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  1. Portland vs Eugene: real estate, apartments, rent - Oregon (OR)
  2. new newport guy: Portland: how much, deal, expense - Oregon (OR)
  3. Driving From Seattle to Lander Wyoming this weekend...: Pendleton, La Grande: moving, areas - Oregon (OR)
  4. How is Kaiser Ins in Northern Oregon?: Portland, Hillsboro: insurance, home (OR)
  5. Universities semester system in Oregon: credit, schools, manufacturing (OR)
  6. The Dalles, Oregon, What Can You Tell me?: Portland, Eugene: for rent, how much (OR)
  7. Move to Medford, Eugene or.....??: Portland: high crime, home, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  8. Astoria being Portlandized?: Warrenton: sales, homes, live - Oregon (OR)
  9. Moving from Southern California to Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: rentals, find a job, to buy (OR)
  10. Grants Pass area - horse friendly?: Medford, Ashland: co-op, home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  11. Oregon Flunks Science: Powers: school, education, rated (OR)
  12. I would like rmation on Klamath Falls: Altamont: to rent, crime rate - Oregon (OR)
  13. Golf in the Grants Pass/Medford area: Eagle Point: club, moving - Oregon (OR)
  14. medicine woman: Portland, Eugene, Salem: school, university, organic - Oregon (OR)
  15. Roadtrip route in late November: Bend, La Grande: hotel, home, parking - Oregon (OR)
  16. Marketing major and student living in oregon: Portland, Eugene: job market, schools - Oregon (OR)
  17. Two days in Northern Oregon- Help: Portland, Hood River: hotel, farm, car (OR)
  18. Adventure Clubs & Making Friends: Portland, Eugene: camping, club, activities - Oregon (OR)
  19. Newberg vs Bull Mountain: Portland, Tigard: new home, neighborhoods, cost of - Oregon (OR)
  20. Moving back to Oregon Looking for Websites: Portland, Salem: for sale by owner, real estate (OR)
  21. Medford Area and the Housing/Rental Market: Bend, Corvallis: rentals, house - Oregon (OR)
  22. Is Hillsboro a friendly town?: Portland: neighborhoods, live in, moving - Oregon (OR)
  23. Central Point vs. Medford: rental, townhouse, employment - Oregon (OR)
  24. More research more questions for you: Tigard, Newberg: neighborhoods, place to live, safe - Oregon (OR)
  25. The Elephant in the room ... She stays.: zoo, future - Oregon (OR)
  26. CRPS Specialists needed: 2013, home, school - Oregon (OR)
  27. Alice's Restaurant for Thanksgiving: Eugene: live, station, phone - Oregon (OR)
  28. I live in ALASKA and will be Working in Oregon: Portland: sale, hotel (OR)
  29. Gas, Sewer service reach South Beach, Seal Rock?: Newport: companies, address - Oregon (OR)
  30. central coast to PDX airport: Portland, Eugene: rental car, rentals, transfer to - Oregon (OR)
  31. Is Lane Country considered Southern Oregon?: Salem, Roseburg: county, drainage, rain (OR)
  32. Wartime (WW 2) Rufus: camp, activities, area - Oregon (OR)
  33. Cove: Best Climate in Oregon?: Ashland, La Grande: ski resort, hotel, houses (OR)
  34. Newport S Beach Marina vs. Winchester Salmon Harbor: friendly, county - Oregon (OR)
  35. Moving back to Oregon choosing between Corvallis vs Eugene: Portland: rentals, home (OR)
  36. Five die in bus crash, many more injured: Pendleton: 2013, live - Oregon (OR)
  37. Monmouth & WOU?: Portland, Salem, Corvallis: real estate, houses, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  38. Emissions testing in Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: buy, luxury, DMV (OR)
  39. Fatal Bus Crash Company Banned From US: Portland: 2013, lawyer - Oregon (OR)
  40. Japanese Tsunami Junk: to buy, moving, beach - Oregon (OR)
  41. dry rot: real estate, condo, loan - Oregon (OR)
  42. It look like Damascus may no longer be a City: Oregon City: property taxes, live (OR)
  43. Interested in Brookings: Medford, Grants Pass, Harbor: sales, movie theater, pharmacy - Oregon (OR)
  44. Moving Corss contry to Portland, OR (SE to NW) - Chepest/Best options???: sales - Oregon
  45. Portland Zoo (Oregons Zoo) New Baby Elephant: pictures, rain (OR)
  46. Coquille Utilities: live in, price, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  47. Why did Oregon choose Life is a highway as their official school song?: university (OR)
  48. Southern Oregon mobile home/park model home parks: Newport, Brookings: RV parks, vacation home (OR)
  49. We are going to Tillamook this summer: Boardman, Cannon Beach: home, live in - Oregon (OR)
  50. Help finding rentals in Coos Bay Area? Realtor-assisted?: real estate, 2013 - Oregon (OR)
  51. Apartments in Oregon City? Good...bad?: Beaver: apartment complex, elementary school, live (OR)
  52. Homeschooling on the central coast: Florence, Reedsport: schools, living in, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  53. Inquiring about Ontario, Oregon: appointed, crime rate, elementary school (OR)
  54. Oregon Backpackers: do you use down or synthetic sleeping bags?: camping, move to (OR)
  55. Opinions on Forest Grove?: Springfield: crime, university, living - Oregon (OR)
  56. is there a rainy/snowy area near portland??: Gresham, Bend: how much, movies - Oregon (OR)
  57. Newberg, Oregon Crime Stats: budget, police, moved (OR)
  58. sprague river, or... two homes, one lot?: Eugene: how much, mobile home - Oregon (OR)
  59. Computer repair near Grants Pass?: Joseph: live, reviews, town - Oregon (OR)
  60. Retiring in brookings need advice.: Portland, Salem: renting, condo, motel - Oregon (OR)
  61. Move to Baker City: Joseph: employment, living in, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  62. Silverton Silver Spur RV park gunman dies following shootout with police: 2013, live - Oregon (OR)
  63. Coming to Medford area for a look and move: Grants Pass: transplants, for sale - Oregon (OR)
  64. Contemporary band church services LIBERAL Medford area: Grants Pass, Ashland: how much, moving to - Oregon (OR)
  65. 47 Days of weather in one minute at Cove Beach, Oregon: rental, live in (OR)
  66. What is with all the Murders in Coos County?: Coos Bay: violent crime, law - Oregon (OR)
  67. Eugene/Portland.... help!! :): Corvallis: renting, find a job, safe area - Oregon (OR)
  68. Job in Newberg - where to live that's dog-friendly: Portland: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  69. Camping at the coast - is October a good time?: Lincoln City: beach, trailer - Oregon (OR)
  70. Military member relocating to Coos Bay: Bunker Hill: rental, crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  71. modern buildings in Western Oregon with apartments to rent?: Portland: apartment complexes, city hall (OR)
  72. SLO county, CA to Jackson County, OR: Medford, Grants Pass: sales, apartments - Oregon
  73. questions ab moving: Portland, Eugene: rent, mortgages, houses - Oregon (OR)
  74. You can judge a book by its cover. Area Mug Shots.: Portland: appointed, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  75. What is the nicest city on the Oregon Coast: Bend: house, casinos (OR)
  76. Real Estate: transplants, sales, insurance - Oregon (OR)
  77. Oregon Income: McMinnville, Yamhill: incomes, quality of life, manufacturing (OR)
  78. Time to leave Texas and looking for information on Oregon: Portland: employment, school districts (OR)
  79. State Of Oregon Jobs: Salem: move, friendly, retire (OR)
  80. Hiking in Oregon: Green, Sisters: radio, area, pictures (OR)
  81. Notorious Oregon crimes, solved and unsolved: Portland, Gresham: apartments, violent crime, how much (OR)
  82. Albany, OR cost of living: Corvallis, Philomath: rentals, house prices, employment - Oregon
  83. Out of State car registration in Oregon: Portland: rental, lawyer (OR)
  84. Huntington, Oregon: live, snake, area (OR)
  85. Is Florence Oregon Noisy?: home, live, club (OR)
  86. K Falls: Medford, Klamath Falls: crime rate, houses, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  87. Natural Bridge / Union Creek: Rogue River: hotel, trailer, cars - Oregon (OR)
  88. Political/religous tendencies in cites/towns in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: house, wedding (OR)
  89. Fall colors in the Gorge: Troutdale: areas, driving, historic - Oregon (OR)
  90. Out of State car registration in OR: Portland: apartment, to rent - Oregon
  91. job market for recent graphic design graduate in portland,oregon?: houses, school - Oregon (OR)
  92. Oregon to Alaska by Motorcycle.: Coos Bay: hotels, to buy, construction (OR)
  93. Driving in Oregon? Turn off your fog lights!: Tigard: 2015, DMV (OR)
  94. Organic food in Joseph, Oregon?: Ontario, Enterprise: houses, to buy, camping (OR)
  95. How many places have you lived?: Portland, Eugene: quality of life, living in, relocation - Oregon (OR)
  96. to move to Oregon - Eugene area?: Salem, Springfield: 2013, low crime (OR)
  97. Your opinions on Dundee?: Eugene, Corvallis: college, taxes, price - Oregon (OR)
  98. United States of Shame map: transplants, 2013, tornado - Oregon (OR)
  99. Oregon looks at per-mile tax on gas sippers: Portland, Salem: 2015, house (OR)
  100. US-101 Oregon Coast highway: Lincoln City, Florence: motel, live in, safe (OR)
  101. Moving to Oregon, young, do I have to sacrifice sun??: Portland: spring break, rental (OR)
  102. Driving the columbia river: Portland, Bend: construction, closing, restaurants - Oregon (OR)
  103. Getting your car fueled up in Oregon: law, moving to (OR)
  104. Chip Loves Oregon: rating, jobs, newspapers (OR)
  105. Moving from California to Florence, Oregon and need rmation: Eugene: sales, rentals (OR)
  106. Moving to Oregon, b/w Portland and Salem: Gresham: fit in, for sale (OR)
  107. Best small towns in Oregon on a budget?: Portland, Bend: homes, employment (OR)
  108. Relocating to Roseburg: Eugene, Hillsboro, Sutherlin: transplants, job market, transfer - Oregon (OR)
  109. Oxycodone: Portland: buy, high school, pharmacy - Oregon (OR)
  110. About Ashland: Medford, Talent: real estate, coop, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  111. Oregon and Religion: home, live in, manufactured (OR)
  112. Moving to Oregon to avoid car sales tax...: Portland: rent, vehicle registration (OR)
  113. Information on Kerby, Oregon needed: Medford, Grants Pass: for sale, real estate, crime rate (OR)
  114. OREGON - lush rainy hilly green landscapes...: Portland, Eugene: how much, live - Oregon
  115. Couple visiting Oregon Coast for the first time, advice: Portland: hotel, home (OR)
  116. Mt hood from summit county Colorado: Portland, Bend: to rent, hotel, theatre - Oregon (OR)
  117. The TRUTH About Gangs In The Southern Valley: Portland, Eugene: transplants, sale - Oregon (OR)
  118. I-84: Portland, Medford, Pendleton: 2013, bus, safest - Oregon (OR)
  119. Florence vs. Reesport: Eugene, Newport, Reedsport: for sale, houses, established neighborhood - Oregon (OR)
  120. Central Coast: How far inland will make a difference in weather?: Florence: how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  121. Thkng of moving to Ashland, Oregon from Asheville NC: Portland: hardwood floors, renters (OR)
  122. Romantic(ish) restaurants/places in Newport or Depoe Bay?: Corvallis: Valentine's day, moving - Oregon (OR)
  123. Weather in Rogue River, OR: Medford, Grants Pass: low income, insurance, home - Oregon
  124. Oregon Sweet Spot: Eugene, Florence, Reedsport: house, income, live (OR)
  125. Oregon Minimum wage now $8.95 but takehome pay is less.: low income, 2013 (OR)
  126. New Mexico, Oregon, or Somwhere In Between ?: Portland: best cities, home (OR)
  127. Weather in Brookings: Portland, Medford, Klamath Falls: insurance, motorhome, find a job - Oregon (OR)
  128. Gas or Electric in Oregon: how much, house, heat pump (OR)
  129. Good people of Oregon. In the 2016 election do you think Oregon will become a Swing State?: Portland: 2015, moving (OR)
  130. Would like to move to Oregon from Dallas,TX.: Portland: buy, living in (OR)
  131. Area northwest of Portland: Woodburn, St. Helens: good schools, gangs, wealthiest - Oregon (OR)
  132. POOR and unprepared, moving to the general Portland/Salem area shortly: Sherwood: low crime, credit - Oregon
  133. Oregon wedding etiquette?: Portland, Hermiston: weddings, live, area (OR)
  134. Where to live in Oregon? If ..: Portland, Eugene: universities, living (OR)
  135. New Construction suggestions-costs?: Medford, Bend, Grants Pass: mortgage, appliances, loans - Oregon (OR)
  136. Christianity in Oregon: Portland, Eugene, Beaverton: tenants, school, to live (OR)
  137. Roseburg?: Dallas, Sutherlin, Green: lease, houses, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  138. Are Snow Tires needed in December near Medford / Ashland?: Redmond: home, to buy - Oregon (OR)
  139. Beaverton or Newberg?: Portland: houses, neighborhoods, living in - Oregon (OR)
  140. Looking for Cowboy/Western Culture (Equine, Ranching/Farming, Live Country Music): Portland: fit in, transplants - Oregon (OR)
  141. Moving To Bend Or Coos Bay/North Bend: Portland, Astoria: condo, house - Oregon (OR)
  142. I think I need an Igloo, no idea where to move: Portland: low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  143. Klamath Falls - RV parks: Green, Lakeside: rental, motel, buying a house - Oregon (OR)
  144. Voting in Oregon: Eugene, Joseph: house, live in, moving (OR)
  145. Rural mountain living with good schools?: Portland, Bend: home, transfer, elementary school - Oregon (OR)
  146. Moving to Oregon from Ohio in Winter - how safe is this route?: Portland: live, bars (OR)
  147. Why are there so many hippies walking near the roads in Oregon?: Eugene: moving, homeless (OR)
  148. Can I be fired?: Portland: attorneys, home, employment - Oregon (OR)
  149. I miss the rain...: Portland, Wallowa: camping, live in, cottage - Oregon (OR)
  150. a move to Portland/Salem area: Coos Bay, Wilsonville: new home, buy - Oregon (OR)
  151. Help me chose where to live!: Portland, Salem: to rent, low crime, house - Oregon (OR)
  152. Florence OR: Portland, Eugene, Ashland: insurance, mobile home, theater - Oregon
  153. Towns around Portland vs Towns around Salem: Beaverton, Tigard: neighborhoods, to live in - Oregon (OR)
  154. Romantic Weekend Getaway suggestions near Portland: Bend, Newberg: rental, how much, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  155. Best Oregon small towns to raise a family!: Portland, Medford: sale, low crime (OR)
  156. What about Ashland?: Medford, Klamath Falls, Jacksonville: for sale, home, public school - Oregon (OR)
  157. Moving summer of 2013: Bend, Coos Bay, North Bend: apartments, renting, crime - Oregon (OR)
  158. Eugene vs Medford - climate?: Portland, Salem: how much, university, living in - Oregon (OR)
  159. Help Me Decide Where to Live on the Oregon Coast!: Bend: low crime, house (OR)
  160. moving to northern Oregon Coast from Midwest soon!! Need help: Portland: rentals, house (OR)
  161. Opinions on family friendly Oregon suburbs....: Portland, Salem: fit in, apartment, daycare (OR)
  162. Port Orford OR: closing, income, living - Oregon
  163. The Grange - and Ballot Measures 83 and 83: Portland, Medford: how much, hotel - Oregon (OR)
  164. Kaiser in Oregon: Portland, Salem: obgyn, insurance, loan (OR)
  165. Retirement Choices in Oregon: Coos Bay, Brookings: living, gardening, beaches (OR)
  166. Why no subforum for Southern Oregon?: Portland, Salem: live, move to, metro area (OR)
  167. Wanting to Move to Brookings!: Medford, Ashland: live in, shop, things to do - Oregon (OR)
  168. Preppers, Permies & Off griders - Need advice.: Dallas, John Day: houses, new construction - Oregon (OR)
  169. Self-employed in Corvallis: Bend, Coos Bay: for rent, how much, home - Oregon (OR)
  170. a transfer to Grants Pass OR: 2013, rentals - Oregon
  171. Windstorm tonight: Sunday, 12/16/2012: Portland: station, area, famous - Oregon (OR)
  172. Gold Beach or Harbor?: Coos Bay, Brookings: homes, go bankrupt, school districts - Oregon (OR)
  173. The Coast, a lot of unmotivated home sellers?: for sale, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  174. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley named Most Valuable: relocation, locations (OR)
  175. What ethnic heritage do you associate most with Oregon?: Bend: transplants, deal (OR)
  176. Moving to Oregon and New Riders .: Coos Bay: live, costs (OR)
  177. on Yachats: Eugene, Newport, Florence: real estate, rentals, hotels - Oregon (OR)
  178. Carmmune?: Portland, Eugene, Medford: sales, motorhome, unemployment - Oregon (OR)
  179. Solar Curious: Eugene, Salem, Hillsboro: lease, appliances, credit - Oregon (OR)
  180. How is Medford for someone young and single?: Ashland: school, college - Oregon (OR)
  181. Best colleges/universities for geography in Oregon and/or Washington?: Portland: how much, find a job (OR)
  182. Most Overrated and Underrated Cities in Oregon: Portland, Eugene: crime, tech jobs (OR)
  183. Should I Consider Oregon?: Portland, Eugene: apartments, rentals, violent crime (OR)
  184. relocation to Oregon from Pittsburgh: Portland, Eugene: 2013, apartments, condos (OR)
  185. Coastal Oregon: Portland, Coos Bay, Astoria: vacation home, job market, school (OR)
  186. Just Curious: Why Did Weed bill pass in WA, but not OR?: Portland: appointed, legal - Oregon
  187. Best places to live in Oregon: Portland, Salem: home, private schools, college (OR)
  188. Small towns around Albany - Relocating: Corvallis, Lebanon: real estate, how much, houses - Oregon (OR)
  189. Is summer humidity in Oregon underrated?: Portland: home, live, vs (OR)
  190. hotels/motels in Williamette Valley with stoves?: Portland, Eugene: extended stay, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  191. Where To Live In Roseburg, Oregon: Portland, Sutherlin: real estate, apartment complexes, rentals (OR)
  192. move to Oregon: Portland, Eugene: rental homes, health insurance, mortgage (OR)
  193. Another Gas Pumping: Portland, Pendleton: credit card, casinos, price - Oregon (OR)
  194. We want to move to Coos Bay, OR from Sothern California.: Portland: fit in, apartment - Oregon
  195. Move to Oregon (Portland, Eugene, or Corvallis) from Seattle?: McMinnville: fit in, condo (OR)
  196. Forest Grove and Cornelus: Cornelius, Clackamas: new home, living in, design - Oregon (OR)
  197. Prineville Data Center on Science Channel: centers, schedule, worth - Oregon (OR)
  198. Oregon Hams: licensed, friendly, radio (OR)
  199. Pottery/ceramics groups/clubs on southern coast?: home, asbestos - Oregon (OR)
  200. Oregon city by city: Corvallis: shop, moving to, nightlife (OR)