Grove, OR: budget, summer - Oregon
  88. Thinking of Grants Pass: Glendale: renting, house, buying - Oregon (OR)
  89. Moving to Oregon: Portland, Hillsboro: for rent, houses, place to live (OR)
  90. Roseburg: lesbians, population, churches - Oregon (OR)
  91. thinking about moving to Oregon: Eugene, Salem: job market, good schools, university (OR)
  92. Northern Lights?: Eugene, Bend, Pendleton: activity, photos, weather - Oregon (OR)
  93. Medford Health Care?: Portland, Ashland, Pendleton: homes, college, living - Oregon (OR)
  94. Made it to the Strawberry Mountains!: Baker City, Prairie City: hotel, camping, live in - Oregon (OR)
  95. Facebook in Prineville: Bend, Green, Boardman: unemployment rate, purchase, move - Oregon (OR)
  96. Liberty City: Portland, Salem, Bend: home, college, living - Oregon (OR)
  97. Klamath Falls or Medford ?: Grants Pass: how much, transfer, good schools - Oregon (OR)
  98. Where to live in Klamath Falls OR: rent, neighborhoods - Oregon
  99. Brookings-Harbor: community college, campgrounds, living in - Oregon (OR)
  100. Is South East Corvallis to avoid?: apartment complex, crime - Oregon (OR)
  101. Need help finding a town to live in..: Portland, Eugene: school, college - Oregon (OR)
  102. Lake homes in Southwestern Oregon???: Coos Bay, Rogue River: houses, buy, land (OR)
  103. Looking for a town in Oregon: Portland, Corvallis: school, to live in, gardens (OR)
  104. Best Coastal Cities?: Portland, Grants Pass, Astoria: live in, shop, moving - Oregon (OR)
  105. Relocation Possibilities: Corvallis, Coos Bay, Astoria: rental, co-op, new home - Oregon (OR)
  106. Moving to Florence or Eugene..: Corvallis: rental car, apartments, rental - Oregon (OR)
  107. Pros and Cons of Gold Beach, OR: Eugene, Salem: rent, condos - Oregon
  108. Forbes: Best States for Business: Oregon, 6th.: Portland, Hillsboro: middle-class, transporting (OR)
  109. eugene-portland trip from syracuse, ny: Klamath Falls, Redwood: how much, school, to live - Oregon (OR)
  110. Fall color: Portland, Salem, Bend: home, camp, agriculture - Oregon (OR)
  111. Less Rain and Mild Winters Now: Eugene: trees, county, place - Oregon (OR)
  112. Eastern Oregon - true desert, or more prairie?: Pendleton, Burns: living, car (OR)
  113. Oregon Ducks Make History: Eugene, Beaver: school, university, vs. (OR)
  114. Specific questions about Grants pass: Portland, Eugene: for sale, vehicle registration, how much - Oregon (OR)
  115. How come the coast is not developed?: Portland, Coos Bay: condos, houses - Oregon (OR)
  116. a move to oregon: Bend, Lincoln City: ski resort, best town, live in - Oregon (OR)
  117. It's governor, wait...Kitzhaber!: Portland, Wheeler: live, delivery, dinner - Oregon (OR)
  118. Seeking our utopia - does it exist in Oregon?: Portland: appointed, homes (OR)
  119. retiring and a move to oregon: Eugene, Salem: transplants, house - Oregon (OR)
  120. automobiles/title: sale, how much, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  121. Thanksgiving in Southern Oregon??: Medford, Grants Pass: restaurant, food, donation (OR)
  122. Moving to Southern Oregon or Northern California: Portland, Grants Pass: home, unemployment (OR)
  123. Driving I-5 S in December - in a MINI Cooper S: Portland: for sale, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  124. A place to live: Roseburg, Phoenix: rentals, mobile home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  125. Wife, daughter, Daddy...Oregon for us?: Portland, Eugene: apartments, renters, crime (OR)
  126. Moving to Southwestern Oregon/ Southern Oregon Coast: Portland, Eugene: low income, 2014 (OR)
  127. Lebanon, Sweet Home, commute?: Eugene, Springfield: rent, insurance, crime - Oregon (OR)
  128. Splish Splash: Salem, Dundee, Dayton: power lines, houses, neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  129. How reliable is the electric service in Merlin, OR?: Grants Pass: car, rated - Oregon
  130. Healthcare ranking: insurance, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  131. Weather in Coos Bay: Roseburg: renting, buying, living - Oregon (OR)
  132. move from PHX AZ, looking for greener pastures: Portland: real estate, crime - Oregon (OR)
  133. homestead act in OR ?: Banks: short sale, real estate, foreclosure - Oregon
  134. Communist Oregon?: sales, homes, college (OR)
  135. Opinions on Central Point: Eugene, Medford: middle-class, crime, houses - Oregon (OR)
  136. California to Oregon for who made the move: Portland: car registration, homes (OR)
  137. What scenes/places/cities do you like in Oregon?--Show everyone on TV: Portland: relocation, cars (OR)
  138. better than California: Portland: appointed, fit in, real estate - Oregon (OR)
  139. Moving to Newport: Toledo, Waldport: fit in, renting, houses - Oregon (OR)
  140. Relocating to Portland/Eugene. Need support :(: Bend, Corvallis: lease, low crime, home - Oregon (OR)
  141. What should not be missed for a May 2011 visit?: Portland: hotels, houses - Oregon (OR)
  142. reply I need help: Corvallis: section 8, rentals, crimes - Oregon (OR)
  143. Opinions needed yes another moving: Portland, Eugene: section 8, apartment, rental - Oregon (OR)
  144. Retirement amenities in Lincoln city: Salem, Astoria: home, incomes, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  145. Snowboarder moving to oregon , September of 2011: Salem, Bend: how much, find a job, salaries - Oregon (OR)
  146. Klamath Falls, Grants Pass, Oakridge - Land Availability and Good Gardening: Merrill: for sale by owner, renting - Oregon (OR)
  147. I'm from Northern VA, questions about marylhurst u: Portland, Hillsboro: high school, university - Oregon (OR)
  148. 26 y/o single blue collar machinist.. Owasso, OK to Coos Bay, OR ??: Powers: find a job, school - Oregon
  149. Family AND gay friendly in Grants Pass?: Medford, Ashland: real estate, home - Oregon (OR)
  150. Oregon Pines Subdivision HOA?: Klamath Falls, Bonanza: power lines, home, buying (OR)
  151. Where is there a small mnt town in OR like Crestone, Colorado?: Eugene: homes, homeschooling - Oregon
  152. Newport, Albany, Lebanon, Grants Pass or Medford!: Salem, Corvallis: sex offenders, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  153. a move to Oregon but need guidance: Portland, Eugene: transplants, rent (OR)
  154. Coastal cars?: to buy, camper, living - Oregon (OR)
  155. What can you tell me about Ontario?: Portland, Corvallis: sales, apartment - Oregon (OR)
  156. Lebanon: Corvallis, Albany, Sweet Home: rentals, landlords, pros and cons - Oregon (OR)
  157. good places to camp between John Day and Prineville?: Prairie City: camping, live in - Oregon (OR)
  158. Wanting to move to Oregon Coast: Eugene, Salem: fit in, transplants, rent (OR)
  159. Prinevilles View on Gays: Portland, Bend: to rent, crime, home - Oregon (OR)
  160. Louisiana boy wants to move to Clatsop County..Advice?: Portland: for sale, real estate market - Oregon (OR)
  161. Dreaming of the Oregon Coast: Portland, Bend: credit, new home, to buy (OR)
  162. Moved From Illinois To Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: sales, homes, college (OR)
  163. Looking for a rare gem of a town...can you help?: Portland: best city, low crime - Oregon (OR)
  164. Albany/Corvallis (and surrounding areas) Questions and Concerns --: Portland: crime, co-op - Oregon (OR)
  165. News, Former Oregon Lumber Town Tries To Reinvent Itself.: Bend: houses, school (OR)
  166. Need advice on Central vs. Oregon: Portland, Medford: co-op, house, neighborhoods (OR)
  167. A move back to Oregon: Portland, Salem: rentals, houses, established neighborhood (OR)
  168. Coastal Trip this month: Portland, Beaverton: how much, motels, construction - Oregon (OR)
  169. Houses With A Lot Of Character In OR???: Portland, Salem: low crime, unemployment rate - Oregon
  170. From Jacksonville: how far to coast?: Portland, Beaverton: renting, co-op, home - Oregon (OR)
  171. Ashland, Oregon: Medford, Bend, Talent: transplants, real estate, insurance (OR)
  172. Red-Light Cameras: Beaverton, Springfield, Newberg: lease, house, college - Oregon (OR)
  173. move from Wyoming to Oregon, s?: Grants Pass: crime, how much (OR)
  174. Want to move but need guidance: Portland, Salem: hardwood floor, short sales, foreclosures - Oregon (OR)
  175. Would you say Oregon has a cold climate?: Portland, Salem: live, versus (OR)
  176. Raleigh Hills, Tigard, Lake Oswego or West Lynn: Portland, Beaverton: low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  177. Looking to relocate from NYC to Oregon...Help!!: Portland, Corvallis: crime, private schools (OR)
  178. Rainy season: Bend: vs, gardens, humid - Oregon (OR)
  179. which city or town in Oregon is the most opposite of Portland?: Eugene: home, live (OR)
  180. No gasoline top off law is awesome... for now, next is self-serve: Portland: credit card, home - Oregon (OR)
  181. Looking to buy land in Oregon, with NO SNOWFALL... s?: Portland: living, stores (OR)
  182. Best areas for jobs in wine and tech: Portland, Bend: employment, job transfer - Oregon (OR)
  183. relocating to ashland/medford area: Eugene, Grants Pass: health insurance, employment, schools - Oregon (OR)
  184. What are your thoughts about Dallas?: Eugene, Salem: appointed, new home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  185. Moving: what city in Oregon do you recommend?: Portland, Eugene: fit in, transplants (OR)
  186. Questions on Roseburg employment and such: Portland, Eugene: buying a house, buying, income - Oregon (OR)
  187. Family of 7 thinking of relocating to Bay area: Coos Bay: low income, to rent - Oregon (OR)
  188. Just Do people in Oregon dislike Washingtonians?: Portland, Medford: hotels, unemployment (OR)
  189. ~ Narrowing down the small village possibilities ~: Portland, Eugene: low income, to rent, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  190. Where are people researching?: Portland, Klamath Falls: real estate, rentals, condos - Oregon (OR)
  191. Where To Fish In Oregon: Portland, Salem: extended stay, hotels, live in (OR)
  192. Things to do in Astoria: Portland, Newport: rentals, hotel, house - Oregon (OR)
  193. Internet: taxes, live in, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  194. Should I try to teach in Portland or relocate for job opportunities?: job market - Oregon (OR)
  195. After trip to re-visit Oregon, definetly moving there...: Eugene, Bend: for sale, homes (OR)
  196. S-Cal transplant to PNW: home, live, moving - Oregon (OR)
  197. Relocating to Arlington/ Condon area...: apartments, homes, career - Oregon (OR)
  198. Medford area utility costs: to rent, moving to, water bill - Oregon (OR)
  199. Eugene OR or Humbolt County CA...: low income, crime, income - Oregon
  200. Event Locations in Oregon City?: place, cheap, venues (OR)