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  1. Rogue River near Shady Cove River boating: Medford, Grants Pass: how much, live in - Oregon (OR)
  2. Moving to OR are there services for Dev Disabled adults?: Portland: homes, unemployment - Oregon
  3. Developing land in Christmas valley: how much, home, buy - Oregon (OR)
  4. Zoom Towns in Oregon: Bend: real estate, home, buying (OR)
  5. Klamath County - very rural Bly, Oregon: Bonanza: home, employment (OR)
  6. Depoe Bay Cooper: Sheridan: live, money, history - Oregon (OR)
  7. DMV - Titling a used vehicle: sale, transfer, buyer - Oregon (OR)
  8. Bonanza vs other small towns around it: crime, purchasing - Oregon (OR)
  9. hollyfield oregon: Lake Oswego: apartment complex, small towns, visiting - Oregon (OR)
  10. Western Oregon University: Salem, Monmouth: apartments, dorms, high school (OR)
  11. Did You Like Your Mover Let Us Know We Are Moving Back to OR: renting - Oregon
  12. Property Taxes: Clackamas County vs. Multnomah County: Portland: renting, assessor - Oregon (OR)
  13. Traffic on I-84?: Portland, Troutdale, Hood River: live, office, gas - Oregon (OR)
  14. How do you heat your homes in the winter?: Salem: houses, heat pump - Oregon (OR)
  15. Oregon 2020 Wildfire cleanup: Eugene, Bend, Jefferson: homes, cars, tree (OR)
  16. Fall Colors from Oct 25th - Oct 29th in Oregon: Portland: how much, living in (OR)
  17. Gravel Roads- Calcium Chloride western portions of Oregon: how much, homes (OR)
  18. Fall-Winter Accommodation on Coast (Bandon): Bend, Newport: for sale, real estate, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  19. NW Film Center's screening of Kindergarten Cop canceled. Apparently promotes Racism: Astoria: movies, schools - Oregon (OR)
  20. southwestern location ideas: Roseburg: for sale, budget, retired - Oregon (OR)
  21. Winter driving between Baker City and Tri-Cities: Portland, Pendleton: how much, live - Oregon (OR)
  22. Inconsistencies in Gross Rent: Salem, Ashland: houses, housing, county - Oregon (OR)
  23. Pacific City, OR--col, housing, quality of life: Portland, Bend: for sale, apartment - Oregon
  24. help us choose our OR community: Portland, Oregon City: transfer, high school
  25. Working class individual looking for city in Oregon with the best combination of low unemployment/low cost of living: Portland: rent, job market (OR)
  26. New job in Hillsboro - moving with kids: Portland, Beaverton: apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  27. how can I owe more Oregon income tax than federal?: Portland: sales, crime (OR)
  28. AZ to Oregon coast???: Bend, Corvallis: rent, elementary school, college (OR)
  29. Florence OR. real estate trap. Bay Area Oregon!
  30. Retirement in Ashland: Eugene, Medford, Talent: real estate, apartments, rentals - Oregon (OR)
  31. Airport History: Portland, Eugene: cost, military, farm - Oregon (OR)
  32. The Homeless - something MUST be done: Portland, Eugene: for sale, apartments - Oregon (OR)
  33. Coast communities - Visitors...blessing? or burden?: Portland, Lincoln City: apartment, rent - Oregon (OR)
  34. Fire: Medford, Lincoln City, Molalla: apartments, city hall, elementary school - Oregon (OR)
  35. Colleges in the Northwest Conference: Portland: neighborhood, private schools - Oregon (OR)
  36. Where Oregonians Go To Retire: Portland, Medford: real estate, condo, houses (OR)
  37. Are there ways Oregon is better than WA?: sales, college (OR)
  38. The Wallowas: La Grande, Baker City, Enterprise: mobile home, university, utilities - Oregon (OR)
  39. Friends moving to Oregon: Portland, Bend: earthquake, living, beaches (OR)
  40. OR trick or treating: Coos Bay: home, neighborhood, theater - Oregon
  41. Prairie City Oregon?: Bend, Redmond, Baker City: fit in, for sale, real estate (OR)
  42. New job in Hillsboro: Portland, Salem: how much, houses, neighborhoods - Oregon (OR)
  43. Another winter, another “stuck in the snow in the mountains” rescue: home, live - Oregon (OR)
  44. House Bill 2238: Concerns?: sale, real estate, rental - Oregon (OR)
  45. Looking to move in the future, but concerned about wildfires: Sandy: apartment, house - Oregon (OR)
  46. wildfire smoke in the Willamette Valley: Eugene, Salem: for sale, power lines, place to live - Oregon (OR)
  47. For Oregonians displaced or worried - where might you go?: Eugene: power lines, insurance (OR)
  48. Is Roseburg OR a good place to raise a family, 2020?: Eugene: low crime, employment - Oregon
  49. How to Oregonians feel about Calif. transplants: Portland, Eugene: fit in, house (OR)
  50. Century Link service quality? - Oregon (OR)
  51. Prairie City Oregon Information?: Eugene: living, moving, horse (OR)
  52. Christmas Valley Sand Dune: car, permit, place - Oregon (OR)